Britney Spears Is Spending Thousands of Dollars On Her Dogs, And So Are These Other Stars

If you happen to be a dog owner, then you are already familiar with all the costs that come with taking care of one. Not everyone can afford it though, as it takes time, energy, and money that you might not even have. Most dog owners get the essentials: food, toys, necessities. We all love spoiling our little buddies in every possible way, but there are celebrities who may be doing a bit too much.

We understand the close relationship that exists between the two parties, but it doesn't necessarily justify their spending. Some may say that they are free to spend their money as they wish, and that is a certainly a fair point. The bond that exists between us and dogs is a special one that cannot be defined by any amount of money, but people have different ways of showing their affection.

Many of these stars spend more on their dog than the average person makes in salary, and as you will see, some of these purchases are pretty ridiculous to say the least. But with so much money to their name, they can afford to comfortably spend as much as they want. Britney Spears is one of the many names who spends thousands of dollars on her dogs, but there are 14 other celebrities who do so as well.

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15 Britney Spears - $29,852 For Care

There was a time when Britney Spears was the world's biggest star, breaking records like it was nothing. Today, she remains an extremely popular figure, and while she may not be the name on everyone's mind, she is still racking in millions of dollars every year. In 2015, some private documents leaked containing information about Spears' financial situation.

We learn that she made more than 15 million dollars that year, but also spent quite a lot of that money. Among them was a reported number of $29,852 that went towards her dogs - a Maltese and a Yorkie. Spears is well-known for her affection towards them and has dedicated plenty of her attention to make sure they are as spoiled as one can be. And whenever she isn't around, they are taken care of pretty well thanks to her high budget.

14 Jennifer Aniston - Wedding Treatment

Jennifer Aniston's infinite love for dogs has never been a secret. When her dog Norman passed away in 2011, she got his name as a tattoo to honor his memory. Today, she has two dogs - one of whom is pictured above, named Dolly. They are a huge part of her life and have become very known by the public as she constantly talks about them.

In preparation for her wedding, Aniston is not the only one who hit the spa. So did her dogs. The actress has never hid that she has spent plenty of money on them, nor does she care what people have to say about the matter. When Dolly chewed her expensive rug, all was immediately forgiven and that must have cost her a fortune - or just some pocket change for her.

13 Kylie Jenner - $50,000 Pup

The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are famous for a lot of things. Kylie Jenner has become pretty famous for her love of dogs. A few years ago, she was rumored to have bought a puppy with her ex-boyfriend Tyga for $50,000. Kylie's dogs have their very own Instagrams and have gathered a major following due to their association with her, as well as their cuteness.

Jenner is known for spoiling them plenty, and while most would think twice before spending large sums of money on their pet - but not for Kylie. She is more than willing to pamper them. With Kylie's social media activity having decreased in recent months, we haven't seen her dogs as much, and man, do we miss their cute faces.

12 Lady Gaga - Modelling Contract

Lady Gaga has four dogs and they are famous enough to have their own entries on her personal Wikipedia. A new puppy recently joined the family, and as you can see above, they are as adorable as it gets. If you happen to follow her Instagram then you are well aware that their lifestyle is pretty expensive, and they enjoy the finer things in life. Her dogs do more than just get expensive toys, they ride in limos.

They are also dressed in some expensive clothes and accessories - which made many criticize her at some point - but Lady Gaga isn't exactly the type of person who cares about the public's opinion. One of her dogs attracted so much attention that she gained a paid modelling gig. We wonder if that made up for all the thousands of dollars that Lady Gaga has spent on them.

11 Oprah - Last Testament

Oprah has billions of dollars to her name, and she could probably end world hunger. At least she's putting a lot of it towards her five dogs. It doesn't matter what it costs, if Oprah wants it, she'll get it. Especially for her beloved pups.

A few years ago, some private documents leaked, revealing information about Oprah's will showed that she had left $30 million for her dogs. Sure, you can argue that they aren't children, so why leave them all of that? Well, pets are family, and Oprah has enough money to make sure the people - or dogs - she loves are treated like they're human. Regardless of what some people may have to say about her spending habits, Oprah believes they are justified due to her special bond with her pets.

10 Usher - $12,000 For His Pup

In 2012, Usher spent a hefty sum of $12,000 to buy the dog above. Since then, they have been irreplaceable as Usher is totally in love with his goldendoodle. If someone is willing to pay that much for a dog, then you can bet that they easily spend thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. The photo above is prime example as Usher is pictured with his dog flying first class and enjoying the view from above.

Unlike many celebs, Usher never hides his love towards his dog nor does he deny that he is entirely spoiled. Usher was criticized by some for allegedly spending way too much money on his pet with some claiming that it could have gone towards an important cause. While that's true, we have to remember that at the end of the day, it's his own money.

9  Paris Hilton - Two Story Dog Mansion

You may think that it's impossible for a dog to lead a better life than you do, but that has proven to be false. Years since she rose into fame, Paris Hilton is still covered by media for all her antics and life choices. And while she has many things going on for her, it is her love for dogs that has stood out more recently.

Some celebrities may have a dog or two but it appears that Hilton is eyeing a new record with approximately 35 dogs. A new one is added to the family from time to time, and she doesn't discriminate as she takes care of various breeds. One might wonder how is she able to take care of them and there is an answer for that: Hilton has a two-story dog mansion specifically for them in which they get to live lavish.

8 Rachel Hunter - $15,000 Bathroom

Looking back at the last few decades, Rachel Hunter is now considered to be one of the biggest models. She featured in nearly every major magazine that you can think of while creating a large following over the years. Aside from her looks, she is also known for her love towards dogs. Hunter has a $15,000 house built specifically for her dog where he got to enjoy all his favorite activities. He also had an expensive bathroom installed, living a lavish lifestyle we can only dream of.

Although the model was criticized for her spending habits, Hunter never cared to defend herself as she was more than happy to spend large amount of money on her babies. She recently got a new dog, and we're sure that he's living the life.

7 Madonna - Million Dollar House

During her prime years, Madonna was known for having three Chihuahuas who became famous enough to be featured in magazines, as well as one of her music videos. More recently, she traded them for a French Bulldog who seems to take much of her time. Madonna has shared some photos of the puppy getting along with her family across social media. Although nothing ever got proved, some were worried that she was not always treating the dogs well.

Madonna was always attempting to keep up the appearances by living as lavish as possible, which included the way her dogs were treated. Over the years, she spent thousands of dollars on her pets including some purchases that might make you scratch your head. Despite all the criticism regarding her lifestyle, Madonna continued pampering her dogs in the only way we would expect her to. She also sold her own house for $7.5 million for someone else's German Shepherd, so he could have a good home!

6 John Legend And Chrissy Teigen - Pampers

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have become one of the most popular couples in recent times, becoming what many consider to be "goals" due to the great chemistry that they have. With millions of followers across different social media platforms, they have built a large fanbase. Their four dogs are a major part of their lives, and they have become well-known by those who follow the couple as they always share photos and videos of them.

On top of having a reputation as dog lovers, the couple are also known for pampering them to the max with some purchases that most of us wouldn't make. To them, they were certainly worth every penny. They have spoken in several interviews about the role that their dogs play in their personal lives and how much they have changed their personalities as well as habits.

5 Mariah Carey - $700,000 Yearly

Out of all celebrity dogs, Mariah Carey's little buddies have to be up there when it comes to being the most spoiled. It is well-known among most people that Carey's love for dogs cannot be matched. As for her eight dogs, they get the special treatment, since they only fly first class, and visit the spa twice a week. It has been reported that the singer spends approximately $700,000 on her dogs every single year, a mind blowing number to say the least.

From that figure, $50,000 goes towards grooming alone. Whenever she goes on vacation, she makes sure to bring them along and sometimes hires multiple people to assist her. In previous years, some members of the media used to label her dog obsession as weird, but Mariah Carey isn't willing to change for anybody.

4 Sharon Osbourne - First Class

Sharon Osbourne is a lot richer than most people would have guessed; she has been named as one of the richest women in the world on multiple lists. And with so much money to her name, it's no surprise that she is also a big time spender. But while the figure is probably a high one for us, it is really just pocket change for Osbourne who claims to spend £230,000 a year to fly her two dogs first class.

That is strictly money going to plane tickets. So this is not taking into account how much she is paying for their care, needs and entertainment. It's safe to say that not many celebrities can match Osbourne's spending habits, as most would be reluctant to pay a staggering amount of money for flights. But Osbourne seems like she can't go anywhere without them so we understand it from her perspective.

3 Jessica Simpson - Birthday Fun

In 2009, it was reported that Jessica Simpson's dog had lost her dog to coyotes, which ended up being covered by multiple media outlets. The singer was reportedly devastated by the loss. However, she got a new puppy shortly after, since her affection towards dog made her realize she couldn't go on without one. Simpson seems to have learned from the past and is now taking even better care of her dog than she previously did, spending thousands of dollars for his well-being.

And while it is generally known that dogs can be costly, Simpson, like so many celebrities, may be spending a bit too much. But seriously, how can you not when you're looking at this pup. Here we have Jessica in the car with a dog with...birthday steamers? It's probably for the dog, and not her.

2 Hugh Jackman - Best dressed

Hugh Jackman has never worried about his spot as an actor, but he did address his concerns about his dogs gaining more attention to become even more famous than he is. Jackman reportedly has two dogs but there is one stand out between them as the French Bulldog always seems to steal the spotlight. Based on interviews and photos, they have a unique bond that is evident as they cannot separate from each other - Jackman even takes him to the gym as well!

But the dogs are also dressed to impress at all times, which has earned them an impressive following from fans as well as remarkable coverage by the media. Like so many other celebrities, Jackman is rich enough to spend thousands of dollars on a yearly basis to spoil his dogs - a fact that may bother some people but definitely not the Wolverine himself.

1 Jennifer Lopez - Spa Day

Jennifer Lopez's two boxers are living life to the fullest. They spend every Friday at a dog spa - which is reportedly $350 for each. On top of that, Lopez is known for buying plenty of accessories that can always be seen on the dogs. They enjoy a lifestyle that most people would envy and while some were quick to throw shade towards Lopez, she didn't care one bit as she continued pampering them.

To be fair, they have gotten used to certain expectations being met, so it's likely that Lopez is only looking out for their best interests. Lopez has been spotted walking her boxers on multiple occasions, although she usually attempts to escape paparazzi. That is clearly not working with all the available photos. Perhaps they were more interested in the adorable dogs rather than the star and no one can blame them.

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