Battle Of The Former Disney Girls: 16 Hot Pics Of Demi Lovato

Trust us when we say that we know there is no shortage of gorgeous women that have been affiliated with the Disney brand. But you can also trust us when we say there has never been a sexier woman to come from Disney than Demi Lovato.

If you have any doubt at all, you won't by the time you get to the end of this list. Whether it's Demi in a swimsuit (a theme we cover throughout our list!), Demi showing off her body at the gym or stepping out on the town wearing nearly nothing, we are sure you are going to love what we have in store for you.

The weather outside might continue to get hotter, but so do the photos as we count down 16 photos that make it clear that Demi is one of the hottest Disney girls of all-time.

Get to the end and realize there is someone from Disney that you think is even more alluring? Share your thoughts and the list on social media and help influence who the next Disney girl will be that will try and dethrone Demi.

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16 Showing Off Her Trim Figure In Black

Demi Lovato clearly thought she looked good on this day. Not only did she take the time out of her day to take a sexy selfie, but given the look of the toilet in the background, it looks like she did so in a public bathroom!

Let's hope she didn't tag the location of where she was or we're sure it would have only been a matter of time until the paparazzi swarmed after her. Granted, when you look as sexy as Lovato does, perhaps you don't mind the paparazzi helping to make your outfit unforgettable.

It definitely doesn't look like Lovato took the photo at a restaurant or after having a big meal, as her trim figure is prominently on display.

15 Looking Hot As Dorothy

Are you ready for a spoiler? This isn't going to be the only time on our list that you get to see Demi Lovato looking absolutely ravishing in a Halloween costume. It is the only time that you may see the photo and instantly get an (albeit sort of weird) sense of nostalgia for your childhood.

After all, who didn't spend at least some of their nights watching the classic Wizard of Oz. It's clear by the fact that Lovato decided to dress up as Dorothy that she at the very least must have had some affection for the movie.

Which is great because at the very least now you have an icebreaker if you ever meet her. Just try not to stutter and say "uh uh uh remember when you were Dorothy? That was hot"

14 Wearing This At The Grammys

If celebrities are used to cameras in their everyday life, you better believe they are well aware of the expectations that several hundred photos may be taken of them when they arrive on the red carpet.

One of the most anticipated events every year is the Grammys, which as you can tell from the above photo, Lovato clearly used as an opportunity to show off her fantastic body. With the dress essentially being see-through in many areas, including being backless, it was clear that Lovato was feeling confident when she stepped out of the house.

The end result was a huge hit and there was little denying that Lovato may have been the best looking woman at the entire event.

13 Proving She Doesn't Need Makeup

There are plenty of celebrities out there who absolutely refuse to leave the house without making sure they have caked on pounds of makeup. It's hard to completely blame them when you consider the paparazzi are going to follow their every move, and if they just happen to not be looking their best, those photos are also probably never going to be able to completely go away.

Lovato definitely doesn't have to worry about putting on makeup before leaving the house though, in fact, she may be the most "naturally" beautiful woman in Hollywood. We can use the above photo as proof enough, as Lovato proudly shared it on social media along with informing her fans that she was not wearing makeup.

I mean don't get us wrong, it's not like Lovato doesn't look gorgeous when she is covered in makeup, but it's impossible to deny that she doesn't also look beautiful in the above photo.

12 Playing Dressup As A Maid

You have to admit it would be pretty awesome to be a celebrity. At the very least, you need to hope that you would be smart enough with your money that you were able to not blow it all. In fact, you'd probably also be able to afford some of the biggest luxuries in life like oh, I don't know, having a maid to clean up after you?

But there is no way that you would ever hire a maid that would look sexier than Demi Lovato does in the above photo. Though if you got to get up close and personal with Demi, we're sure you wouldn't mind cleaning up after her!

While the above photo was taken for Halloween one year, we're sure friends of Demi must always be in the mood to throw a costume party.

11 Black, Gold Or Both? Cleavage Either Way!

What were you doing this past year on Valentine's Day? If you're Demi Lovato, it was performing a concert that was centered around how much she loves the band the Bee Gees.

But we're sure you're also thrilled that Lovato also took time out of her busy day to show the world the sexy outfits that she was wearing that night on stage. We're not too sure if you are going to be a bigger fan of her in black, or her in gold, but we are sure that you're probably ecstatic that we decided to include both of her outfits.

While the fans showed up in anticipation of hearing Lovato sing, we're sure her outfits were also just as unforgettable in person.

10 Dropping Your Jaw With An Orange Swimsuit

When it comes to taking selfies, there are many celebrities out there who are no stranger to pulling out the camera and letting the world check them out. Even if the celebrity in question is wearing several layers of clothing, that definitely isn't going to stop their millions of fans from talking about the outfit online.

So you can imagine the buzz is even greater when celebrities decide to hit up the beach, but not before stripping down into an incredibly revealing bathing suit and snapping a selfie.

There may be no celebrity that is more "successful" at this than Demi Lovato, as evident by not only this photo but another revealing swimsuit selfie that also makes an appearance on our list.

One thing is for sure, it's clear that Lovato is no stranger to enjoying some time in the sun.

9 Lovato Showing Off Her Backside In A Promotional Yoga Pants Photo

One of the most popular poses that celebrities need to do, is the classic "over the shoulder" look. And while there is no shortage of poses or moments in front of the camera where Lovato is going to look amazing (something we'll prove time and time again in our list), it's clear that she also has the OTS look down.

Granted when you consider she is also wearing a pair of yoga pants in the above photo that definitely highlights perhaps your favorite feature of Lovato, we're sure you wouldn't mind if she was making a grotesque face into the camera.

Lovato is open about the love she has for working out, so we're sure she loved the chance to show off in a professional setting.

8 Relaxing In Bed

When it comes to being a famous celebrity, you can imagine that you're going to spend plenty of time working and that at the end of the day you're just going to want to stretch out in a nice comfortable bed.

Lovato is no stranger to having long days, and thankfully for you, she is also no stranger to making sure a camera follows her into the bedroom where she has taken some of her sexiest photos yet.

While she is clearly wearing a top in the above photo, we're sure that wouldn't make you run to the bed any slower if she came calling. The fact that Lovato also looks beautiful without makeup means you're also not going to mind waking up next to her.

7 Showing Off Her Booty At The Gym

One of the biggest hindrances that may come with being a celebrity is the overwhelming pressure that you may feel to always make sure you stay in shape. While there are some celebrities who seem to look amazing seemingly without ever working out, there are other celebs out there who are proud to show off and talk about their workout routines.

Lovato is one of the most vocal and often posts photos of herself to various social media platforms of her getting her sweat on at the gym. As for the above photo, it's very clear what part of Lovato's body she was trying to highlight.

Looks like squats are probably in her daily workout.

6 Holding A Puppy Close...In A Swimsuit


You're going to see several photos of Demi Lovato in swimsuits throughout this list, but in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, not like there is anything wrong with that.

The above photo is definitely a more candid photo of Lovato and seems to be taken by one of her friends, something that we're sure you would love to see them do on a regular basis.

But as sexy as Lovato may be looking in the above photo, we wouldn't blame you if you spent a solid amount of time looking at the absolutely adorable puppy that she is holding in her arms.

It's clear that Lovato has a soft spot for animals; as if she couldn't already be attractive enough.

5 Stripping Down For Vanity Fair

Demi Lovato is no stranger to turning heads no matter where she goes. You see her out on the street? You better believe that paparazzi are going to be close behind. You see her at the gym? You're probably hoping that at the very least Lovato is going to take some sexy photos to share with her fans (a fact she proves in this list).

But one of the sexiest moments of Lovato's life came when she decided to pose in her birthday suit for Vanity Fair. The photoshoot, which was also free of makeup and the use of Photoshop, made it clear to all of her fans that she didn't have to have revealing clothing to help take your breath away.

Though granted, the fact that her photo shoot involved photos of her showering meant it was probably a pretty safe bet that she was going to look amazing.

4 Stunning In Concert

While there is no shortage of moments of Demi Lovato's regular life where she is looking absolutely gorgeous, there is also little arguing that getting to look at how sexy she looks when she is performing on the stage is a bad thing.

I mean sure, Lovato has no shortage of songs that are probably going to end up getting stuck in your head by the end of this list, but even if you hated her music; we're sure you could at least find a few reasons as to why you would want to check her out.

At the very least, Lovato has had an incredibly successful career largely due to her unforgettable concerts and we're sure you wouldn't regret getting to see her perform.

3 Showing Some Major Cleavage In A Blue Swimsuit

There is no shortage of celebrities that love hitting up the beach wearing swimsuits that highlight all of their curves. One thing that becomes abundantly clear when looking at the above photo is that Demi has the beach body to compare with damn near anyone in Hollywood!

Though we hate to break it to you and unlike some former Disney stars, such as Miley Cyrus, Lovato has always managed to keep her swimsuit tight to her body anytime she hits the sandy shores.

The above photo was obviously a selfie taken by Demi, but we're sure whoever she was hanging out with also didn't mind grabbing some photos of her.

2 Swimsuit For A Photoshoot

Demi Lovato is no stranger to looking sexy when she steps out onto the beach wearing a swimsuit that barely covers her body. But when it comes to the above photo, Lovato's outfit is at the very least modest in comparison to some of the other photos on our list of her enjoying the sun.

But the fact that it combines Lovato in a swimsuit, plus Lovato at a sexy photo shoot made it a clear candidate for our list. Something tells us that Lovato probably didn't end the photoshoot by taking a jump off of that diving board!

Though the idea of Lovato in a wet bathing suit is one that we're sure would help sell plenty of magazines.

1 Gorgeous In Gold

When it comes to reasons as to why Demi Lovato is so popular, it definitely is worth noting how active she is on Snapchat and other forms of social media. The above photo is just one of the many examples where fans of her would see that they receive a notification that Lovato has uploaded another photo where their jaw is going to hit the floor.

Given that the photo is also incredibly recent, you're welcome if this is the first time you've gotten to check it out. While it's not clear as to why Lovato was so dressed up, it's clear that her fans are going to love the photo.

While Lovato looks sexy in a variety of colors and outfits, we're sure the above photo is quickly going to become one of your favorites.

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