Battle Of The Former Disney Girls: 15 Hot Photos Of Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is one of the best looking women in Hollywood. Whether she is going to the beach, rocking a photo shoot, taking some selfies or having photos taken of her by the paparazzi; it's going to become easy to see with this list why so many love her.

Duff made a name for herself at an early age, so we also wouldn't blame you if you've been a huge fan of hers since her days on Lizzie McGuire.

And while there is no shortage of gorgeous girls that have come from Disney, Duff may very well be the most beautiful girl ever affiliated with the brand.

If you disagree, we have 15 photos that have a very strong chance of changing your mind. If you agree? Then you've probably found your new favorite list that highlights all of Duff's best assets.

Either way, make sure to also check out one of Duff's biggest competitors in the Battle of the Former Disney girls, Demi Lovato with our other list of the 16 hottest photos of Lovato.


15 Wearing Leather For Cosmopolitan 

When it comes to sexy outfits that women can put on, many people out there would agree that rocking some leather is going to be pretty high on the "hot scale". Especially if your Hilary Duff wearing the leather and you just happen to also be rocking sexy poses like the ones we have for you above.

There was a reason Duff decided to up her leather game, as the photos were taken for Cosmopolitan magazine back in 2015.

In the proceeding interview, Duff also revealed that she had lost her virginity to Joel Madden who she started dating when she was still a teenager, but he was 26. Their love did not last and Madden is actually married to Nicole Richie.

14 Proving Why Jeans Are Her Favorite Item


When it comes to fashion, you may happen to have a favorite pair of pants or shirt that you love to wear. When it comes to Duff, it's clear with this list that she loves going to the beach, but you'll also be glad that she also loves to wear jeans.

"I'm a sucker for denim! I probably own 30 pairs of jeans, but honestly, I don’t wear most of them. I rotate eight or nine pairs. My favorites are my Frame jeans with holes in the knees. They have a lot of stretch and cling to my legs," said Duff when talking about her favorite fashion item.

We're sure some of the photos on our list that are among your favorites will be ones showing Duff in jeans!

13 Showing Off Her Selfie Skills

There are plenty of photos on our list that show Hilary Duff looking fantastic despite the photo being taken by someone like the paparazzi. But when you take a look at the above entry, you may agree that Duff never looks better than when she is in control of the final product!

While her Instagram page may not be nearly as revealing as some other celebrities, including other former Disney girls, she still manages to post photos on occasion that surely will get everyone talking.

With over 7 million followers on Instagram, it's clear that no matter what Duff decides to upload that she will receive plenty of support.

12 Showing Off Her Body In A Tight Pink Dress


When it comes to being a celebrity one of the most frustrating things may be the fact that paparazzi are probably going to be following your every move. Especially if you're someone like Hilary Duff who has been in the public spotlight for over a decade.

One of the advantages of the paparazzi, at least perhaps to someone who enjoys this list, is the fact that they can catch celebrities looking absolutely gorgeous. Duff clearly wasn't expecting her picture to be taken as she stood there in a pink dress, but given how she looks in it, you can understand why it's one of the most popular photos of her.

We aren't too sure where she was headed, but we're sure whoever she was going to see her also thought she looked beautiful.

11 Soaking Up The Sun In A Bikini

Hilary Duff received a lot of criticism for her weight gain during her pregnancy and the subsequent time it took her to lose the weight. Which honestly is a totally messed up thing to do. Who has the right to say how someone should or should not control their weight, much less because someone was BECOMING A MOTHER.

How dare she.

But nevertheless, Duff hit the gym because she wanted to set a positive example and lost the weight in a healthy and safe manner. Something that she should be commended for.

Judging by the above photo of her at the beach, it's clear Duff looks better than perhaps ever before.

10 Bending Over In White Jeans


Hilary Duff may not be looking at the camera in the above photo, but we wouldn't blame you if it was still one of your favorites from our entire list.

Duff has been open about discussing her body in the past, including her love for the area that may be grabbing your attention the most from the above photo.

"Of course there are always things I wish I could change or improve, but I love my strong legs and my bum. I have a gymnast body—I'm never going to be that super skinny girl. I just want to be strong and feel good," said Duff.

She has also admitted that she loves being strong enough to throw her son around (in a playful manner) and still have energy at the end of the day and that's more important than anything!

9 Enjoying Valentine's Day On The Beach

Hilary Duff turned heads everywhere she went back on Valentine's Day when she went away with her partner Matthew Koma to celebrate. We're sure Koma definitely didn't argue about the idea of spending Valentine's Day in a setting where there would be plenty of opportunities for Duff to wear a bikini!

Duff was previously married to professional hockey player Mike Comrie but the two separated in 2016.

Duff has come out and stated that she and Mike are fantastic co-parents for their 5-year-old son, Luca

"Mike's amazing . . . We're so ingrained in each other's lives. I wouldn't choose anyone else to co-parent with. We are really good friends and care a lot about each other."


8 Capturing Everyone's Attention With Outfits On Seth Meyers


Hilary Duff has had no shortage of interview opportunities to help promote her television series Younger. One of her most recent came back in June when she appeared on The Late Night with Seth Meyers.

During the interview, Duff revealed that her son loves living in New York because he thinks the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are real!

“He thinks that Leonardo and Master Splinter are down there concocting plans to save the city. He wants to look down the tiny little holes. Yes, I don’t know if you look down as much as I have recently but there are about nine manhole covers on every city block in New York and he wants to stop at every one of them."

It's clear that along with being drop-dead gorgeous, that Duff has a winning personality. If you're curious, Duff wore the black and white outfit for the show and changed into the all white one after.

7 Looking Perfect In Pink

Hilary Duff has been in the public eye since her big break on Lizzie McGuire. You can imagine that growing up as a celebrity would have a significant impact on what you get to experience in both positive and negative ways.

But now a mother and having a dependable role on television again, Duff is excited to hopefully get some stability

"I think I'm a pretty confident person. I've had a career for a long time, but I've put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself as a woman, a businessperson, an actress. I'm like, 'Am I doing enough?' Everyone I've talked to says you come into your own in your 30s. You feel more secure. I'm looking forward to that."

It's clear that judging by the above photo that at the very least, Duff is looking healthy and beautiful.

6 Red Or Black? Hot Beach Day Either Way


For a list with as many gorgeous photos of Duff as you're going to see, it may be natural to think that she is always looking amazing. But don't be fooled, especially because Duff herself has been open about how her weight changes,

"I go through ups and downs, being like, 'Damn, I'm fit right now' and 'OK, I'm letting things slide a little' and I'm totally fine with that," said Duff in a past interview.

While she definitely has ups and downs, it's clear from the two photos from two separate beach trips that she was on an upswing in terms of looking amazing!

5 Looking Amazing For Shape Magazine

There is no question on if Hilary Duff was a fantastic candidate to be put on the cover of Shape magazine. And when you consider the photo that was on the inside of the magazine, which we have for you above, is quite steamy as well; we're sure you'd love to see her return to the cover in the near future.

The above photos, however, are from back in 2015. Duff also interviewed with them and opened up about her biggest guilty pleasure,

"The key to a happy life is cheese. It’s a real problem. I can’t say no to it! There’s a cheese shop in Beverly Hills, and my car is like a magnet to it. Luca is crazy about it, too. Love the cheese!"

4 Giving Some Love For Her Legs


The above photo at first glance just may be Hilary Duff looking gorgeous on a bed where she shows off her long legs. But there is a deeper meaning to the photo that Duff added to the caption when she uploaded it online,

"I didn't always love my legs, but as I've grown, I've learned to love and celebrate myself, just as I am. I began to realize that my legs are STRONG and they carry me every. single. day. Our bodies are amazing and something to be grateful for. I'm ME and that's really enough!" said Duff.

That's absolutely the best attitude to take towards your body. That being said, we're sure you love her legs too!

3 Ringing In The New Year In A Bikini

How did you ring in the new year? We don't blame you if you can't completely remember because you were out getting your partying on with some friends. But if you're Hilary Duff, the answer would be hanging out in Hanalei, Hawaii.

Duff was seen enjoying the beach on January 1st where she went with her then 4-year-old son who was also accompanying her on the trip.

Duff was clearly in a good mood and the previous day took to Instagram to say "Everything is going to be awesome!" Considering she has been having a fantastic 2017, it's clear that her message of hope is coming true.

2 Rocking A Striped Bikini


Some of the most captivating photos that are on this list feature Hilary Duff rocking a bikini. There's no denying that anytime she wears one, that the paparazzi at the very least is going to take a high interest.

And while the world may overwhelmingly think she looks amazing, Duff has admitted she doesn't care what people's opinion on her beach body is

"I don't care to look absolutely perfect in a bathing suit. I'm a normal girl. I'm strong. I'm fit. I feel good about myself after I've had a baby," said Duff in an interview with TooFab. We're sure having a great attitude is also why Duff may often find herself going to the beach in order to relax.

1 Looking Fit In Yoga Pants

Hilary Duff is one of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to discussing her love of the gym. When talking about her routine, Duff said

" I go three times a week and mix it up every time. I work out with weighted balls, battle ropes, and big rubber bands. I do this thing with a sledgehammer where I swing it and hit a rubber block, and it gets out all of my aggressions. Everyone is like, 'Uh-oh, Hilary’s got the hammer—get out of the way!!'"

Judging by the fact that she is in yoga pants in the above photo, we're guessing paparazzi was able to catch her either headed to or from the gym. That being said, if she just wanted to relax in yoga pants, we're sure her fans won't mind that either.

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