Bunny Undressed: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Crystal Hefner

Being Mrs. Hugh Hefner comes with quite a bit of perks and baggage. There are so many things to look at with regard to this set-up, it's difficult to even understand how the aging Hefner went for another marriage this late in life. Crystal Hefner entered the Playboy family in 2008 and just a few years later was married to the man himself. Crystal's journey from where she was born to ending up in the Playboy Mansion is a quite story. One thing is for certain, Crystal Hefner was always a beautiful young woman. And once she married Hef, she became a woman whose dreams could come true.

Crystal Hefner began life as Crystal Harris. Although Hugh was her first husband, Hef had been married twice prior. His first wife was Mildred Williams. They married way back in 1949 and got divorced in 1959 just as Playboy was taking off. Hefner's second wife, Kimberley Conrad, married the man in 1989. They got divorced coincidentally in 2010, right around the time Hugh Hefner was getting to know Crystal Harris. No matter how their marriage began, it has continued to this day. Crystal Hefner no longer needs to shed clothing in magazines with Hef putting a ring on it. But there are some beautiful photos and a lot to learn about Hugh's latest wife. These are 15 Things You Didn't Know About Crystal Hefner.


15 The Early Wild Ride

Crystal Hefner didn't begin her life as a privileged beauty. She was born Crystal Harris in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, US. Crystal was the daughter of two British entertainers. They worked the England-themed amusement park in Lake Havasu. The park has a nice little London Bridge model to boot. But after Crystal was born, her family returned back to the "Motherland." They moved to West Bromwich, England. After a while back in their native England, they once again moved to San Diego, California. This is where Crystal and her family planted permanent roots on the west coast of the United States. The key for Crystal being in San Diego was the environment. Although her father was a struggling singer and songwriter, the fact that Crystal was able to grow up in the shadows of Hollywood, is a key factor in taking the next steps in her life.

14 Crystal's Coup


When someone within a government agency is able to silently get close and then overthrow the leadership, we call that a coup. The Playboy Mansion ended up having a coup of its own of sorts. 2008 marked the some pretty significant ends inside the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner was dating three women at once, various live-ins who took care of the old man's needs. His divorce from Kimberley Conrad wasn't yet complete (they were 11 years separated at the time), but that didn't stop Hef from enjoying being, literally, the biggest Playboy on the planet. He had three incredible Playboy Bunnies at his beck-and-call inside the Mansion. Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson all comprised Hef's girls. The television series The Girls Next Door chronicled the craziness. But something changed as Hefner met Crystal in late 2008. Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson both exited the Mansion that year and severed relationships with Hefner. Bridget Marquardt would be out in 2009. And Crystal Harris would move right in, and would soon have the Playboy millionaire all to herself.

13 Step One  

Crystal got to enjoy the beautiful sun and beaches of San Diego, California. For those who aren't aware, the sunny beaches of San Diego are some of the best in the world. The views are incredible, and that's nothing to say of the women there. Crystal attended La Jolla High School and then moved on to San Diego State University. While in college at SDSU is when Crystal started modeling. This was big, because during this time, Playboy started to take notice of what Crystal Harris was doing and, more importantly, how hot she was looking. It would be when Crystal turned 22 when she would have a chance meeting with the man himself, Hugh Hefner. It would be in 2008 at a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion.

12 Playboy Time


At the Playboy Mansion, Crystal was able to land the gig of a lifetime. Hugh Hefner was so impressed with her in 2008 that he saw her potential with a single look. She was immediately added to "Co-Ed of the Week" during the week of October, 2008. She was entered under the name Crystal Carter. Then Crystal got a shot in 2009 appearing on The Girls Next Door on E. The reality show only enhanced Crystal's appeal. It was during this time that Crystal started dating Hugh Hefner and became "Playmate of the Month" for December 2009. The clear connection between Crystal's success and relationship with Hugh Hefner is as common as 1+1=2.

11 Hefner's Backing

Firmly entrenched as Hefner's one-and-only girlfriend, Crystal Harris was able to work on some personal goals she had in life. Sure, posing for Playboy and taking off her clothes was a modeling score for her, but trying to make it as a professional entertainer and branch out into a more legitimate line of work were goals she had always had. Having Hefner's money, power and support behind her lent Crystal numerous opportunities she otherwise would never have had. Her price was being Hefner's girlfriend and the reward was a recording contract she signed in early 2010. Organica Music Group, a division of Universal, recorded and released her debut single "Club Queen." The 2011 music release was a dream come true for Crystal, but it didn't make much of a splash. She wouldn't have a follow-up single release until two years later.

10 Crystal the Designer


Although Crystal Hefner's singing career didn't take off as she had hoped, she still had a variety of aspirations. And with Hugh Hefner in her corner, Crystal could conquer more aspirations. So in 2012 she decided to take a stab at the fashion industry. She co-designed a wide variety of swimwear with Australian designer, Vanessa Bryce. Bryce also owned Veve Glamor Swimwear. After some success, Crystal continued on and 2014 marked her next venture. That's when she started a line of athletic wear, lingerie and loungewear. The 2014 line was co-designed with Rhonda Shear and sold through her website. Crystal didn't have massive success, but she did cross off another box on her bucket list. Fashion would be a passion that would have a lasting impression to this very day.

9 Life with Hugh - Part 1

We know Crystal and Hugh's relationship "technically" began in 2009. But they really got going during a chance meeting at a Halloween party in 2008. Hugh Hefner just came off the Holly Madison bandwagon, his former "number 1" girlfriend, and the Shannon Twins were hanging out by his side. But Crystal Harris had Hugh Hefner's heart and they got engaged on Christmas Eve 2010, just over 2 years after they initially hooked up. Chaos ensued when Harris unexpectedly broke off their engagement on June 14, 2011. The catch was that their wedding was just 5 days away. What was even more awkward was when Playboy came to magazine stands in July of that year and Crystal was on the cover with the heading "Introducing America's Princess, Mrs. Crystal Hefner."


8 Life with Hugh - Part 2


As Crystal Harris reached the cover of Playboy once again, her life was hanging in the balance. She was about to walk away from her dream marriage. Within minutes of the issue hitting the newsstands, Playboy ordered stickers reading "Runaway Bride." Both Crystal and Hugh Hefner were embarrassed. Time passed and Crystal realized that life with Hugh (despite being a much older man with wrinkled balls) was a heck of a lot better than life without the man himself. So they reconciled on December 31st, 2012. Instead of the more lavish ceremony, the two got married in a far more private ceremony. He was 86 at the time of their marriage and she was 26.

7 Runaway Bride Goes For Affair

Just prior to officially tying the knot with Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris made a stop with a handsome young man her own age. She hooked with Dr. Phil's son, Jordan McGraw. Crystal Harris actually moved in with McGraw and got the taste of the "real world" without the perks of the Playboy Mansion. Of course, it's not as if Crystal was slumming it. She still got to live the premium LA lifestyle. She moved into McGraw's Hollywood Hills home. The two were both the same age and McGraw wanted to work with Crystal to help develop her new music album. Her time away from Hef and his fortune proved to be too much and she would eventually end up back with him.

6 Hef Bashing


While away from Hef for the short period of time, Crystal enjoyed a pop in celebrity status. She had her fifteen minutes of fame for turning down the big man. So she did what all horrible ex's do, she went public with their most private crap. She blasted Hef for his bedroom antics. While on the Howard Stern Show, Crystal stated that Hefner could only last "two seconds" in bed. She also stated that they only did the big deed once together. Of course, this only further cements what former gal pals of Hefner have stated where they describe Hefner as pleasuring himself in his bedroom as multiple television screens showed porn and his "girlfriends" all pretend to make out together. Ah, the Playboy Mansion.

5 Security Blanket

Much like Anna Nicole Smith, we know that age-old story of a young and beautiful woman marrying a wealthy man for his money. And obviously, on the surface, two people born 60 years apart hardly have a lot in common. It is absurd in many ways to view this as a legitimate and evolving love story. But let's say for those who are determined to see the best in love and others that there was a glimmer of hope that these two were actually true loves and meant to be together. Crystal's appearance on Huffington Post Live kind of answered those questions. She revealed that she married Hugh Hefner for "more security." She attempted to color the statement by citing Hefner's many girlfriends and the numerous beautiful women in and out of the Mansion. But from our POV, there was only one initiative for this marriage.

4 Crystal Gets Sick


Crystal Harris wasn't feeling quite as well as she could. She was dealing with strange bouts of exhaustion. She knew something was wrong. She accounted on her Instagram account that she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold (insert your Playboy Mansion jacuzzi jokes here). In all seriousness, Lyme disease is a brutal illness. For those not familiar, Lyme disease can manifest in so many brutal ways. It can cause a person to suffer from headaches, fatigue, fever and skin rashes. Crystal Hefner started getting treatment for the coinciding illnesses. But another discovery was going to make her life even more difficult.

3 Implants Go Bad

Crystal Hefner got breast implants like many young beautiful women in this world: to get attention. The attention she got was great. It helped make her a lot of money and land the ultimate playboy himself, Hugh Hefner. But when Lyme disease and toxic mold symptoms popped up, Crystal realized something else could have been going on. She just wasn't right. And it turned out that those special implants that seem to get her the extra attention she so badly needed to find success, was now causing her great harm. She was suffering from "Breast Implant Illness." The fake breasts were actually slowly but surely poisoning her. They were breaking down and being absorbed into her body and causing a whole multitude of problems. So, in 2016, she had them removed.

2 Champion of Natural Boobs


Crystal Hefner went through a troubling and physically difficult time when she was suffering with her implants literally poisoning her. It comes as no surprise that she started to speak out against implants. Now, not to get too judgmental, but I find it a tad hypocritical to call-out implants as a whole. Crystal's entire life is, in part, based on her looks. And the ONLY reason, and yes, I say ONLY reason, she got into Playboy and into Hefner's bed is because of her looks, which includes her bodacious 34D fake breasts. Crystal's fake breasts have greatly enhanced her looks and her life. Her success has been predicated on her curves so it's difficult to swallow her coming out so hard against implants. From our point of view, it's to each their own. We certainly aren't advocating or not advocating fake boobs, but for Crystal Hefner, these extra assets paid off in spades for her career.

1 The Future

Crystal Hefner kind of has her ticket written. At this point, she is Mrs. Hefner and seems to be riding out her time enjoying the spoils of her husband's success. Hugh Hefner recently sold the Playboy Mansion for $100 million but with the sale, a provision enabled Hefner to remain in the Mansion for the remainder of his life. However, rumors of Hugh Hefner's illness provided a little bit of a scare. Once Hefner does pass, Crystal Hefner will have to move out of the Playboy Mansion. She will end up with a handsome financial reward. One wonders what will be next for Crystal once her "security blanket" tragically moves on. We are guessing she finds someone her own age and quietly lives out her days trying to push more designs in the fashion industry. It's certainly a strange time these days as Crystal seems to be in limbo in life as Hef crosses over the 90-year-old threshold.


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