Buffy The Vampire Slayer: What 17 Cast Members Look Like Now

Anyone from the 90s has a special soft spot in their heart for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A lot of us are definitely still obsessed with the show, as evidenced by the wide number of celebrations when it celebrated its 20th anniversary recently. While the heroes of Sunnydale may no longer be living out new adventures for us on the screen, you’ll be pleased to know that the actors and actresses who played them are still around.

There were a lot of great-looking ladies living on the Hellmouth, from Buffy herself to Willow, Faith, little sister Dawn, and Anya – with many more besides. Since the show began, everyone has aged and moved on to new roles or new lines of work, and some of them have moved out of the public eye. Others are still acting, and you may even be surprised to find that one or two of them has been hiding in some of your current favourite shows.

While seeing the Buffy cast getting older makes us feel old ourselves, there’s one thing that makes us feel a lot better about it: they’re all still so beautiful. Get ready to feast your eyes on a cast that could easily make a reunion series today without any questions asked about their appearances. There’s one thing for sure, and that’s that we want to know their secrets. Is living right next to the entrance to hell actually the elixir for staying youthful forever? Has their aging process been delayed by witchy magic? Let’s find out.


17 Emma Caulfield – Anya

Demon Anya was a surprise regular addition to the cast – but probably one that we should have seen coming, given that pretty actresses don’t get introduced with backstories for no reason. Emma Caulfield thought about quitting acting totally after Buffy finished. She then changed her mind and returned to the scene, with parts in Once Upon a Time, Supergirl, and Fear the Walking Dead. She also writes a column for Entertainment Weekly, and became a mother for the first time in 2016. She has aged well and still looks very cute, though there is a (dare we say it) shine and smoothness to her forehead that might just not be totally natural. But hey, it’s Hollywood. When you’re coming back after a long absence and have aged somewhat in the meantime, it’s natural to want to compete with younger stars by smoothing out your looks a little.

16 Charisma Carpenter – Cordelia Chase


As one of the hotter actresses on the show’s original run, Charisma Carpenter managed to take her character right through to the Angel spin-off, though she was later dropped unceremoniously after getting pregnant. She says that she has now made up with Joss Whedon after the incident, but it didn’t really help her career much – she seems to only get the odd guest star appearance now. She notably appeared on Supernatural as a witch who was dating none other than a character played by James Marsters, which was a nice twist. She has also been seen on Charmed, Veronica Mars, Scream Queens, Chicago PD, and the Expendables films. She’s still absolutely gorgeous, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she starts to pick up a few more roles once she gets out of that tricky age group that Hollywood doesn’t seem to enjoy casting. Meanwhile, we just enjoy those fleeting appearances.

15 Eliza Dushku – Faith

Replacement slayer Faith was mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Her behaviour almost cost Buffy her life and, albeit briefly, even stole her body, but Faith eventually straightened up in time to help avert the end of the world. Eliza Dushku became a bit of a breakout star after the show and ended up working on a number of cult favourites, including Dollhouse, Tru Calling, Wrong Turn, Ugly Betty, and more. She had what seemed to be an endless number of roles on offer, until 2014 when she decided to return to education and study sociology. Her parents were both academics, so it follows that she would eventually want to get herself a degree. She isn’t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve and has spoken out politically in recent times, as well as showing up to support her favourite sports stars and posting about them on social media. She is still as gorgeous as ever and hasn’t lost a single bit of that bad girl charm.

14 Bianca Lawson – Kendra


Kendra was only around for a short while – a grand total of three episodes. It was her terrible Jamaican accent which ultimately proved to be her undoing, as Bianca Lawson doesn’t talk like that at all in real life. This may be a fact that you are already aware of if you have watched television at all since her last appearance, as she has been in a lot of shows. She cropped up as Maya in Pretty Little Liars, in which she was also killed horribly. She has also featured in American Horror Story, and if you’ve been paying attention you might notice something really interesting. She’s still playing teen characters. Bianca has apparently uncovered the secret to youth everlasting, and is getting cast as a teen while at the age of 37. That’s pretty incredible. Name any other person that has been a teenager since 1993. You can’t. Oh, and by the way, Beyoncé is her step-sister.

13 Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy Summers

Sarah Michelle Gellar is now pretty busy with life as a mother and wife, although she hasn’t stopped working entirely. She took part in a few major roles after Buffy ended, most notably as Daphne in the live action Scooby Doo movie. Since her acting career slowed down, she has taken up another interest in the world of food, and even released her first cookbook. Despite the fact that her time as a slayer is over, she has kept her body in great shape and is definitely a yummy mummy. Her skin and hair have stayed youthful and she certainly doesn’t look her age yet, nor would you believe that she’s busy raising kids and building a new business empire. She looks pretty great in general, and honestly, we almost hate her for it. Blessed with supernatural strength AND looks that stay this good? Damn, that’s what we call a gift!

12 Nicholas Brendon – Xander Harris


Xander was the loveable nerd who never really had things turn out in his favour. In the end he was the hero of the normal people, without superpowers or even any real skills – just willing to show up and fight the good fight when it was required of him. Nicholas Brendon has had a bit of a turbulent time since the show finished. He worked on Criminal Minds for a long while, but his career started to take a dive when he became an alcoholic. He was involved in a number of arrests and also succumbed to depression, attempting to commit suicide on several occasions. Eventually, however, he seems to have made his way through it and is now in recovery. He speaks openly about his depression and appears determined to move forward with a brighter outlook. He’s also starting to rock a silver fox kind of look which we dig!

11 Alyson Hannigan – Willow Rosenberg

If you haven’t seen Alyson Hannigan since Buffy ended, you might just have been living in outer Siberia. She had a long-running stint on How I Met Your Mother which ran for nine seasons, with her character, Lily, remaining on the show for the duration. This made her even more of a household name after her roles as Willow and in American Pie. She also now has two daughters who she spends most of her time being adorable with. The best part? Her husband just happens to be another ex-Buffy star: Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, the insufferable replacement Watcher, who was played by Alexis Denisof. Basically, their children are the offspring of a witch and a Watcher. They must have some serious skills, whether they know it yet or not. Willow grew during the course of the show from a goofy nerd to a serious vamp, and also had the first proper lesbian romance to be shown on a TV screen.


10 Anthony Stewart Head – Rupert Giles


Given that he was the older member of the cast during the show’s run, it’s probably not much of a surprise that Giles doesn’t seem to have aged much in comparison to the others. There are a few more lines on his face, but he retains an instantly recognizable look that wouldn’t look out of place if he appeared on the show now. Anthony Head has been involved in a few projects since Buffy, including appearing as the Prime Minister in comedy show Little Britain and starring in The Inbetweeners Movie and A Streetcat Named Bob. He also happens to have a daughter, Daisy, who is an actress in her own right and is starting to get a fair few roles. He’s evidently doing well, and also dedicates a portion of his time to looking after animals and working with a dog shelter to get some of the residents adopted.

9 James Marsters – Spike

If there’s one bad boy who captured the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, it’s Spike. Originally intended to be killed off soon after his first appearance, he was instead upgraded to a season regular and even ended up spilling over into the Angel spin-off. He was Buffy’s one true love interest, who never seemed to fade away or leave her side even when she made it clear they couldn’t be together. You may well have seen James Marsters since the two shows finished, as he has spent time appearing on shows like Torchwood and Smallville. He’s also in the Marvel Comics series The Runaway, as well as still playing with his rock band, Ghost of the Robot. So, all in all, he’s a pretty busy man. He still has those famous prominent cheekbones, although he’s back to his natural brown hair. It wouldn’t take much to turn him into Spike again!

8 Michelle Trachtenberg – Dawn


Michelle Trachtenberg was the youngest member of the cast, and it’s no surprise therefore that she still looks like the baby of the group. She actually barely seems to have aged at all, though of course that can’t be true! She plays true to type by maintaining a schoolgirl innocence vibe, mixed with just enough black eyeliner to make it edgy. Since the show finished she has been spotted in a number of roles, including the cult indie hit Mysterious Skin, 17 Again, and Ice Princess. On the smaller screen her choices have included Six Feet Under and Gossip Girl. She has never really made it to the bigger roles, but she does at least seem to have a consistent stream of work coming her way. Not bad for one of the least popular characters, with whiny teenage Dawn popping up magically at the beginning of a season with no explanation until later on.

7 David Boreanaz – Angel

While Angel was his first role, and it earned him a spin-off show of his very own, David Boreanaz has never managed to crack the world of films. We wouldn’t expect him to be losing much sleep over it, however, as he has had plenty to keep him busy in the meantime. He went straight from five seasons of Angel into an incredible twelve seasons of Bones. If there are any Buffy fans looking for a show to binge-watch, that one could fill quite a lot of time. He’s also married to a former Playmate and has two kids, which means he has probably everything he could possibly want. He has retained his good looks, though a punishing TV schedule combined with family life has him greying around the edges – and he’s one of the members of the cast who actually does look more like his age. Considering that audiences still seem eager to watch his shows, we’d say that’s not giving him much of a disadvantage.

6 Kristine Sutherland – Joyce Summers


Everyone’s favourite TV mom has been doing well since she died on-screen, prompting one of the most emotional episodes of all time. Sometimes, it turns out, it’s not ghosts or vampires or demons that you get you. It’s just plain old medical problems. Kristine Sutherland is still very much alive and well in real life, and has continued to act despite now being in her 60s. She also started her own portrait studio after studying photography once she left the show. How crazy is that? Imagine going in to have your family portrait taken and finding out that it was Joyce Summers behind the camera. She has one daughter and is happily married, which is great to hear. She looks fantastic for her age and definitely has many years left in her if appearances are anything to go by. We just can’t look at her without warm, fluffy feelings.

5 Seth Green – Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne

Seth Green had plenty of success after playing Oz, Willow’s one-time werewolf boyfriend who ended up moving on from the show once he had dealt with his lupine issues. He has appeared in plenty of hits such as The Italian Job and the Austin Powers franchise, but lately you are more likely to find him behind the camera than in front of it. He is now a co-creator of the series Robot Chicken, as well as a voice actor in a number of roles. These days he is still very much recognizable, and still sports that bright orange hair – although he does allow it to grow out longer now. Thanks to his short stature and trademark looks, you wouldn’t ever be likely to mistake him for someone else. He’s likely to continue cropping up for many years to come, as he has established quite the reputation for himself and always seems to be hard at work.

4 Marc Blucas – Riley Finn


Riley Finn gets a bit of a bad rap for being a boring character, but really, Buffy didn’t need a whole lot more excitement in her life than she already had. Anyway, love him or hate him, Riley went the way of most of Buffy’s other love interests and disappeared into the horizon. These days, Marc Blucas has had a number of small roles in films and television shows, but never seems to have properly broken through to the mainstream. Now, he’s bought a farm and is living in possible retirement from the acting world, although he doesn’t refer to himself as an ex-actor just yet. You can stay updated on his social media pages, although the fact that few people have chosen to follow him probably indicates that we aren’t going to see much from his acting career in the future. Still, there’s always the conventions circuit which awaits any Buffy actor for the rest of their lives.

3 Amber Benson – Tara Maclay

Although she was only a series regular for a short while, Tara’s run on Buffy was hugely important because of the way she portrayed an LGBT character’s growth and story arc. That is, until she was killed off. Fun fact: Amber Benson actually ended up dating Adam Busch, who was the actor who played the character that killed Tara on-screen. That relationship ended up going nowhere, but Amber certainly has: she is now a hugely successful writer of series such as The Ghosts of Albion and The Witches of Echo Park. She has even written for the spin-off Buffy comic book series. She has also continued acting, although with only moderate success. Interestingly, her career could have potentially gone a different direction if it weren’t for the fact that one of her first big movies, Don’s Plum, was squashed by Tobey Maguire, her co-star. She might have ended up not in Buffy at all if that had allowed her to experience fame earlier.

2 Juliet Landau - Drusilla


Juliet Landau is a very busy woman, and has been up to a whole lot since her run on Buffy and Angel ended. She has appeared in a number of shows, including Criminal Minds, Millennium, La Femme Nikita, and Strong Medicine. She has worked on the stage, as well as producing theatre shows herself. She has even written comic book versions for the Buffyverse. On top of all of this, she has even spent some time in the directing chair. She basically is talented all around, which is kind of funny considering that Drusilla couldn’t even manage to string a normal sentence together half of the time. We loved the kooky, crazy performance she put in, but after a while it was bound to get old. Plus, getting rid of her from the scene meant that it was possible for Spike to think about a romance with Buffy, which was all-important.

1 Clare Kramer – Glory

Is it kind of creepy that Clare Kramer still manages to look as sweet and innocent as Glory pretended to be from time to time? We can’t decide. Still, another member of the Buffyverse who has aged incredibly well is the Big Bad who (almost) finally managed to get Buffy to stay dead. She has had a number of small television roles including Tru Calling alongside Eliza Dushku, and has continued to act in indie films, but you might know her best now for her involvement in GeekNation. This production house creates shows and podcasts including her own, Take Five With Clare Kramer. This is a light-hearted podcast in which she talks to guests about their lives and their careers, as a great way for them to promote upcoming work. Other than that there’s not much to say about what she’s been up to – it just seems to have been more or less the same since she left the show!


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