Cash Me Ousside Girl: 8 Reasons To Hate Her, 7 Reasons To Love Her

Danielle Bregoli, known as the 'Cash Me Ousside' girl, came to fame with her broadcasted appearance on Dr. Phil, a television show hosted by Phil McGraw, or Dr. Phil.

The episode was titled "I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried to Frame Me for a Crime." It was about Bregoli herself, a troubled teenager with a dark past and a dark present. She was disrespectful to her mother on a daily basis, charged with motor vehicle theft, and getting high on a myriad of drugs. But her behavior could be explained by her abusive father, a man who beat Bregoli before he and her mother split.

She was trailing a dark path, so Bregoli's mother asked McGraw for help. When they went on his show, she wasn't prepared for Bregoli's antics, neither was McGraw. She called his audience "hoes", threatened McGraw, and said six words that would change her life forever.

"Cash Me Ousside (How Bow Dah)," Bregoli tells the business mogul. Whoa! Who knew Bregoli was so tough? Even McGraw was taken aback. McGraw had asked Bregoli to repeat what she said so her mom could explain to the audience what she meant to say.

According to Bregoli's mom, her daughter's threat meant that the girl wanted to fight him. Spoiler alert: The two weren't engaged in a fist fight after the show. Instead, Bregoli was shipped off to a rehabilitation center, and McGraw waited in the wings for the starlet to come back on the air, giving a ratings bonanza. McGraw was expecting Bregoli to come on TV a reformed girl hell-bent on going back to school and being kind and respectful to her mother.

Uhm... nope! Bregoli was grateful for her rehab stint, but she still gave McGraw the middle finger, which is just one reason why his fans hate her. But Bregoli was still admired and adored by the people who love her.

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15 Teen Spirit

Spirit Airlines
Courtesy of Barron's

Okay, Bregoli, you're a bada*s. We get it. But you're also still a little girl, so can you just quietly pout in your airplane seat? Okay? Thanks.

The teen and her mother were on a Spirit Airlines flight before they were escorted off the plane. They began a brawl with a fellow passenger because the woman was upset that Bregoli's mom was taking too long to load her luggage.

"The fight went down after the mom got in an argument with the third party - who became angry when it took her some time to load her carry-on bag above the seat, as she's currently wearing a cast for a broken foot. The argument turned physical. Police were called and escorted all three off of the plane," an article relays.

Spirit Airlines banned Bregoli and her mother in response. If the carrier ever saw the pair again, the police would catch the duo outside.

14 The 'Everything 1K' Music Video

Kodak Black

Bregoli was the star of the rapper Kodak Black's unofficial music video, "Everything 1k."

For the entire two-minute video, viewers watched Bregoli either sitting on a possibly rented Rolls-Royce counting a stack of dollar bills, or flaunting her iPhone 5. There's not much else to the clip, unless they want to stick around for the poodle peeing on green grass, or if they want to see more of Bregoli's gold grill.

The most infuriating thing is not what's in the video, but how many views the video has gotten. Close to thirty million people have watched Bregoli doing the most while doing absolutely nothing. If they thought she was going to tell her audience to "cash me ousside," then they should just watch the pirated clips on YouTube, instead.

13 Literally Cash the Girl Outside

Teen Mom
Courtesy of MTV

Bregoli has been one of the Internet's hottest stars in 2017. In a matter of months, the girl accumulated 8 million followers on Instagram alone, a feat even the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 casts will never understand, even though each teen mother has been on the air for years.

Her popularity's skyrocketed, so why wouldn't she charge gross amounts of money for coveted club appearances?

"She's become something of a celebrity, with Danielle reportedly charging 32,000 pounds for a public appearance at Rolling Loud Music Festival, in May," an article relays. Imagine making what would be a year's paycheck to most in just one day. No wonder the kid has haters.

12 Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire?

Dr. Phil
Courtesy of Dr. Phil

Bregoli talked a mean game on McGraw's show, but can she walk the talk?

A video of the girl being beaten by another girl eventually surfaced. Bregoli was being dragged by her hair, kicked to the ground, and punched with force. Apparently, she's not the ruffian she portrays to be, which should be considered a good thing. If Bregoli wants to succeed, she can't have a rap sheet longer than Charles Manson. But she also can't get embroiled in verbal or physical conflict. Her altercations could damage her reputation, send her to a hospital, or lead her to a courtroom.

If she's going to continue to trash-talk, then she should at least hire a few bodyguards.

11 'Bhad Bhabie' Behavior

Danielle Bregoli
Courtesy of CBS

Bregoli's threat of violence got her famous, so she's not the best influence. However, she has a burgeoning fanbase of young girls and boys who look up to her as a role model, and they don't take her bad behavior with a grain of salt.

In their eyes, she's everything they aspire to be. She's rebellious, free-spirited, and not in school. Talk about a youngster's dream. While Bregoli is like their dream come true, she's certainly their parents' worst nightmare.

10 March Madness

Bregoli and her mother were in arms early March. The cops were called to their Floridian home because Bregoli's mother evicted her daughter's 17-year-old friend, and the mother's action caused a fight between the mother/daughter duo.

"They shouted at each other in front of the cops! Danielle's mom contributed her own share of name-calling and cursing, but both eventually calmed down, and there were no recorded bouts of physical violence. The police left without any further incident," an article stated.

Bregoli and her mom have a rocky relationship at best. They're extremely disrespectful, angry, and rude toward each other, so it is more likely that another altercation is bound to happen. Both Bregoli and her mother need to undergo counseling. Their dynamic is extremely toxic.

9 Hits Her Mom

Danielle Bregoli
Courtesy of TMZ

Bregoli lost the recorded fight against an unknown colleague, but she claims to always win the fights against her mother. The two are constantly arguing, but their contentions can get totally physical.

"I'm pretty violent. I punched her in the face," Bregoli admitted in a promo for McGraw's show. The adolescent has no problem threatening, punching, or kicking her parent. She even stole her mother's car, ran away for four different times in one day, and left dents on her mom's door.

She can be a bully.

8 Joyride-Junkie

Courtesy of The Daily Dot

Bregoli doesn't just smoke pot, take Xanax, and disrespect her mother.

If she was just another disrespectful anarchist, she wouldn't be on McGraw's stage, sitting in her chair, taunting him with her threats of a beat-down. She would still be at home like all of the other melodramatic teenagers. However, unlike most teens, Bregoli also steals cars, so she can drive them without a license. The nerve!

"There's a car. There's some keys right in front of me, and I know where the car's at. If you leave your keys [near me], you're asking for it," Bregoli said of her thought process. And if you're not careful, you may have to finagle your vehicle from the 13-year-old. Unless you want to cash her ousside, don't leave your car keys around Bregoli. She'll have them in the ignition before you can speed-dial your local 911 operator.

7 Abusive Mother

Dr. Phil
Courtesy of Heavy

If you're confused with Bregoli's behavior, you'll find your questions answered with Bregoli's mother. The parent was seen on McGraw's show as an older version of Bregoli: angry, antagonistic, and aggressive. The woman was cursing, teasing, and taunting her daughter in a few of the episode's clips, so people shouldn't be too hard on the young girl.

Bregoli's only modeling what she's taught in her home, so maybe McGraw should've sent the mother to intensive treatment, and not Bregoli.

6 'Bhad Bhabie' or Boss Baby?

Courtesy of YouTube

Whether you love her or love to hate her, Bregoli is making money without working a nine-to-five job, burdened by an insurmountable amount of student debt. You already know she'll make about forty grand at the Rolling Loud Music Festival, but she makes even more money without leaving her home.

"Danielle also started endorsing products such as Fit Tea and Postmates on Instagram, which can net a whopping $50,000 per post depending on the amount of followers a celebrity has. And she's allegedly received at least four offers from production companies about a possible reality show, as well as a few for scripted series," an article relays.

What's more? The girl will allow us, commoners, to attend her birthday bash but not without paying a price of admission first. Don't let her mannerisms fool you. She's smarter than people realize.

5 Another Music Video

Donald Trump
Courtesy of Politico

Bregoli first appeared on "Everything 1k," but she was a cameo in rapper Mook Boy's "Juvy" video. Instead of sitting down on the hood of a luxury automobile, though, the rebellious girl was mid-air with Harambe, Vladimir Putin, and yes, our President Donald Trump.

All of American society's favorite memes are neatly combined in one video for their viewing pleasure. They can thank the rapper and reality star later on, if the collaborators aren't still in flight, that is.

4 Billboard Baddie

Danielle Bregoli
Courtesy of TMZ

As we've already mentioned, Danielle Bregoli has appeared in a couple of music videos, but that's not all, she's also an artist herself (or she considers herself to be an artist).

DJ Suede The Remix God's remix of "Cash Me Outside" charted on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was number eighty-eight, and the remake was just a few notches lower than the "Everything 1k" rap. This is not even a joke. Is Bregoli coming for Black's crown?

She already stole McGraw's.

3 A ScHoolboy Q Shout-out

via Fanart.tv

ScHoolboy Q is known for his hits like "Studio," "Man of the Year" and "Collard Greens," so when he gives advice, people better listen. Even though rappers like Stitches and Drake have acknowledged Bregoli, Q actually gave the teenager a heart-to-heart.

"Check this out 'Cash Me Ousside.' I would tell you congratulations on everything you got going, but you ain't got nothing going. You got a little six minutes of time. I don't care how old you are. It's over for you. This is going to get old real soon. So guess what? I'm going to let you know right now. Remember this: It's not going to always be there for you like you think it is; there's going to be stale moments. What I need you to do is to get your life together," the rapper advised.

Bregoli has her fame now, but where will she be in five or ten years? Before she catches Q outside, she should really listen to what he's saying.

2 Just Say 'No'

Kodak Black
Courtesy of Billboard

Rumors about Bregoli's romantic endeavors were spreading online.

Regardless of her celebrity status, press and paparazzi must have forgotten that she's still a child. A TMZ paparazzo actually asked the starlet if she slept with her favorite rapper. She responded with the same passion worth a round of applause.

She exclaimed, "I've never hung out with Kodak Black. Ever. He's nineteen! God damn!" She may be a star now, but she's still only a 13-year-old. She's definitely not an adult, and far from it.

For once, Bregoli isn't the one who needs to chill. The media does.

1 Aspirant Nurse

Courtesy of Harrison Equine

Bregoli may sound big, bad, and mean, but she's a genuine girl with a soft spot for the sick and dying.

After she came back to McGraw's studio to give him an update, she told the host about her positive experience in Utah's Turn-About Ranch. A team of counselors and therapy horses helped the teen with her anger issues and trauma, so the girl could pursue her dreams without any more hiccups or hindrances. Even though she's an Internet sensation now, her passion lies outside of the entertainment industry.

"She claimed that she would like to be a nurse and work against cyberbullying," an article asserted. Will Bregoli enroll in school, or will she continue chasing her fifteen minutes of fame? Only time will tell.

Sources: youtube, Daily Mail, The Sun, dailymail

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