Bunnies Undressed: 15 Hot Images Of Sara Jean Underwood

There are a lot of hot pictures of Playboy Bunny-turned reality TV star Sara Jean Underwood but these images are the hottest! Before we get started, let's talk about who Sara Jean Underwood is exactly. Born in Portland, Oregon, this Northwestern girl spent all of her years in the beautiful Beaver State. She grew up and only knew of the beautiful lush green forests of the quiet state that borders the Pacific Ocean. From grade school all the way through college, Sara Jean Underwood was an Oregon girl. And many people who grow up in this state are known for their humility. The amazing beauty of Oregon is rife with wildlife and forests, hiking and other outdoor hobbies Sara has always enjoyed.

Sara Jean Underwood started her modeling career when she was 21 while attending Oregon State University. Playboy came around for one of their college issues featuring girls of the Pac-10. Sara made a big impact and the rest was history. The blonde beauty was a humble girl from her small town who never expected to be chosen for the legendary magazine. In fact, Underwood never even saw herself as a model. So when she forged ahead with Playboy, taking off all of her clothes on camera was another first. This girl was a true natural beauty, but also wasn't as nearly cocky and confident as many other hotties that have donned the pages of Playboy. This is the prime reason why so many people absolutely love Underwood. Her authentic niceness oozes out when she speaks and her raw beauty shines like a new penny sitting at the bottom of a shallow well. This diamond in the rough is definitely worth your time, and ours. Let's take a gander at 15 of Sara Jean's hottest (with clothes on...at least some) photos.

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15 Television Host

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Sara got her television start when she appeared on the numerous Playboy sponsored shows like The Girls Next Door and Kendra. The beauty also appeared in an episode of Ridiculousness. Sara starred in a slew of television host appearances. She appeared on Blackbelt TV as a "fight jock." In 2009, as Sara's career was rolling in full-swing, she hosted G4's Attack of the Show, filling in for another hottie, (and clothed Playboy alum), Olivia Munn. The producers were so happy with Sara's presence, they invited her back to host shows in 2010 and 2011. Sara has popped up on a few other television shows and isn't looking to slow down. She has a new gig promoting another betting institution and seems to be a draw wherever she goes.

14 Matters of the Heart

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Sara is an incredibly beautiful woman so it should be no surprise that she has gotten her fair share of suitors. Ryan Seacrest has been an incredibly successful radio host as well as the host of the hit show American Idol. Sara Underwood and Ryan Seacrest had a relationship that seemed to be on-again and off-again over a two-year period. Seacrest was able to nab Sara as her success was peaking back in 2008. The two of them were on top of the world in their fields and the relationship looked perfect. However, success may have gotten to both of their heads and they fizzled out. Then, in 2013, Sara dated the very sexy Roberto Martinez from the Bachelorette Season 6. They are together to this very day. But no husband or kids as of yet!

13 Yoga Queen

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Yoga is a tremendously healthy activity. The mental and physical benefits are endless with yoga and Sara is a big fan. Sara loves to do yoga. And what's even better is that Sara loves to do yoga naked online. That's right, not only can you see Sara doing yoga, you can see her completely shaved body doing yoga wearing no clothes. In what can only be described as an epic display of yoga skills and awesomeness, you can get a good look at some pretty awesome downward dog and mountain poses. In addition to that amazing display of yoga talent, Sara competed in a Japanese competition known as Kunoichi (or in English, Women of Ninja Warrior). Sara did well in the competition, out-yogaing three other more experienced Japanese contestants but faltered in the second round of the competition. Did we mention NAKED YOGA?

12 College Girl

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While attending Oregon State University, a funny thing happened to Sara. See, at this time, Playboy was doing a special on the girls of the Pac-10. The Pac-10 Conference was an affiliation of west coast schools that OSU was a part of. Sara thought it would be fun to try out. Heck, while we were in college, we did far crazier things. So, she went in for an interview and a test shoot. Needless to say, Playboy was impressed. She landed in the pages of "The Girls of the Pac 10," dawning the cover, and greatly enjoyed the experience. Although Sara was never a model, she definitely got a taste for that world and it wouldn't be long before Playboy came knocking once again.

11 Hooters

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There are so many wonderful things to say about Hooters. Of course, we aren't talking about Sara's breasts, although that would be a wonderful subject matter to discuss. Sara's assets are quite perfect but we are talking about the epic restaurant chain here. Hooters has been widely recognized as a fun environment for mainly men who want to stare at beautiful women serving them who are wearing ridiculously tight t-shirts and tight tiny shorts. The job fit Sara nicely. After her posing in the Pac-10 Playboy article, jumping into a Hooters shirt was no big deal. But soon, the tight shirt and shorts were about to be shed and Sara was going to be taking it all off for Playboy.

10 Playboy Part II & III


Playboy came back to Sara Jean Underwood after her debut in the Pac-10 article. Her Pac-10 Playboy appearance wasn't some background photo. Sara was featured holding a football on the cover. Sara wasn't just holding a football, she was nude with her body painted in the jersey of her school Oregon State with matching bikini briefs. Playboy wanted Sara back for more and invited her for a photo shoot and made her Miss July 2006. Her appearance in 2006 was so impressive that she was chosen as Playmate of the Year for 2007. Sara had gone from a college girl working at Hooters to appearing in 3 Playboy magazines and earning herself a convertible Mini Cooper to boot. Not bad for a girl from Portland, Oregon.

9 Humble Beginnings

Not many Playmates emerge out of Oregon. Sara Jean Underwood is one of the rare diamonds who emerge out of nowhere. She didn't get formal training in beauty contests or in the entertainment business. She participated on her junior high volleyball team and graduated from Scappoose High School in the city of the same name. Her Oregon upbringing was uneventful. She had little desire to rush away from her home and the state that she grew up in. When she went to college, she attended Portland State University and Oregon State University. This beautiful unassuming blonde was completely unaware that her life was about to change. She was on the verge of blowing up. Playboy was about to knock on her door.

8 Success Continues

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Sara's Playboy success had vaulted her into the public eye. She went from a just a college girl to a career Playboy model nearly over night.  Her success from 2005-2007 showcased 3 years of tremendous hype and a public that wanted more. Playboy was more than happy to give them more of Sara by ranking her #25th in their "25 Hottest Playboy Celebrities" list. The 2008 ranking list gave another bump to Sara. She also made numerous appearances on E! network's The Girls Next Door which increased her exposure and helped her to get her Playboy features. It wasn't just Playboy that was recognizing Sara's success. She had a legion of fans and jobs lining up for her.

7 Standing Ovation

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Sara Jean Underwood had an electric personality who everyone loved. It was hard not to be excited by the sudden success she was enjoying. And back in Oregon, her old friends were more than happy to jump on board and applaud Sara's sudden rise. Back at Oregon State, the University's Women's Studies Club created a poster celebrating Sara's success. They touted as Playboy's 2007 Playmate of the Year outside of Bexell Hall. The poster was another reminder of how successful Sara had gotten. Although the poster was short lived on campus, it was further validation that Sara Jean Underwood had truly made it. And her old stomping ground wasn't the only place she would be in demand.

6 Hollywood Comes Calling

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Sara's appearances in Playboy effectively laid the groundwork for her landing larger roles and wider appeal. She used multiple appearances on the Playboy series The Girls Next Door to get her first taste on the small screen. It was clear that Sara had more to offer and a slew of small, but effective, roles came calling. Sara made her film debut in the comedy, Accepted (2006). But that role had Sara only as an extra. She would be in the feature film Epic Movie (2007) as a Pirate Wench a year later. Sara was accompanied by fellow Playmates Qiana Chase, Irina Voronina and Jillian Grace. An appearance in the comedy House Bunny (2008) had Sara appearing as herself. The growth of her fame matched the growth of her roles.

5 Bigger is Better

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Sarah's was a petite blonde with a gorgeous face. She had a killer body but only came in with mortal sized breasts (B cups). As she continued to push deeper into Hollywood, Sara wanted to make sure she appealed to the masses and gave herself the best opportunities available to her. So her petite body grew, as in her breast size grew. She made the decision to enlarge her breasts. The beauty went more hourglass in her appearance and it was all confirmed when Sara appeared on The Howard Stern Show to confirm what was abundantly obvious; she did in fact get bigger boobs. Sara jumped from 32B to a nice full set of 32C's. It was only a subtle increase, but one that was obvious on a 100-pound beauty.

4 The Mentor

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Sara Underwood was discovered and got extremely fortunate with her success. Everyone needs someone to discover them, and Sara provided a huge helping hand to a future Playmate. Sara was already rolling and enjoying a great deal of success in 2008. She had consecutive years of increasing importance with Playboy. That was when she saw a fellow beauty while shopping in the exclusive and ritzy Rodeo Drive. In Beverly Hills, California, home of the rich, was where Sara spotted Ida Ljungqvist. Sara turned Playboy onto Ida's hot bod and they were excited to oblige. Ida became the March 2008 Playmate and then became Playmate of the Year for 2009. Sara and Ida became friends for life (really hot friends for life!).  

3 Hot Gambler

Sara Underwood has appeared in movies and was a featured model with Playboy. She was doing quite a bit in her life, but no one expected this new career turn. Sara modeled for VictoryPoker.net. She loved poker and not only did modeling for various companies, but she went on and began playing herself. Sara is known as one of the hottest players in the field. She also has participated in charity tournaments. Sara was invited to be on Pokerstars Million Dollar Challenge. Sara was one of the regular celebrity poker players on the Pokerstars show that the guests had to play against. She clearly has high-quality skills at the table and she is no doubt a pretty big distraction for her male counterparts.

2 Web Design

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It is clear that Sara is a talented young woman. She has enjoyed tremendous success as a go-to model for Playboy. In addition to her modeling success and all the Playboy accolades, Sara made her way onto numerous television shows and became a poker star. Sara clearly is a bright woman with numerous aspirations. So it should come as no surprise that in 2016, Sara studied extensively the art of web application framework Ruby on the Rails. Incredibly, Sara helped publish a beginners course on the subject to help others learn the application. Sara likes to think of herself as both an adventurer and a learner. Clearly, she is not interested in simply being beautiful and doing naked yoga. She has a long list of passions.

1 Future Endeavors

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Sara Jean Underwood is a lot of things. She loves outdoor sports and hiking. She is a big fan of yoga (NAKED YOGA!!!). She is a Playboy model and borderline legend amongst the most beautiful women to grace their pages. She has appeared as a television host on numerous programs. She has even branched out into web design and helping others develop their online skills. Sara is clearly one of the most beautiful Playmates while at the same time being one of the most interesting. She still hits the poker tables and can rock the river while at the same time enjoying her various passions. Sara and her boyfriend, Roberto Martinez, continue to date and are seemingly moving toward marriage. Perhaps a baby will be on the way as well? We'll see if wedding bells are around the corner for her. But one things is for certain, don't get caught watching the deadly pair under her extremely tight shirt while she unloads a pair of aces on you.

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