Bionic Bombshell: 15 Steamy Photos of Viktoria Modesta

In the world of pop music, there isn't a story as unique as Viktoria Modesta. This Latvian-British singer has taken on the entire music industry and won, and she did so with some pretty serious disadvantages. When she told people she wanted to become a pop singer and model even with her leg missing, they told her she was crazy. Well who's laughing now? But that's not the only thing people are doing when they fix their eyes on hot pictures of this Eastern European babe. She's looking so good in her pictures that people are struggling to keep their jaws from hitting the floor.

She's really challenging what it means to be a disabled person, and she's putting a unique spin on her situation. She's been labeled the "bionic woman," and she looks really futuristic when she shows off her amazing, futuristic-looking prosthetic leg. Truth be told, she has many different prosthetic legs that she shows off. Some are beautiful, shiny chrome creations, whereas others are domineering, kinky-looking spikes. Any way you look at it, this is one woman who can rock a fake leg and make it look sexy.

She's only 20 years of age, and things are looking very bright for this star. She has an amazing voice, and that will carry her to the highest echelons of the music industry.


15 A New Kind Of Pop Star

Viktoria Modesta is a very different kind of pop star. She's something that no one has really seen before. In many ways, she's a sign of what's to come– the future of the human race. In this photo, Viktoria Modesta shows that she can be just as elegant as a girl that has both legs. This is such a visually appealing photo, because she looks like some kind of futuristic space queen. Her flowing blue dress shows off plenty of those amazing legs of hers.

She revealed that she wants humans to move forward and look at disabled people differently: "I hope we are very close to the point where people understand that the expectations for disabled people need to be raised dramatically. It isn't about finding someone inspirational just because they get out of bed. I have met several people who work in the disabled community who say that attitude is really quite patronizing and damaging. It's about the encouragement of people like myself to come out and say there is a place for them if they are willing to work."

14 Bionic Hotness


Although she's capable of looking elegant and royal, she's also capable of looking incredibly hot. Just take a look at this picture if you don't believe me. This girl looks insatiable and slightly kinky with her amazing prosthetic leg. It's shaped into an ominous spike, and this just shows that BDSM vibe she's clearly going for, what with the mask and the spandex. Her amazing cleavage is on display as well as her long legs.

This is an outfit that is totally unique, and she's always been one to go her own way, as she revealed: "I think that a lot of people don't realize how much choice they really have in life. People have recently been asking me if I really connect to having a disability and I say no. I say what I represent is that kind of free spirit. What I really try to concentrate on [is] staying true and choosing your own path. You don't have to be stuck in a script that somebody else has written for you."

13 Who Says Disabled People Can't Be Sexy?

Here she is waiting for you in bed, and you can barely even see her nude colored prosthetic leg in this photo. You have to look really closely to even see that her leg is fake from the knee down. But there's plenty more to look at than just her prosthetic leg in this photo. Her alluring curves are there for the taking as she lies invitingly on that bed, and no one can say that she doesn't have sex appeal. She's also showing off her form in a transparent lingerie top.

But even though she looks very inviting in this photo, she also has an angry side. She revealed how offended she is that it is taboo for paralympians to be sexualized: "It offended me that its taboo to see paralympians as sexual beings and that really when I thought about it there is no one that is considered a high achiever in anything other that sport or a leader of any kind in music and fashion especially. Cool and fashionable isn’t something put together with what's called 'an amputee.'"

12 Red Carpet


Now that she's really starting to get her name out there, people are starting to take notice of this rising star. She's starting to show up at red carpet events, and she always shows up looking incredible. This dress perfectly shows us how sexy this "bionic woman" is. Her low cut top shows off ample amounts of that gorgeous cleavage, and it surely is a sight to behold. Many people must have turned their heads and stared at this woman, and it wasn't because of her prosthetic leg.

As more and more people learn who this woman is, Viktoria herself makes sure to help those who inspired her: "There are people out there who help you believe in your dreams and aspirations—help you believe that your ideas aren't just a load of rubbish and that you should pursue whatever your gut tells you to. That's when the magic happens. [Being a] positive individual who just loves life and who [is] excited about things and the world and people, that's what really counts—not that many people can knock that."

11 Futuristic Girl

Viktoria Modesta once again looks incredibly hot in this amazing, futuristic photo shoot. She looks like a character from the Tron reboot, and her bionic style would fit in well with this world. Lots of neon blues and amazing whites make this picture mesmerizing, not to mention Viktoria Modesta's incredible body. She looks like she in the midst of intense pleasure, and the photo itself has a vibe which conveys pure ecstasy. Her amazing legs are shown off, not to mention the rest of her body in that skimpy little one piece outfit she's wearing.

The futuristic vibe of this photo is also very telling of how the human race might be going. In order to live longer, it might become common for people to replace limbs, organs, or even their entire bodies with bionic components. Viktoria Modesta might be the first stage of something like this happening, where bionic people are accepted in society.

10 Hot On Instagram


If you ever want to see some truly hot pictures of this bionic babe, just head to her Instagram. This page is full of all kinds of alluring, revealing, and incredibly hot pictures of Viktoria Modesta. But the page also shows what this rising star is doing from time to time in her life, and she's up to some pretty exciting things. She recently went on a helicopter tour of Manhattan! But there's no denying that the hot pictures she posts on Instagram are the main attraction of her Instagram.

She's all about sharing personal information, and she recently revealed: "For a lot of people, the loss of a limb is a traumatic experience. It's often described as losing a part of [yourself], but for me, it was like an upgrade. It was like going from economy to first class. I had so many health problems with that leg. I was not able to do sports and not able to wear heels—even walking was an issue. I just didn't feel balanced and strong. When I had my leg removed, I was able to actually make a choice about what kind of leg I could have, like how it's going to look and what it's going to do. It was incredible."

9 She's A Real Artist

First and foremost, Viktoria Modesta is an artist. Her songs and her modeling career have always shown this appreciation of art, and everything she does is classy and tasteful. Just take a look at this photo, which is sexy but also very artistic, showing a spiral of metallic coils seemingly taking over her body. This is an obvious reference to her own body merging with metallic and bionic features, and it really says something about who she is.

In terms of her views on technology, she revealed: “I generally think that technology is bringing us together. Just look at the internet. It allows someone from a totally different country to send a message, and you don’t know how many limbs they have, whether they are a woman or a man, an adult or a child… you just don’t have any idea. I believe that’s helping us become more unified and is also breaking down boundaries.”


8 Seductive Babe


Here's another insanely hot picture of Viktoria Modesta– probably the hottest of the bunch. Once again she sports the signature "spike" prosthetic leg, and it looks amazing. She's down on all fours in black spandex with a kinky mask, and she's really challenging the notion that disabled people can't be sexy here. Her black hair is sweeping the ground as she bobs her head all the way down, and her delicious curves are on full display. Still think disabled chicks aren't hot?

She's talked before about breaking the stereotype of what being disabled means, and she revealed: "I think it broke so many taboos about what people are like, what they look like and what it means to have a physical disability in the twenty-first century. It was positive all around. I think it should be a kick up the backside to other industries to take the hint and allow more people to function in other industries on a public level. That’s the way of spreading the acceptance."

7 Topless Pic

Viktoria Modesta has clearly reached the point where she no longer cares what people think of her, and she's baring it all– not just emotionally but physically as well. She's showing the world that she doesn't care if people see her naked body, and that's symbolic of her philosophical outlook on life as well– she's really just throwing herself out there and going for it. And that's what being an artist is all about. In this shot, she's topless with some very sensual and futuristic looking latex plastic sprawled over her most intimate body parts. On her leg is a beautiful chrome prosthetic that looks futuristic, cool, and very elegant.

Speaking about her fashion sense since her operation, she revealed: "I wouldn’t say I changed my style very much after the surgery. The most obvious changed were that I could wear heels and skirts so I made full use of that after not being able to for 20 years, but otherwise my style progressed in its own accord. I go through many phases."

6 She Bares It All


That wasn't the only time Viktoria Modesta bared it all in a photo shoot. She also posed topless for a very revealing photo shoot where she once again went topless. She also showed off an all new prosthetic leg, that features ornate details and a glitzy, shiny frame. This totally fits in with her style. The fact that she's topless also fits with her personality, as she's now really throwing it all out there, and not caring what other people think.

But being this attractive isn't without its challenges, as she revealed: "People tend to already have their doubts if you’re attractive or have a strong image. Then when you throw [in] the fact that you’re a model, it becomes an even harder transition. People would say, “Oh, you’re a model, you probably don’t write your own stuff,” or, “You probably don’t sing live, do you?” But I do write my own songs and I do sing live. I‘m not trying to be the next Kate Moss or Mariah Carey. I’m just being myself."

5 You Can't Take Your Eyes Off Her

It's when Viktoria Modesta takes to the stage that the magic really starts to happen. This girl entrances, hypnotizes, and enthrals those who attend her shows, and it's truly a sight to behold when she's strutting back and forth across the stage wearing some fitted and short dresses. She knows exactly how amazing she looks, and she doesn't mind using that to sell tickets to her shows. One of her most famous shows was at the Paralympics, where she gave an incredible concert dressed as a snow queen. It got people talking for years.

"I’m sure there are people who don’t feel that way, but there are definitely a lot of people who do. That’s why in the video I made every point of pushing my sexuality to the level that I’m comfortable with. It isn’t about being objectified and trying to please a male audience; it’s about representing a sexuality that I felt good about.”

4 She Can Still Dance


Viktoria really got people talking when she started to make some very alluring and s*xual music videos. She showed the world that sexy can mean many things, including things that you weren't even expecting. Who knew that a girl with a prosthetic leg dancing in a harness would be so enticing? I don't think anyone was expecting this music video to turn out so sensual, but something tells me this was all part of Viktoria Modesta's master plan.

As she reveals about the 'Prototype' music video: "And the spike leg was my idea. I was trying to imagine what would make me feel completely badass and transform me, and it was the next step from wearing the highest stiletto you will ever wear! The scene setting in which I was dancing really brought the spike character alive. I didn't have any official dance training. It was very much a freestyle in that section unlike the other parts that I worked on with Jay Ravel. I tried to get into the harness a couple days before to see how it would feel and what I was going to be able to do."

3 Bikini Pics

Here's another smoking hot picture from Viktoria Modesta's Instagram page. Every girl's Instagram has to have at least one bikini picture, and Viktoria's page is no exception. Since she has a prosthetic leg, you might think that it would be hard for Viktoria Modesta to stay in shape. But judging by her hot body, she's managing just fine. And clearly, she's out there enjoying life in some very exotic vacation getaways. Good for her! If anyone has earned it, she has.

She's actually been through some really tough years, especially as a young girl: "I barely went to school when I was in Latvia because I was in and out of hospital and when I came to England, I went to school for a couple of years and endured a lot of bullying. I ended up leaving school when I was 14 and I remember at the time, social services actually threatened my parents with deportation because they were saying I wasn't going to school, but I couldn’t because I was being treated so badly."

2 Unpublished Photoshoot


This picture she posted on Instagram actually came from a photoshoot that wasn't even published. As you can see, in this photo Viktoria Modesta is much younger than she is now, and this particular shoot was done ten years after the surgery that removed the lower portion of her leg. This is the very first time that this brave woman decided to get back on the horse in terms of modelling, and you have to admit, she looks fantastic. But as time would tell, things were about to get much better for this young model.

Viktoria described her early days in an interview, admitting: "I had days when I was around 13 or 14 where I wanted to commit suicide as a result of the hassle I received at school. When I felt like there was no way out, I sat through it and eventually realized there is always a way out. Whether it’s removing yourself from standard education and following your curiosity path to self and home education, there isn’t a right or a wrong way. The important thing is to keep yourself safe and do whatever it takes to be in an environment that encourages your ambitions and attributes."

1 That Prototype Music Video

We'll wrap things up with one of the most amazing music videos Viktoria Modesta has ever released. This video features her dancing in a "spike" prosthetic leg. A few seconds of this dancing scene was shown in an earlier gif, but to fully appreciate it you need to watch the entire video. This girl really knows how to look amazing, and if she continues like this she's going to be very successful in the near future. And although this might be one of her most famous music videos, it's probably not going to be her last.

Speaking about the music video, Modesta revealed: "The message of the video is the campaign Born Risky that Channel 4 and I have worked on together. For them, it's about a bigger picture of disability. For me, it's a more personal mission of self discovery. Together, hopefully it can provoke people to feel things they haven't felt before. I have encountered attitudes toward people who might be considered disabled where people just don't expect them to be high achievers in the real world. That's a big problem in my mind."

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