Casting IT 2: 15 Actors Who Should Play The Adults In The Sequel

Since the 2019 It sequel will see the Loser’s Club returning to Derry 27 years later, who will be playing the adult members?

Apparently, being terrified once just wasn’t enough. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the It sequel officially has a release date. The terrifying Pennywise will be back on September 6, 2019.

Of course, this sequel shouldn’t necessarily surprise anyone. On its opening weekend, It broke records, becoming the biggest opening weekend for both a horror movie and a September release. The record-breaking opening weekend is likely due to the chilling trailer showcasing Pennywise. Oh, and It didn't stop at the opening weekend. So far, the film has raked in almost $500 million, and it's still pulling in money.

Another factor that, no doubt, helped propel It to this level of success is the nostalgia. Almost anyone over the age of 25 will likely remember the 1990 mini-series, starring Tim Curry as the horrifying Pennywise. The 1990 mini-series covered the entire novel, which sees the Loser’s Club take down It as children and as adults. This year's film adaptation of It brilliantly focused only on the children’s experience with Pennywise the clown. This allows for an easy sequel, in which the members of the Loser’s Club come back as adults. The decision to split the events may have been made for financial reasons, because why make $1 billion off one It movie when you can make $2 billion off two It movies? However, splitting the narrative into two distinct films is genius storytelling as well, as there is simply too much story for one film to cover.

Since the 2019 It sequel will see the Loser’s Club returning to Derry 27 years later, who will be playing the adult Loser's Club? No one has been cast yet, but we have our ultimate dream cast below. Get ready to be scared again, my friends!

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15 Bill Denbrough: Colin Hanks


Played by Jaeden Lieberher, Bill Denbrough was the older brother of the tragic Georgie, who made that yellow raincoat look absolutely adorable. Georgie was a super cute kid, y'know, until he was savagely dragged into the sewers by Pennywise. After his brother's murder, Bill developed a stutter and an unrelenting mission to find his brother. This was later replaced with an unrelenting mission to avenge his brother.

In the face of great emotional tragedy, Bill stayed relatively positive. He wanted to do something with his grief, rather than wallow in it. Because of his optimistic attitude and his special connection to the clown through Georgie’s death, Bill is often seen as the leader of the Loser's Club, despite the fact that he’s often just as scared as the others.

In the sequel, Bill grows up fairly as you’d expect. He’s a happily married, successful horror novelist. Yes, he's basically Stephen King. So, who should play this scared and unlikely hero in the sequel? Colin Hanks!

First of all, Colin Hanks looks a lot like Jaeden Lieberher all grown up. (This is your future face, Jaeden.) Colin Hanks is also a truly underrated actor, though it must be difficult with having Tom Hanks as your father. I mean, those are some big shoes to fill. Still, Colin Hanks would be a perfect choice for the horror novelist who defeats Pennywise.

14 Bill Denbrough: Patrick Wilson


Our runner-up choice for Bill Denbrough is Patrick Wilson. Unlike Colin Hanks, who does a lot of television work, Patrick Wilson is more widely known for his film roles. Oh, and bonus points for Patrick Wilson, because he has a lot of experience in the horror genre. Wilson’s starred in The Conjuring films and in the Insidious films. Long story short, you can count on Patrick Wilson to star in any and every horror movie about scary kids.

While Patrick Wilson's leading man looks are that of the traditional hero, he actually doesn't play the tradition hero all that often. Instead, Wilson plays men who have difficulty with heroism. Wilson's heroes are either stunted by fear or fall short. This makes him a great candidate for Bill.

In terms of casting Bill, Tobey Maguire is another name that keeps getting thrown around, and he does make sense. Maguire has a lot of experience playing a scared but willing hero. Spider-Man, anyone?

13 Ben Hanscom: Chris Pratt


Moving on to Ben Hanscom. Jeremy Ray Taylor played the young Ben Hanscom, who was the, um… shall we say "fuller figured" member of the Loser’s Club? Young Ben may not be the most athletic but he's whip-smart, as he spent most of his time in the library. In the sequel, the grown-up Ben will have lost all that pesky baby weight. The older, very fit Ben is an extremely successful architect. However, Ben being successful shouldn't surprise anyone. This is the kid that chilled in a library... for fun.

When Jeremy Ray Taylor was asked who should pay Ben in the sequel, Taylor said Chris Pratt, and we can’t say he’s wrong. I mean, someone who lost their baby fat? Wasn’t that Christ Pratt, like, four years ago? Also, Chris Pratt physically looks like he could be an older Jeremy Ray Taylor. The older Ben will have a bit more of a swagger to him, which Pratt would no doubt be able to pull off.

However, it’s a little predictable that Jeremy Ray Taylor would want to cast Star-Lord AND the star of Jurassic World as his older self. I think most young boys would cast Christ Pratt as their older self, too.

12 Ben Hanscom: Michael Cudlitz


Since Chris Pratt is the most obvious choice ever for an older Ben, we thought we’d add in a more low-key choice: Michael Cudlitz. Cudlitz has been acting since the ‘80s, but he has yet to get that truly high-profile role. Well, playing Ben Hanscom could be that role for Cudlitz!

Michael Cudlitz is most well-known for playing Abraham on The Walking Dead. After being introduced in season four, Cudlitz’s Abraham appeared on the show until the season seven premiere, which is quite a feat in the world of The Walking Dead. I mean, some characters get introduced and killed off in the same scene. Because of his brutal death scene, fans of The Walking Dead would be truly excited to see Michael Cudlitz again, especially if it were on the big screen.

If you wanted to go the more traditionally handsome route, Josh Hartnett could be an interesting choice. The teen heartthrob has been relatively low-key in recent years, so the choice wouldn't feel obvious by any means. Also, Hartnett may be in shape, but he also has a face of someone who lost his baby fat. He’s got chubby cheeks, guys!

Either Michael Cudlitz or Josh Harnett– two completely different actors– could make for a refreshing choice for the role of Ben.

11 Ben Hanscom: Jason Ritter


For Ben Hanscom, this is the nostalgic choice.

Those familiar with the 1990 mini-series know John Ritter played the role of older Ben Hanscom. John Ritter spent his life working, winning an Emmy Award for his performance as Jack Tripper in the iconic Three’s Company. In 2003, John Ritter died suddenly at the age of 54 years old. At the time, Ritter was on 8 Simple Rules. The show had to deal with the actor’s untimely death, which was some really heavy stuff for a sitcom.

That said, John Ritter’s son, Jason Ritter, seems to have gotten pretty much all of his father's genes. Jason Ritter both looks like his father and has his acting chops. During his career, Jason Ritter has already shown a talent for straddling comedy and drama by bringing a seriousness to his funny roles and a lightheartedness to his more serious roles. Ritter's talent for both drama and comedy will fit with the tone of It.

For anyone familiar with the original mini-series, casting Jason Ritter would tug at their heartstrings.

10 Richie Tozier: Bill Hader


Let’s start this one with the fact that Richie Tozier was played by Finn Wolfhard, who already has a better acting career than most people in Hollywood. At 14, Wolfhard already starred in both It and Stranger Things. So, yeah.

Anyway, Richie was maybe the funniest part of the film, as he had a filthy mouth and a sharp mind. In pretty much every scene in which he appears, Richie makes wisecracks at all his friends. When Finn Wolfhard was asked who should play the older Richie, Wolfhard suggested Bill Hader and we TOTALLY agree. Finn Wolfhard, that is an excellent choice.

Bill Hader resembles Finn Wolfhard just enough for it to work, but it’s really Hader’s energy that’s the selling point here. Hader could pull off the quick, snarky, often dirty remarks for which Richie is known. Also, Richie grows up and becomes a radio DJ, which is totally Bill Hader.

9 Richie Tozier: Adam Scott


While Bill Hader is a standout choice for an older Richie, Adam Scott is definitely another contender. Adam Scott’s line delivery can be just as quick and just as punchy as Bill Hader’s, though Scott is often more deadpan. That said, Scott occasionally plays a womanizer, as he did in films like The Vicious Kind, Friends with Kids, and Bachelorette. Considering that older Richie gets around, Adam Scott could bring this part of the character to life.

Another great choice would be SNL’s Kyle Mooney, who has the look and the quick delivery. However, Mooney is only 33 years old, so he’s just a bit too young to be cast in the sequel. In It, the kids are all somewhere around 13. The sequel will focus on their return to Derry 27 years later, so the actors should be in their late 30s to early 40s, or, at least, able to pull off that age range.

We could also see Seth Green in this role. Seth Green played young Richie in the mini-series, so it would be cool to see him play older Richie all these years later.

8 Mike Hanlon: Chadwick Boseman


Chosen Jacobs played Mike Hanlon, the only black member of the Loser’s Club. It’s when the town bully literally seems like he’s going to kill Mike that the Loser’s Club intervenes, resulting in an epic rock fight and Mike joining the crew.

The film showed Mike as a soulful, emotional, but also strong character. When asked who should play Mike Hanlon in the sequel, Chosen Jacobs said Chadwick Boseman. In a way, this is kind of like how Jeremy Ray Taylor picked Chris Pratt to play him in the sequel, y’know, because Chadwick Boseman plays the Black Panther in the MCU. I mean, who wouldn’t want the Black Panther to play them in the sequel?

That said, Chadwick Boseman may be too heroic and have too much swagger to play Mike Hanlon, who works as a librarian. Chadwick Boseman is a gifted actor who may pull it off, but he's not necessarily the best choice for Mike Hanlon.

7 Mike Hanlon: Sterling K. Brown


Sorry to Chosen Jacobs, but he's wrong. Listen, Chadwick Boseman is a fine choice for older Mike Hanlon, but we have to go with Sterling K. Brown as the ultimate Mike Hanlon.

Sterling K. Brown is best known for This is Us, which is that show that makes all women cry every Tuesday. On This is Us, Brown plays the overachieving adopted son, a role for which he won an Emmy Award this year. Brown also appeared in American Crime Story, a role for which he also won an Emmy Award this year. Yes, he took home two Emmy Awards this year, because he’s that good.

Considering that Mike Hanlon grows up to become a librarian and somewhat of a historian on Derry, Sterling K. Brown is the perfect choice. Brown just has those studious, knowing eyes.

6 Mike Hanlon: Jordan Peele


We have one more potential Mike Hanlon. A truly refreshing and unpredictable choice for Mike Hanlon would be Jordan Peele.

Jordan Peele is best known for his comedic roles on MADtv and Key and Peele. Peele’s acting has been seen mainly seen on television, with the exception of, most notably, Keanu. Recently, Peele has stepped behind the camera with his directorial debut, Get Out. Peele wrote, produced, and directed Get Out, which was a box office smash hit. With a budget of just $4.5 million dollars, Get Out grossed $252 million.

While you could argue that Jordan Peele would actually be a great director for the It sequel, casting him as Mike Hanlon would be an interesting choice. Peele could pull off the bookish librarian character, while adding a slight sense of humor. Plus, taking on a big role like this would help Peele stay relevant, even as he transitions to more behind-the-scenes jobs.

5 Eddie Kaspbrak: Jake Gyllenhaal


In It, Jack Dylan Grazer played Eddie Kaspbrak. Grazer's Eddie got almost as many laughs as foul-mouthed Richie. Since Eddie and Richie are so close, Eddie often gave it right back to Richie. The back-and-forth between the two worked wonderfully.

Eddie’s overprotective mother caused his own hypochondria. It’s because of this that Pennywise appears to Eddie as a diseased, homeless person, as this is Eddie’s worst fear. In the end, though, Eddie defies his mother and overcomes his fears, so as to help out his friends and take down the clown.

Older Eddie owns a successful limo company and is married to a woman who is just like his mother, y’know, because every book needs some kind of weird Freudian thing going on. Jack Dylan Grazer suggested Jake Gyllenhaal play Eddie in the sequel, which is a great choice. Of course, Gyllenhaal would have to slim down a bit to fit the fragile, delicate nature of Eddie. Though Gyllenhaal often gains or loses weight for a role, so this wouldn't necessarily be a problem.

For the past decade, Gyllenhaal has been taking on meaty roles in films without huge commercial value. This is most likely (pretty much definitely) because Gyllenhaal wants to get himself an Oscar. And yeah, we get it. Everyone wants an Oscar. However, changing things up and starring in a commercial horror film would be great for Gyllenhaal's career. Also, the role of Eddie is one of the meatier roles in the film, so Gyllenhaal would be happy with that.

4 Eddie Kaspbrak: Sam Rockwell


Jack Dylan Grazer, we understand. Who wouldn’t want the stud Jake Gyllenhaal to play an older version of them? Though, Sam Rockwell may the best choice for this role. First of all, Sam Rockwell has been low-key one of the greatest actors in Hollywood for a long time. He's able to completely transform himself for every single role, so he'd be believable as the frail germaphobe.

Somehow, Sam Rockwell has managed to keep a low profile, even while appearing in blockbuster hits like Charlie’s Angels and Iron Man 2. While a high-profile actor like Jake Gyllenhaal may not be too keen on sharing the screen with so many other actors, Sam Rockwell would be more than open to that. In 2015’s Seven Psychopaths, Sam Rockwell shared the screen with… well, seven psychopaths.

Also, Sam Rockwell kind of has the face a dude who owns a limo company, right?

3 Stanley Uris: Thomas Middleditch


Wyatt Oleff played Stan Uris, a character most notable for his Jewish faith. In It, Stan's father is a Rabbi and Stan is preparing for his bar-mitzvah. Oddly enough, this deviates from the book in which Stan’s family didn’t practice their faith too strictly. Also, in the book, it’s clearer that Stan has the most difficulty accepting the existence of Pennywise. This, however, wasn't made extremely clear in the film itself. But hey, how much can you really jam into one movie?

Adult Stan is a happily married accountant living in Atlanta. Though, you don’t get to see too much of adult Stan. So, who would play this character? Um, definitely not Wyatt Oleff's suggestion.

When asked who should play older Stan, Wyatt Oleff suggested Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role, which… Yeah, just no. It doesn’t work, even though I love me some Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Many people have mentioned Jesse Eisenberg for the role of Stan. While Eisenberg does look like Wyatt Oleff, he’s only 33 and a bit young for the role. That said, Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch would do a spectacular job in the role. Middleditch's naturally nervous energy and every-man persona would fit the role of Stan perfectly. Since Middleditch is more known for his comedies, casting him in such a dark role would be a shocker for the audience.

2 Beverly Marsh: Jessica Chastain


There was so much to love about It's Beverly Marsh, played by Sophia Lillis. During the course of the film, Beverly tries to come to terms with her womanhood. She deals with her period, harsh rumors, and being sexualized by the bullies of Derry and by her own father. It’s a hefty role to take on, but Sophia Lillis did so with a star-making turn. Between Beverly's haircut and Beverly's jumping into the lake, did anyone walk out of there not loving Sophia Lillis?

So, who exactly would play the strong-willed, brave, and beautiful Beverly in the sequel? Well, Sophia Lillis thinks Jessica Chastain is the actress to do so, and it’s hard to disagree. Not only does Chastain physically resemble Lillis, but she’s also made a career out of playing empowered women. Seriously, Jessica Chastain is not here to play your love interest and that particular attitude has Beverly Marsh written all over it.

Bonus points for Chastain's willingness to do horror films. Many Oscar caliber actresses wouldn’t think of appearing in a horror film, but Chastain has done so with Crimson Peak and Mama.

1 Beverly Marsh: Amy Adams


Amy Adams is another easy choice for Beverly Marsh. I would actually make the argument that Amy Adams looks even more like Sophia Lillis than Jessica Chastain, as her eyes and lips are a more similar shape. Either way, both Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams are amazing redheaded actresses and, for that reason, I’m sure they are often always going after the same roles. However, Amy Adam often brings a softer quality to her roles that would serve Beverly Marsh well.

As an adult, Beverly lives in Chicago as a fashion designer, so she seems to have it together. It seems like adult Beverly must ago through an empowering character arc, much like she did in the first film. In this way, Amy Adams is the better choice, as I just can’t imagine Jessica Chastain ever taking sh*t from anyone ever.

While we’re at it, let’s not forget Bryce Dallas Howard as a possible Beverly Marsh. However, if you’re going to branch out from the redhead category, Maggie Gyllenhaal would do a fine job at capturing the vulnerability and inner strength of Beverly.

The It Sequel is due out in September 6, 2019. So only time will tell if any of these dream casting situations pan out. Did we get them right or wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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