Cardi B Swears By Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Makeup Line, And These 15 Stars Too

Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty made waves last year for the star’s bold stance on being inclusive. Her line had 40 shades so that every woman could find their perfect shade and feel beautiful. With the singer’s influence, and YouTubers singing her praise, Rihanna’s makeup line racked in $72 million in just one month. Yet, does the line really live up to the hype? Well, if you watch YouTube you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bad review. Fans have gushed over how excited they are to find their exact shade and how easy and long lasting the highlighters are. As a result, many stores have had difficulty keeping up their stock for the past several months. So, it appears that Rihanna has proven that she’s more than just a talented musician, actress, and fashion designer.

Celebrities have also gotten on board with the brand’s hype. Many have sung their praises for finally being able to find their exact shade. Others have lavished on the attention and love for her highlighters. A few have just given Rihanna a shout out for doing what very few brands have been willing to do; specifically, cater to all women’s skin tones. In fact, one celebrity noted that even brands that do carry shades for women of color, very few have boldly advertised it as Rihanna has.

Rihanna has created a truly great product, and we’ve rounded up the best celebrities who swear by her makeup line.

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16 Cardi B

She’s the outspoken reality-TV star turned celebrated rapper who is known for always giving an honest opinion. So, when Cardi B says that she gives her approval for Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line, we should really listen. The ‘Bodak Yellow’ singer did her entire face in Fenty products for an Instagram story. She began with Fenty foundation in 350. It’s Cardi’s perfect shade. Then, she gushed about the Kilawatt Highlighter Duos.

“It’s like highlighter for my eyes!”

Of course, when the singer swiped them over her eyelids like eye shadow they did make her eyes pop and glimmer. She also swept highlighter over her cheekbones, getting extra shimmery along the tops of her cheeks. She did a few swipes along the bridge of her nose. It’s a makeup trick to slim the nose. Then, she swept on the lip-gloss to complete her shimmering goddess look.

15 Karlie Kloss

The leggy supermodel has been a fan of Fenty since Rihanna first launched her collaboration with Puma debuting her Fenty shoe line in 2016. Then, she showed love for Fenty Beauty by showing off the dewy skin she got from using the highlighter in the line. Her makeup artist, Patrick Ta, spoke with US Magazine about the products he used to give the Victoria’s Secret model her enviable glow for her Marilyn Monroe inspired look.

“For the old-school Hollywood glow, I used Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Highlighter on the tips of the cheekbones, at the peak of the eyebrows, the crest of the lip and down the middle of the chin.”

Apparently, Rihanna has nailed down more than just a foundation in an array of great shades. She’s made a great highlighter.

14 Jasmine Tookes

Another naturally gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model that has showed her love for Rihanna’s makeup line is Jasmine Tookes. The model took to Instagram to show off her makeup skills and similar to Karlie, she loves Fenty’s highlighter. She used the MatchStix Skin Stick beneath her eyes, between her brows, her forehead, and chin. She remarked how much she loved the texture and ease of use to blend “really nicely” while also brightening her skin.

She also used a game-changing highlighter from the line to give her that “extra pop” of color along her cheekbones. Although, just when we thought she was done, we got to see just how much she really loves highlighting when she dabbled on a few more rose gold colored highlighters for an ethereal goddess glow.

13 Chanel Iman

The model gave a big shout out to Fenty beauty when she showed off a gorgeous backstage look, having used several of the products. Her makeup artist, Hidash posted all the products that were used for to achieve Chanel’s flawless makeup look on Instagram.

After setting her skin with a primer, the former Victoria’s Secret model's skin was applied with Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix in ‘Truffle’ foundation to get the perfect base. Then, several of the Kilawatt highlighters were applied to add light and dimension to her look. Hidash used ‘Mean Money’ and ‘Hu$tla Baby’ to Chanel’s skin, layering for a softly highlighted look. The end look was clearly worthy of a supermodel, proving just how beautiful Chanel is, and just how skilled Hadish is for achieving that perfect glow.

12 Sofia Richie

With her enviable looks and cool-girl style, Sofia Richie instantly became the new ‘it girl’ on the block. She’s lil’ sis to Nicole Richie and daughter to Lionel Richie. So, she’s grown up as Hollywood royalty. Yet, even with all the glitz and glam surrounding her, the young model seems unfazed. There is only one celebrity she who makes her knees weak; Rihanna.

Sofia loves everything about the star and has even sported Fenty for Puma head-to-toe. So, it’s no surprise that when Rihanna’s beauty line came out, the young starlet was one of the first people to snap it up. What, did you think that shimmer on her cheekbones was natural? We’re not sure what foundation she’s using, but if it is Fenty, we’re sure Sofia can easily find the perfect shade.

11 Snoop Dogg

Who would have thought that Snoop Dogg would be one of the celebrities to sing praises to Fenty Beauty? If there was someone who we would have voted least likely to wear makeup, it would have been the rapper. Then, he also would have been on the ‘least likely list’ for celebrities to have a cooking show with Martha Stewart. Yet, in an Instagram story, Snoop talked about Rihanna’s makeup collection.

“That girl Riri got some new product now,” he said in a tongue-in-cheek shoutout to the fast selling brand. “Get you some Fenty. Get you some!”

Apparently, he’s a fan of the foundation shades and he’s finally let out his secret how even at the age of 46, he’s been able to maintain flawless skin. He’s not born with it. It’s Fenty.

10 Ezra Miller

At the Justice League premiere in Beijing, Ezra Miller flaunted his glossy lips that were slicked with Fenty Beauty’s lip-gloss. When MTV spotted the actor and asked what he was wearing, he gave a shout out to Fenty, announcing that he’s a fan of the gloss. The Internet almost lost its mind over the charming actor’s words. The 25-year old actor has been on the style radar since he first appeared in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

At the premiere of his latest film, he wore the Cosmic Gloss lip glitters from the holiday galaxy collection. Clearly, his shiny lips were the perfect choice to pair with his shiny burgundy jacket. Standing with his co-stars, Ezra was a knockout. His fun style stood out amongst a sea of black and the actor’s stamp of approval for Rihanna’s beauty line just goes to show that men can wear it too.

9 Viola Davis

Viola Davis has a long career where she’s spent many a moment in the makeup artist’s chair. However, it hasn’t always been as enjoyable as that one might think. The How To Get Away With Murder star has stated that she’s had trouble finding shades that suit her. Yet, it appears that it’s a different story for Rihanna’s range of foundations that come in 40 different shades.

“The thing about Fenty, which I own, is that I can get a base makeup that is exactly my skin tone,” Davis said to Refinery29.

Prior to that, the actress had several foundations in stock that she mixed together to get the perfect color for her. “I don’t feel like I have to get something five shades lighter or mix two shades together in order to get my shade. And, it feels natural on my skin.”

8 Gabrielle Union

Even though she might not look like it, Gabrielle Union has been in the entertainment business for a few decades. Remember her as the mean-girl-best-friend in 10 Things I Hate About You? She pretty much looks the same now as she did then. At 45 years old, the actress has had her fair share of beauty mishaps when trying to find the perfect shades for her skin tone. So, when Fenty beauty came out, The Being Mary Jane actress snapped up a few of the products and showed off her glowing skin on her Instagram.

She used the highlighter on her cheekbones to add an even more enviable glow to her cheeks. The high-impact shimmer products have been a hit with celebrities and makeup artists since they first launched. Gabrielle has also gushed about the lip-gloss from the line on her blog.

7 Naomi Campbell

As a 90s supermodel that is still going strong, the world should take notice when Naomi Campbell recommends a beauty product. Her whole life has been spent in the makeup artist’s chair, and the supermodel has always looked flawless doing it. When Rihanna’s makeup line launched, Naomi sang her praise of the 40 inclusive shades.

“It’s about time. It’s 2017, so for all those who are doing it, congratulations. The world is moving quickly, and you’ve got to move with it,” the model said to ‘Harper’s Bazaar UK’ during London Fashion Week.

We’re sure that Rihanna probably has that interview saved somewhere to watch on repeat. From one queen to another, Rihanna has gotten the approval from one of the greatest queens of beauty of the past few decades.

6  Jada Pinket Smith

She found a funny way to show off her style and love for Fenty Beauty all in one with a Twitter pic. The actress and musician gave a shout out to Rihanna on her beauty line on social media.

"When you are look’n for a spot to pull up on them Fenty shades;) Congrats to our girl @rihanna for com’n thru for all the queens!"

Apparently, the Gotham actress has found her perfect shade amongst the 40 different foundation shades, but Jada hasn’t revealed which shade is her perfect match. We’ll just have to wait for her to do a makeup story on Instagram or give a shout out on the red carpet. Whichever shade she’s wearing, the ageless 46-year old looks stunning and beautiful.

5  Joan Smalls

How do you get that enviable model glow? Swipe your cheeks with a shimmering highlighter for three-dimensional cheekbones. Joan Smalls showed off her killer cheekbones in shades of rose, gold, and blues at the Fenty x Pump Spring and Summer 2018 shows. Several highlighters were layered for an out-of-this-world look that wowed those surrounding New York fashion week.

Even Rihanna went a little crazy, layering her highlighters for a full-frontal shimmering look. Although, Joan’s look was a little more toned down than RiRi’s. Her look was achieved through her Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters layered over cheeks, eyes, and lips. The end look is a lighter, brighter, and lifted face that might just give you the cheekbones of a model. Or, at the very least a little shimmer to make you feel like a model.

4 Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling gave fans her exact shade with a pic on Instagram. She captioned the screenshot with,

"FentyBeauty has got shades! Thank you @Rihanna!!!"

Clearly, she’s a fan, as she will no longer have to mix several different foundation shades together to get her perfect match. Now, like the rest of the women that praise Rihanna’s makeup line, she can simply choose one and go. After seeing how quickly Rihanna’s foundations have sold out, maybe other brands will follow suit and choose to make more shades for brown skin. We’re sure that women everywhere who love makeup will be pleased and give their thank-yous too. We’re also proud of Rihanna tackling a tough issue in the beauty industry with such boldness and precision.

3 Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross struck a pose with Rihanna at the launch of her Fenty beauty line. The Blackish actress looked stunning with her hair slicked back and her gorgeous skin accentuated with the makeup products. Just like Rihanna, she’s a natural beauty who doesn’t need much makeup to look stunning. However, she is a brown skinned woman who still had trouble finding shades that match her skin tone and don’t leave her looking ‘ashy’.

It goes to show that even though brands do have multiple shades, they are not always flattering. Most of the time they don't pick up on the warmer hues in some brown skin tones. Tracee, whose cocoa skin has hints of bronzy-red undertones, is probably grateful for a shade that allows her skin to truly shine…. In a good way.

2 Leomie Anderson

Just take one look at Leomie and it should come as no surprise that she’s the face of Fenty Beauty. The stunning model has graced the Victoria’s Secret catwalk and Topshop advertisements. Although, she’s not just a pretty face for the brand. She truly loves the brand. For an interview with ‘Dazed’, she spoke about what makes Fenty so great and different from some of the other makeup brands out there.

"Other brands provide a foundation for our shades, but in the campaign imagery, you'll only see a girl with light or mixed skin representing the fact that they have a foundation for darker complexions."

She went on to say that she finds it extremely unfair, and that makeup brands should begin to actually be inclusive instead of just throwing together whatever they like. It has been hard for her to find any shade to not only fit her skin tone, but also found that besides Grace Boi, no makeup brand bothered to have anyone darker than her.

1 Brandy

Brandy is another celebrity who appears practically ageless. The 38-year old singer and actress showed off her flawless skin on Instagram. She also showed off her love for the new makeup brand in a picture of her perfect makeup application. She captioned her picture with a shout-out to the Galaxy collection. The collection is a set of lip-glosses and eyeshadows in shimmering shades.

Brandy didn’t specify exactly what it was that she was wearing from the line, but by her shimmering lids, we’re guessing that she was probably using the eyeshadow pallet. The fourteen glittering shades are a limited edition set of highly pigmented colors set to add sparkle to the eyes. While you might think the shadows are strictly for the night, Brandy showed off how to wear a little shimmer for day.

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