Are These 15 The Last Jedi Fan Theories Far-Fetched?

The reveal of the The Last Jedi trailer last week shook the internet. Short, exciting clips paired with Mark Hamill’s dulcet tones have given us the smallest of glimpses into the upcoming movie, which, unfortunately, we won’t be able to see until December. The sequel to The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi will be met with great anticipation. However, if fans were hoping to get some answers from the trailer, they were sadly mistaken, because now they have more questions than ever. Will Finn ever wake up? Why did Kylo Ren throw his mask on the floor? Who is reading that book about the Jedi? Why does Luke think the Jedi have to end? Is BB-8 still sassy as ever?

The new trailer, along with interviews and information revealed at the Star Wars Celebration panels, has led to folks online coming up with theories about what may happen in The Last Jedi. Many of these theories are relatively normal, or just reiterations of the same old theories, but some are absolutely out of this world. (Haha, get it?) Whether they’re predicting who’s going to turn to the Dark Side, who’s going to die, or even whether or not it’s really Mark Hamill narrating the opening (yes, really), one thing has been made very clear: the internet is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Since we still have eight months before we get to see The Last Jedi, let’s take a look at some of the craziest theories out there.


15 Finn is Going to Be Comatose for The Entire Movie

Fans were quick to notice that Finn barely showed up during the trailer. While many assumed that this was because using footage from his scenes would give away major spoilers, others believe that what little we saw of him is all we’re going to see of him in the movie. In the trailer, we see Finn lying in some kind of tube or small chamber, apparently asleep. When we last saw Finn in The Force Awakens, he was also asleep, knocked out as the result of a hard blow from Kylo Ren. Some fans believe that Finn is going to be comatose for the entirety (or near entirety) of The Last Jedi, similar to Han being frozen in carbonite.

While it’s definitely possible that Finn will be in a coma for part of the film, we seriously doubt he’s going to spend a significant portion, let alone the entire film, completely unconscious.

14 Luke Turned to The Dark Side


This is a popular theory that began circulating long before the trailer, and there are many who believe the trailer only confirms their suspicions. We know that Luke has had a rough time ever since his nephew and apprentice turned on him, killing all known Jedi and destroying the Jedi Temple. After going into a self-imposed exile, he’s had a lot of time to think--but instead of reaching inner peace or thinking of a way to stop the First Order, it sounds like he’s had a change of tune. His words in the trailer, that the Jedi must end, came as something of a shock. Why would Luke say something like this?

Some believe that Luke has been turned to the Dark Side by his own madness and isolation; others believe that he turned a long time ago and is only just now admitting it. What this means for Rey, well, we can’t say.

13 Rey is Going to Have to Fight Luke

One spin-off of the “Luke Turned to the Dark Side” theory is that he will truly follow in his father’s footsteps and become the very evil he once fought to destroy. When Darth Vader faced off with Obi-Wan in A New Hope, he reminded Obi-Wan that when last they met, Obi-Wan had been the master. Star Wars loves playing with this trope, and because of it, there are some who believe that Luke, the master, will face off with a pupil. But rather than Kylo Ren, as many have been expecting it to be, some believe that the pupil with whom he will face off will be Rey, and instead of a pupil turned bad, it will be the master who has gone bad while the pupil stays close to the light.

This theory doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons: if Luke is going to fight Rey, why is he training her to believe one thing when he believes another?

12 Rey Will Turn to The Dark Side


This theory is one that people have had since The Force Awakens was released, but the The Last Jedi trailer has only further convinced people. Anakin Skywalker turned to the Dark Side but was eventually brought back to the light. Luke Skywalker was tempted by the Dark Side but stayed in the light. Well, some fans ask, what if Rey is tempted by the Dark Side...and gives in? Some fans believe that Rey’s clips in the trailer--as well as the new poster art--mean that she is going to join the Dark Side.

Obviously this is a stupid theory, since Kylo Ren is the Skywalker who gave in to the Dark Side and may or may not be redeemed, while Rey serves as his Light side foil. That would be like if Luke had turned to the Dark Side after his father cut off his hand--it wouldn’t make sense.

11 The Jedi Have to End So That There Can Be No More Dark Side

Bizarre as this theory may sound, there’s actually some merit to it.

We were all stunned to hear Luke say that the Jedi have to end. Coming from the guy who kept insisting he wanted to be a Jedi like his father and the sole reason the Jedi Order was rebuilt, it’s beyond strange that he wants an end to the Jedi. Many fans have interpreted this to mean that he doesn’t want all Force-sensitive beings to die; rather, he wants the ideology of the old Jedi order to be replaced with a new ideology. Contrary to popular belief, there is more than just the Light Side and the Dark. A third side, the Gray Jedi, seeks to use facets from both sides to form a balance. Many fans believe that this is what Luke means--that the only way to achieve balance in the force is to eradicate both the Dark Side and the Light.

10 Finn is Going to Die


This theory sprung from both the trailer and one of John Boyega’s accessories worn during Star Wars Celebration. As we’ve already pointed out, Finn barely showed up in the trailer. He has one scene, and that scene is of him sleeping--presumably still comatose after his ordeal in The Force Awakens. Some fans speculate that the reason he shows up so little is because he’s going to die, either from the coma or from another run-in with Kylo Ren or Captain Phasma. What confirmed this for several fans was an armband that John Boyega wore during the Star Wars Celebration. The black armband has the word “DEAD” on it in white letters, with the E facing backwards. This could be anything--a reference to another project of Boyega’s or a project in which he’s invested, or a brand or logo that he’s promoting. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s hinting to Finn’s fate. In fact, that would be a really, incredibly stupid move, and one that the PR team at Disney certainly wouldn’t allow.

9 Luke is Training Rey in The Dark Side

Going off of the theories that Luke or Rey have turned/will turn to the Dark Side, there are some who believe both of them will ultimately end up on the Dark Side. At the end of The Force Awakens, Rey goes in search of Luke to learn from him, get answers to her questions, and hopefully bring him out of retirement so that he can help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order.

There are some out there who believe that Luke is training Rey, and not just in the Force--they believe he’s training her for the Dark Side. The theories vary as to whether or not she knows this--some say she is aware of it, but many more say that she doesn’t realize it until it’s too late.

We can’t really see Luke Skywalker knowingly training Rey in the Dark Side, especially when he seems reluctant to train her in the Force at all.


8 Kylo Ren Will Turn to The Light Side


This may not be the bizarrest theory out there, but it definitely strains credulity. Amidst all the talk of Rey and Luke turning to the Dark Side, there are some who believe that Kylo Ren will actually turn to the Light Side. Maybe he will be so driven so deeply into the Dark Side that he will turn back to the Light; maybe a confrontation with Luke or Rey or even Leia will bring him back to his senses. Maybe, some fans think, he will have a moment similar to his grandfather: it won’t be until someone he loves is endangered by an agent of the Dark Side that he sees the error in his ways and moves back towards the Light in order to save them.

It’s pretty bizarre and almost definitely not going to happen. If it does, we have some bones to pick with Disney.

7 The Voice We Hear is Not Luke’s, But a Force Ghost Guiding Rey

One of the many reasons that the The Last Jedi trailer is so cool is because we have a blissfully non-silent Luke talking to Rey and guiding her through the Force. Some fans have argued that even though we are 900% sure that’s Mark Hamill’s voice, it doesn’t sound like his voice (like maybe, I don’t know, it’s been over thirty years since the last time he spoke in a Star Wars movie?). Instead of Luke, some say, the voice belongs to another--a Force ghost guiding Rey through her journey.

We are seriously doubtful that a ghost--especially one who isn’t Obi-Wan, Yoda, or Qui-Gon Jinn--would be communicating with Rey in this manner, especially when Rey is already on Ahch-To with Luke. It’s entirely possible that Hayden Christensen and/or Ewan McGregor will appear to Rey at some point, but for them to be guiding her when she has a trained Jedi master right there doesn’t make much sense.

6 The Ruins Are Not The Jedi Temple, But The Resistance Base


One of the brief shots we get in the new trailer is of a hooded figure (probably Luke) kneeling beside R2-D2 while they look at flaming ruins. Brief though the clip is, it looks very similar to the flashback Rey has when she touches Luke’s lightsaber, leading many to speculate that scene is another flashback, this time of Luke watching the destroyed Jedi Temple. Others, however, believe that it is not the Jedi Temple at all, but actually the Resistance base.

It’s not...the worst theory. But that being said, it’s still pretty bad. The reasoning behind this is that there’s a clip of Poe running into a hangar with BB-8, but before Poe can get to his ship, a fiery blast lands in front of him. Folks believe that the flaming ruins are actually all that’s left of the Resistance base. It’s possible that the Resistance base will get hit hard, but we doubt that’s what the hooded figure is looking at.

5 The Voiceover is From Rey’s Previous Training with Luke

Sensible people will know that the voice we hear in the trailer not only belongs to Mark Hamill, but is definitely Luke (and not a Force ghost) guiding Rey through her training. While the general consensus is that this guidance comes after Rey finds Luke on Ahch-To, there are some who believe the words we hear from Luke were spoken much earlier. We know so little about Rey--who her parents are, where she came from, who left her on Jakku and why. It’s possible that before the destruction of the Jedi Temple, Rey was one of his pupils, if not his daughter or niece. Well, some fans believe that when we hear Luke’s voiceover, it’s not him talking to 19-year-old Rey--it’s a flashback or memory of Luke telling a much younger how to use the Force while she’s still a pupil at the Temple. Is it possible? Maybe. Is it likely? Probably not.

4 Chewbacca Will Die


This is one theory that absolutely better not come true, or we’ll have a serious bone to pick with Disney.

We were all devastated by Han’s death in The Force Awakens. The space jockey who smuggled his way into our hearts forty years ago was a hard character to lose. Some fans believe that Disney may make it even harder by killing off Han’s hairy companion. This theory is largely based off of the Extended Universe, where Chewie dies after saving Han and Leia’s son. Some fans believe that Chewie may suffer a similar fate in The Last Jedi, or that Kylo Ren will kill his father’s friend the same way he killed his father. This theory is only further evidenced by the fact that Chewie doesn’t appear in the trailer.

We have serious doubts that Disney would kill Han’s best friend so soon after the death of Han himself--and if they do, there will be hell to pay.

3 Kylo Ren is A Double Agent

This theory is an older one, but it’s generated more interest since the trailer came out. One of the more poignant shots in the trailer is of Kylo Ren’s destroyed helmet smouldering on the floor. This could mean all sorts of things (and is more likely the result of one of Kyle Ron’s temper tantrums), but many fans are choosing to believe that that it’s a sign that he’s either giving up his Dark ways or that he’s frustrated being...a double agent.

That’s right: some folks are so eager to excuse Kylo Ren’s actions that they believe he’s a double agent working for the Resistance. Never mind the fact that the Resistance formed against him and the First Order specifically, never mind that he senselessly and violently kills civilians, he must be working for the Resistance! But how do you explain his killing Han? Simple--it was staged.

Yeah, okay.

2 Kylo Ren and Rey Will Switch Places


There are theories about Kylo Ren turning to the Light Side, and there are theories about Rey turning to the Dark Side, and now there’s a theory that both things will happen.

It’s a little much.

Some folks believe that the destroyed helmet we see is a sign of Kylo Ren abandoning his Dark Side ways and coming back to the Light; meanwhile, the obvious struggle and inner turmoil of Rey will lead to her joining the Dark Side.

It would be quite a leap for either of these things to happen on their own, but for both of them to happen simultaneously is absolutely ludicrous. Rey has seen what evil the Dark Side causes, and Kylo Ren has gone too far to be pulled back by the light. Rey isn’t about to join the bad guys, and Kylo Ren isn’t about to go back to Luke and act like he didn’t kill an entire generation of Jedi.

1 Poe Dameron is Going To Die

This is one theory that, while bizarre, may actually have some substance. In the trailer, there’s a shot of Poe and BB-8 racing towards a hangar (presumably in the Resistance base). Just before they get to the ship, however, a blast from what we can only assume is the First Order blows up his ship. Though Poe seems okay, some are starting to speculate that he may be hit with a second blast, or that the first blast is foreshadowing his fate later on in the film.

While we can’t be certain, there is actually some merit to this theory. Poe was originally supposed to die in The Force Awakens when the stolen ship he was piloting crash-landed on Jakku. Abrams brought him back, but it’s always possible that he was only delaying Poe’s inevitable demise. Maybe Poe really will die in The Last Jedi. Or maybe people have been drinking too much blue milk.


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