Are These 15 Pictures Of Famous People Real Or Photoshopped?

Technology has gotten insanely advanced these days. What's stranger yet is that many of our most impressive advances in technology haven't necessarily been in the fields of space travel or medicinal treatment or mind-blowing science; no, most of the leaps and bounds we've made in the realm of technological innovation have been geared toward the everyday consumer. Tools and inventions that help us to sleep better, cook faster, avoid cleaning, lose weight sooner, and, of course, look hotter.

Photoshop was once an advanced computer program that people were able to list on their resumes; now, it's so commonly used by the everyday Instagrammer that kids know how to use it. And most of the time, we can catch when someone is overly doctoring their pictures -- most of the time, but not all of the time. In fact, if there's anyone that knows how to use photoshop (and programs like it) to a degree that they can put it on their resume, it's photographers and models like these. They're very skilled at the art of photo editing and sure get paid the big bucks to make everyday people look like... well, supermodels.

In the modern Hollywood industry, where singers are actors, and actors are fashion icons, and everyone is a model, we've got a lot of phonies that would love you to believe that the pictures you're seeing are natural -- but you can't believe everything you see! Let's break them down and separate the insecure liars from the steaming hot ladies proud to flaunt their bodies:

15 Photoshopped

At this point in the article, you've probably noticed a strong pattern in who chooses to have extensive photoshop work done and who prefers to go all natural, #nofilter, and share their pride in their bodies with the world. People that are just gaining fame and attention tend to not care as much and have a much more healthy perspective on their bodies while those that are famous and have been famous for a while, especially if their fame is rooted in their physical appearance, tend to require photoshop editing for all of the pictures taken of them. Megan Fox is a classic example of this. Known for being a sexy young thing, she would never want an unedited picture, like the one of the left, out in the world. But really, we think it would be kind of cool if she'd have more pictures like this out there -- it makes her level of sex appeal, which men clamor for, seem achievable to women.

14 Real

Stunning, right? While all of these famous models are spending boatloads of money trying to edit their photos and getting the makeup to hide their flaws and imperfections, this gorgeous woman barely has any makeup on at all (maybe some chapstick, mascara, and eyebrow fill) and has stopped all of our hearts! Meet the next Stacy on our list: Stacy Daniella, an Instagram model you can find @lord0dd. She models and dances in New York, but some of her most chill pictures on Instagram, like this, are some of her best. The stunningly hot model loves to show off her bare skin as often as possible and has a penchant for photo shoots that include a unique flare (like neon blue lipstick) on an otherwise fairly blank canvas of her body. We're so thankful that there are models like Stacy Daniella out there who aren't afraid of her natural body.

13 Photoshopped

IT'S QUEEN BEE! So, like some of the other women on this list, Beyonce is also not known for her modeling; however, just like them, she's had to do plenty of modeling over the years. While she'd prefer to be primarily known as a singer and pop icon, she's also known as an actress, a progressive icon, a bit of a revolutionary, and, yes, a model. This odd modeling picture, where she's cutting carrot ribbons with a machete, was just one of the many taken to advertise Beyonce's albums. But check out all of the stuff that was (and was not) edited: that shimmer on her skin sure seems natural, but you'll notice a ripple of belly fat (more like belly skin, due to poor posture) was erased in the final cut, and the natural lines on her face from her frown were taken out as were some of the frizzy flyaways in her hair.

12 Real

Enough of those fake models who want you to believe that their bodies are flawless perfect, with no wrinkles or lines -- let's find a model who isn't afraid to show off her body. Meet Ashley Sky, another instantly famous Instagram model who boldly showed off her stunning body. How do we know that this picture wasn't edited? Well, look for the flaws... or, rather, what mass media and society dictate as "flaws" in the female figure. Her hair is a little frizzy, the makeup around her hairline is smudged and hasn't blended well, and, most noticeably, the line from her Iliac crest (hip) down to her, ahem, lady parts is very pronounced, as it should be in a picture like this but is usually edited away. This is a pure and all-natural picture of the gorgeous Ashley Sky, and her Instagram account, @ashleysky, is filled with even more sexy pictures of this babe in bikinis.

11 Photoshopped

Most people didn't realize when The Black Eyed Peas started to hit back in the 2000s that Fergie was already a bit up there in her years. Stacy Ferguson, as she's known to everyone that doesn't just know her from her hyper-sexualized songs, is actually 42 years old now. She's married to Josh Duhamel (a pretty hot guy, if you ask any lady), and they have one kid together. She still has a pretty rocking body, if you ask us, but she's certainly not selling what her photoshopped press flaunts. On the right is the finalized and edited picture of Fergie that floated through the internet, but on the left is the same image before it was edited. The main differences are the poor lighting, the crepey skin around her neck and chin, and her exaggerated breast size -- not to mention the smoothing of aging lines on her face. We think Fergie is fine the way she is, though she's certainly eclipsed out of her years as a hot young thing and is indeed more of a MILF now.

10 Real

We've got another Insta-famous model for you, though this one is incredibly different from Stacy Daniella. Meet Tianna Gregory, most famous for her Instagram modeling but rapidly becoming a known figure in fitness, skating culture, and formal modeling. She's very interested in photo shoots that capture her in hyper-sexualized situations (if you don't believe us, check out her website at www.tiannag.com or her Instagram account, @tiannag -- we're kind of in love with all of her doughnut pictures), but we think that this picture of her posing in front of sexy, polished cars is one of her best. Why? Because it's simply her, nothing more or less. Her crop top reveals a naturally toned tummy, and the shadows from time in the sun that surround her eyes only add to how gorgeous her piercing eyes really are. While she may be one to prefer a bit of doctoring of her photos, we're glad this one escaped unedited.

9 Photoshopped

Anyone that picks up a Victoria's Secret catalog and believes what they see is honest, genuine, face value truth - a bit of an idiot. Victoria's Secret is horrifyingly notorious for doctoring photos in just the right way to make them still look believable while making every woman they're selling to question if they're good enough. Listen, no Victoria's Secret Model is as sexy as Victoria's Secret would have you believe. These women are edited and censored and doctored (and besides, they're all the same body shape of no muscle, no curves, barely a butt, and big boobs. We're bored). Take this swimsuit catalog picture, for example: we've gone ahead and shown you that this model has more fat around her arms and chest that had to be censored in her armpit, plus they slimmed the bridge of her nose for no reason. Also, though you may not be able to tell, they lightened the skin around her breasts and rounded them out in photoshop to make her look perkier.

8 Photoshopped

If you're on social media or follow entertainment news at all, then you've probably seen this doctored picture on the right. Katy likes to be known as an out-there, quirky, sex symbol, but she also likes to be associated with the goofballs and the silly followers she has, so she's reveled in the fact that this picture of her going cross-eyed (while still managing to look stunning) has made its rounds on the internet. It seemed like a cute accident that it got around social media, but it clearly was not. Why else would they have edited the picture so much? On the left, you'll see the original image. Honestly, it makes the picture on the right seem really creepy! What happened to all of the pores on Katy Perry's face? Why doesn't her chin follow her face in its expressiveness? How can she be going cross-eyed without any muscular exertion anywhere on her face?!

7 Real

Some guys are really into the typical Victoria's Secret look -- you know, a woman with practically no muscle that looks like she hasn't eaten in 36 hours but has had a boob job and can afford expensive lingerie, so it's acceptable. Some guys are into that, and that's totally cool. But some guys are into a woman that can fend for herself, that eats three or more square meals a day, and goes just as hard at the gym as they do. To guys like these, we recommend you look up Stephanie Sanzo and women like her. This Australian mother of two is a fitness coach for men and women alike, and she practices the hardcore life that she advocates -- and it's clearly working out for her! Can you imagine: two babies came out of where those washboard abs are now! This hot mama looks smoking hot, no filter and no editing.

6 Real

Remember earlier when we slammed Victoria's Secret for never allowing a female model of theirs to appear genuinely as they naturally would? Well, we weren't being wholly true. Meet Jasmine Tookes, a longtime Victoria's Secret model who asked -- nay, BEGGED, to be shown as she naturally is in a Victoria's Secret ad. While the photo shown here is obviously edited so that you can better see Jasmine's face in a side by side with her famous pose, it's otherwise untouched. How can you tell? Because she's showing you her stretch marks! You'll see right around Jasmine's booty (check out the curve between her rump and her thighs) stretch marks from all her exercise. That's right: getting a bigger bottom through exercise can still make your skin stretch and leaves marks. Jasmine wanted every woman to feel sexy, and this bold move surely helped. We're just glad that Victoria's Secret let her do the shoot, and we hope those Wonderbras stick around for a while...

5 Photoshopped

Madonna got famous back in the 80s when she was still very young and girlish and rebellious and spunky. Now, it's 2017, and Madonna's still trying to remind people that she's famous, too, though she still wants to be known today as the sex symbol that she was in the '80s. Look, Madonna -- you're great and all, but that ship has sailed. She's almost 60 years old, for crying out loud! So when you see pictures of Madonna like the one on the right, don't you dare go believing them. Madonna has had plenty of plastic surgeries to keep her looking young, but it's just not possible for a woman her age to look young forever. The image on the left was the original, and honestly, she's looking pretty good still. But it looks like she's fried her hair from bleaching it so many times, her eyes look tired from trying to look smokey all the time, and her shoulders look weary from all the excessive modeling and photoshoots and public appearances. Take a break, girlfriend.

4 Real

If you haven't met her already, meet Danielle Brooks. She's most commonly known for her time on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, but she's been trying at an acting career for years. Before she was cast on OITNB, she struggled a lot with her body and weight, wondering if she wasn't getting roles because she wasn't talented or if it was due to her weight and body proportions. As of late, she's come to not only accept her curves but LOVE them, and we love them too! Danielle is crazy sexy, and she clearly knows it. Why else would she Instagram out an undoctored photo of her from a photo shoot with Glamour Magazine? Danielle posted the picture with a quote from the motivational and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson and hashtagged that her flaws are perfect... but honestly, we're still trying to find the flaws...

3 Photoshopped

Do you know what James Cameron called Kate Winslet when they were working on Titanic together? Kate Whines-a-lot. You know why? Because Kate is not fun to work with; she wants to be shown in the right light in the right way at all times, and she doesn't want to have to work very hard for it. Perhaps that's why she had an expert doctor this photo even when she really didn't need to! She looks fine in her picture on the left, but apparently, she just wasn't hot enough for the ad she was making. So the Photoshop docs did some of the basics, like smoothing out her dress and erasing the many freckles on her arms and taking some of the darkness out from under her eyes. But then they had to go even further and smooth out her overly contoured face, lighten her already blonde hair, and pink-ify her lips! Couldn't we just have left this picture alone?

2 Real

Not all of the real and unfiltered pictures that we'll show you here today are all from Instagram famous models. While they do a good job of flaunting their goods without professional help, it's not about doing the best with what you've got. No -- these models are trying to prove that they don't need photoshop to be considered a sexy gal. Take British model Iskra Lawrence, for example. The model is considered to be a plus-sized model, though we think she looks pretty damn tiny in every picture we've ever seen her in, and she's worked constantly to prove that women can be sexy no matter their size. This picture just goes further to prove that. While preparing to dive into the chilly waters of this waterfall, we got to snag a stunning picture of her behind. With a booty, hips, and a back like hers, we've got to wonder why anyone would think Iskra isn't drop-dead gorgeous.

1 Real

Target was recently praised by the press, followers, and shoppers alike when it released the results of this photoshoot. The company, known as Walmart's greatest competitor and an accessible department store that meets all our needs, took a bold chance and stopped advertising with the young, sexy, edited, and unachievable look; instead, they brought in real women with real bodies and showed them off. They asked each lady to pick their favorite swimsuit and lined them up to create this sexy beach pic. The results? Target proved that they have comfortable swimsuits for women of all colors, ages, and sizes. And since they source their swimsuits and underwear from the same company that owns Victoria's Secret, they've been able to flaunt some of the hottest and sexiest styles on ordinary women. The store did immensely well on swimsuit sales that year, and rightfully so! Target has inspired other major corporations to show genuine female bodies in their marketing materials.

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