Ariel Winter vs Bella Thorne: 10 Fashion Fails From Each Star

It’s well known that in Hollywood, many a starlet has fallen into a tough phase. The tabloids are packed with former child stars who turned into wild teens and adults, often collapsing due to their issues. Today, it’s tougher, as social media makes it easier for starlets to act up a lot, and often in crazy ways. Indeed, some are more famous for their online pics than what they do on camera and often going a bit too wild. Two such examples are Ariel Winter and Bella Thorne.

Winter broke out first as brainy Alex on the hit sitcom Modern Family. At first a “nerd” character, the actress rocked fans by a growth spurt turning her into a stunning young lady. It also transformed her into a gal willing to bare a lot in her outfits and daring dress choices. Thorne first got attention on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, and some movies. She’s now on the Freeform series Famous in Love but more famous for her own social media postings. She’s also known for outfits that show more than what we want to see.

Both have had rough childhoods and grew into adulthood a bit fast. They’re also known for some rather…bizarre fashion choices. Winter famously wore a skin-baring dress for a simple producer meeting while Thorne seems unable not to flash her bra wherever she goes. Frankly, many of their outfits are just not safe enough for this site but others are still showing the mentalities of the ladies. And in both cases, it makes you wonder what goes through their minds, and if maybe they should be toning it down a few notches. Here are 10 outfits of each starlet that make you wonder about their sanity and if they should be seeking more than fashion help.

20 Ariel - All Greek


It’s fun to think back when Modern Family began. Winter was the straight-laced gal always put down for lack of good looks. But then puberty hit big time, transforming her into a stunning knockout, to the point of requiring a breast reduction. Thus, no matter how hard the show tries, they can’t hide how sexy this woman is.

Her Instagram posts prove it, as evidenced by this outfit for a costume party where she’s going as a Greek goddess. The tight top focuses on her chest, baring her belly majorly before leaving off into a classic skirt. We then have sandals with strapping going up the ankles in a tight way. It’s a wild costume, one meant to catch the eye big time, something Winter is very good at.

19 Bella - Cowgirl


Born in Florida, Thorne has indulged in getting used to wildlife while in Los Angeles. She enjoys animals and even uses them in some shoots. For this costume party, it looks like she’s indulging in her inner cowgirl, but of course had to take it to the next level.

Her red hair is done up in classic pigtails under a pink galleon hat with a fun pink choker. The black lace corset flaunts her legs majorly while pushing up her cleavage with the pink belt and vest designed to catch the eye. The giant buckle around the belt makes up for the lack of guns and yet somehow that makes it far sexier than packing heat would be. It’s an outfit that makes a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader look moderate.

18 Ariel - Pool Boot


Really, why? Winter by a pool is a sight now, thanks to how much she’s grown. Even on her show, they can’t hide the fact that she is blessed with amazing curves. She’s had a lot of shots in bikinis, but this outfit has her in a rather stylish one-piece suit.

The ties at the front aren’t open too much to show her chest but still good enough to flaunt her beauty off. But then there are the boots. For some reason, Winter thinks it’s a great idea to wear knee-high cowboy boots while hanging on a diving board. Interestingly, since she has such large boots on, she's actually more covered up than usual (but the boots still should have been avoided).

17 Bella - Ahoy!


True, this outfit was chosen for her, but that doesn't mean it looks any good. For this magazine shoot, Thorne wears a dark navy suit with white lightning bolts across it. It’s open to show off a lace bra. Her blue hair doesn't add anything pretty to the effect, but at least it matches the strange blue eyeshadow. And the parrot.

The pool doesn't add much to the photo either, so we're not too sure what's going on in this shot at all. Word on the street however, is that Thorne chooses her own outfits for shoots. Which means she picked this out for herself, thinking it was a good look.

Boy, do we have news for Bella.

16 Ariel - Crazy Coachella

The Coachella music festival is a very popular destination for young stars. They love hanging out in the desert, enjoying a variety of great musical acts, indulging in parties and having a great time. The place emphasizes a laid back style of cutting loose in fun ways and wild outfits. Leave it to Winter to take that to a new direction.

Dying her hair bright pink is a surefire way to get attention, but she adds to it a shredded shirt that looks like it’s barely hanging on. The pink kerchief around her neck helps, but the bare mid-riff combined with the ultra-short jean shorts make her look like a groupie rather than a star. Yes, celebrities are encouraged to indulge in getting wild at Coachella but Winter takes it to a new degree.

15 Bella - Not So Pretty In Pink


This is just…wow. Bella looks like she just sat through Pretty in Pink and thought it would be a good idea to go out dressed like bubblegum.

The dark pink hair kicks it off with shades over her eyes. The pink jacket covers the light pink lace top, not a full on lingerie set but as close to it as possible. The pink shorts look more like “granny panties” than actual clothing and the fishnets over them just make them look nuttier. And yes, there are pink tennis shoes that definitely should have been avoided.

On the one hand, at least it all matches. On the other, it does so in a horrible way, looking downright sickening because of how overtly it plays on the color. If this was for a costume party, Bella should have gone in a different tone as no one is tickled pink seeing this.

14 Ariel - A Bit Cheeky


The “belfie” has become a popular thing on social media as starlets love getting pics that focus on their rear ends. In that regard, Winter is a star, flaunting her body as she so desires on her Instagram account. The woman is not at all ashamed of her curves, and she is not afraid to let people know it.

That includes for this Just Jared summer festival, showing up in a tank top cut at the front to show off cleavage (a little too much in our opinion). The short jean shorts are high enough to show a lot of cheek and enhances her attitude. Winter is more than aware of the kind of attention she gets. She has no problem showing it off, especially in the summer.

13 Bella - Barn Girl


This outfit was one of the first Bella wore to showcase a more “adult” image. In that, she sure succeeded. This VVV magazine spread has her “clad” in what amounts to a series of leather straps just barely holding together thin fabric.

The legs are prominently displayed to show off and it clings to her body amazingly tight. The fur coat is a wild touch but somehow works yet looks sexier when she slides it off. The background of seemingly being inside a barn is an odd contrast, showing a rather nutty mentality at work; such heat inside a backward setting. It shows her tight body off proving how stunning Thorne can be. It is a huge shift, almost dominatrix like and yet focuses on how Bella is grown up and willing to take more chances to get her name out there.

12 Ariel - Golden Ears


ABC is owned by Disney and thus, a common bit is that sooner or later, an episode will be definitely take place at one of their parks. Modern Family was no exception, doing a two-part episode of the gang heading to Disneyland. Thanks to those connections, Winter is a regular at the park. Such is the benefit of one of the leads on a major television show.

We're not so sure that the outfit is kid appropriate however. The yellow mouse ears cap isn’t bad, you’d expect that at the park. It’s the ultra-loose silver top that threatens to dip a tad too low, and is way too eye-catching. The silver locket adds to it and enhances the way you’d look at her chest. This would be an outfit better for clubbing than the Happiest Place on Earth. Someone should have warned Winter that even Disneyland has a better dress code.

11 Bella - Hippie

New Age Hippie
via @bellathorne on Instagram

Thorne is a lady who clearly loves a good time. True, she hasn’t gotten busted for any DUIs or drug use like other child stars, but it’s rumoured that’s more due to luck than lack of indulging. She seems almost open about how she’s “lit up” now and then and it adds to her fun times.

This outfit has her indulging the “hippie” mentality. The blue shirt looks straight out of the back of her closet and tossed on in a hurry. The bizarre touch is how her right arm looks like it’s in a massive fishnet sheath while her other arm is totally bare. The glasses combined with a goofy look suggest that maybe she has been partying too much.

10 Ariel - Wild Child


It’s rather known that Winter had a not-so-normal childhood. She famously sued her mother for accusations of abuse and controlling her life, even stealing her money from the show. That led to her being legally emancipated.

So you can argue that this lack of a real childhood may be the reason Winter is acting up more. Her outfit here is for a movie but still shockingly daring. Granted, the tattoos are fake, but those, along with the muscle shirt definitely demand attention. The jean shorts are cut super-low to flaunt her legs and her long hair makes it look even wilder. The worst part, is that this is something Winter would wear on a regular day out shopping.

9 Bella - Bisected

via @bellathorne on Instagram

More than one person has commented on the split persona Throne has in public. Sometimes, she’ll be a quiet gal, nice and easy, which would be fairly typical of teen starlets. Other times, she’ll be wild and crazy with her opinions, as well as her slightly insane antics on social media. So this outfit may point to her differing personas.

The ripped jeans with fishnets underneath it are already a wild look but that shirt is something else. The pink and black bisection is marked with a variety of weird symbols and imagery; we're pretty sure the maker didn't know what they were doing when they made this top. It doesn't help with her green coloured hair and the excess of makeup on her face. Thorne is a complex lady but this outfit may be too much of an insight to her mind and how wild this gal can get.

8 Ariel - Red Romper


Much of Modern Family is about how Alex is constantly in the shadow of hotter older sister Haley. But as time has gone by, Winter has blossomed into an amazingly gorgeous woman in her own right. Yet the show has to hide it for her character, with Winter clad in baggy pants and sweaters. But when she glams up, she is a major sight.

This outfit is from when she was leaving set in a stunning red outfit. It looks like a red slip that cut off a lot of the leg, a crazy outfit to wear if you're just strolling around. Although, we have to give her kudos for leaving the set, in something a little less revealing. It's definitely not one of the crazier outfits we are used to seeing her in.

7 Bella - Panic


Maybe she should have taken the t-shirt as a warning sign. It’s a bizarre mishmash of styles, a lovely skirt with a blue checkered style and the purse matches perfectly. Had she chosen a top that actually matched, or a dress, the outfit would have probably worked out a lot better.

Instead, she wears a black t-shirt emblazoned with the logo made famous by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book series in a video game font. We can't help but wonder what she was thinking when she threw this together. True, it’s tame compared to some of her other wild outfits but it still showcases how Thorne’s beauty (witness her lovely mane of hair) can be offset by some bizarre fashion decisions.

6 Ariel - Mirror Crazy


Winter has been well known for her Instagram posts, often in very revealing stuff. This outfit is notable for how it’s in a mirror to double the effect.

The crop top is amazingly tight, showing off her belly. The jean shorts are as short as can be without getting a citation at all. The boots add to this being a “trailer park” style outfit but it still works. The wild hair makes it look like Winter is coming out of some rough and tumble party rather than the star of a hit sitcom.  This is kind of the reason why people wonder whether or not Winter is growing up too fast, and perhaps showing herself off in all the wrong ways. It may be hot but it also looks a bit too “trailer park” for folks to enjoy, especially with the double view.

5 Bella - Orange Mess

Photo Via: starmagazine.com

Currently, Thorne stars on the Freeform series Famous in Love, playing a young actress pushed to instant stardom. Much of the show revolves around her innocent character seeing how wild Hollywood can be. That’s hilarious considering that Thorne is turning into one of the wildest ladies on the Hollywood party circuit.

That’s shown by this completely insane outfit that would have been vetoed by her show for being too over the top. The thick orange cap sits atop mostly pink hair and a face showing a goofy grin with eyes peeking over large shades. The checkered tube top with flames painted on it is a strange sight in itself. But then there are the tight black pants that are mostly open with orange laces up and down the legs. They lead into thick black boots that are tied even tighter and the whole thing is a bizarre mix. Bella may be good on her show but she could use more of her character’s dress sense.

4 Ariel - Feel The Force

At first, you might think this was part of a costume for a Modern Family episode. Instead, it was just Winter out on a walk and apparently having just binged on a Star Wars marathon.

The outfit is purely inspired by Princess Leia, but with the Winter touch to it. The fabric releases around the middle of her chest, fighting to stay tight with the knot over it. The short skirt flaunts her legs and while she is wearing something under it, it’s hinted one good breeze can expose her a bit. The huge sleeves seem to fly about as if she’s trying to take off. It would be wild for a costume party but the fact that she’s just out on a walk makes it even nuttier. It makes you wonder how Ariel sees “casual wear". Apparently, just using jeans and a t-shirt is too common.

3 Bella - Takeout

Just going out for food is something Throne has to turn into a sideshow. This shows it off as her hair is dyed a dark blue, automatically a wild color and something to get attention.

The thick green wool cap on top adds to the strange sight along with the overtly large sunglasses, making you wonder if her eyes are bloodshot underneath. The top is lace and almost sheer to flaunt her mid-riff and the black jacket makes it a bigger contrast. The short shorts flaunt her legs majorly but not in the best way. The whole thing just looks like Thorne woke up hungry, tossed on the nearest gym outfit and then headed out without bothering to comb her hair. It’s a weird ensemble, showcasing her style, and what women will throw on just so they can finally get food.

2 Ariel - Turning 18


Winter had already been showing off but when she turned 18, she really cut loose. This dress alone was a stunning one, the nearly gold motif almost eye-blinding. The stripes are in darker shades to make it stand out even more and amazingly tight on her. The flesh-colored parts make it look more revealing than it really is and it shows off her rather underrated legs.

It’s amazing on her, showing Winter’s curvaceous body on full display and her lush black hair frames her nice face. This was a bold outfit for her, showing off her form while at the same time not being shamed about the fact that she is not a size zero. Of course, Winter would end up getting even hotter outfits down the line but this was the first to showcase the knockout she was and hitting legal age just made her look even wilder than she did before.

1 Bella - Dance Gal


Thorne and costumes definitely means things are about to get wild. It goes back to her breakout as a common thing on Shake It Up was her character wearing a variety of nutty outfits for either dance routines or a silly plot. Some of her choices in costumes can be so daring, they’re more than revealing for sure.

This may not be as overtly sexy or revealing but it’s still amazingly wild. It looks like Thorne is trying to channel an old-time cabaret act from 1880s Paris, but with her own unique touch. The fishnet top hold back her cleavage yet still draws attention to it before it flows into a mostly red and black corset, ending in a frilly skirt. Wearing one red glove with the other arm bare and a ton of bracelets is another strange choice. The red veil and odd cap top it all off. Wherever she's going, we're sure all eyes will be on her.

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