Bella Thorne’s New Look: 15 Clothing Items She Owns We’d Never Wear (Even If Someone Paid Us)

We have to be honest here and hand it to Bella Thorne. The Disney alum is never afraid to take risks when it comes to her style. She can frequently be spotted out and about wearing teeny tiny shorts, loud colors, and headwear that most people would likely only don for a Halloween or costume party. Despite our fascination with her IDGAF attitude as it relates to her fashion choices, we still can't help but scratch our heads when she hits the town in one of her (many) wacky outfits.

At this point, we might even be convinced that she's purposely dressing badly just to end up on the industry's worst-dressed list. It would make sense, wouldn't it? Could she really be trolling us all, or is she just having fun and expressing herself through her very unique wardrobe? We'll let you be the judge on this one. But for now, we'll show you some of her clothing items that we would never (ever) be caught wearing, even if someone offered to pay us a ton of cash to do so.

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15 Rainbow Brite


Thorne hit the town with friends while wearing this really interesting getup. Her outfit is giving us flashbacks of the '80s character Rainbow Brite. But considering that Thorne was born in 1997, we're going to assume she received inspiration for this outfit from another source. What might that source be? Your guess is as good as ours. Maybe the outfit wouldn't have been such an eyesore if she had paired her colorful sweater with a pair of regular pants. You know, the ones that actually have two full legs on them. But alas,

Thorne plays by her own fashion rules,

so seeing her in a half-shorts half-pants hybrid is shocking but not completely out of the ordinary. And yes, we're desperately trying to ignore the polka dot tights she's wearing underneath them.

14 Prom Flashback

Sometimes when Thorne gets all dolled up, she looks like she's playing a game of dress-up. For example, this picture she posted on Snapchat while wearing an interesting ensemble. At first glance, it sort of looks like a wedding dress, doesn't it? But we just can't get over the material, especially the bell sleeves. We wouldn't be surprised if the fabric was super itchy, and the look on Thorne's face has basically confirmed our suspicions.

She looks like she's screaming, "Get me out of this thing!"

Unsurprisingly, this was the first and last time we saw Thorne in this Prom 1975-esque dress. Hopefully, it's tucked away somewhere in her closet - never to be worn, or seen again.

13 Blue Ruffles


The Famous In Love star hit up the MTV red carpet wearing yet another interesting ensemble. This time, Thorne wore a vibrant blue dress. Don't you just love the color? It looks great against her skin tone, but it's the cut of the dress that's really throwing us off here. Leave it to Bella Thorne to select a dress that's anything but conventional.

Instead of two sleeves, it had one sleeve on one side and a tank-top-style on the other.

The draping of the bodice is also all sorts of weird, but we have to cut her some slack for her fashion choice. This picture was taken eons ago, and Thorne's style has since flourished (or tanked, depending on who decide to you ask).

12 Just Burn The Whole Outfit


One thing we've noticed about the former Shake It Up star is that she's not content with wearing a simple pair of shorts and a cute, simple top. She loves to go all out while piling on the accessories. The results are usually a trainwreck, but hey, at least she's having fun with the pieces in her wardrobe, right?

On this particular day, Thorne played peek-a-boo with her fans by wearing a see-through shirt with a lacy bra underneath, a pair of denim shorts, green fishnets, and black Converse sneakers. If you're wondering how many heads she turned on this day, the answer is probably a million. We're just not sure if they were turning for the right reason, though.

11 Pink Overload


We're so used to her outrageous outfits that we're shocked to see Thorne dressed down and looking casual for once. But of course, it looks like she missed the mark once again. We think she looks stunning in this pink color, but the various shades of the girly hue in combination with her taupe boots is a big no no. Just ask any fashionista . We imagine her closet is chockful of similar pieces, and we're pretty sure we've seen her wear numerous fuzzy items just like that sweater.

But we wouldn't touch any of these pieces with a ten-foot pole.

Surprisingly, we're going to give her an A+ for switching up her style and trying out something different, albeit more "normal."

10 Daring Palm Trees


By now, you're well aware that Thorne isn't afraid of a crazy print or two (or three). She loves to load up various patterns to create the wildest outfits possible that make her stand out on the red carpet and when she's just wandering around town. At the 2013 Teen Choice Awards, the Florida native paid homage to her roots by donning a palm-tree-themed outfit. Perhaps the outfit would've been a home run if the top and bottom were the same hue, but that just makes too much sense for Bella, style-wise; and we all clearly know Thorne probably had her heart set on going against the grain.

9 Move Over, Carrie Bradshaw


Okay, we're obviously joking. Carrie Bradshaw's throne is safe, although we have to applaud Thorne's efforts. We sort of (kind of) understand what look she was going for. This dress is a dramatic piece, and we're sure it cost a fortune. It looks like it was tailored to perfection, and we're actually really digging the color, but it's giving us way too much... everything. The various tiers of fabric look like a pain in the you know what.

We're not even sure how she was able to walk out the door without tripping all over the place.

On a side note, her hair looks lovely here. We think she should wear up-dos more often to distract us from all her crazy outfits.

8 Bringing Back The '90s


Bella Thorne must have an intense love for fishnets, and she probably won't be letting them go anytime soon. Whenever she gets the chance, she's loading up on the style embellishment by wearing fishnet leggings and shirts, just like the time she hit the town in this awkward looking getup.

She's giving us major '90s grunge vibes with her Herman Munster boots.

Her metallic skirt is just a bit too flashy in our opinion, but it really does bring the whole look together. This is an outfit only someone as daring as Thorne could ever pull off, so we'll just sit back and watch her slay from the sidelines. She obviously thinks she looks good.

7 All Checkered Out


For some reason, after looking at this photo, we're in the mood to play checkers. How about you?

What's really going on here, Bella? We may never know! Thorne hit the scene while looking all checkered out in a pair of black-and-white pants and a cropped jacket. As usual, we think she's a boss for wearing whatever she wants whenever she wants, but this strange outfit? SMH. We're literally at a loss for words. On the bright side, she can do no wrong no matter what color she chooses to dye her hair. You see, there's a silver lining with even her worst fashion items.

6 And Checkered Out Again


Okay, is she trolling us now? She has got to be kidding with this checkered 'fit part deux. This time, the actress threw on a black-and-white jumper and paired it with a black shirt underneath. Yes, just like you, we noticed that her shirt is torn to smithereens, but we're going to bypass that point and discuss her hat.

Is she giving us a hint that she'll be applying to be an airport skycap in the near future? Let's hope not.

Now, on to her footwear. Or shall we call them tap dance shoes? We would never pay for this outfit, but we would definitely fork over some cash to see Thorne give us her best Fred Astaire impression.

5 What Is This?


We understand that fashion gurus are obsessed with wearing heels with track pants and sweatpants nowadays (just take a quick look at Olivia Culpo's Instagram if you don't believe us), but this outfit is like nothing we've ever seen before. Thorne walked the red carpet wearing this matching getup, and everything from the shoulder detail to the white fabric running down the pants legs is making us cringe! On top of that,

she paired the outfit with some shiny metallic platforms that would've likely looked awesome with another outfit, like a simple black dress for example.

But it's clear that the word "simple" isn't in Thorne's vocabulary, and she abhors anything ordinary, especially when it comes to her clothing and fashion choices.

4 Orange Plaid


Everyone deserves an off-day when they can just lounge around wearing their most basic clothes— and that even goes for celebs, too. The only problem is famous people always feel the need to dress to the nines even when they're not working because they want to look their best just in case a paparazzo suddenly snaps their picture. But Thorne isn't your typical celeb. No. She stays true to herself and her clothing choices whether she's at a major Hollywood event or if she's just chatting on the phone in the middle of a pretty dirty street. Our only complaint is that nothing in this outfit goes together. Her black-and-blue shirt clashes terribly with the orange plaid pants which clash with her black-and-white striped shoes. Common, Bella... This is really bad. Even for you.

3 Go Go Power Rangers


Who doesn't love the Power Rangers? We all watched them growing up. And we all fought over who would get to be the Pink Ranger. The action-packed show definitely deserves a shout-out in the form of Bella Thorne's grey fitted tee. However, she did this legendary children's show a rather disgraceful disservice by overpowering it with WAY too much (mismatched) denim. But, as always, we try to see the good in all of her funky style choices, even if we'd never wear any of her clothing out in public ourselves. So, we'll give Thorne a thumbs up for being able to pull off the tiniest pair of shorts we've ever seen. You go, girl.

2 Skintight 'Fit


This isn't the first time a celeb has worn a skintight dress, but Thorne could have used some help from a stylist when it came time to piece this outfit together. To start,

we're not really sure how she could sit, stand, or even walk with a dress that short.

But alas, Thorne is able to pull it off like a pro! And if you look closely, you can see she's wearing her favorite pair of fishnet stockings. We're convinced she never leaves home without them! Or maybe she just has a pair for every occasion? Pairing the tight dress with a pair of flat, black boots was a nice move at least. It really tones down the whole look. But even if Thorne offered us a million bucks to wear this outfit, we would politely decline the offer.

1 Ice Cream Attire


What do you wear when you step out for some ice cream? Well, if you're Bella Thorne, you'd wear something like this. The actress threw on a denim bra and a pair of striped pants,

and a fringed leather jacket helped to complete her look.

As you know, Thorne is a huge fan of cropped shirts and anything that shows off her taut belly, so her decision to wear a denim bra in broad daylight isn't too surprising to us. But there's a time and place for everything, and maybe this outfit would be more acceptable for a visit to a nightclub. But do you think Thorne cares about what's appropriate and what's not? Not a chance! The actress is a free bird who loves to push the envelope. And we wouldn't dare try to emulate her style, not even if someone paid us!

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