Big Brother 19: Alex Ow Vs Jessica Graf In 15-Pic Showdown

To say Alex Ow and Jessica Graf had friction in the Big Brother house would be an understatement – the two spent the entire time at each other's throats. Both seemingly trying to one-up the other in whatever way they could, including many times both trying to wear outfits that left nothing to the imagination.

But looking at the life of both women before entering the Big Brother house and it becomes evident (as it will with this list) that putting their assets on display is something they do on a consistent basis. Though as you'll learn with this list, only one of the two women are all natural when it comes to upstairs.

And while the women may have hated each other, and let's be honest, you may have hated them - there will be no doubt by the time you get to the end of this list that they may be the hottest women to ever play on Big Brother. Trust us when we also say that you definitely don't have to love (or even be aware of) Big Brother to get some enjoyment out of this list.

Alex may have ended up going further in the game, but this is a competition that you may think Jessica has an edge. Definitely don't underestimate Alex though, as we have photos from both women that you won't soon want to forget.

This is Alex Ow Vs. Jessica Graf: Who Was The More Attractive BB19 Contestant?


15 Alex Has Seductive Selfie Skills

Alex definitely has tons of great photos of herself on her Instagram account and we're sure she is going to be even more popular in the near future. But while she's uploaded hundreds, she's deleted hundreds more in order to make sure that she only posts photos where she's looking her hottest.

She definitely succeeded with the above photo! When talking about her photo skills, Alex admitted

"I look photogenic in my pictures but it actually takes me a thousand pictures to find one good picture of myself. I bought myself a self-timer, so I wouldn't have to be embarrassed to ask someone to take a million selfies of me and I can get one with my eyes open for Instagram."

14 Jessica Also Has Seductive Selfie Skills


After spending as much time in the Big Brother house as Jessica Graf did, you can imagine she definitely wanted some take some alone time. Or at least, time with her showmance Cody! Which means hopefully she'll have plenty of time to upload steamy Instagram photos like the photo we've selected for you.

When talking about why she hopes people were a fan of her and Cody's gameplay, Jessica said

"We challenged ourselves and others in the house. Loyalty is something that should be respected and admired and not frowned upon. He was my partner from the beginning and I wasn't going to stab him in the back."

Let's see if that loyalty translates to real life!

13 Alex Looking Good In Workout Clothes

When it comes to feeling under pressure to look good, just imagine knowing you're about to go on a reality show where you are going to be videotaped around the clock! We're sure that's one hell of a motivator to make sure you're hitting up the gym and improving your eating habits.

Especially because physical endurance in the Big Brother house could mean the difference between a $500,000 payday and walking out that door with a heap of disappointments. As you look at the above photo, it's without question that Alex has the physical strength needed to excel in the Big Brother house. We're sure she is getting some valuable workout tips from the other in-shape contestants.

12 Jessica Looking Good In Workout Clothes


Jessica Graf was often seen walking around the Big Brother house wearing clothing that helped highlight the fact that she was very much in shape. This is clearly something that Graf has always worked on, as the above photo that shows her following a workout was uploaded way back in May 2015.

Graf captioned the photo "Seeing results is the most motivating feeling!" and we're sure she was ecstatic with how she looked (at least physically!) in the Big Brother house. No wonder she was able to attract Cody so quickly!

Graf has also admitted in past interviews that she's a huge fan of yoga. We're sure she often felt the need to get away from the other cast and get a good workout on.

11 Alex Dressing Up In Costume

Alex definitely looks great whenever she steps into a swimsuit. Which may be why at least for one Halloween she took the next logical step and turned her love of showing off her body and made it into a costume. Though as you'll see with Jessica, it's not like she's the only one that shows off plenty of skin on Halloween!

While it's not clear as to what year this costume was worn, the photo was shared on Alex's Instagram back in July to try and raise awareness and support for her on Big Brother. At least we can definitely understand why they thought the photo would be able to capture people's attention!

10 Jessica Dressing Up In Costume


When Jessica Graf was asked about what her favorite things to do are, she responded "Going out to eat long meals with great people." But judging from the above photo which was taken back on October 30th, it's clear that she also loves dressing up in costume and hitting up the town for some partying.

Though considering her job as a VIP concierge at a popular night club, Graf being familiar with the nightlife definitely shouldn't come as a shock. Graf uploaded the photo of her dressed as Ariana Grande to her Instagram along with the caption "Cause tonight I'm making deals with the devil."

While Grande looks fantastic in this outfit, Graf may look even hotter.

9 Alex Looking Amazing In A Swimsuit

It definitely looks like Alex is having a great time hanging out in her swimsuit for the next photo on our list. But if you got to hang out with Alex on the beach all day, you may find yourself smiling too.

While we don't know if she put on her talents with the above outfit, Alex has been known to make her own swimsuits in the past

"I am a self-taught crocheter, sewer, and knitter. I make bikinis, blankets, costumes, and all kinds of things from scratch. Thank you, YouTube and Google for being the greatest teachers out there."

We're sure not being able to do some of those activities while competing on Big Brother has been difficult.


8 Jessica Looking Amazing In A Swimsuit


When it comes to appearing in the Big Brother house, contestants need to be well aware that they're probably going to spend a significant amount of time walking around in a swimsuit. And while Jessica did look amazing with the swim wear she did bring into the house, we wouldn't be stunned if you weren't an even bigger fan of the one we selected for you above.

We're sure having such steamy swimsuit photos like this at her disposal helped make Jessica an easy choice for casting. Let's hope the fact that we're moving into the Fall/Winter months won't mean that Jessica will stop posting photos of her in swimsuits to her Instagram!

7 Alex Showing Off Her Sporty Side

Alex absolutely loves showing off her body. But it won't take long of looking through her Instagram page before it becomes abundantly clear that she is a massive Philadelphia Eagles fan.

And even if you absolutely hate the Eagles, we're sure you absolutely love how gorgeous Alex looks when she is showing her pride. It's just too bad for Alex that the teams Jessica supports are far superior to anything coming out of Philadelphia.

While being in the Big Brother house through September means missing the start of the NFL season - we're sure she thinks it's a sacrifice that is worth the chance of winning $500,000!

The above photo was taken when Alex attempted to become a cheerleader for the team.

6 Jessica Showing Off Her Sporty Side 


When it comes to supporting Boston sports, Jessica is definitely passionate. Her Instagram is full of photos surrounding the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Which means she is definitely accustomed to a winning culture. We're sure that made her boot from the Big Brother house before the jury phase made that all the more upsetting. Though considering her Patriots laid the smackdown on the Eagles in a past super bowl, we're sure Jessica loved talking sports with Alex.

While the Patriots motto is "Do your job", Graf's motto in life is "Do it with passion, or not at all." You can imagine she's had herself some pretty fantastic nights celebrating the various accomplishments of Boston sports franchises.

5 Alex In The House

While Alex looks amazing throughout this list when she is outside of the house, she definitely also knows how to turn heads with the outfits that she wears (or more fittingly, chooses to not wear) when walking around the Big Brother house.

But when interviewed prior to entering the house, it was Alex's personality that she thought would keep viewers entertained at home

"I feel like I'm entertaining and super interesting! I talk to myself a lot. I'm not going to fight with people, but if people fight with me there will definitely be some confrontation."

We're sure once producers heard that, that they knew there would be some friction between Alex and Jessica.

4 Jessica In The House


This list may make you a huge fan of how Jessica Graf looks. But unfortunately, fans only got a few weeks of watching her in the Big Brother house before she got evicted. When she was conducting her exit interview, she made sure to throw some shade towards her competitor on this list.

When asked who she hopes doesn't win, Jessica responded

"Josh, because I don't understand how a puppet could win; Alex, because I think her morals suck; and Christmas, because she carried on with lies to my face in such an exaggerated manner. I'm a little salty about that."

Unfortunately for Jessica, all 3 houseguests have made it to at least the top 5.

3 Alex Showing Off Her Fake Chest

You don't have to look at the above photo for long before it becomes clear what assets Alex is trying to put on prominent display. We're sure you aren't hating on that, but it's a fact nevertheless. When talking about her assets, Alex admitted they aren't all natural

"I've had plastic surgery five times, but only once by choice. (My boobs.) Ain't no shame in this game, except my parents don't know, so let's keep that on the down-low."

Cat's out of the bag now Alex! Though considering she was going on national television, we're hoping she realized that it'd be a lot better to have had that conversation with her parents in person than to have them read about it in this list.

2 Jessica Showing Off Her Real Chest


When you stare at photos of Jessica Graf, you might not take a long time before you start turning your glance downward. Especially because as is the case with the photo we have for you, Jessica is definitely no stranger to showing off some cleavage.

In fact, Jessica is so aware that people talk about her chest that when she was asked to describe herself for Big Brother, one of her 5 facts was that she is in fact, all natural upstairs. Though even if she wasn't something tells us you probably still wouldn't mind staring at her.

While Jessica didn't win the $500,000, we're sure her good looks are going to open plenty of potential doors in the modelling industry.

1 The Winner!

While both Alex and Jessica have brought some extremely steamy photos to the table, there can only be one winner. And while you may love staring at both of the women, we hope you aren't going to be too disappointed if you were rooting for Alex to come out on top.

The lack of plastic surgery and overall personality displayed by Jessica in contrast to Alex makes her far more appealing, at least as far as we were concerned. Don't let this stop you from showing your support for Alex on social media though! At the end of the day, these two women may very well be the hottest women to ever play Big Brother and we hope their Instagram accounts are only going to continue to get more active.


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