Britney Spears' 20 Hottest Outfits

Ahh, Britney. If you were to try to count one by one every article that has ever been written about Britney, you would die of old age before you ever caught up. She shocked and entertained us as a dan

Ahh, Britney. If you were to try to count one by one every article that has ever been written about Britney, you would die of old age before you ever caught up. She shocked and entertained us as a dancing schoolgirl, then continued to put out hits for years. Then she shocked us all over again with a very public breakdown. Finally she is back to entertaining us after making a successful comeback and selling out shows in Las Vegas.

Over the years we have known her, we have certainly seen some stand-out moments. Every tour, every music video, and every piece of album artwork had to be carefully designed and put together with as many fabulous outfits as possible. Ever since the beginning, Britney has been trying to seduce us– right from the very first time we laid eyes on her as a sultry Catholic schoolgirl. It wasn’t long after that before she started appearing in nothing but sequinned bodysuits, and the outfits got smaller and smaller as time went by. These days she’s still a fan of sequins and bodysuits, and of strappy little outfits that just about manage to stay on most of the time.

In homage to the fact that she is still pulling out the hottest outfits we’ve ever seen, more than 15 years since we first heard her name, we’ve put together a collection of the very best. If you love Britney, you’re going to love this. These are the 20 hottest outfits that she has ever worn– on stage, on video, and on magazine covers.

20 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

The Daily Beast

Whenever Britney gets on stage at the MTV Music Awards, you know that things are about to get serious. She has a bit of a habit of really knocking it out of the park at these shows, even though she recently admitted that she can’t really remember how all of them went. She wore a bright gold, glittering leotard with strategic cut-outs, the gaps filled by glittering diamante chains. Pair that with a signature Britney neck choker and a pair of knee-high boots in matching fabric, and you have pure Britney gold (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Seriously though, that plunging neckline and high cut sides definitely leave you wanting more. Although she might now be a little older than she was when she first wowed us on the MTV stage, this performance showed us once and for all that she’s still got it. And why shouldn’t she? You work it, Britney!

19 Planet Hollywood 2014


During her extensive run of Las Vegas performances, she’s gone through more glittery catsuits and bodysuits than you could shake a stick at. But let’s hear a special mention for this little number, which had its heyday in 2014 when she was performing at Planet Hollywood. Somehow, there’s nothing that says 'Britney' more than a sequinned bodysuit with clusters across the chest and between the legs, and light sparkles everywhere else. It’s such an iconic look for her, and she still pulls it off amazingly. Most other celebs would have to be stick-thin, 20 years old, and without an inch of body fat to even dream of putting one of these on. While she isn’t exactly overweight, Britney has more realistic curves– and she’s certainly showing that you don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to have the kind of body anyone would kill to have– or to hold.

18 Rolling Stone magazine

via dfiles

Perhaps the most scandalous thing about this image is that Britney was underage when it was taken. This was part of a whole spread inside Rolling Stone magazine, including a cover shot that saw her relaxing in a bra and pyjama set. It was shot by legendary photographer David LaChapelle, and definitely made a lot of waves at the time. Even without the backstory, which alleges that she waited for her manager to storm out before starting to strip, you can see a little something in Britney’s eye here. She’s on the brink of becoming the woman that enthralled us all for over a decade. In this shot, she’s sort of like your best friend’s hot older sister who you know you’ll never be man enough to get. Not long down the line after this was taken, she metamorphosed into everyone’s favourite American dream. That look in her eyes suggests she might know what’s coming.

17 2001 Super Bowl

via MTV

It’s sometimes easy to forget that we used to have this image of Britney as a sweet, innocent, young thing. She told us she wasn’t going to be sleeping around until she was married, and dressed up in schoolgirl outfits. But one look at a picture like this and it’s really no surprise to find that she threw off that image fairly quickly. For her collaboration with NSYNC, Mary J Blige, Nelly, and Aerosmith, Britney went for a much-streamlined version of a football shirt. Her tiny silver jeans were practically spray painted on, and the top itself isn’t any looser. She looked almost as if she was in constant danger of falling out of it, but this was one Super Bowl performance starring Justin Timberlake where a wardrobe malfunction didn’t happen. She also wore a kind of weird arm-sock thing which we aren’t going to ruin the image by talking about.

16 2002 VMAs

via SheKnows

2002 was the year that Britney decided black leather was the way to go. Where do we start with this one? The military hat doesn’t necessarily match the rest of the outfit, but it definitely adds a new dimension to the whole look which improves it vastly. Then there’s the tight leather dress itself, which features a plunging neckline as well as a barely-there skirt. Next up you have a slit across her right thigh, covered by the lacey chain-pattern arrangement that she so often favours in her looks. Finally, you have the laced knee-high heels. Everything about this look screams 2002, and if you saw someone wearing it in the street today, you would assume they were touting for business. But Britney made it happen. Plenty of teenage boys have this outfit burned into their memories.

15 2003’s ‘Perfume’ video

via Billboard

Check out the video to Perfume, and you are in for a treat. This video follows the story of the song, in which Britney falls for a womanizer. She ends up rolling around in bed wearing his red plaid shirt over her white underwear. Ignore the male model if you can and this one is a great Britney outfit to remember. The soft white lace somehow manages to look virtuous, even as she lies there wearing the shirt of the man she has just bedded. There’s also nothing hotter than imagining her picking up his shirt to walk around the house in. This video flashes just enough skin to keep us interested, while covering up anything essential that MTV would have had to censor. Genius! It also means that we can show you the whole outfit without having to make the article NSFW, which is always a bonus.

14 2003 NFL Kick-Off

via IBTimes

This was another memorable sporting event for Britney fans, as she took to the stage with her new cropped hairdo and an attitude to match. When she walked on stage, she was wearing a small black and white striped top, reminiscent of a referee’s uniform, which bared her stomach and the jewel in her belly button. She also wore a pair of tight black trousers, but it wasn’t long until these were ripped out of the way. Underneath she was wearing a tight pair of booty shorts. If they had been any smaller, they would have been non-existent. Pair this with the image of players on stage looking just about ready to tear the rest of the outfit off her body, and you have a hit. We won’t talk about the single matching black and white glove. For some reason, there always seems to be one arm in Britney’s earlier outfits that goes a bit crazy. It was the 2000s. It was a simpler time.

13 31st American Music Awards

via Style Bistro

Next up, here’s Britney at another awards show– and doing another outfit reveal. She started off swathed in a long silver cloak, but her backing dancers helped her to rip this off in order to showcase the real look. She was wearing basically a purple corset with black leather underwear, so this outfit was a dream for fetishists everywhere. It was also a bit space-age, with a silver arm-and-shoulder piece that added holographic sparkles. We’re not sure what the reasoning there was, but never mind that: it shows off her assets quite nicely. Black latex, thigh-high leg warmers complete the look, and with all of the jiggling around she did on stage, it’s a wonder that everything stayed put. That, or she was literally glued in to the skin-tight outfit. At one point, she started to rise above the stage, giving us all a better view that we were very grateful for.

12 2007 VMAs

via Just Jared

This is now legendary as one of her worst ever televised performances. When she showed up for the 2007 VMAs, Britney was disorientated and chaotic, and seemed to be a little dead behind the eyes. Thankfully, you can just look at the pictures instead of watching the car crash of a video. Where she had traditionally stuck to bodysuits in the past, this time she went for full-on lingerie. A tiny sparkling black underwear set left her midriff totally bare and left very little to the imagination. This is another example of one of those outfits that really shows Britney as a real person. She doesn’t restrict her skimpy outfits to only those times when she can be Photoshopped afterwards. Just do yourself a favour and don’t bother watching the performance, which features plenty of celebrities watching on with dumbstruck expressions at how crazy it all is.

11 2009 Circus tour

via Just Jared

We could have gone for any number of outfits from the Circus tour, but this one had to be our choice– and you can probably guess why. It doesn’t hurt that she performed in this outfit (as well as in a black corset number) inside a cage, which makes the scenario all the more enticing. Then there’s the fact that she is wearing a tiny diamante-encrusted bra, as well as the smallest pair of black shorts that we have ever seen. Fishnet tights complete the look as she finished it off with a pair of knee-length black boots. This was also the first time that Britney took to the stage with brunette hair, which was an interesting change for her. The whole look not only ties into the Circus theme, but it also works for her. The more we get to see of Britney, the louder we’re going to cheer.

10 Esquire Shoot

via Pinterest

It’s not clear whether you could actually legally term this an outfit, but Britney’s wearing it. She turned up for a shoot with lad’s mag Esquire with pretty much exactly what the male readers could have asked for. She wore a pair of white cotton panties, several long strings of pearls hung around her neck, and nothing else at all. Of course, the pearls were strategically placed to cover a few key areas, but you can definitely let your imagination fill in the gaps. This has to be one of her hottest moments of all time, especially with the various different poses that they shot. In one of them she stands with her fingers hooked in her waistband, as if she is about to pull it down, while looking suggestively at the camera. She also posed for them in nothing but a white jumper and a pair of matching white heels, leaving her bare at the opposite end this time.

9 Oops…. I Did It Again

via Bustle

A lot of Britney videos give you outfits that are just so classic, they will never die. This red jumpsuit was actually parodied recently, with Kevin Bacon donning the famous red latex for EE advertising. But Britney’s look was no laughing matter. When Oops… I Did It Again came out, we were still thinking of her as that innocent young American dream. This is another outfit that really shows you how wrong that must have been. The outfit leaves very little to the imagination, hugging closely to her figure as she dances throughout the video. The red, shiny fabric can’t help but draw the eye. The streaks in her hair and the tight scraped-back look are a little odd, but then again this video is 15 years old, so we can’t really question the style decisions. The official video post has over 115 million views on YouTube, despite only being added in 2009, in case you were wondering whether it is still popular.

8 The Air Hostess

via Odyssey

And another music video that really blew us all away! This was a bit of a comeback for Britney at the time, and it was received incredibly well. This was helped in no small part by the blue air hostess uniform that she wears in the video. Most of us would be very happy to have this kind of air hostess serve us next time we are on a plane! The dress featured plenty of cut-out panels, particularly in the centre of her chest, as well as huge shoulder features to give it that more racy look. Add this to the provocative dancing in the video and it’s clear why this one is a firm fan favourite. It works its way into best video lists all of the time, even now.

7 Womanizer Video

via Fan Pop

Ahh, the Womanizer video; technically we’re cheating here– she definitely isn’t wearing an outfit at all. In fact, what we like the most about this outfit is that she just isn’t wearing one. She appears totally nude in the first part of the video, which certainly makes you sit up and pay attention. She lays on her back in a steam room and writhes around before sitting up to sing. Even though she walks around in lingerie later in the video, there’s no way that she could possibly top that opening shot. It’s quite possibly the hottest she has ever looked– and she follows the lingerie up with a powerful office look which probably makes this the ultimate video for plenty of fetishes. The worst part though is how she spends the whole video teasing this one poor guy. Then she sort of beats him up and makes him disappear. That’s not the kind of fantasy ending you’d like.

6 2000 VMAs

via Girl That's My Song!

We definitely didn’t expect to see this one. When Britney took to the VMAs stage in 2000, we were still in the frame of mind of seeing her as a delicate schoolgirl. This was the first time she demolished that notion, even if her publicists were still trying to keep her image squeaky clean. She came out in a glittering black suit, but stripped it off quickly to show a nude bodysuit underneath, covered in sparkles. She sung a less than sparkling version of I Can’t Get No Satisfaction before going back into her own hit with Oops I Did It Again. The stripped-back performance ended with her plunging to her knees in front of the audience and writhing around on the floor for a minute or so, to much wild applause. Unlike these days, she opted to wear trainers with her outfit, and the legs of her bodysuit were loose like trousers– she has clearly polished the act since.

5 2001 VMAs

via Time

You’ll always recognize this one when we describe it as ‘that time with the snake’. This was an iconic look for her, that everyone will always remember as classic Britney. She managed to answer two questions that we had been dying to know: what’s the hottest accessory a girl can wear, and what do you buy the girl who has everything? Her outfit is barely remembered, but we can tell you that she wore a green wrap top that more closely resembled a bra as well as a pair of very small hot pants. But the thing that we will always remember is the snake over her shoulders. She wore the massive creature during a performance of I’m a Slave 4 U, and it far overshadowed anything and everything else that happened that night. No one can ever wear a snake again without everyone thinking it’s a Britney reference. As a bonus, this was probably the time when her body was at its hottest.

4 … Baby One More Time

via Pyxurz

This was the moment that started it all. Apparently, those in charge wanted to go with an animated video for Britney Spears’ first single, … Baby One More Time. But Britney refused. She decided that she wanted to act out in the video herself, and even suggested that she should dress like a Catholic schoolgirl. And so, a moment of pop history was born. She wore a black skirt, a grey cardigan, and a white shirt tied at her midriff, along with knee-high socks and iconic pink hair scrunchies. Not only did all of those things immediately go into fashion and sell out everywhere, but a new star was born. From that moment on, Britney’s fame was unstoppable. It’s still one of the hottest music videos of all time, as Britney teases the boys of the school with her all-girl backing group. Although it is always a little concerning to think about how old she actually was at the time.

3 Nude Bodysuit

via Giphy

Ah, yes– the Toxic video. This is one of the hottest looks from this song; in fact, we’re rating no other music video higher. This is the moment she really perfected the diamante bodysuit, which by now has become one of her trademarks. It’s skin-tight all over, unlike the flappy ankles of the original version. It covers her whole body, which means that she can be a bit more sparing with the diamante. And she’s got herself set up in the perfect position to pose it out while she sings, giving us plenty of angles to admire and save for later. The material is so sheer that it almost seems like she is wearing nothing at all, and instead is coated head to toe in the sparkling gems. It leaves very little to the imagination at all.

2 2003 VMAs

via Buzzfeed

This look started out with Britney wearing a white wedding dress and full-length veil, but parts of the outfit were quickly stripped off and torn away. This left her wearing what was, essentially, a white corset and tiny skirt. As she bounced around the stage with Christina Aguilera, Madonna soon joined them for a totally unforgettable moment. Britney managed to prove that yes, there is actually a hotter accessory for her to wear than a snake– it’s Madonna. The pair locked lips in an infamous moment which sparked controversy and conversation around the world. The live audience were not at all expecting to see it, and the cameraman was quick to cut to a shocked-looking Justin Timberlake. He actually looked even a little bit angry. They were no longer together at the time, but perhaps he was still against the idea of sharing anyway.

1 Rolling Stone cover

via Hollywood

This 2003 Rolling Stone cover gets our top spot, and it’s so hot we can barely believe that they allowed it to go on sale on anything lower than the top shelf. Considering this is the front cover of a music magazine, Britney really turned it up to 11. She stands wearing just a pair of white panties and nothing else, except for the white shirt that she clutches to her chest. It just so happens to hang in such a way that all of the important parts are covered, but we still get enough of an eyeful. She’s looking down at the camera in a knowing way, and appears to be sandwiched between two walls in a tiny space. It’s one of the hottest magazine covers of all time, let alone the hottest outfit Britney has ever worn. The best part is that this is Britney during her prime, before all the crazy– when the most scandalous thing in her past was the fact that Justin Timberlake kind of implied he cheated on her maybe.

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