Bachelor In Paradise's 15 Foxy Females Who'll Make Your Summer Even Hotter

It's almost that time of year again -- Bachelor in Paradise time! Who doesn't love the over-the-top cheesiness that is this show? It's gorgeous beaches, gorgeous eye candy, and lots of alcohol, all mixed together in one melodramatic mess that we just can't get enough of. If you're a woman, you probably watch the show with the hopes that there will be another true love story to come out of it the likes of Jade and Tanner, now lovingly known as "Janner". If you're a dude whose girlfriend or wife forces you to watch Bachelor in Paradise, you probably secretly don't mind it too much because it's a smorgasbord of girls in bikinis the whole entire time and not much else.

Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette has just gotten under way, with the third episode airing this week. But that hasn't stopped Bachelor Nation from speculating who will be appearing on the beloved Mexican beach in paradise this August (filming is currently underway, by the way). Luckily, we know for sure some of the people who will definitely be on the show's fourth season, and this list serves as a sneak peak of the female cast members.

Following are 15 of the lovely ladies we know and love from The Bachelor, who will try their chance at love once more on Bachelor in Paradise, season four.

15 Corinne Olympios

Taylor Nolan's arch-nemesis, Corinne Olympios, 24, is also seen as a villain from the show, although we like her a lot more because she's just... Corinne. She's from Miami, loves cheese pasta, has a nanny named Raquel, takes naps frequently (even during one of the Rose Ceremonies on The Bachelor!), and is a self-proclaimed "very serious businesswoman." She's one of those quirky people whom you kinda hate, that you love to watch, and that you end up rooting for in the end because they're just themselves and don't care what anyone else thinks of them. Here's hoping that the blonde bombshell and her rival brunette beauty have some more feuds for us to obsess over in Paradise!

14 Whitney Fransway

Minnesota-native Whitney Fransway vied for Nick Viall's heart on the most recent season of The Bachelor, and since her time on the show has been everywhere on Instagram, as so many Bachelor Nation castoffs always seem to be. Most of them apparently are able to make a decent living promoting products on social media afterward. Anyway, one fun fact about 25-year-old Whitney is that she has a fear of horses, but if she could be any animal, she would be an eagle. She also loves hockey, dance, and football, and is a Pilates instructor. Whitney's favorite foods are fresh fruits, dark chocolates, pancakes, and French fries, and she has a Bachelor's degree (no pun intended!) from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Communication and Media Studies. Oh, and she's also a model -- like many Bachelor contestants, she was in the public eye (or was trying to be) before the show.

13 Danielle Lombard

The other Danielle from season 21 is Danielle Lombard, who, since The Bachelor, has been romantically linked to Bachelorette JoJo's ex, Luke Pell (he was supposed to be the season 21 Bachelor, but reportedly lost the spot to Nick just hours before boarding the plane to Los Angeles to film!). Luke and Danielle were spotted out together at The Music Lounge in Miami, and that's when the rumors began to fly. But Luke said they were not "exclusively dating," so if they both appear on Bachelor in Paradise this year, it could make for some good romance -- or drama! Fans apparently want to see him with Raven Gates, Nick's runner-up who will also be on Bachelor in Paradise (see the next on this list). Sounds like a love triangle in the making, which is just what BIP fans love!

12 Ashley Iaconetti (Rumored)

If the infamous virgin Ashley I. shows up back in Mexico, fans of the show are going to be split down the middle: half will be happy for the drama she creates, and half will be annoyed because some people are just plain sick of her. The Kim Kardashian lookalike is known for her crying, her dramatics, and her love of Jared Haibon, who vied for Kaitlyn Bristowe's love in 2015 and was on Bachelor in Paradise seasons two and three. She fell head over heels for him and just couldn't seem to let the poor guy go. But we don't feel too bad for him because he kind of led her on in between dating other girls (and he's vacationed with her, too).

11 Taylor Nolan

She was the unlikely villain of this year's Bachelor, and Taylor Nolan will be back on your television screens, perhaps trying to redeem herself (but more likely stirring up more self-righteous drama with the other girls). The brunette beauty is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and works as a mental health counselor at the young age of 23. So maybe her high self-esteem is warranted, but it sure came off as snootiness on The Bachelor when she talked down to Corinne and the other girls, many of whom will also be appearing on Bachelor in Paradise this year. Should be interesting. It was difficult for Taylor to move past the televised altercations with Corinne, so Taylor will either play it safe and play nice this time around... or she's enjoying the fame too much and will try to get more attention by engaging in her old ways. Only time will tell...

10 Amanda Stanton

M.I.L.F. Amanda Stanton will be back for her second stint on Bachelor in Paradise this year, and she's the only confirmed alum thus far who will be. Amanda first appeared on Ben's season of The Bachelor in 2016, where she made it all the way to the hometown dates and fourth place, then went on Bachelor in Paradise last summer. It was then that the mom of two little girls met, fell in love with, and got engaged to Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's ex-fiancé, Josh Murray (I know; it's like a spider web of whose been with whom within Bachelor Nation!). Rumor has it that Josh (who was kind of a villain last year) "desperately" wants Amanda back after their December 2016 breakup, after which they've been quite on-and-off. Who knows? Maybe he'll show up in Paradise, too. Fingers crossed!

9 Alexis Waters

Alexis Waters is better known to Bachelor Nation as "Dolphin Girl," and we love her so much. Besides being easy on the eyes, she's a total goofball who's obsessed with dolphins. She even made her debut on Nick's season dressed in a dolphin costume -- well, she said it was a dolphin costume, but everyone else in the world recognized it as a shark. She's playful, fun-loving, and awesome to watch on T.V., so we're super excited she'll be in Paradise this year, and we hope she finds true love. Recently, she admitted to Huffington Post that she never really liked Nick, anyway (good -- she could do better!), and sources reveal that she would like to date villain Chad Johnson! I am of the opinion that she could do way better than him, too, but hey, to each her own. Chad will probably be on Bachelor in Paradise, too, so maybe she'll get her chance.

8 Christen Whitney

Yet another Nick-reject is Christen Whitney, who was famously the first to know about Nick and fellow contestant Liz's prior sexual relationship (Liz told her all about it one day lounging by the pool). Christen didn't make it too far with Nick, but she was always a calm and down-to-earth voice of reason in the Bachelor Mansion amongst so many crazies. Plus, she got points with viewers for not blabbing Liz's secret the second she heard it (or ever). Christen is a wedding videographer from Tulsa, Oklahoma and one of the more genuine ladies we've seen come through Bachelor Nation. She's deeply rooted in her faith, has worked with lots of charities, and is a dance teacher on the side. After appearing on The Bachelor, she moved to Nashville, and we now know that she'll be a part of Bachelor in Paradise!

7 Sarah Vendal

The beautiful Sarah Vendal will be joining all these ladies on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, too. The California girl is a grade-school teacher who once moved to New York City with "three bucks, two bags, and one me." Well, she's nothing if not adventurous! So it's not surprising that she would go on a show like The Bachelor -- and now to the beaches of Mexico in Paradise -- to find love. If she could be anyone, she'd love to be Meredith Grey, Olivia Pope, or Carrie Bradshaw, and she made a unique first impression on Nick by showing up wearing a pink dress -- and a pair of sneakers! She ran up to him on that first night in quite a refreshing way, choosing not to wear a cocktail gown like most of the other ladies (or a dolphin suit, a la Alexis).

6 Astrid Loch

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to Nick Viall's ex from The Bachelor, Astrid Loch. She was born in East Germany, the year after the Berlin Wall fell, to a Romanian mother and a German father. Her father still lives in Germany and is not a part of her life. It's rumored that Astrid isn't yet an American citizen, but that doesn't matter -- just look at all the Canadians who've been on the show as both stars and contestants! Astrid, who is 27, works as an Office Manager and Patient Care Coordinator for a plastic surgery office. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida but has also lived in North Carolina, where she went to college and earned her B.A. in Communications and a Minor in Women and Gender Studies.

5 Danielle Maltby

Southern belle Danielle Maltby was one of two Danielles vying for Nick's heart on The Bachelor season 21. She made it all the way to sixth place, but her romance with Nick ultimately fizzled. The aspiring model and neonatal nurse received the first one-on-one date of the season and was a fan favorite that a lot of people thought would win his heart over all of the others. But there were a few times that their conversations fell flat, and the original chemistry they felt just didn't last. Nick said in an interview that it was hard letting her go, especially since she'd told him that she had lost her fiancé to a drug overdose. Hopefully, Paradise will yield The One for this pretty blonde from Nashville!

4 Raven Gates

Raven Gates was left heartbroken when Nick didn't propose to her at the end of his season. A sweet Southern girl-next-door, Raven had fallen in love with Nick. Now, she'll get a second chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise. The small-town Arkansas girl and boutique owner, 25, expressed interest in meeting James Taylor in Paradise (one of JoJo's exes). Unfortunately, James has recently announced that he won't be heading to Mexico as he's dating someone else (not that that's stopping anyone else from going!). He did say that Raven deserved to meet a Southern gentleman, though, so that's something. Maybe she will!

3 Jasmine Goode

Jasmine Goode is a firecracker who wasn't afraid to show her crazy to Nick! Well, maybe she didn't mean to show it, but she sure did when she tried waaaaay too hard and attempted to force a relationship with him, and he just wasn't feeling it (nor was anyone else). As you can see, Jasmine is a professional dancer. She's a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, New York Jets Flight Crew cheerleader, and is currently a Golden State Warriors dancer. She worked as Princess Tiana on the Disney Cruise Line, too, which is pretty cool. This girl is one hot tamale, but she just wasn't for Nick. Her exit from the show was one of the more memorable ones, as she lost her cool with him. Now, in Paradise, she'll hopefully find someone who can handle her. She's 29, lives in San Francisco, and seems like an all-around great catch -- if you can get past the crazy, that is.

2 Kristina Schulman

Former Russian orphan Kristina Schulman was one of the quieter girls who dated Nick, but she won over audiences with her sweet demeanor and her life story that proves how tough she is. This girl has overcome some seriously trying times! The 24-year-old dental hygienist was adopted by an American family and grew up in Kentucky. Her biological mother was an alcoholic who wasn't the greatest parent. Kristina shared one story about how she wasn't allowed to eat all day, then was so hungry she ate some lipstick and was punished for it. In the end, she chose to be adopted rather than enter into the life of prostitution that would've been one of her only options. But doing so meant leaving all of her friends in Russia and the only life she'd ever known. Kristina is a strong, successful woman, and she's obviously gorgeous (and has the hint of a lingering Russian accent, which is pretty hot!). She's the total package if ever there was one.

1 Carly, Jade, and Juelia

Besties and Bachelor fan faves Carly Waddell, Jade Tolbert, and Juelia Kinney will be back in Paradise this summer in a different (and very special) kind of way: in Carly's wedding! Like Lacy and Marcus, and Jade and Tanner before her, Carly will wed her fiancé Evan Bass (whom she met in Paradise last year) on this season. Jade and Juelia will be her bridesmaids! It's becoming a tradition for couples who meet on Bachelor in Paradise to wed on the show the next year, as Jade and her husband Tanner did last summer. Not too many details have been released yet, like exactly when the nuptials will take place, but they definitely will be televised and they will happen as part of the show with the cast, other Bachelor family members, Chris Harrison, and probably even Jorge the Bartender in attendance. Congratulations, Evan and Carly!

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