Brock Lesnar Has A Private Jet (And 14 Other WWE Superstars Who Have Luxurious Lifestyles)

Wrestling is a career that doesn't have a long shelf life, but there are a number of stars who have been able to prove that they can have lengthy careers and earn a lot of money in the process. Many superstars have gone on to have careers in acting after their wrestling careers have come to an end, or even alongside their wrestling careers so that means that they have a lot of money to throw around when it comes to cars and houses and their lifestyle overall. While there are the obvious huge stars in the company who have a lot of money to throw around, there are also a number of other stars that many fans would expect to be as open with their money, but it seems that they have decided that they want to live a certain lifestyle and their jobs in WWE have allowed them to do that.

Of course, these wrestlers have worked throughout their entire career to ensure that they have disposable income that they can use on things that normal people wouldn't usually buy, but that doesn't make their use of their income any less interesting. The following list looks at 15 WWE superstars who all live quite luxurious lifestyles because of the money they earn. Some of these wrestlers have brought some strange things with the money that they have made from the wrestling business.

15 The Rock Bought A $4.5 Million Home In Florida

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The Rock is one of the most successful wrestlers of all time and a Hollywood star which means that he is also one of the richest wrestlers that the company has ever created as well. This means that The Rock has been able to buy a $4.5 million home in the Landmark Ranch Estates of Fort Lauderdale.

The Rock also has an impressive car collection, which he keeps in his huge garage, on the property. The former WWE Champion has a long-term girlfriend and two children who are thought to live at the property with him which could be why he decided to buy such a big home. Incredibly it seems that even though The Rock takes a lot of pride in his home, he is so busy that he is rarely able to spend a lot of time there because of the commitments he has in the wrestling and acting worlds.

14 Kofi Kingston Has Been Able To Save Up Enough To Ensure His Family Can Live Comfortably

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Kofi Kingston is one of WWE's longest-tenured athletes and it seems that over the past few decades the former Tag Team Champion has been able to ensure that he and his family have been able to live the high life over the past few years.

Kofi moved into a $400,000 home back in 2009, which is located in Tampa, Florida and the house features an outdoor swimming pool and a two-car garage. Kofi is a huge fan of games and Marvel superheroes and it seems that his home contains a huge collection of merchandise and figures. Kofi also collects helmets and it is known that he has Batman and Ironman ones in his collection as well. Kingston has been able to spend his money wisely over the past decade, which has left him in the position where his family are living quite a luxurious lifestyle while he's on the road.

13 CM Punk Bought A $2.15 Million Condo

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CM Punk hasn't wrestled for WWE in more than four years. Despite this, he has always been a man who is smart with money. The self-proclaimed Best In The World brought his current home back in 2010 for the incredible price of $2.15 million. The condo that is in Chicago came with five customized bedrooms, heated floors and a movie theatre.

Punk lives with his wife AJ Lee and the couple split their time between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is also reported that CM Punk has dedicated an entire floor of one of his homes to create a tattoo studio, something that the former wrestler is an avid fan of, which is obvious since he is covered in a number of personal tattoos. It seems that his life outside of WWE has meant that the former World Champion has been able to retain his luxurious lifestyle over the past few years.

12 Rey Mysterio Bought A Huge Home For His Family

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Rey Mysterio recently returned to WWE to be part of the 2018 Royal Rumble match last weekend and it seems that he could be gracing the WWE Universe with a number of other appearances in the near future. Mysterio has always been billed as a Mexican superstar throughout his wrestling career, but it seems that his current residence is actually in San Diego, California.

The former World Champion has an incredible property, which consists of a large aquarium and an old antique collection as well as Rey's own exclusive sword collection and figures which consists of many of his favourite wrestlers. It seems that Rey is quite the collector and has spent much of his life collecting many of the things that he keeps in his home, which he shares with his wife Angie and his two children Dominic and Aalyah. The former is currently training to become a wrestler just like his father.

11 The Undertaker Lives In A Home That Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Once Rented Out

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The Undertaker is a WWE legend, former World Champion and someone who has been part of WWE TV for almost three decades. It seems that in that time, the former World Champion has definitely become someone who knows how to spend his money correctly since he and his wife Michelle McCool are definitely living a luxurious lifestyle right now.

Michelle and Undertaker spend most of their time in their home in Texas with their children, a home that was once rented by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when they needed a place to stay when they were on set in the state.  It seems that Undertaker has a number of properties all over the United States and as well as his impressive collection of houses, he also has an impressive collection of bikes. Not bad for a superstar who has only wrestled for WWE once a year for the past few years.

10 Goldberg Bought A $2.5 Million Home In California

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Goldberg has seemingly had a relatively short wrestling career and until his return to the company back in 2016, the former Champion hadn't stepped foot in a WWE ring in more than a decade. Despite this, it seems that the former undefeated star has been living the high life for a number of years, which includes buying a $2.5 million residence in California.

The house comes with a garage that can hold up to eight cars at a time and a huge outdoor swimming pool. Goldberg purchased the property back in 2001 when he was still performing for WCW and it seems that he has managed to remain in the incredible home over the past 17 years. The house is Mediterranean-themed, which is quite shocking to fans, considering Goldberg has never shared the fact that he likes anything Mediterranean with anyone or used it as part of his gimmick throughout his career.

9 Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Live In A Mansion Down The Street From Vince McMahon

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Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the authority on WWE TV so it seems that they have to set an example when it comes to their lifestyle. Of course, the two are rarely ever home since they so many commitments connecting them to WWE both on screen and off. When the couple does finally return home to their three daughters, it seems that they return home to a mansion in Weston, Connecticut.

Their mansion is just down the road from Stephanie's father Vince McMahon's mansion, which probably comes in handy when it comes to babysitting their children. Apart from the incredible size of their home, it seems that one of the best features of the house is the fact that their home has a gigantic outside swimming pool and judging by many of Stephanie's late-night updates, it seems that there is also an indoor gym that the couple use religiously inside.

8 Randy Orton Owns A Beautiful Mansion And A Car Collection

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Randy Orton's career has been parallel to John Cena's over the past few years, but while Cena made a wave in the acting world, it seems that Orton has remained a full-time star in WWE and has become a major face in the company over the past few years.

Orton's divorce a few years ago cost him a lot of money but it seems that he has still been able to move into a much bigger location with his new wife and her three sons. Orton now has another daughter with Kim Kessler as well, so it seems that even though like many other WWE stars, he is a fan of collecting cars over the past few years, he has been forced to spend his money on his children. There are five children in his life right now, including his daughter Alanna from his first marriage to Samantha Speno.

7 Ric Flair Lives In Luxury Despite His Past Financial Problems

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Ric Flair's on-screen gimmick has been something that he has been able to follow through into his real life over the past few decades, which is why he has gotten himself into a lot of debt over the past few years. Flair has been able to be bailed out of a lot of his debt by friends and fans when it comes to his issues recently, but that doesn't deny the fact that Flair has been living quite a luxurious lifestyle throughout his career.

Flair has been married and divorced four times, but it seems that these divorces have cost him a lot of money throughout the past few years, which could be why Flair has so many issues in his life right now. Flair obviously has another girlfriend, but he will never be in a position where he can fully walk away from the wrestling business because his real life is still full of problems.

6 Nikki Bella Lives Quite An Extravagant Lifestyle

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Along with her long-term boyfriend John Cena, it seems that Nikki Bella is definitely not scared of splashing her cash around. She has been in WWE now since 2006 and it seems that in that time she has become one of the most recognizable female wrestlers in the company. Nikki has her own company called Birdie Bee and her own range of wine called Bella Redici, so it seems that she is definitely making the money that she enjoys spending.

Nikki enjoys wearing a new dress for every red carpet event that she attends and often is the person turning heads and considering she lives in a huge house with John Cena, it seems that Nikki has the perfect life right now. She will soon be married to Cena as well, which means that what is his is also hers, so she will be even richer, if that's even possible.

5 Mick Foley Lives In A Huge House With His Family

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Mick Foley will always be a legend and it seems that he has always been someone who is committed to giving his family the best possible life that he can. Foley has a huge house with his three sons and his daughter Noelle, a house that he has made his home over the past few decades, so much so that the home also includes its own Santa Claus room, something that involves a lot of Christmas memorabilia, as well as his many Father Christmas suits.

Foley returned to WWE as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw back in 2016 and had to leave the company in order to have hip surgery, but it seems that whether he's on screen or off he is always able to give his family the life they deserve since his son and daughter currently both work for WWE as well and the family even had their own show on the WWE Network.

4 The Miz And Maryse Moved Into A Beautiful New Home In California

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The Miz is definitely someone who knows how to live a luxurious lifestyle. Ever since he made his debut in WWE over a decade ago, Miz has given off a vibe that he is someone who fits in the Hollywood scene. A few years ago Miz moved to a condo where he could see the famous Hollywood sign from the roof, which also included an underground pool and party room in the basement.

It seems that this house became too much for Miz, who later put the house up for sale, something that was featured on an episode of Total Divas since he and his wife Maryse are now expecting their first child. It was recently revealed on Instagram that Miz and Maryse have moved into a new home, which is definitely a step up from their old home in Los Angeles, which they called Chateau MarMiz.

3 John Cena Lives In A Huge Luxurious Mansion

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John Cena has been wrestling at the highest level for more than 15 years. It seems that he has been smart with his money throughout that time and even though his divorce back in 2012 was costly, he still manages to live in a house that is part of a private gated community.

Cena's home has been part of both Total Divas and the setting for Total Bellas over the past few years. The house has some incredible features, including its own private boat dock, an outdoor swimming pool, a guest house, cigar room and a clothing room as well as a number of bedrooms and added features that have left many fans gobsmacked at the fact that this is the residence of the Face of WWE. Cena is rarely able to return home while he's on the road filming or working for WWE, but it seems that when he is home, he likes to relax in style.

2 Brock Lesnar Owns Several Beautiful Homes And A Private Jet

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Brock Lesnar is a former WWE Champion and the current Universal Champion and it seems that he is also the highest paid superstar on WWE's current roster, even though he is only a part-time star.

Lesnar is definitely able to live an incredible lifestyle based on his income, Lesnar owns a home in Canada that he shares with his wife Sable and his two sons. He also owns several other homes and properties all over the United States as well as an impressive collection of cars, including a Bentley and a Porsche. Brock is known to have a net worth of around $25 million and considering he earned more than $12 million in 2016, it seems that this will continue to rise in the coming years. Brock also has his own private jet, something that he brought a long time ago when he realized that he didn't like travelling with other WWE superstars.

1 Enzo Amore Was Living The High Life Before Leaving WWE

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Enzo Amore was recently released by WWE following a claim of assault before this year's Royal Rumble but it seems that even though Enzo was only part of the company on a Cruiserweight level, he definitely had the money to throw around.

Amore proved this last year when he decided to shell out $10,000 for ringside seats to Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. Amore has been seen throwing his money at clubs and taking women out over the past few years and in a way he has had a lifestyle that isn't befitting of a WWE Champion, which could be why he has ended up in the position he is in right now. Since his release, it is unknown where his income will come from now or what career path he will choose to follow moving forward, but it will be interesting to see if he can keep up with this lifestyle.

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