Bella Hadid Wears Dad Sneakers (And 19 Other Celebs Sporting Unfashionable Shoes)

Sometimes they do it because they want to get attention, sometimes they do it because they want to be perceived as artsy or fashion-forward, and sometimes they do it just because their taste is iffy at best, but there are quite a few instances of people in the entertainment industry making some pretty unusual sartorial choices. And while normally most celebrities will take fashion chances on their overall look, sometimes celebs like to just toss in a dash of weirdness by accessorizing with an exceptionally unusual pair of shoes. Sometimes this works out and they have a great fashion moment, but other times it falls completely flat (and sometimes you can barely tell whether or not the look is a good one or a bad one because it's just so odd).

Most people will never even have the opportunity to buy footwear that is as strange as some of these pairs of shoes. They're certainly not the kinds of high heels, boots, or even sneakers that are sold at your typical department store. Unsurprisingly, some celebrities seem like they're near experts at buying things that are simultaneously so weird that no ordinary person would wear them. They're so expensive that no ordinary person could even afford them. So when it comes to strange footwear, which celebs have made some of the most unusual shoe choices, whether it was for something as major as a red carpet event or as minor as going out to run some errands?

20 Bella Hadid's Dad Sneakers

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We don't know what's funnier about this new trend of dad shoes, that fashion models like Bella Hadid are at the forefront of the trend or that everyone looks at those kinds of shoes and immediately recalls the pair that their dad used to have (or still has). If you're going to go for an intentionally ugly footwear look then at least these shoes are insanely comfortable, and they're probably not insanely expensive (unless people start trying to hawk their vintage pair of dad sneaks on eBay or something) on top of being nothing great to look at. Luckily nothing really ever looks bad on Bella Hadid, and even if she's rocking something that's a little more "blah" than "blam," she still has, you know, her face and her entire body to balance it out with. So long as she keeps this style off of the runway, then have at it.

19 Kim Kardashian's Clear Vinyl Sandals

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Clear shoes are a questionable look in pretty much every instance, but wearing a pair of clear vinyl sandals when your feet are crazy swollen from pregnancy is obviously a recipe for disaster. Kim Kardashian has been open about how uncomfortable she was with her appearance when she was pregnant, but no one would have blamed her for ditching this pair of shoes at that time – or at any time, really. And if your feet are already in rough shape, then strapping them into some plastic heels is not the way to make the situation better. Clearly, Kim makes most of her living off of her looks, but the world would probably give her a pass on wearing some flats while gaining a third of her body weight and gestating a child. Obviously, the sacrifice of pregnancy is worth it in the end, but the sacrifice of wearing those shoes with swollen feet certainly isn't.

18 Ashley Tisdale's Thigh High Boots

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Just... why? Why would you do this to yourself, Ashley Tisdale? The platforms, the lace up, the thigh highs, the peep toe at the bottom, and topped off with some even longer grey socks underneath. It's certainly a whole lot to look at. It's hard to say where this look might actually work, but it's certainly not when you're going out to run some errands, and frankly, this particular pair of super tall boots would probably look dated in any circumstance. At least she had the good judgment to make the rest of her outfit considerably dialled down to counterbalance the extreme boots, but that's really the only good thing about this look. At least you can say that she looks fine from the thighs up. Tightening up those laces must take an eternity, and you'd think that about ten minutes in you'd realize that they're definitely not worth the effort.

17 Kendall Jenner's Translucent Fishnet Boots

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The seemingly never-ending presence of clear shoes on the apparel market is baffling considering the fact that they've pretty much always been ugly, and often times associated with more unsavory professions. But Kendall Jenner's selection for transparent footwear definitely has a unique twist. It's hard to tell if she's wearing fishnet tights underneath her jeans or if they're actually a part of the boots, but either way, they're a really strange look to be rocking, especially at something as casual as a basketball game. It seems that fashion models certainly have a habit of making more off-the-wall fashion choices in their normal lives, but making a daring choice doesn't always mean that you're making a fashionable one. And aside from being a questionable look, that must feel exceptionally gross to actually wear. Covering one of your limbs in plastic with no breathability is a recipe for a smelly, sweaty mess.

16 Nina Dobrev's Butterfly Pumps

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As far as unusual footwear choices go, Nina Dobrev's butterfly pumps are actually one of the prettier and more elegant examples of a weird shoe choice. The incorporation of the butterfly wings into the shoe actually looks pretty smooth and organic in comparison to some of the other hybrid shoes on this list, and as far as bizarre shoes go, they don't look particularly uncomfortable or difficult to wear. The heels on the shoes are definitely pin-thin, and you wouldn't want to be sporting them on an uneven surface. But what seems to be the most obvious issue with these shoes is that the delicate butterfly wings on the back look like they'd be exceptionally easy to bend or break. It's hard to keep track of anything that is on your backside, so constantly being conscious of not nicking your heels on anything around you would be nearly impossible in any real-world situation.

15 Julianne Moore's Toe Crushing Silver Sandals

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As a pair of shoes by themselves, these are a pair of perfectly standard evening wear sandals. However, the problem with them in this instance is painfully obvious. You can't choose the shape of your feet, but you can choose the shape of your shoes, so if Julianne Moore's sandals didn't have straps that could actually cover all of her toes, she probably should have chosen a different pair. Having your toes squished is painful under any circumstance, but having your toes squished and split up while you're sliding down a pair of really high heels must be torture. High-heeled sandals can be tricky to begin with, and a red carpet look really isn't possible without first and foremost wearing things that actually fit you properly. And aside from this getup looking unbearably uncomfortable, Julianne's baby toes sticking out of her shoes in that way looks really bizarre.

14 Lucy Hale's Heel-Less High Heels

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Designing a pair of super sky-high heels that don't have an actual supporting heel on them may be an impressive feat of engineering, but it doesn't look like a fun fashion choice to actually wear on a night out. Presumably forcing the wearer to stand on the very tips of their toes is why you can wear these shoes without falling over, and while the itty bitty Lucy Hale might enjoy the extra height, it certainly can't be comfortable walking a press line like this. Other than that, they're pretty standard black patent peep toes, so it would probably be better to give your ankles a rest and choose one of the thousands of other pairs of black patent shoes that are available and not so uncomfortably tall. They might make for a cool addition to an editorial photoshoot, but these shoes clearly weren't designed with practicality in mind.

13 Elle Fanning's Prada Platforms

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Whether you like them or hate them, you have to admit that Elle Fanning's Prada sandals are an unusual sight to see at a red carpet premiere. As far as looks go, they're at least age appropriate. They look like the kind of silly and fun sandals that would look bizarre on anyone older than a teenager. But frankly, they also kind of look like absurdly fancy salon shoes or moon bounce shoes or something. At least they look a lot more comfortable than a lot of the other entries on this list, but that's really the best thing you can say about them. Understandably, fashion designers try to come up with new and more inventive designs to keep themselves ahead of the style curve, but there are certain things that have never really been in fashion because they just don't make sense, and these double-decker silk sandals are one of them.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker's Lion Paw Heels

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In theory, a pair of shoes modeled off of an animal's foot is not a bad idea. In fact, it's a pretty proven seller when it comes to the footwear market. However, there's a pretty solid reason why they're popular as kitschy slippers instead of inspiration for high fashion heels. Christian Louboutin is clearly a fan of some pretty unusual designs, and Sarah Jessica Parker is a big fan of taking fashion risks on the red carpet. But these shoes are just a step too far, especially with the dress that they're paired with. Thematically, they seem to have nothing to do with one another, and it's just kind of odd to see this straightforward red carpet glam look with a pair of high heeled lion paws peeking out beneath them. And those heels must have cost more than a pretty penny, so it's hard to imagine that the impact and look you get is worth the price.

11 Jared Leto's Crocs

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If there were ever anyone who was desperate enough to wear crocs in order to look too cool for school, it's Jared Leto. The universally ugly shoe is pretty notorious for its unfortunate appearance, and the main selling point of them is supposed to be their unusual level of comfort. It's believable that someone like Mario Batali is wearing crocs all the time because they're comfortable, but when it comes to Jared, it's obvious that he's trying to look ironically cool. The thing about being cool is that if you're actually cool, you don't have to try very hard to show other people you're cool. And now that Jared's a few years away from being fifty years old, he should probably drop the whole hipster act. It's getting awkward and embarrassing at this point. If you're looking in your mirror and realizing that you color coordinated your entire hipster look to match your crocs, it's time to think about the choices you're making in life.

10 Selena Gomez's Mismatched Shoes

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Supposedly, the mismatched shoes thing is becoming a bit of a celebrity trend on the red carpet, but hopefully it stays small and doesn't last too long because it just looks silly. In this instance, it certainly doesn't help that Selena Gomez's shoe choices are ugly on both feet because nobody wants to strike out twice in a row. The slingback sandals look kind of plain on their own, and the addition of the 3D geometric shapes do not make the overall look any prettier. The heel on the left shoe at least sort of blends with the whole look of the shoes, but the gigantic yellow ball on the right shoe is unattractive and is so disconnected from the style of the shoes that it looks like Selena broke a heel and just glued a ball from a McDonald's Playplace ball pit in its place.

9 Lady Gaga's Meat Shoes

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Plenty of celebrities have managed to display good, bad, and ugly shoes on the red carpet, but you've got to hand it to Lady Gaga. Somehow she managed to find some footwear that is actually viscerally repulsive to look at. Obviously what she's wearing isn't actual meat, but the thought of having your feet encased and bound in raw steaks is just so, so icky. Gaga certainly loves to get artsy, and this whole meatified look was probably supposed to be a commentary on how the media treats celebrities like they're pieces of meat or something, but maybe it's a little overboard. And maybe it's a little too literal. What is also kind of weird is that these shoes are clearly high heels, and you'd think that if you were going for a fashion statement that is all about the statement and not about the look, you'd at least give yourself a break and wear flats.

8 Nicki Minaj's Indescribable Harajuku Shoes

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You know that you've definitely found a unique and unusual footwear look if an observer can't tell where your shoes end and your actual outfit begins. Nicki Minaj has definitely toned down her looks a bit since this era of candy-colored insanity, but it's hard to forget whatever this dress, facewear, legwear, and footwear contraption is. Nicki clearly drew some inspiration from Japanese Harajuku style girls, but even they might be intimidated to wear something this extreme. The whole setup doesn't look like it's very comfortable, but the shoes are a bit of a mystery because it's so hard to tell what they even are. Her right foot kind of looks like a child's slipper or a cast that is full of decorations, but those are truly the only remotely identifiable elements, and even saying that they're identifiable is a stretch.

7 Willow Smith's Converse Shoe/Pants

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Sometimes you'll see pretty shoes, sometimes you'll see ugly shoes, and very occasionally you'll see shoes that confuse your perception of reality so much that you worry you might be having some sort of emergency medical event. Willow Smith's Converse shoes and pants hybrid fall into the last category. Obviously, Willow has always been unafraid to rock an unusual style, but these pants legit look like some childhood nightmare brought to life. Granted, Willow was a tween at the time of this unique fashion statement, but would you really ever want to put any person, especially a younger person, in top-to-bottom lace-up shoe pants? What exactly do you do when you need to take a bathroom break? It's one thing to go for an ugly fashion statement, but going for an ugly fashion statement that is also completely impractical is even more absurd. Thankfully, Converse doesn't sell these in retail stores.

6 Sandra Bullock's Minion Pumps

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It's one thing to coordinate with the theme of whatever party or premiere you're attending, but it's another to go with something as silly and on-the-nose as Sandra Bullock's yellow Minion pumps. She could have been aiming for a whimsical touch to her overall classy look, but the cartoonish shoes look painfully mismatched with her structured and elegant dress. Not to mention, they're just kind of creepy looking footwear. Whether you're looking at them from the front or behind, you've got two beady Minion eyes staring at you, and when most people look at someone's feet, they don't want or expect those feet to be looking back. It is a children's movie so it's understandable to tap into something a little more childlike, but if getting goofy was the aim then some Minion ballet flats probably would have looked more appropriate for the concept, and they would have been a lot more comfortable.

5 Angelina Jolie's Heels With Horns

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The design for these unusual Christian Louboutin pumps was specifically inspired by Angelina Jolie's fantasy film Maleficent, so it's no surprise that they look pretty on point when it comes to the overall theme of this movie premiere. But they're the kind of shoes that are hard to tell whether or not they're pretty or ugly. The actual architectural design of the shoe is pretty, and the twist on the heel is cool without looking completely insane or like the kind of designer shoes that are meant to look interesting but incredibly uncomfortable by any normal standards. But the nude mesh filling in the gaps on the sides and around the toe look seriously cheap, which is a major no-no for shoes that clearly cost a thousand dollars or more. It looks like someone just cut the foot portion off of a pair of pantyhose, and you'd think that a well-thought-out design would figure out a way of avoiding that.

4 Olivia Wilde's Gold Spiked Booties

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These spiked booties are certainly an extreme and high fashion look that could not work with a lot of outfits, but they seem to be a good match for Olivia Wilde's sartorial choice for this particular Golden Globe Awards show. The over-the-top sparkle of her dress coordinates well with the intense gold on her shoes, and some hardware laden peep-toe booties are an unusual but intriguing choice to go with a very whimsical and frilly ball gown. However, there is one obvious issue that Wilde makes clear in her red carpet posing, which may have made these shoes a particularly bad choice. The floor-length dress she's wearing is probably worth thousands of dollars and is made with layer upon layer of super delicate tulle, which means that as far as choosing the right shoes goes, perhaps picking a pair that is covered in metal spikes wasn't the safest choice if you want to end the night with your dress intact.

3 Madonna's Weapon Heels

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Madonna has spent so much of her career trying to shock her audience that it seems like nothing she does is truly shocking anymore, and that includes wearing these black shoes with gun heels on the red carpet. Obviously the shock factor for these kicks is supposed to be having handguns for heels, but honestly, the shoes are almost bizarrely plain looking considering how they were supposed to catch people's attention. Conceptually it's not the worst idea in the world – creating a shoe with a gun theme could at least be interesting. However, in this case, they just don't seem fashion forward or artistically intriguing at all. They kind of look like plain black shoes with broken heels that were replaced with toy guns. As far as artful creation and design goes, they really are somewhat lacking.

2 Margaret Cho's American Flag Booties

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If you're feeling especially patriotic then this is certainly a look you could go for, but even though comedian Margaret Cho is known for choosing some fairly quirky pieces to complete her fashion looks, these shoes might be an unfortunate choice for a red carpet look. Aside from obviously not being red carpet-worthy, American flag attire is something that is almost exclusively worn by hardcore rednecks, which is clearly not a demographic that Cho fits into. Maybe that's what attracted her to them in the first place – that they looked completely different than something she would normally wear. And given her opinions on the way Asian Americans are treated in the US, rocking these particular kicks on the red carpet might have been a very intentional choice on her part. Even if that's the case, these ultra-American super high platforms fall more than a little flat.

1 Taylor Momsen's "Exotic" Platforms

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Clearly, Taylor Momsen really went whole hog on her teenage rebellion phase, but in this instance, she went about eight miles past the acceptable limits of over-the-top behavior. Putting aside the incredible grossness of a teenage girl wearing super high lucite heels with "tips" written on the side, it's not even a very creative way of trying to make yourself look like a rebel or to make yourself look more adult. Whether the intent behind the look was to be shocking, because Taylor is so young or the intent was to be attractive and prove that Momsen is now an adult, clearly that intent failed. The shoes look trashy and creepy and just seem like a great example of why the world doesn't allow teenagers to make their own decisions. The only tip that Momsen needs in this circumstance is to dial it down about 100 notches and set the shoes on fire.

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