American Horror Story: 15 True Stories Behind Characters

One of the reasons why American Horror Story is such a successful series is because of the characters on the show. Sure, we love AHS for many different reasons; good plot twists, believable dialogue, and that sort of thing, but at the heart of it all is the characters themselves.

But have you ever watched a season of AHS and wondered to yourself how the writers dream up all these characters? Do they maybe use traits from people they know to build them up or are they entirely fictional? Most writers will tell you that they use what they see around them to create so often the characters you see are a blend of fiction and reality. Real-life quirks help make the characters more believable and relatable, and this is one area where AHS gets it right every time.

But the creators of our favorite anthology series also likes to draw on real-life historical figures to create their characters and although these accounts are often highly fictional (i.e they add extra details), this makes the storylines seem even more credible and of course, scarier too! But which characters are based on real people? We’ve got the shocking true stories behind the best-loved AHS characters right here.

15 Asylum: Kit And Alma Walker

14 Asylum: Anne Frank

13 Coven: Madame Delphine LaLaurie

12 Coven: Marie Laveau

11 Coven: The Axeman Of New Orleans

10 Freak Show: Pepper And Salty

9 Murder House: The Black Dahlia

8 Hotel: James Patrick March

7 Freak Show/Hotel: Twisty And John Wayne Gacy

6 Freak Show: Jimmy Darling

5 Freak Show: Dot And Bette Tattler

4 Hotel: Aileen Wuornos

3 Roanoke: Miranda And Bridget Jane

2 Roanoke: Thomasin White

1 Hotel: Richard Ramirez

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American Horror Story: 15 True Stories Behind Characters