Candice Michelle vs Kara Monaco: 15 Must-See Pics

Being a Playboy Bunny is an honor that few women get to enjoy. It's a select group, a special club, that a very small percentage of the women in the world have had the privilege of joining. These women have been mini-legends who've cascaded throughout the world pages upon pages of tasteful, naked beauty. From photos, to videos, to even a few television shows, Playboy had been a staple in our vernacular for decades. It was THE magazine to get for adolescent boys and, most certainly, adult men. The articles were nice, but it was who was on the cover and the amazing photo spreads of these women that often drew your attention to the magazine. No two were the same, but one thing was always consistent -- they were beautiful in so many different ways.

This was true for both Candice Michelle and Kara Monaco, who both arrived on Playboy's scene to deliver equally amazing photo spreads. They were two young women from very different upbringings. One is a gorgeous blonde, while the other is a killer brunette. One is a model, while the other one arrived onto the WWE and became a force in female wrestling. Their personalities, much like their photos, couldn't be any more different. Their photo spreads are certainly worth talking about. We compare the careers and looks of Candice Michelle and Kara Monaco in a no-lose situation. Let's have some fun with this Battle of the Bunnies!

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15 The Sunshine State

Back in 1983, a beautiful blonde baby was born. Down in Lakeland, Florida, Kara Monaco arrived in the world. With blue eyes and blonde hair, Monaco was a looker early on. She competed in competitive gymnastics throughout her youth, showing she wasn't just a pretty face. Her athleticism was apparent even at a young age. Monaco was a stunner at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She spent her childhood and adolescent years in the Sunshine State, but that wouldn't last forever. Monaco was just starting her career, and she would soon get discovered. Monaco was bartending to make money. She was one hot bartender who made quite the impact with her clients. She was literally a draw, and that didn't go unnoticed. It would be just a short time before she got her shot.

14 Wisconsin Girl

Candice Michelle was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sexy is just the tip of the iceberg when describing Michelle. Michelle actually isn't Candice's last name. Her full name is "Candice Michelle Beckman Ehrlich." Obviously, Candice wanted to shorten that and go with a stage name, which has worked out quite well for her. One of Michelle's greatest assets is her eclectic look. Her blend of German and Costa Rican heritage has led her to have an incredibly original look to her, and that's aided Michelle's sexy style. Michelle, like Monaco, was athletic growing up. She played basketball, leading her high-school team. She wasn't just an excellent varsity athlete; she also ended up playing the leather all the way through college. The athletic Michelle would eventually grow into a professional athlete but not in the WNBA.

13 From Schoolgirl to Pin-up Girl

Since high school, Monaco was searching for a future. Like many, she took on a part-time gig. First, Monaco used her princess-like beauty to land a job at Disneyworld. There, she played a variety of epic characters such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Snow White, to name a few. She was built for those roles, her stunning beauty and perfectly innocent smile making her a natural fit for the parts. But being a Disney princess doesn't always pay the bills. Monaco was looking for a job that paid off a bit more. She found her way to a bartending gig, remaining in the Orlando, Florida area. With her stunning beauty, Monaco always got a lot of attention. There was a model/bartending competition Monaco entered. She won first place, capturing the title "America's Sexiest Bartender." When you win a contest like that, you know good things are going to come. And good things did come Monaco's way.

12 Transitioning From Athlete To Model

Candice Michelle was a tomboy growing up. She's a self-professed big Green Bay Packers fan. She played basketball all the way through college. But at 16, while still in high school, Michelle dipped her toe into the modeling pond. She won a small modeling competition at her local skating rink. It wasn't a national prize of any kind, but it proved something to Candice Michelle: she wasn't just an athlete; she was also gorgeous. Even though she enjoyed competing in sports, she wanted to broaden her horizons with some entertainment-industry aspirations. So, Michelle headed west to Los Angeles in 1999 to chase her dreams of being a model and actress. She studied Theater Arts while she attended Santa Monica College. She played basketball but started to hone her skills in other areas. At the same time, she gained additional experience by attending the Piero Dusa Acting Studio.

11 Playboy Calls

Monaco was bartending when she was named "America's Sexiest Bartender." It was at that point that men were coming in and asking for her autograph. Things were moving forward for Monaco, and in 2004, she got offered to be in the Playboy special-edition magazine: Girls of Summer. Monaco would not only be in that magazine, but they also chose her hotness as the cover. Hugh Hefner would see the cover and be thoroughly impressed. He wasted little time in signing Monaco up for much more than a special addition. First, Monaco was tapped to be Miss June for 2005. The offering came almost one year to the date of the release of her special-edition cover. From there, the outpouring of fans and support led to Monaco being named Playmate of the Year for 2006. Monaco had officially hit the Playboy lottery.

10 Michelle Models And Playboy Likes

Raw sexual ferocity -- that's one way to describe Candice Michelle. She quickly transitioned from a collegiate athlete and budding young actress to a model that became quickly in demand. She started by posing for various modeling and bodybuilding magazines. Michelle was a fitness machine and, combined with her incredible sexuality, she was able to garner quite a bit of positive attention for herself. It would be these small gigs that would lead as a stepping stone to much larger things. Michelle's regular appearances in FLEX and Lowrider Magazine led to her opportunity with Playboy's Cyber vehicle. And when Michelle captured Cyber Girl of the Week for Playboy in 2002, she was on the doorstep of a big dream. Her Cyber Girl appearance was just a stepping stone for Playboy, and four years later, she would get April 2006 all to herself.

9 Kara's Beauty

It is no accident that Kara Monaco has found success in the field of modeling. At 5 feet, 6 inches tall, this vision of blonde desire has done a tremendous job of making every outfit she wears beautiful. Monaco has some classic-beauty qualities, which is why Disney used her as a princess at their parks. Her smile is inviting. Her facial features are near perfection. The money, however, is in her 34C-36-34 physique. Having a gorgeous chest balanced out by a small waist combined with her blonde hair and blue eyes has made her every man's dream. There's no doubt that Monaco brings the house down wherever she goes. In bars, magazines, or any public event, Monaco is a highlight reel waiting to happen. She's the woman a man can bring home to mom -- or, at least, she looks like one. Monaco carries an elegance to her that makes her inviting to all who come upon her.

8 Candice's Hotness

Raw sexiness is how Candice Michelle drives men crazy. She has a tremendous fan base, in large part, due to her physique. "It was always a dream of mine to pose for Playboy," Michelle told Raw Magazine in a 2006 issue. There was no doubt Michelle had the goods. At 5 feet, 7 inches in height, she stands just about an inch taller than her counterpart, Monaco. Listed at 120 pounds, Michelle weighs ten pounds more, but she also is a work-out fanatic, a fact furthered by her appearances in wrestling and bodybuilding magazines. Michelle keeps it sexy, though, not adding too much muscle -- just staying strong and toned. With her D implants and body that never quits, she brings her brand of beauty to the table in an extremely hot, naughty way.

7 TV and Film

Kara Monaco used her Playboy appearances to add a little more to her resume. Make no mistake about it: her beauty was, without a doubt, a tremendous headliner and stepping stone to her finding various successes. Modeling was a natural progression for Monaco, but she was never able to really make it big there. And outside of Playboy, her fame is limited to reality television. There was a stint on the sexy soap Passions, but aside from that, Monaco has been a regular on the reality swing. She's appeared on Big Brother, The Mind of a Model, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Playboy series The Girls Next Door, and Mind of a Model. Monaco has done very little outside of these comfort zones and hasn't branched out too far away from her Playboy family.  

6 TV and Film

Candice Michelle, from 2001-2006, rolled out a steady line of sexy television and movie appearances that had her completely naked and doing the nasty with a wide variety of partners. As an erotic star, Michelle did her part to share her goods with the world. When the WWE came calling in 2004, Michelle's name grew in wrestling arenas around the world, and she quickly was able to establish herself there and move away from the more scandalous roles she took on. Much of the television work Michelle did could be seen as trashy, and yes, it was questionable, but she used that to help her gain her arrival in the WWE and at the doorstep of Hugh Hefner. Michelle's sexiness played big in the wrestling ring, and she quickly gained status as a cult favorite. Her popularity grew, and with that came more prominent roles with the WWE. Godaddy tapped Michelle as their TV "it" girl, and that only added to Michelle's allure.

5 Getting Personal and Some Highlights

Monaco has never been one to settle down. The blonde beauty has been ring-free for her entire life. She once dated guitarist Benji Madden and then Rob Kardashian and was a friend to the Kardashians, but outside of that, she's never really had a notable long-lasting romance. She continues to travel all around the world and makes appearances as a glamour model. Monaco is a big name in the world due to her "Playmate of the Year" title. She's done little beyond that in her career and has yet to settle down and have children... that is, until now. It appears as though Monaco may, in fact, be pregnant. She posted on Twitter that she's been baby shopping with a handsome man by her side. So, wedding bells and a baby may finally be in the near future for this gorgeous vision.

4 Getting Personal and Some Highlights

Candice Michelle took life on as she has everything else: head on. She moved to Los Angeles with a dream, and she conquered that dream. She posed for some lower-level magazines, which got her some notice. She appeared in some soft-p*rn TV and movie work. But she scrapped her way into the wrestling ring and found tremendous success and landed her dream photo shoot in the hallowed pages of Playboy. Candice worked hard at her wrestling craft and captured the title in 2007. She was featured in bra-and-panties matches, amongst other engaging showcases. Outside the entertainment industry, Michelle has found her way to stability and a life post-wrestling. She got with Los Angeles chiropractor, Ken Gee Ehrlich, and they married. They have three children together.

3 The Future

For Monaco, it seems that there may finally be a future with a family in mind. She's on the cusp of moving on to the next level of her life. Monaco's mainstay these days has been to make appearances on behalf of Playboy. She's graduated to a spokesperson and someone who comes in on one-offs for many of her jobs. This summer, Monaco is baby shopping and announced through Instagram what she was doing. So, it appears that Monaco's public appearances may be winding down. Her days of being the hot playmate are passing her by, but we can see every other mother in kindergarten getting pretty jealous when Monaco rolls up with her baby (boy or girl) in 5 years. This future soccer mom is going to be one smoking hot MILF!

2 The Next Step

Candice Michelle has certainly graduated into her role as mommy, and she loves it. Aside from a public appearance here or there, Michelle is now a full-time mom of 3. With her last child born in 2015, she's still at home regularly with the kids. In 2008, she did make appeals at the Democratic National Convention to get out the vote. She isn't a lobbyist or a political facilitator by any means, but Michelle did use her pseudo-celebrity to get out the vote for Barack Obama. With just over 400K Twitter followers (compared to just over 70K for Monaco), Michelle wins the online battle, hands down. Michelle's days of being the hot Go Daddy girl may be long gone, but she's graduated to another level: Hot Mommy.

1 Kara By A Hair!

When you're dealing with two beautiful women, the choice often comes down to preference. In this case, let's look at the tale of the tape. Both women have incredible figures. We can't take anything away from them. As far as success goes, Monaco got the nod with Playboy for nabbing not only "Playmate of the Month" but also capturing "Playmate of the Year" honors. Kara Michelle, however, was able to establish herself away from Playboy MUCH better than Monaco, capturing a very successful though injury-riddled career in wrestling. Monaco plays more classically hot, while Michelle delivers a dirty sexiness a lot of people are attracted to. Michelle also crushes Monaco in a comparison of social media followers. But, in their prime, although it's a blonde-vs-brunette classic battle, we have to give the nod to Monaco, who's maintained such a high level of beauty over her life's work. Her facial features, combined with her piercing blue eyes, make her a beauty for all time. Monaco is one of the hottest women to appear in Playboy's pages, and she wins this head-to-head battle with the WWE champ. Well done to both, and good luck on motherhood!

Source: playboy.com

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