Bella Thorne Is So Weird! 15 Reasons She's The Next Amanda Bynes

Seemingly popping up from nowhere, Bella Thorne is now one of the most famous faces in the USA, if not the world. But who even is she? Not your average teeny bopper, Thorne is often in and out of the news and generating a very mixed opinion. Love her or hate her, she certainly knows how to gather up an opinion about herself. Born in Florida, Thorne first shot to fame starring in teen dramas.

However, it was her web series, Little Monk, that really thrust her into the limelight with the webisodes becoming extremely popular. Introduced into the world of film not long after, Thorne was then cast in a number of B-movies and then eventually attempted a career in music. That's right, going on to release an album, Thorne cited Britney Spears as an early influence. And just like Britney, Thorne also had connections to Disney with Thorne playing Cece Jones in the extremely popular Disney Channel series, Shake It Up.

Like many child stars, Amanda Bynes being one of them, life can sometimes take its toll, with Thorne recently behaving in a strange and somewhat weird manner. From high-profile relationships to awkward television interviews, it has been suggested that Thorne will be the next Disney star to crash and burn. So, to see what all the fuss is about, here are 15 Reasons why Bella Thorne is the next Amanda Bynes.

15 That Time She Posted Her First Wax Job On Snapchat

Not one for being shy, Bella Thorne made it perfectly clear just how comfortable she was with oversharing when documenting her first ever waxing experience through Snapchat. Heard shouting, "Oh my God, this is gonna hurt so bad," Thorne and her close pal are then seen cutting off the remaining bits of their pubic hair with a pair of scissors. Seemingly not bothered, Thorne then declares, "It's so coarse," as well as attempting to get her eyebrows waxed. Discussing her lack of privacy, Thorne later stated, "I think that everybody knows my secret life is very public, I don't think that's ever in question. I'm just the kind of person that if I actually like somebody, I'll post a photo. Even if we're just friends and like hanging out and I'm just Snapchatting my life and they happen to be in it, then it's like whatever." Cool...

14 That Time She Played Two Boys At Once

Rivalling Taylor Swift in the public relationship department, Thorne has a long list of on and off boyfriends and girlfriends. However, things got messy when it was revealed that Thorne had forgotten to break up with someone before moving on to a new partner. That's right, said to be dating Charlie Puth late last year, Thorne then posted a number of photographs of herself and her ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey. Distraught, Puth had a full on Twitter meltdown, posting a number of bizarre and heartbroken tweets. Writing, "no one should have their heart messed with like this, and I'm not going to be in the middle of it, I don't know Tyler personally, but I know he shouldn't be treated this way," Puth was visibly upset. And what did Bella Thorne do in response? Nothing of course! Apart from making fun of him a few times, but more on that later.

13 That Time She Got Wasted And Ate A Banana

Desperate for attention, Thorne returned to Snapchat once more this time to seductively eat a banana while drunk. Seen pretending to simulate an act not that hard to imagine, Thorne can then be heard laughing with pals as they continue to drink. Posting another Snap soon after, the banana is used again, this time placed firmly between her legs...

Making a reputation for herself on Snapchat, Thorne is constantly criticized for oversharing, as well as engaging in a number of desperate acts in order to gain attention and sucking a banana is definitely one of them. However, clearly not bothered by the backlash Thorne continues to post such nonsense with her videos becoming more and more cringe-worthy as time goes on.

12 That Time She Threw Some Serious Shade

Not satisfied with openly cheating on her boyfriend and then going on to embarrass him, Thorne decided to poke the bear that little bit more. Yep, videoing herself singing the songs of ex-boyfriend Charlie Puth, Thorne can be seen mocking her ex in a series of videos. Singing the song, "We Don't Talk Anymore," which was said to have been written about her, the lyrics describe a struggling relationship after being so very much in love. Singing along to it in her car, Thorne is seen smiling as she throws some serious shade to her ex-beau. Not impressed, Puth later released a new track named, "Attention" leading many people to believe it was a dig at Thorne herself. Not one to be insulted, Thorne is then made another video, this time singing the lyrics of "Attention" in all her smugness glory.

11 That Time She Was Openly Racist

Seemingly thinking it's fine to drop racial slurs left right and center, Thorne was seen Snapchatting herself with the caption, "what up n***," while on a date with her ex-boyfriend, Greg Sulkin. Yep, using a word that is most definitely not OK, Thorne refused to apologize, leaving it up to Sulkin to do the grovelling for her. Claiming that his phone had been stolen, Sulkin said, "unfortunately my social media accounts were hacked yesterday and my phone was stolen. Things were posted to my account that I find appalling and unacceptable, I believe that being part of a religious minority myself, racism is an ignorance that I do not and will not tolerate in my life. I would like to apologize to my fans and anyone that was offended by the postings that were unfortunately beyond my control." Hmm, what do you think?

10 That Time She Dated Her Brother's Girlfriend

Wondering how she could get more attention online, Thorne decided that her sexuality would be a sure hit with gathering up new followers. Responding with a "Yes," when a fan asked if she was bisexual, Thorne then proceeded to post as many videos as possible of her kissing a woman. However, with the woman in question being that of her brother's ex-girlfriend, people soon got suspicious that the relationship wasn't all that it seemed. Thorne then posted various videos and pictures declaring their love for another, it wasn't long before Bella called her brother's ex her soulmate, as well as a number of other sickeningly loving messages. But, like all good things (and fake romances), the relationship came to end with Thorne going on to find her next victim instead.

9 That Time She Denied Her Ex Boyfriend's D*ck Pic

Hooking up earlier last year, Bella Thorne and Greg Sulkin lasted a full year, even buying a house together. However, eventually splitting up, the ex-love birds released a joint statement, claiming, "we will always love each other and have a deep respect for one another, as we have each grown to be better people because of our time together." Ending on good terms, Thorne even went as far as defending her ex-beau on a batch of leaked d*ck pics. Thorne took to Twitter to say, "Haha I'm telling you this isn't Greggs D*ck," the Internet exploded, with people calling Bella out on why she would even bother talking about it when they aren't even together in the first place. Again, it seems any form of attention is good attention, with Thorne using every opportunity she gets to gain exposure.

8 That Time She Stated The Obvious

When it comes to flaunting relationships, Bella Thorne is most certainly the queen. After dating a number of men and women throughout the last two years, Thorne makes sure that everybody else knows about it. From Grammy nominee Charlie Puth to Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey, Thorne also decided to publicly cheat on the pair of them. Going on to date Gregg Sulkin as well as her brother's ex-girlfriend, Thorne then found herself single, publicly declaring, "I hate not being a relationship." Called out immediately, followers began posting a number of hilarious comments, from referring to her past relationships, to declaring that she is an outright attention seeker. Later clarifying that her comment was taken out of context, Thorne later stated, "There are so many unwritten rules about dating which I don't like, I'd rather be super faithful and give my all to one person. I don't like having my phone blown up by a bunch of different guys where I don't really know where I stand with any of them. It sucks."

7 That Time She Was A Jerk While Presenting An Award

Proving that she'll do anything for attention, Thorne was seen throwing some serious shade towards a nominee at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Why? For simply no reason. Yep, presenting the award with then boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, Thorne began reading out the names of the nominees. Unable to read the name of Felix Kjellberg (otherwise known as Pewdiepie), Thorne shouted, "Felix something, something, something, you know what? Be here if you want to hear the rest of your name." Angering a number of people worldwide, Thorne quickly retracted the statement, as well as offering an apology, kind of. Tweeting, "I knew how to say his name It was part of the script. A joke. I didn't write it. Calm down," Thorne quickly blamed the error on someone else before then stating that she was a huge fan of Pewdiepie. Yeah right.

6 That Time She Hung Out With A Sex Offender

All in a day's work for Bella Thorne. Yep, obviously feeling that the media attention had gotten a little thin as of late, Thorne decided to do something extreme in the hope that it would land her back in the public eye once more. Thorne was seen smooching with disgraced Youtube star Sam Pepper earlier this year. Thorne thought the controversial internet 'artist' would be an excellent suitor. Pepper is known for his pranks which involve sexually assaulting members of the public in the United Kingdom.

However, fans were not impressed with their girl's choice of a man with many accusing her of using him to gain access to the UK. Of all the English men in the world, she had to go for that one...

5 That Time She Ate An Onion

Again, proving she'd do anything for attention, Thorne decided that eating an onion live on air would be a good way to do so. Yep, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this year, Thorne decided it would be the perfect place to showcase one of her limited talents. Declaring, "I can eat an onion like an apple. I can pop garlic cloves. I can also eat a whole lemon. Like, the rind and everything," Kimmel then pulled out his very own raw onion, challenging the star to do so. Seemingly not bothered, Thorne then proceeded to bite, chewing down the raw onion as if it were indeed a nice juicy apple. Attempting to do the same, Kimmel then bit his own chunk but failed within minutes as would any other normal human being.

4 That Time She Humped A Wall For Attention

People usually tend to act differently when positioned in front of a million cameras but for Thorne, it's just another opportunity to get more publicity. That's right, snapped going out to collect food, Thorne and her team of merry men were then pictured dancing, twerking, and humping walls, much to the pleasure of the paparazzi. Yep, donned in a hoody with matching sunglasses, Thorne's false 'incognito' act failed to work with Thorne somewhat desperate to be recognized and instead was doing her very best to be noticed. In fact, Thorne even went as far as pretending she didn't like the attention at all, wearing a sweater with the words, "why you so obsessed with me?" Failing to understand the irony in her own choice of clothing. Ahhh classic Bella.

3 That Time She Hooked Up With Scott Disick

With her latest stunt being that of hooking up with Kardashian wannabe, Scott Disick, Thorne must have thought Christmas had come early with all the photo opportunities. Yep, caught canoodling with the baby Daddy of Kourtney Kardashian's three children, the two were seen laughing, dancing and drinking by the pool while holidaying in Cannes, France. In fact, one source even claimed the two were getting serious, stating, "They spent all day laying out and flirting with one another. They kissed several times and at one point Bella laid on top of Scott and ran her hands through his hair. When Scott got a FaceTime call on his phone, Bella got into the picture and was goofing around in the background. They stayed outside cuddling all day."

2 That Time She Made It Look Like She Was Dating Scott Disick

Obviously happy with the idea that the two were said to be dating, Thorne went to a number of extremes to imply that the two were indeed an item. That's right, from making sure they were pictured together on a number of occasions, to drinking and kissing by the pool, Thorne then began posting suspicious Snapchats leading many to believe the pair were embroiled in an actual serious relationship. Fueling their romance even more, Thorne would regularly post pictures of her receiving flowers, but would never refer to the mystery man by name choosing to use "he" or "him" instead. With rumors speculating that the man in question was Disick himself, Thorne made no effort in denying that it wasn't. However, it seemed Disick had other ideas as he made it extremely clear to the general public and the cameras that it was nothing more than just a holiday romance.

1 That Time She Pretended To Be Over Scott Disick

Being publicly shamed and dumped and can be rough, however for Bella Thorne it was just another opportunity to get more attention. Posting a Snapchat with the words, "Bye Cannes you were boring," the message was a clear dig at Disick, who had publicly dropped her in favor of another woman, or nine. Insisting that she wasn't actually bothered, insiders began telling a different story with it believed that Thorne was in fact besotted with the reality TV star and had thought they were actually in a relationship.

Said to have been furious when pictures came out displaying Disick with a string of beautiful women just after he had romanced her, Thorne also Tweeted a number of tweets declaring that she was over it. Writing, "Yo this #cannes fancy life isn't for me," it was obvious that Bella had indeed been burned.

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