Breaking Amish: 17 Photos Of The Show's Rebel Kate Stoltz

Alright, so some of you might not know who the hell Kate Stoltz is. And that would make perfect sense if you don't watch reality tv...or if you're not from her Amish community. That's right. This babe spent 20 years of her life as an Amish girl. And you would not be able to tell by looking at her today. That's for damn sure.

Stoltz has managed to find her way off the farm, out of the community, and into the Big Apple. Now, she's a big fashion designer, model, and college student. She's got a lot of things going for her. And once you take off all those drab Amish clothes...well what's underneath is pretty fantastic. But, seriously, her modelling has taken off.

You'll get to see some before and after shots here, and they are mind-blowing. But more importantly, you get to see the woman that an Amish community had been hiding for years. Thankfully, this rebellious girl packed up and followed her dreams. And now we all get the joy of knowing that she gets joy from everyone gawking at her. After Breaking Amish, Kate Stoltz has broken the fashion world.


17 She's A Real Poser

Considering Stoltz came from a very strict religious background, it's surprising that she ever managed to grace the cover of any magazine. And yet, she's been plastered all over the world now. When she talks about leaving the Amish community for a modern life she says the most difficult thing to deal with was "The cultural differences that I’ve experienced along the way. There are so many little things that I’m not used to. Whether it’s the way people communicate, the way that relationships work, or the expectations people have about each other. They are so different in so many ways." imagine growing up without tv, magazines, computers, or any of those modern-day conveniences. How would you be able to read this article? Or look at hot pictures of Kate Stoltz? It would be a very difficult life to live.

16 She's Got Beautiful...Eyes


"I’ve experienced so many cultural differences, especially in the relationships that I’ve made. Everything that I was used to is considered not that normal." That's not too surprising. I mean she would never have been able to model in her underwear back in her Amish community. To be fair, since most of the people there would be basically like family, it would be strange anyway. But that's beside the point. And I'm sure her relationships have changed since she left her family home. If she wanted to, she could go out and score with any guy from any walk of life. She's no longer tied to the matchmaking method of marriage. And sure, that might be for some people, but I think it's clearly not for Kate Stoltz. I think she's beyond that now.

15 Pretty And Persistent 

Growing up in an Amish community, Stoltz learned a thing or two. "One important thing is to work hard and to take responsibility for yourself. My parents were always good at budgeting so it helps me now as I have to pay for my rent and college tuition. From them, I’ve learned to work hard and continue to do what I’m planning to do." And I'm pretty sure not many people mind what she does. Before, she would have been wearing pretty drab clothing, while churning butter. But now she can continue working her body into awkward poses for magazines all over the world. And the best part of that is that she can look smokin' hot while doing it! So it's pretty well a win/win for everyone. Except for maybe her family. Especially since they don't even get to watch her disgrace her family...maybe that is a win too?

14 College Girl


"If you’re going to college, you have an opportunity that not everyone has. I’m going back to college after my parents took me out of school when I was 15. I just got admitted into college this past year. It’s such a big opportunity and people don’t realize how important this it can be. You’re already making steps towards your goal." Could you imagine being pulled out of school at 15 because of how strict your parents are? Learning too much about the modern world forced her out of school. That's pretty strange. But hey, now she's a hot college girl. And I'm sure she's making a lot of people on campus pretty happy. And no, I don't mean that she's picking up every night (though I'm sure she could). I mean that everyone is happy to see her. Literally.

13 Those Eyes

Fiery red hair, and piercing, ice-blue eyes. Who could ask for more? I mean, of course, you could ask for much more. But I think that's a pretty good start. And she's a rebel! "My friends and I used to wear jeans under our Amish clothes when we were at home so our parents wouldn't see them. But as soon as we were down the road a little, we would take our dresses off and walk around in regular street clothes." What a naughty girl. "I had a hidden radio growing up, and would sneak out to listen to Eminem all the time. I dreamt of becoming a rapper and would rap under my breath when I was alone, so if modelling doesn’t work out…" I would love to hear Kate Stoltz rapping to Eminem. I personally think it would be hilarious.

12 Keeping Motivated


"I keep myself motivated by making commitments that force me to keep going towards my goal. I like to plan a year in advance, take classes I’m excited about and make promises to people that I don’t want to let down. I make commitments like this to keep me on track and then I find the time and figure out how I’m going to do it. I talk to my friends a lot and they always have my best interest in mind. They help keep me on track by being excited for the things I’m involved in. That helps a lot." I really hope that Stoltz's plans and promises all have to do with her continued appearance on magazine covers. Or at least more and more photos put up online. It'll make room for another article about how hot she still is. Her shows might not be very good but she's still got it. And if you got it...flaunt it.

11 The Metamorphosis

"One of the hardest things about being in front of the cameras is that I never know how things are going to be edited. It definitely keeps me on my toes. I never know if my joke will be cut off in the middle of a sentence. Every single word that I say is recorded and on film and it can always be used out of context." I hate to break it so hard to Kate here...but I don't think many people really care about what she has to say. That being said, all she needs to do is show a photo of how she used to look, and then show a photo of how she can look in lingerie...and pretty well everyone will stop to listen. Or they'll at least stop to stare. There is a huge difference between the before and after shots, to be fair, and it doesn't hurt that she's actually hot.


10 Holding On To Dreams


"Moving to New York City has taught me that everyone is in charge of their own destiny. There is a diverse culture of people from all over the world who are all working towards their dreams. It’s not about where they started but where they are now. It makes me believe that everyone can get to where they want to go and it’s really inspiring." I bet she gets to look herself in the mirror every day and feel relieved that she can dress however she wants now. In some cases, I bet that even includes relief at being able to dress in as little as she wants. And she's got the body to show it off to everyone else too! She's fit, she's beautiful, and she's got quite a fashion sense. After all, her main source of income now is through fashion. After her Amish shows all wrapped up.

9 What A Designer

"I always knew that I wanted to be a model but I never knew how excited and interested I was in design until I moved to NYC. Getting the opportunity to work with reputable designers in Manhattan and working with all the amazing prints and fabrics is so inspiring. The designers have opened me up to a whole new world and everything they do is honestly a piece of art. It’s working with such great people that has made me decide to design for the rest of my career." Hopefully, she doesn't just continue designing but also continues to model her designs. She's only 26 after all. I think that means she's got quite a few more years of showing off her designs personally. And since her family are all strict Amish folk, she doesn't have to worry about them ever seeing her work.

8 She's Got Confidence


If there are any ladies out there somehow reading this article...Stoltz has some words of advice about confidence during a photo shoot. "Singing helps relax the nerves even if you’re not a good singer. Singing a song that makes you feel happy clears your head and helps put me in a good mood to go into the shoot." Of course, then you have to worry about feeling confident enough to sing out loud. Especially if you're not a good singer. So, ultimately her advice may be a bit useless. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't at least try it out. If it makes you feel better, I bet that Stoltz isn't a very good singer to begin with. And if a poor-singing Amish girl can manage to work up the ranks of the fashion industry...surely anyone with the right look can.

7 Before And After

Some words of advice from this former Amish babe: "Give it everything you have. If you give it everything you have then you’re less likely to give up when you’re halfway there. The bigger the goal, the more effort you’ll have to put into it but the bigger the benefits are. Put all your time and effort into it and don’t be afraid to invest in your future. So, if your goal is to have even half a chance with Kate'll have to put in a ton of effort, but the benefits will be great. And I'm sure that sounds appealing to most of the readers here. how could it not? I mean...look at her. It seems like there could be a lot of benefits to being in the presence of Kate Stoltz. I guess the very first one would be...being in the presence of Kate Stoltz!

6 "Livin' In An Amish Paradise"


"...don’t sell out. Whether it’s your friends, your time, your body, your money or your family. Those are all very valuable things that are yours and aren’t worth giving up for anything. If you can protect those valuable assets and go after your dreams, then get started! I’m a college student and I know how hard it is to keep your commitments and do the right thing but it will be worth it in the end." Stoltz must know how difficult it is to keep commitments. Especially since she couldn't keep the ones her family gave her. But about selling out. She does make a ton of money off her body. Sure, it's not in the adult entertainment sense, but she is a model. I think it's hard to say not to sell out your body when that's your greatest asset. Maybe just don't sell it for too cheap?

5 Bed Time Story?

"The most challenging part is trying to juggle my schedule and making time for the people that I care about. Sometimes it’s difficult to make time for any social life whatsoever. I am always preparing, running to a shoot or working." And then, she's likely trying to get some sleep. That, or she's enjoying some company. I know if I was stuck in a repressed Amish community that I would certainly go out on a tear when I could. And given how much attention Stoltz has got over the years she's been free...I dare say she gets what she wants when she wants it. And I doubt anyone would or could complain. Especially with that mischievous smile of hers. How could you say no to something like that? Or her piercing eyes?

4 Giving To Others


No, not giving in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter. "As a spokesperson for Developing Faces, a mission focused on providing high-quality surgical care to babies and children with facial abnormalities in developing countries around the world, my duties are to manage, organize events and do all of the small details for the charity. So if I’m not doing something for school, I’m doing something for the charity. It’s a never-ending cycle." It's pretty crazy that someone with such a gift of natural beauty is going around the world to surgically change other people's faces. To be fair, they have some degree of abnormality to begin with...but is she just trying to make them normal? What does that even mean? Especially when you have such a "perfectly" structured face like Stoltz.

3 Dressed To Kill

"You can’t build a support system in a very short period of time. It takes a long time to build a community of friends and people that you trust. Those relationships are built over years. I’m still building my support system and trying to build a community of people. I’ve learned to not take everything at face value and be a little guarded around people but still expect the best from them." She is certainly trying to build a community of people alright. A community of perfect-faced people! Isn't that what her charity is all about? Either way, it seems that she hasn't given up all of her Amish upbringing. She wants to build a community, expects the best from them, but is a little guarded when doing it. Sounds pretty close to the community she came from. But I guess in the case she can walk around in her underwear.

2 She Was A Tomboy?


"I was the biggest troublemaker and tomboy growing up. I loved doing everything the boys did—my brother broke his legs once trying to keep up." I really, really want to know just how her brother broke his legs trying to keep up with Stoltz. But I'm sort of glad I don't know. Especially when Kate says something like this, "I love dance and music. I do a lot of mirror practicing and move bustin’ at home." If her brother broke his legs from "move bustin'", then I'd be pretty concerned about how they lived their lives out on the farm. Or if it was because of this..."I love wearing stilettos and dressing up. It adds another level of confidence when you feel good about how you look." I could believe that stilettos were the reason her brother broke his legs. At least she's still got very nice legs.

1 Keeping Positive

"I write a new inspirational message on my bathroom mirror (with lipstick) every time I clean, then read it every morning while getting ready for the day." I feel like someone who has to do that every time they clean (which is every day for this former Amish girl), has a bit of insecurity about them. Which is surprising since she managed to leave an Amish community and become a top fashion designer and model. And even a reality tv star for a while. Though there's no reason to feel confident when you're a reality tv star. People aren't typically laughing with you in reality tv. They are definitely laughing at you. Of course, Stoltz is the one laughing now. Raking in the cash, and showing off her bod...I could see how that might put a smile on her face. There's one on mine too.


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