Battle Of The Former Disney Girls: 15 Steamy Photos Of Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez celebrated her 25th birthday on July 22nd. There were plenty of people who sent her some positive vibes on her special day. With over 100 million followers on Instagram, Gomez has one of the biggest followings of any celebrity.

And when you get done with our list that makes it abundantly clear that Gomez is the sexiest Disney girl of all-time, she may find herself with even more followers. Especially because several photos are from her Instagram account, including her recently giving some insight on how she spent her special day.

Gomez looks amazing regardless of the outfit that she is wearing, but we'd be lying if we didn't say that she wears several swimsuits throughout this list. Not to mention other outfits that help prove that Gomez has one of the best bodies in Hollywood.

Gomez is hoping for big things for the next year of her life, which we're sure you're all in favor for, especially if it leads to more moments where she'll blow you away with her good looks.


15 Out And About On A Sunny Day

One of the most difficult parts that may come with being a celebrity may be having to deal with the paparazzi on a regular basis. That's definitely the case for Selena Gomez who is one of the most talked about celebrities in Hollywood.

"Sometimes—I'll be honest—I don't handle all this as well as people think, so it's been important to really figure out what makes me feel grounded," said Gomez in the past when talking about how she deals with being famous.

Gomez has been open about the struggles she has had with her mental health, including checking into rehab back in 2016. The above photo clearly was clearly taken by the paparazzi but was also clearly on a day where Gomez was looking outstanding.

14 Dropping Your Jaw At The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Selena Gomez was surrounded by beautiful women when she attended (and performed) at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which was held back in 2015. But that didn't stop her from arguably being the best looking woman in the entire building.

Gomez shared the above photo on her Instagram account along with the message,

"Thank you @nicolasghesquiere @louisvuitton for my custom dress tonight. Felt like a true VS angel. ?? also shout out to the dream team @mrchrismcmillan and @hungvanngo"

In doing so, Gomez also raises awareness to the fact that while these stars look gorgeous, they definitely get a lot of help to look that way.

13 In A Swimsuit For GQ

Selena Gomez looks amazing when she steps in front of the camera for a photo shoot. She looks amazing when she wears a swimsuit. So you combine them and what you get left with is a photo that you definitely aren't going to forget anytime soon.

The photo was taken for GQ magazine back in 2016. And while you may love the magazine for the sexy photo shoots, the interview with Gomez also allowed fans to get a better understanding of her life growing up

“I didn’t have an opportunity to figure out my life without people having an opinion every step of the way. [But] I chose this. So I’m not gonna sit here and say, ‘Oh, my God, poor me, I didn’t have a normal childhood.’ I don’t give a f*ck about that.”

12 Proving Why You May Love Watching Her Walk Away


There are photos on this list that help to show off every asset that Selena Gomez has at her disposal. After all, there are plenty of things to consider when you think about how many unbelievably beautiful women have come through the Disney brand.

And while you may love it when you see Gomez staring at you from straight ahead, we're sure that you also wouldn't mind seeing her walk away either!

We also wouldn't be surprised if that person texting in the corner is busy talking about how gorgeous Gomez is looking. The photo was taken back in December 2015 when Gomez attended Z100's Jingle Ball event.

11 Showing Off Her Side Tattoo For Marie Claire

Selena Gomez has several tattoos on her body. The only one that is prominent in the above photo, however, is the one on her side/back. The tattoo is written out in Arabic, but translates to the phrase "love yourself first"

A source close to Gomez opened up more about the process of the tattoo,

“Selena already had it written out how she wanted. The tattoo is about 4 inches, and didn’t take too long, probably about 30-45 minutes. The longest part is laying it out. We played with it a bit laying it out until we found the perfect spot."

The photo was taken for Marie Claire magazine back in June 2016.

10 Loving The Bikini In Spring Breakers


Selena Gomez got her start as an actress in a big way when she got cast on the series Barney at a young age,

"I was very shy when I was little [...] I didn't know what 'camera right' was. I didn't know what blocking was. I learned everything from Barney," said Gomez in a past interview. But as Gomez got older, she started to want to take on projects that reflected her newfound image.

One of her most adult roles to date is the film Spring Breakers that features several "adult" situations and also has Gomez wearing a bikini for almost the entire film. You can imagine she worked hard to get a great beach body for the film and judging by the above photo, it looks like she succeeded.

9 Being An Amazing Model For Adidas NEO

Selena Gomez is known to promote not only a healthy mental image but also has a great physical body as well. Perhaps that's because Gomez is no stranger to getting her sweat on in a variety of athletic settings.

That's also perhaps why she was a fantastic candidate to partner with Adidas and their NEO Label back in 2012,

"It is a great partnership for me because NEO really cares about style and having fun with fashion and allowing you to be yourself. This is something that's always been important to me and is important to my fans, too: knowing they can express themselves through wearing whatever clothes they want and feel good about themselves," said Gomez when talking about the deal.

We're sure you're also a fan of the great workout gear they put Gomez in for their photo shoots!


8 In A Swimsuit For Vogue Magazine


Selena Gomez looks absolutely gorgeous in the above photo. It was taken of her by Vogue magazine and published earlier this year.

When talking with the magazine, Gomez opened up more about the importance of her fans seeing her as an authentic person

"I’m not different from what I put out there. I’ve been very vulnerable with my fans, and sometimes I say things I shouldn’t. But I have to be honest with them. I feel that’s a huge part of why I’m where I am."

We're sure you love getting to know who Gomez is on a deeper level, but perhaps love getting to stare at the above photo just as much.

7 Emerging From The Water In A One-Piece

There are plenty of celebrities out there who anytime they hit the beach, the outfit that they're wearing looks like it could barely contain all of their not-so private parts. But when it comes to Gomez, she has plenty of moments where she stepped out in a swimsuit that could be considered a bit more modest, but still look like a knockout.

The above photo of Gomez emerging from the water in a one-piece is definitely proof enough of that. While it's not clear when the photo was taken, it's a sign that when celebrities are relaxing on the beach that part of them may also be aware that the paparazzi are watching their every move.

6 Celebrating Being Glamour's Woman Of The Year


Selena Gomez has no shortage of outstanding accolades that she has earned over the course of her career. On top of being an outstanding performer, Gomez has also worked hard with various charities to help make an unbelievable impact on the world.

"She's giving back to people who need help, because of her own life experience…. She's the exception to so many rules," said friend Taylor Swift when asked about Gomez.

It was those factors that helped make her an easy choice for Glamour when they named her their Woman of the Year back in 2012. But considering the award also came with an incredibly sexy photo shoot, perhaps we're the real winner?

5 Lying On Her Back For Elle Magazine

There are several different publications that Gomez has appeared in front of the cameras for. While we're going to display some of the steamiest ones in here, you may feel like you've already seen the hottest one possible with the above photo that we've included.

The photo was taken back in 2012 and featured in Elle magazine. During her time with the magazine, Gomez also revealed the realities that came with growing up poor

"I can remember about seven times when our car got stuck on the highway because we'd run out of gas money."

We're sure those experiences have given Gomez a real appreciation for the value of hard work and using money responsibly.

4 Looking Great During A Performance


There are plenty of reasons why celebrities aspire to keep themselves in good shape. For Gomez though, the main reason is always the same

"I just wanted to make sure I was the best I could be for the show and for my fans. Amy ([her trainer]) is actually on the road with me, which is really great because she's the person who comes in when I'm like, 'I don't feel like it.' She's like, 'No, you're getting up and you're working out.' We'll do hikes. We have a Pilates machine," said Gomez. Which means that even if she is burning through the calories on the stage, that she's still expected to be hitting up the gym.

It is hard to argue with the results though, as Gomez looks amazing in the above photo with the mic in her hand!

3 Kissing The Camera

Selena Gomez is no stranger to taking a selfie. And judging by the two photos we have included for you above, she's also no stranger to taking a selfie while also puckering her lips towards the camera.

While the photos may make you jealous of her partner who is the famed musician The Weeknd, we're sure you also don't mind staring at them. Especially considering Gomez is wearing an unbelievable outfit in the one on the left, and the other one is taken at an NBA game.

A woman that you can take for a night out, and to the local sporting events? Yes, please! Here's hoping her and The Weeknd don't have too many conflicting teams of interest.

2 Seducing You With Her Denim Inspired Swimsuit


If there is one thing that you probably aren't going to get tired of, it's staring at pictures of Selena Gomez in various swimsuits. Which means you've definitely come to a great list. The above photo is one of the sexiest out there as Gomez is seen rocking what appears to be a denim-inspired suit.

The photo was shared on Gomez's Instagram back in June 2016 and went on to earn over 4 million likes on her Instagram account. It's definitely not the only time her fans have fallen in love with photos of Gomez taking in some time in the sun. Whether it's a professional photo shoot or with friends, Gomez is sure to impress.

1 Celebrating Her 25th Birthday

When it comes to nights where you may want to go out and party, your birthday is definitely one of them. But for Selena Gomez, the above photo which was very recently shared on her Instagram help give insight to how she spent her 25th birthday.

Which was incredibly low-key with some of her closest friends at her lavish home. Her partner, The Weeknd, wasn't there at the time of the photo as he was in concert but Gomez let people know he was on his way home to her! Talk about a first world problem.

“Thank you for all of my bday love. I couldn't be more blessed. A lot of you don't realize how much you mean to me. I. Love. You. --think 25 is going to be epic. Xo," said Gomez about her big day.

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