Best In Westeros: 20 Pics Of Nathalie Emmanuel

If you think there is a sexier woman on Game of Thrones than Nathalie Emmanuel, then I hope you're open to having that opinion changed. That's not to say that current stars like Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke aren't absolutely gorgeous. Heck, even women that are no longer around like Natalie Dormer were considered.

But at the end of the day, these 20 photos are without a doubt the hottest outfits and opportunities that Nathalie Emmanuel has placed herself in. And in doing so, she helps make the point abundantly clear that she is the hottest woman that there ever was, or ever will be in Westeros.

There is more to Emmanuel than just her good looks though. This entire list is peppered with quotes from Emmanuel that any fan of Game of Thrones, and Emmanuel in general, will absolutely love. Including her thoughts on her first day on set and her fear of horses that she had to overcome in order to perform.

Emmanuel has also opened up about what she would be thinking if she ends up dead before the end of the series, what she hopes her future has in store and why she loves the character of Missandei so much.

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20 Leaving Your Jaw On The Floor With Her SAG Outfit

One of the first red carpet events of the year tends to be the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Back in 2014, the award show was held on January 18th. It's one of the first opportunities of the year for stars to get dolled up and show off their good looks. No star perhaps took more advantage of that opportunity than Nathalie Emmanuel.

One look at her body in the dress that she wore that night and it becomes clear why most eyes were definitely being pointed in her direction. Emmanuel's career has only continued to grow since 2014, meaning that she also has plenty of red carpet events for her to be attending for the foreseeable future.

We're sure she loves going, and we know you love seeing what she wears. Talk about your win-win!

19 Discussing Her First Thoughts On The Set Of GoT

Nathalie Emmanuel is one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood right now. Being on a show as big as Game of Thrones just happens to have that impact. One of the opportunities that come with this is the ability to meet with various fashion publications and take part in some gorgeous photo shoots.

One of Emmanuel's most recent was for Byrdie. They also did an interview with Emmanuel where she gave insight on how she was feeling on her first day of set,

“I remember everyone filing in, and I was just standing in the corner. … I thought I was going to have some sort of anxiety attack. I was just dumbfounded, like, Oh my goodness, there’s Emilia, there’s John Bradley-West, all of these people I was obsessed with. I just thought to myself, Wow, this is it.”

18 Gorgeous With GQ While Talking About Why She Loves Missandei

You shouldn't be all too surprised to see Nathalie Emmanuel in a revealing outfit when you learn that the above photo was taken for GQ. After all, GQ has arguably some of the most talented teams working on their photo shoots and are responsible for some of the most captivating photos that any celebrity can put out.

On top of their talents behind the camera, GQ also does extensive interviews. When talking with Emmanuel, they dug a little deeper when learning about why she loves playing Missandei

"She seems to be this very pure and strong person, and she's overcome some atrocity, so she's very grounded in this crazy world of villains and death and destruction. A lot of the time on the show, people have ulterior motives and schemes. She really isn't like that, and I think her goals are pretty simple. She wants to serve her queen, and she loves Grey Worm, and those are the two things that she cares about," said Emmanuel.

17 Showing Off Her Curves At Fast And The Furious Premiere

The Fast and the Furious franchise has plenty of curves, but judging by the photo we have above, so does Nathalie Emmanuel! The eye-popping dress that you're probably still staring at was worn to the premiere of the 7th film. When promoting the film, Emmanuel also gave further insight on how much fun making a movie is; as well as her habit of laughing during the scene

"Everybody had their moments but I’m really bad for cracking up if someone makes me laugh. I’m quite annoying actually, and sometimes I’m like ‘Come on Nathy, get it together!’ But sometimes it’s hard when you’ve got these brilliant, quick, funny responses coming from the people you’re working with."

There is definitely no shortage of funny actors who have lent their talents to the series.

16 In Misfits

Nathalie Emmanuel may have come to the attention of many people through her role on Game of Thrones, but that's not the only place you can check her out in.

And if we're going to give a spoiler alert, if you just happened to track down the above scene which was from her time on the series Misfits (which is season 3, episode 1); you may enjoy finding out that she has fun showing off that she is not wearing pants.

While Emmanuel is only in that one episode, for Game of Thrones fans the series does have the benefit of casting Iwan Rheon in one of the lead roles who you will recognize as Ramsay Bolton.

15 Admitting She Conquered Her Fear While Looking Confident

As Emmanuel stares straight ahead at the camera in the above photo while flashing a smile, the thought about how confident she looks may come across your mind. Okay, a few perhaps not so innocent thoughts may emerge too, but we aren't here to talk about that!

But while she looks outstanding in the above photo, you may be surprised to hear that Emmanuel had to conquer a fear of horses on the set of Game of Thrones.

I got bitten by one as a kid. Ever since I was just very scared of them. So when Game of Thrones said, ‘Oh, your horseback riding lessons start next week,’ I was like, ‘I’m sorry, what'"

We're sure glad she was able to conquer her fear!

14 Emerging From The Water In A Swimsuit For Fast And The Furious

Nathaniel Emmanuel is no stranger to looking sexy by the water. And while in Westeros she may be frolicking by the pool in her birthday suit, we're sure you're still ecstatic at getting the opportunity to check her out in the revealing swimsuit that we have for you above.

The photo, as you may know, comes from a scene in Fast and the Furious 7. Which means that not only is Emmanuel killing it on the small screen, but she also has a hand in one of the most successful film franchises of all-time.

The series may feature countless scenes of jaw-dropping action and memorable car chases, but we wouldn't blame you for a second if your favorite moment of the film was seeing Emmanuel walking around in this outfit. Especially because some of it was done in slow motion!

13 Discussing Her Dream 

There are many moments in Emmanuel's time in Westeros where she is finding herself lounging out on her back. In fact, some of your favorite scenes of Emmanuel may involve her doing some lying down....if you know what we mean. The above photo may feature Emmanuel in that pose, but you may also be shocked at the amount of clothing she is wearing while relaxing in a bed.

That being said, there is still plenty to love about the photo; such as Emmanuel's legs, even if she isn't hanging out in her birthday suit. You may also love Emmanuel for her ambitious spirit.

When discussing her decision to try and make it as an actress, Emmanuel said

"You have to decide if you’re not even going to try or if you’re going to go for it. You might fall flat on your face … but this was my dream, so not getting on with it just wasn’t an option.”

12 Saying She'd Accept Her Death On The Show

Nathalie Emmanuel looks nothing short of breathtaking during her photo shoot with Byrdie magazine. When doing her interview with them, Emmanuel gave out some of her favorite makeup tips, but perhaps even more interestingly gave further insight on her thought process towards Game of Thrones. Including the fact that she would be okay if she bit the dust!

I wouldn’t even mind if I was killed off if it was an epic death,” said Emmanuel. When asked if she would be worried about having to find another job, Emmanuel responded “Well, that’s just the life of an actor. It’s always a hustle. You never know what’s coming next.”

While it's good to know she won't be too upset if she does meet her end in the near future, we're sure you agree with us that you'd love to see her stick around.

11 Talking About Her Future

Nathalie Emmanuel wears a variety of outfits in this list, but the universal thread is that she looks unbelievable in every single one. We're adding to that variety with another stunning outfit above. And in doing so, we're also going to take some time to talk about Emmanuel's thoughts on her future film career

"I'm open to everything right now! I've definitely been reading a lot of independent movies and trying to find something that I have more responsibility in overall....I want to do some more theater. I don't want to limit myself in any way. I have to really love the part and love the script, and that goes across all media and all genres," said Emmanuel in an interview.

The theater was actually where Emmanuel got her start, as she appeared in a production of The Lion King playing Young Nala.

10 Celebrating The Oscars With Vanity Fair

You have to admit, it must be pretty fun to go to Hollywood parties. Especially if you're someone like Nathalie Emmanuel and people are going to be coming up to you all night and telling you how much they love your work.

Emmanuel shared this collaged photo of her back on February 27th when she attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party along with the caption,

"Had a hoot last night celebrating the Oscars. So proud of all the winners and nominees. It's been an amazing year of work. So much to aspire to... Had some really encouraging conversations with people I have looked up to for many many years. Also, I felt so beautiful in this @moniquelhuillier gown.."

We're sure it may be only a matter of time before Emmanuel starts showing off her talent in projects that warrant Oscar consideration.

9 Revealing What She Calls Her Most Noticed Feature

Nathalie Emmanuel has several captivating features that will help convince you of the fact that she is the sexiest woman in Westeros. In a past interview, Emmanuel admitted which feature she was noticed for the most often for,

I think my hair is the first thing people recognize me for, and I’m happy about that because I think we’ve all gotten so used to women straightening and changing their natural hair.”

Her huge, curly hair is on prominent display in the photo we have for you above, but so are her outstanding good looks. The photo was taken for GQ magazine who is also responsible for another outstanding photo on our list.

8 Hanging With Turner At The Season 5 GoT Premiere

The women of Westeros look amazing on the show, but part of being an actress on a popular television series is also being able to attend the various premieres. Back in season 5, the team took to San Francisco to help kick off the exciting season. But what may have been even more exciting was the tremendous outfits that all the women showed up in.

While this list focuses primarily on Nathalie Emmanuel, we're sure you definitely aren't going to be left complaining that you also are given the opportunity to look at the very seductive Sophie Turner as well.

Let's hope Emmanuel's character is able to stick around if only so we can see the outfits that she'll wear to future events related to the show!

7 Fabulous For Fabulous Mag

Nathalie Emmanuel keeps her Instagram followers plenty entertained with various photos of her looking alluring. While some of them are taken by Emmanuel himself, some of the most captivating are things like when she appeared on the cover of Fabulous Mag. The opportunity came back in April 2017.

Emmanuel captioned the photo, "So I was off the grid for a few days... but this happened while I was, which is pretty fun! My first cover with @fabulousmag #fabulousmag#doyouownahollogramhoodiedleotardthough? #meeither #fro#smugglingpeanuts ?????"

While that hoodie has no place in Westeros, she still looks outstanding in it.

6 Perfect In Purple Swimsuit For Speedo Swimwear

Nathalie Emmanuel has one of the best-looking bodies in Westeros. But you definitely aren't going to catch her swimming laps in a swimsuit like the one she is wearing in the above photo anytime soon.

The purple swimsuit was donned as part of a new ad campaign by Speedo which started this year. The campaign is titled "Make 1K Wet" and seeks to encourage runners to swap their 5K run, with a 1K lap in the pool.

Emmanuel is a big swimmer and has the results to show for it. While we don't know if swimming will make you look as good as Emmanuel, it's definitely a pretty great place to start.

5 Admits The Advantages Of Game Of Thrones

There are many advantages that come with being part of such a successful show like Game of Thrones. One of which Emmanuel talked about in a past interview,

"To be a part of that show has been such a blessing, and it definitely opened up doors for me, because people wanted to talk about it when I went into auditions and it broke the ice straight away. That was the one thing that I really used to struggle with going into auditions," she went on to say

"Now they would be like ‘Oh, I love the show!’, ‘I really like this’, and you know. So it’s automatically helped me in my auditioning cause I get to feel relaxed in the room because people want to talk about this thing that I’m excited about too."

We're sure it also helps that she has several amazing photos and outfits where she shows that she is one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood.

4 Discussing Diversity While Looking Damn Good

Nathalie Emmanuel has one of the most beautiful complexions of anyone in Hollywood. While in the past her skin tone may have hindered her potential as an actress, Emmanuel is excited about what the future holds.

When interviewed about the challenges she felt she would have faced in the past, Emmanuel said

“In the past, most of the time a person of color was cast in something it was for a specific reason, but I’m now seeing more roles where they may have written the part for a blonde, blue-eyed woman, but they’re actually seeing all different ethnicities. I’m of mixed heritage and have an ambiguous look about me, and I’ve been going up for roles that are completely different cultures to mine, which is really, really cool."

3 Tea Time With Clarke

As far as we are concerned, the only person on Game of Thrones who you may find more attractive than Nathalie Emmanuel is Emilia Clarke. So we only found it fair to include this fantastic photo of the both of them. And while we could pick photos of the two from Westeros, they both look to be having a far more enjoyable time when having some tea.

Emmanuel added the photo to her Instagram along with the message,

"Tea for two? ☕️☕️ @emilia_clarke ❤️?????#alwaystimefortea#teapartiesarethebest #chatandacuppa#friendswhoteatogether #isntshelovely#lovehertobits #girlytime#queendivabossladyclub#whorunthismutha"

Emmanuel was a huge fan of Clarke, and the series in general, prior to joining the cast in season 3,

"Like if there was pub trivia, people would be happy I was on their team," said Emmanuel in an interview.

2 Hot On The Show And Discussing Grey Worm 

One of the most captivating parts of season 7 has been seeing Emmanuel's character and her interactions with Grey Worm. Especially you know, when that interaction led to some seriously adult activity!

When talking about her relationship with Grey Worm (going into season 7), Emmanuel gave some insight,

"They’re such a great couple because there’s a purity about their connection. It’s been born of a place of pain and confusion and oppression, so they understand one another. It’s very human, and yet very rare. In that world of people being butchered and battered and manipulated, there’s this very pure, very sweet thing. It’s special."

We're sure that's one of the reasons why you also love their relationship.

1 For Bello Magazine

Nathalie Emmanuel is keeping herself busy with her work as an actor, but she is also working hard to fill her schedule with various modeling projects. Such as being the face of Bello magazine earlier this year.

Emmanuel shared the photo on her Instagram along with the caption "Hello Bello" with the kissing lips emoticon. While she probably isn't going to find herself with that much makeup on in Westeros, she absolutely looks fantastic when she does have her makeup applied.

Emmanuel has over 2 million followers on Instagram, all of whom we're sure are ecstatic whenever she shares photos from her various photo opportunities.

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