Amanda Bynes Dines Solo In LAX (And 15 Other Celebs Who Eat Alone In Restaurants)

In today’s world, there are a few things that everyday people aspire to have more than acquiring a certain level of fame. That is why we have so many everyday Joes that are more than willing to look like fools in front of international crowds as the stars of so-called “reality” shows. This is the case because those that are able to beat the odds and become famous for one reason or another are given a number of highly-valued things like wealth and success. As such, most of them end up having an endless amount of people that will bend over backwards for their every whim which, in most cases, results in stars developing entourages. That is why it is so notable that someone like Amanda Bynes was seen eating in an LAX eatery all by herself in the past. Realizing all of this inspired us to put together this list of her and fifteen other celebrities eating alone in public restaurants.

In order for coverage of someone eating by himself in a public place to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost must be a famous person dining alone. For our purposes, it doesn’t matter what the person has done in order to attain his/her notoriety, so you may find actors, athletes, musicians, or any other kind of star included here. Aside from that, the only other imperative is that that evidence needs to point to the famous person in question spending his/her entire dining experience eating alone. That said, if someone approaches him/her in order to request something like a selfie or otherwise profess their fandom for the star, that will make no difference.

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16 Amanda Bynes - Solo At Gladstone’s

Via lockerdome.com

The very person that inspired us to put together this list in the first place, Amanda Bynes has easily become one of the most erratic stars in Hollywood in recent years. Best known for starring in TV series like The Amanda Show or What I Like About You, on top of movies like Easy A, Hairspray, and She’s the Man, it seemed like her career was absolutely on fire. Then, she announced her retirement from acting and seemed to have a mental breakdown of sorts. In the midst of all the drama in her life, she was arrested twice for DUI, and merely days after the second of those events, she was spotted eating by herself in LAX. Opting to dine at Gladstone’s, from the pictures, it seems as though she enjoyed her dining experience immensely.

15 Nick Jonas - Ate By Himself At Restaurant Champignon

via Just Jared

A singer and songwriter that made his first forays into the entertainment world at the age of seven, Nick Jonas ended up rising to international fame alongside his siblings as a part of The Jonas Brothers. A pop group that released a number of hit songs, after they disbanded, he was arguably able to become an even bigger star all by himself due to a more mature sound. Considering how loyal and over-the-top his fan following made up of young women has been in the past, it seems hard to imagine him walking his dog down a city street in New York City with only a friend. More than that, however, the fact that he then ate by himself at the restaurant Champignon is frankly astonishing, especially as he opted to use their summertime patio.

14 Daniel Radcliffe - Dining Alone In New York

via Just Jared

The person tapped to play the lead in one of the most successful film franchises of all time at a very young age, Daniel Radcliffe began starring in the Harry Potter films as a child. Since then maturing into a respected actor that takes on some of the most unique roles available in modern cinema, he has starred in other films like Horns, Swiss Army Man, and Imperium. Fortunately for his many fans, it so far seems as though he has beaten the odds and become far better adjusted than almost all of his fellow former child star peers. Seemingly comfortable with himself, we aren’t surprised to see him enjoy a book while enjoying some food alone at the New York restaurant Extra Virgin, which we assume is a reference to olive oil.

13 Jason Statham - Eating By Himself At Joan's On Third

Via perezhilton.com

An English actor that first rose to fame in the acting industry as the star of a pair of Guy Ritchie comedic crime films, Jason Statham was excellent in both Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, as well as Snatch. Since then taking his career in another direction, he is now one of the biggest action stars due to films like the Fast and Furious, Crank, Transporter, and Expendables franchises. Now an international star that spends much of his time in America where many of the biggest films are shot, seeing him in Los Angeles is far from shocking. That said, we can only imagine how exciting it would be for fellow customers of that city’s restaurant, Joan's On Third, eating a generous plate of pasta by himself.

12 Henry Cavill - Flying Solo In Rome

Via laineygossip.com

The latest person to take on the role of one of the most recognizable pop culture figures in modern history, Henry Cavill looks as though he was born to embody Superman on the big screen. Blessed with the looks and charisma that makes him capable of playing such a heroic being, his Superman films have not been universally well-received but most think he was well-cast. Since then branching out into films as other characters, he has been seen in Immortals, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., and Sand Castle on top of being set to appear in the next Mission: Impossible movie. Captured eating by himself in an unknown restaurant in Rome when this shot and others like it were taken, he seemed to spend much of his time focused on his smartphone.

11 Tom Hiddleston - At Café The Social

Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com

From one actor known for the superhero genre of films to another, this time around, we are looking at the person that plays the most popular villain in the history of the MCU. First cast to play the trickster god Loki in the debut Thor film, Tom Hiddleston has since played the character in the other two films in that series, as well as serving as the villain in the first Avengers movie. Also following in the footsteps of Henry Cavill in that he is on this list based on being seen in a non-North American restaurant, he was caught on film in his home country of Australia. Consuming bread, cheese, and something from a bowl that was served to him at the café The Social, it has been said that it is one of his favorite places to eat, and he seems right at home.

10 Macaulay Culkin - By Himself At Taco Bell

Via nyugat.hu

Without a doubt one of the most recognizable child stars in the history of the film business, Macaulay Culkin starred in some seriously beloved films in his youth. Best known for the family comedy Home Alone, he also did his thing in other films like My Girl, The Good Son, The Pagemaster, and Richie Rich on top of that. No longer seeming to be at all interested in attaining further fame, these days, he rarely speaks to the press, barely acts at all, and according to things he has said in the past, attempts to avoid being seen. As such, we would have never expected to find out that someone captured a photo of him eating by himself in a popular fast food establishment like Taco Bell. That said, we can understand someone having a craving for a taco or burrito that needs to be satisfied.

9 Mickey Rourke - Eating Alone At The Mulberry Street Pizzeria (Beverly Hills)

Via dailymail.co.uk

One of the most interesting people that have attained fame in the acting business over the last several decades, Mickey Rourke’s career has not gone down predictable roads. Someone that began a career as a boxer after already becoming a star, he is still best known for his work in movies like Diner, 9½ Weeks, Angel Heart, Sin City, The Wrestler, and Iron Man 2 among others. Also an eccentric person in other ways to say the least, he dresses in a unique fashion, adopts interesting hairdos, and is seen in public often acting as if he has never been a known entity. For instance, he was captured on film eating alone at the Mulberry Street Pizzeria in Beverly Hills enjoying a slice just like any of the rest of us would.

8 Tom Hanks - Ate At Angelo’s Pizza in Lakewood, Ohio by himself

Via fox8.com

Probably the most popular figure in the entire entertainment industry today, Tom Hanks has not only been wonderful at his job for many years but also seems like a genuinely awesome person. Best known for movies like Big, Sleepless in Seattle, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, and many more, he is also beloved by a new generation because of his involvement in the Toy Story series. Also someone with a long history of being very kind to fans when he is approached in public, his open attitude to everyone he comes across has become a thing of legend. In fact, when he headed to Angelo’s Pizza in Lakewood, Ohio by himself, he not only purchased some food to consume but spent a great deal of time taking pictures with many of the people there.

7 Bill Clinton - Eating At Starbucks On Bond Street In London

Via thegatewaypundit.com

Someone that we have to bend the rules of this list in order to include because of who he is, Bill Clinton doesn’t really go anywhere by himself because he is followed by the secret service everywhere. That said, ignoring that since his inclusion meets the spirit of this list, he was captured on camera eating food without anyone but his security team going along with him. The most famous person on this list since he is known by millions of people that don’t follow North American pop culture in the slightest, as the forty-second American President, he is a big deal everywhere. Someone who has traveled the world because of his career and of his own accord, he took a trip to London England in 2006, and while there, he shopped on Bond Street before eating at Starbucks.

6 Renee Zellweger - Eating Alone At NY City Restaurant Le Pain Quotidien


At one time among the most popular and respected actors in the business, Renee Zellweger has taken home a long list of trophies in her day, including Golden Globes, SAG Awards, and an Oscar. Best known for movies like the Bridget Jones series, Jerry Maguire, Chicago, Cold Mountain, Cinderella Man, and more, she has been a part of a long list of highly memorable films. Largely absent from the acting world for the vast majority of this decade so far, for a long period of time, she wasn’t seen on theater screens or in public in any major way. However, prior to her disappearing act, she was seen eating lunch by herself at the New York City restaurant Le Pain Quotidien where she was largely left to enjoy her meal by the masses.

5 Ryan Gosling - Solo At Peels In New York City

Via popsugar.com

An actor that has always come across like he sees himself like a regular guy like you or me, Ryan Gosling is a gigantic star with incredible looks, but he doesn’t carry himself with a great deal of ego. Known for films like The Notebook, Drive, The Big Short, La La Land, and more, he also recently became a major part of one of the best sci-fi franchises in history as the star of Blade Runner 2049. Seen having a day out in New York City in the past, he first hit the city streets as he took a dog for a long walk but before too long, ended up sitting down for some food. Ending up at the restaurant Peels in New York City, he took in a leisurely meal and happily took time out to speak to and take photos with fans that politely approached him.

4 George Lucas - Eating At The David Jones Food Court (Australia)

Via Twitter.com

Someone who has had a gigantic impact on movies and technology on the whole, George Lucas is famous for his films but he also advanced the special effects and sound that we see in every movie. Forever remembered for creating the incredibly popular Star Wars films, he also had a major hand in the Indiana Jones franchise and also directed American Graffiti. Also a great man who has done a lot of work in the philanthropic world, he created the George Lucas Educational Foundation and has given gigantic sums of money to other charities as well. In Adelaide, Australia when this shot of him was taken, even when minding his own business and eating at the David Jones food court, he is too much of a legend to be ignored.

3 Alec Baldwin - A Bite To Eat On A Patio In Santa Monica, California

via Celebuzz

An actor that has consistently worked ever since he made his film debut in 1987, for a long time, the powers that be were trying to make Alec Baldwin into a headline star to no avail. Despite that, he managed to find his sweet spot as a supporting player that serves as the perfect sounding board for the star of a film or television project. Arguably more famous and talked about today than at any other time in his career, being cast as the American President Donald Trump by Saturday Night Live has been a huge boon to his career. Grabbing a bite to eat on a patio in Santa Monica, California when this photo was taken, considering the massive hands-free headset he has on, we could swear he was trying to get laughs here too.

2 Keanu Reeves - Outside Of Starbucks By Himself

Another actor to appear on this list that doesn’t take himself overly seriously and, by all accounts, is a really good dude, Keanu Reeves has been captured on camera in many public places in the past. Best known for movies like the Matrix and John Wick franchises, Speed, The Devil's Advocate, and many more, he has proven himself capable of anchoring a lot of awesome movies in the past. Also infamous online for being the focus of the Sad Keanu meme, that resulted from someone taking a photo of him eating while sitting on a public bench. It should therefore come as a surprise to nobody that he was also seen hanging outside of a Starbucks and enjoying some of their products by himself, except for strangers that approached him.

1 Jake Gyllenhaal - Alone At M Café In Los Angeles

Via popsugar.com & Twitter.com

Best known for starring in a long list of films, this talented young man turned heads in movies like Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Zodiac, Nightcrawler, and too many others to list here. The second person on this list who’s received a lot of attention for the look he had on his face while eating by himself in public, in the picture on the right, Jake Gyllenhaal was having a ball. However, we have absolutely no idea what restaurant he was at when he was so overjoyed while consuming that sandwich. On the other hand, we can tell you that he was at M Café in Los Angeles when the other shot was taken. And while he was more subdued there, that may be because he was more focused on enjoying his food.

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