15Playing Her Trump Card

Brande Roderick spent a lot of time with the now United States President Donald Trump. Trump was the star of Celebrity Apprentice, a show that Roderick was invited back twice for. There were even rumors of Trump and Roderick having a little fun together off-camera. But unsubstantiated rumors aside, the

real story is the education Roderick clearly got from her friend, The Donald. She smartly has gotten into the real estate game but not just as any old agent. No, Roderick is a real estate agent to the rich and famous. That's right. Why bother doing an open house in the blazing heat of the San Fernando Valley when you can take a prospective multi-millionaire on a tour of a Beverly Hills mansion and make 100 times the commission? Roderick has spun her connections and given herself the opportunity to further grow her future and bank account.

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