Are These 15 Cosplays Of The Scooby Doo Gang Hot Or Just Weird?

Cover photo (left) by Ruffshots Photography. Models: IG @shannonhurst216 & IG @kellykirstein

If I'm totally honest, it seems that Velma cleans up pretty well with regards to hottest cosplays when it comes to Scooby Doo.

That's not to say there aren't hot versions of Daphne, and even Shaggy and Fred...but there's something about taking the nerdy, and quirky character, and turning her into a sexy, skilled, and stunning cosplay. Trust me when I say there's nothing wrong with this at all.

I must only apologize that I couldn't include some of the photos I really wanted to. There are some very risqué cosplays of both Daphne and Velma. Very, very revealing. But it has to be said: the fact that the following cosplays aren't as revealing as some may want...they will certainly make you far more interested in Scooby Doo than you have ever, ever been.

So, jinkies, let's get down with the Scooby Gang, and see how your childhood memories compare with these cosplays.

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15 Biker Velma

Right off the bat, it's too bad that you can see the orange on the gun that this cosplayer is holding. It's maybe the only thing that can take me out of how incredible this is. Velma has always been the shy, but very intelligent, and nerdy character. But here...damn. She's disheveled, torn up, showing some skin, riding a bike, and holding a rifle. That's pretty damn hot to me. And it changes everything I ever thought about Velma when I was a kid. I always had a thing for Daphne. How could you not? And I did get the sort of librarian feel from Velma, but it was never very prominent because she was never pushed as the "attractive one" of the gang. But she has certainly earned her place there in the minds of probably every reader now.

14 Sleazy Scooby Gang

It just has to be said, right away...the fact that Shaggy is played by a tall, and strikingly sexy woman is just amazing. Especially the way she's got her shirt done up. She may not be that shaggy, but I still dare to say that she's done the character justice. She looks pretty chill leaning there. Daphne is clearly made to be much more sexed out than her original character ever was. But I think the hooker boots, and the lower cut top are just fine for the angle these lovely ladies are aiming at. And Velma...well...wow. She's wearing a belt of ammo, has an AK47 and first aid kit next to her...and she's smoking! This cosplayer has made Velma dangerous, and damn sexy. I'll be totally honest that it's a little strange, having grown up with the cartoon versions of these characters...but I'm willing to accept these new renditions.

13 VaVa Voom Velma

Wow! I may have already mentioned something to with Velma always having had a bit of a hot librarian vibe to her. Well this photo shoot just proves it. And proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. The amount of skin on display here makes this Velma smoking hot...or rather, shows off just how smoking hot this cosplayer is. Then leaning in with that magnifying glass, as if she's about to do something nerdy (while looking quite naughty) is a real draw. And that final pose, sitting on that stack of books, showing off those legs, with just the right lean in her body...wow. Eve Beauregard is a masterful cosplayer who really knows how to capture the essence of a character while making it innovative in her own very, very special way.

12 The Stairwell Gang

Do you ever remember that gang of misfit kids who sat in the stairwell at your high school when you were growing up? Well imagine these ladies being that very group of misfits. And then think about how much more attention you'd have paid to that scorching hot gang. Shaggy in the background is more of the sexy rocker sort of character. Daphne is more that party girl type who probably gets white-girl-wasted every other night. And this version of Velma, while conservative as the original character always was, carries that quirky sexuality that is almost reminiscent of the basket case in The Breakfast Club (but much smarter). It's very interesting to see the new takes, and twists that people employ when trying out a new cosplay. Sure, the armed gang version is pretty cool, but this works just as well.

11 Velma And The Mystery Machine

What!? There's just something that is so right about dressing down Velma and dirtying her up that makes her extraordinarily attractive. And then to arm her with a bloody axe...It's just bloody awesome (no pun intended). Imagine Velma Dinkley zombie hunter. Sure her last name may still not be that attractive, but that doesn't change how wicked it would be to have a film like that to watch. And let's take a moment to appreciate the really cool background that this cosplayer has used. It seems that the Mystery Machine has gone through some interesting gang activity, as well as some zombie attacks. It's been tagged, shot, and spattered with blood. It would not surprise me to see Velma being the leader of the Scooby Gang in the universe that this cosplayer has created.

10 Daphne And The Mystery Machine

Perhaps not as take-charge-looking as the Velma who was placed in front of this same background, but that doesn't take away from how incredibly hot both this cosplay, and this cosplayer are. And it's kind of badass that Daphne is carrying a hand crossbow. And she looks like she's been through some sh*t, you know? You can see it in her eyes, and in that sort of vacant lip position that is typical of models, and people who have no f*cks left to give. And credit has to again be given to this incredible background, because there's something to be said of this post-apocalyptic-looking Mystery Machine. It brings out a quality in the cosplay itself that really sells the reality of the darkened universe this cosplayer has created.

9 Daphne And Fred

Photo by Ruffshots Photgraphy - Models: IG @shannonhurst216 & IG @kellykirstein

These characters have certainly been well done. Even Fred. The gender-bending certainly makes Fred sexy for a change, and the outfit doesn't make her look like a dolt (like the actual Fred always seemed to be). And hey, they even keep true to the characters. After all, it was pretty clear that Daphne and Fred always had a thing. And that angle was pushed much more when Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Freddy Prince Jr. played the roles in the films. Hollywood always needs a romantic angle. And besides, this cosplay angle is far more attractive than having Freddy Prince Jr. thrown into the mix. And I'm sure there is no male reader here who is opposed to this...creative cosplay. And it has to be said that the outfits of both characters is pretty spot on.

8 Street Walking...

I'm not quite sure if I think this cosplay is more weird or more attractive. After all...both cosplayers have decided to take the "streetwalker" angle for these characters. Which is a pretty odd angle to have a go at. I mean, there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, but it does make one wonder just how Scooby Doo could have turned out. Maybe Daphne and Velma were turning tricks in order to keep putting gas in the Mystery Machine when they were hard up for work? Fred was a well-dressed man...maybe he was their pimp? Either way, the vinyl go go outfits that these ladies are wearing are...certainly an interesting choice. And while they are both fairly attractive, it does really turn my head a bit. I'm more interesting in knowing what possessed them, than how to have them.

7 Dear Me Daphne!

Oh...my...goodness. If ever you had a crush on Daphne as a kid, let me tell you that it's increased ten fold now. And for those of you who never happened to have a crush on her (guys and gals alike), surely you must now. This is the most smoking version of Daphne Blake I have ever seen in my life. And I would still argue that this cosplayer has held true to the character while showing a sexuality of the character that you most likely have never seen before. She keeps the colour palette the very same. Sure there are no lighter lines across her lingerie, but there are some tonal difference between the top, the bottoms, and the stockings. And I dare say that's enough, given the quality of the shoot to begin with. And come on: even that smirk she's got going on is enough to sell the snarky character she always has been; just waiting for Fred to get the hint.

6 Jessica Nigri's Velma

Oh come on. You knew there was going to be a Jessica Nigri photo on here somewhere. She's been down every single avenue of cosplay in existence, pretty well. Now I must say that this wasn't my first choice of the Nigri Velma Dinkley photo shoot. But there was much too much cleavage to put up here on TheRichest. But hey, at least you get to know that this exists in the first place. And even without revealing anything else in this cosplay, it can often be just enough to look into Jessica Nigri's gorgeous eyes. She does the hair perfectly, as well as the lipstick. And the freckles are a wonderful touch. The only thing I wish she added to this shot was her having a tiny nibble on the end of her glasses. Just to accentuate the sexuality of the cosplay. Though sexuality, cosplay, and Nigri are never truly apart.

5 Post-Apocalyptic Velma

Is this a zombie-hunting Velma? There's some sort of creature running about. You can tell by the bloody prints in the background, and the claw marks all over Velma's body. And what a body, I must say. I'm not totally sold on the hair, I have to say...but given the universe this cosplayer has seemed to have created, it does make perfect sense that her hair would seem sort of matted, and/or disheveled. Either way, this Velma has certainly got the right lean to show off enough of what most viewers are going to want to see. And she is armed to the...let's just say the teeth. I was going to say something else, but they might be part of her weaponry all the same. And that interesting tattoo seems to be indicative of some sort of dark, and evil powers going on. Maybe she's warding the evil away with it?

4 Dainty Daphne

You know, though there's another shot of this amazing cosplay elsewhere in this article, this is perhaps the most exact outfit of all the entries here. The dress is perfect. The scarf and headband are just right. The hair, and the mischievous, quizzical look complete it all. And the stockings, while not exact thanks to their laced designs, are still in the spirit of the character for sure (with just a bit of added edge). Far and away, this is the most accurate of all the cosplays here. It deviates the least from the original outfit in the show. And in spite of all of that, this cosplayer is still drop dead gorgeous. And while the dressed down version that this cosplayer does of Daphne is far sexier, there are many points given here for accuracy.

3 Best Friends

I'm not quite sure what I think about this one. Sure, the cosplayers have a good handle on their outfits, and there are no real complaints there. But there's something odd about the setup of this shot all the same. It might be all the kooky Halloween stuff adorning both the back and foregrounds. It makes the whole thing seem a whole lot more faked or just bizarre. And while it looks like these two are getting along quite, quite well...for some reason it seems that Daphne is calling Velma a loser. Or she's calling every onlooker a loser. And either way, she doesn't really have the justification for something like that. Maybe she means to say love, but she couldn't have missed the memo that putting an 'L' up like that means 'loser'. Oh well, at least they're cute.

2 Velma On A Binge...

Who ever thought that they'd see Velma on a wine binge? Why do I say binge? Because she's drinking a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon...with a straw! It never occurred to me that Velma could be a booze hound. But now that I think of it, I guess it makes sense. She never really lands any sort of love interest. And it's pretty clear that the Scooby Gang only like having her around because she's really smart, and can get them all out of a jam. But hey, never mind all of the speculation of Velma's alcoholism. In spite of all that, this cosplayer is crazy cute. And when I say crazy, I mean to say that she appears to be a bit...off. But that's also kind of attractive, if I'm honest. And while the bows in the hair are a bit out of character, I've not really any issue with the quality of her outfit.

1 The Whole Scooby Gang

So this one is probably weird to everyone, simply because there is a giant dog, and two men in the photo. That does take away from any sort of sexiness that the photo could have had. And I'm going to have to say that I think Velma is the hottest one in the shot. Hands down. If for no other reason than that the cosplayer dressed as Daphne does not have the right colour, or outfit in any way. Now to be fair, she may have been on a tight budget...or she just didn't really care. She looks much more like a go go dancer, than she does Daphne Blake. At least the boots and dress match. But that green is kind of intense against that hot pink. It's too bad because she's a pretty good looking cosplayer. I just wish she had put more work into her outfit is all.

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