15They Admit Crystal Skulls Are Fake… But Still Made By Aliens

Contrary to what some may think, crystal skulls weren’t made up for an Indiana Jones movie. No, they go back a long way, revered as a major bit among alien buffs as proof of long-time visitation by aliens to other cultures. But ever since they appeared, they have been debunked

time and again by geologists, historians, and other experts as nothing more than expertly crafted frauds meant to milk a gullible rich person. Not one has ever been documented as having actually been found in some cultural site; just by random folks. An episode of AA openly acknowledges all that… then somehow goes right into the skulls being real. They touch on them being used by everyone, from the Mayans to the Nazis, and coming from Atlantis. They even mention how they're “linked” to how survivors of Atlantis moved to Tibet like it’s historical fact. The nuttiest bit is how so much of this talk goes on “ancient records” and myths of power, when the fact is that it wasn’t until the 20th century that the skulls went from some minor bit to suddenly having “great power”. So the show can acknowledge a fraud, but then gives it life. This sums up the series perfectly.

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