Adriana Lima’s 15 Best And Boldest Fashion Moments

She started her modelling career 17 years ago, and she still continues to wow us. Adriana Lima is, no doubt, one of the finest angels that has ever walked this earth! With her captivating exotic features, slim limbs, and a shiny crown of hair, she is still killing it. Currently, the exquisitely beautiful Brazilian is the longest running Victoria’s Secret Angel. She never actually thought about building a career on her looks although she had won many beauty pageants in her young age. As it turns out, no one can escape their fate, so neither could Lima. A friend of hers begged her to enter a modelling contest to keep her company. It wasn’t the friend, but Lima who was soon asked to come out for the competition.

At the age of 15, she entered and finished first in Ford’s Supermodel of Brazil model search. The rest, as they say, is history.

Throughout the years, she has been capturing the imagination of not only the admirers of the female body, but also the interest of the fashion aficionados. Here come 15 of Adriana Lima’s Best, but also Boldest Fashion Moments.

15 Inspiration In Red

On April 29, 2016, President Obama held his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It seemed that everyone was there - from The Broad City Girls to Kendall Jenner and Madeleine Albright. And the stars wore their best looks for the eighth and final time when Barack Obama delivered his famous one-liners and laughs at the White House. Our girl shone like a ruby among the crowd. She arrived dressed in an astonishing red hot satin halter neck gown which, accidentally or not, perfectly matched the red carpet in the most famous house in the United States.

14 Ridiculously Gorgeous Boxer

In 2014, the Brazilian bombshell was gracing the cover of Vogue Italia’s June issue. It’s no secret to her zealous fans that the supermodel is keeping in shape by …boxing. She says boxing fits her personality, and she actually trains in the ring on а regular basis. An American photographer, Steven Meisel photographed Lima in a sporty outfit with protective headwear, sleeves, and gloves. Vogue also released an energetic video to accompany the cover.

13 Rocking Yellow Bikini Top

The photo is a part of a campaign for Sunglass Hut Vogue Eyewear that was shot in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But of course, nobody cares much about the specs when Adriana is there to show off her awesome bikini body. She was wearing multiple outfits while posing, and the photographer even asked her to get her feet wet, which she gladly did. During the photoshoot, she also had to pose with a juicy watermelon slice. This is how she immortalized the moment on Instagram: “Mummy’s luncheon.”

12 Poison Ivy Flashes Her Foot Tattoo

Yes, she looks breath taking in whatever she wears - a worn-out baggy t-shirt, or this thousand-dollar-something Haider Ackermann dress. The Victoria’s Secret model may have legs for days, but one can hardly notice the tattoo she has on her left ankle. The way Lima poses for the cameras on this picture, however, reveals the enigmatic tattoo, and the only one (so far) of which we know! The tribal tattoo may look like an abstract alien monster to some, but it bears a far deeper meaning. Such tattoos denote reincarnation and prolificacy, and can be interpreted as a metaphor for the phenomenon of life and death.

11 Post-Baby Runway Extravaganza

Everybody was wondering how this was even possible. Only eight weeks after she had given birth to her second daughter, Sienna, Adriana Lima was back on the runway, in all her splendor! The then 31-year old looked extremely proud of her body (and with good reason) when she appeared on the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York. Of course, getting back into shape for the show cost her much sweat in the gym. Although doctors do not advise women to work out until six weeks after giving birth, Lima started posting pictures on Twitter of her battle with the post-baby kilos just a couple of weeks after September 12, when Sienna was born.

10 The Little Black Dress

This photo is from the behind-the-scenes of the Decadent Fragrance by Marc Jacobs commercial shoot in 2015. In her simply-cut black dress, Adriana Lima is pulling off a dramatic look, which kind of reminds us of Monica Bellucci’s Malena in the 2000 Giuseppe Tornatore’s Oscar-winning movie. In Lima’s version, the notorious LBD is even more enigmatic, tempting, and full of promises and secrets.

9 Devilish Angel

High heels, feathered fierily-red wings, piercing blue eyes. That was one of the many Victoria’s Secret shows where Adriama Lima was the star. The Brazilian model in is one of brand’s most prominent Angels and has been adorning their catwalks since 1999. However, her Instagram posts from December last year suggested that she would no longer work with the US lingerie label. We can’t help but wonder: If she really quits walking in at their annual shows, will she start wearing Hanes white underoos instead?

No way, Jose!

8 Traveling In Comfort And Eccentricity

Just a couple of days ago, 36-year old Adriana Lima was spotted at eneva Airport wearing quite an eccentric ensemble. She was dressed in a bright red tracksuit by I.Am.Gia (which is the label of the moment), paired with a fluffy pink coat. She further accessorized her look with suede red ankle boots, a chic black handbag, and square framed sunglasses. She sure turned heads at the airport with that outfit, and although she opted for a fresh-faced appearance and a simple pony tail, most of the passengers instantly recognized her.

7 Looking Vampy In A Crop-Top

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: Model Adriana Lima attends the Maybelline New York NYFW Kick-Off Party on September 8, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Maybelline New York)

During the Maybelline New York NYFW Kick-Off Party in September, 2016, Adriana Lima appeared dressed in cleavage-baring leather crop-top. Of course, with that body, she can afford to rock not only this, but any style. At least as long as gravity is on her side. Although she has already hinted she might put an end to her modelling career, it’s highly unlikely that she does it this year. In an interview with Ocean Drive half a year ago , Lima said her goal was to do fashion shows until she is thirty, “at least”. Why stop at this point anyhow? She was named the second-highest-paid model in the world by Forbes in 2016, and Victoria’s Secret’s “most valuable Angel”.

6 Urban Chic

“I’ve always been a Maybelline girl,” said the  model during this photoshoot for the makeup brand in New York in May last year. She may have always been faithful to the brand, but currently, she’s been faithful also to her new boyfriend, Turkish writer Metin Hara. They first hooked up on Instagram in June, but only a month later, they were spotted together on a yacht in Bodum, Turkey, kissing and holding hands.

For the angelic beauty, this marked the the start of a new beginning.

5 Beautiful, Pregnant, And Philanthropic

“When I told the models there would be no nudity, some of them were disappointed, “ remembers casting director for the 2013 Pirelli calendar Jennifer Starr. All of the models were chosen for their charity work, and the Pirelli team guessed some of them might feel uncomfortable posing nude because of the noble causes they supported. The calendar’s photographer was Steve McCurry, known for his photos of war-torn countries, and the famous image of the green-eyed Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. Back in 2012-2013, Adriana Lima did a lot of charity work in support of the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti. She was the first Pirelli model to appear pregnant!

4  The Punk Schoolgirl

Adriana Lima was almost unrecognizable in this daring outfit at Givenchy Fashion Show in Paris in 2014. The look is something between a demonic nun and an S&M schoolgirl. As a matter of fact, Lima grew up as a devout Roman Catholic, going to church every Sunday. Before she moved to New York, she wanted to be a nun. Now we realize there is an obvious, though distant, connection between her child dream and her present status of a globally recognized Angel. Believe it or not, she still reads her Bible backstage before shows, and prays. “I go to church every day. Only the church is in me - I always connect. If you are connected with the divine and always have pure intentions with everything you’re doing, you’re protected by angels,” she says.

3 Animal Prints And Ruby Red Lips

The Blumarine Fall 2011 campaign was among the most provocative ones in Lima’s modelling career so far. There was nothing fascinating or elaborate about the whole campaign, really. They just did the simplest trick of all - they dressed one of the world’s most beautiful women in colorful clothes, and set her against a plain blue blackdrop. On this particular photo, the model is every man’s dream in a gorgeous tight-fitting purple dress with an animal print belt. Her expression of both sensuality and peacefulness, and the slightly parted ruby-red lips add to the overall impression of sophisticated elegance.

2 As Classy As It Gets

The year is 2015, and the event is 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival. As usual, Adriana Lima outshines most of the other celebrities who are attending the red carpet premiere of movie Sicario. The movie is about the escalating war against drugs in the border area between U.S. and Mexico. Not on few occasions has Lima mentioned she doesn’t like movies with violence, but rather, she likes movies about aliens. She also believes in aliens, saying, “I don’t picture them as, like, abducting humans, I imagine maybe they look like us but with higher intelligence and connection to the universe.“ If the aliens looked like Lima, we wouldn’t care if they were more intelligent than us, or if they even abducted us.

1 Pink Alert

In 2014, this closeup shot of Adriana Lima, dressed in Cavalli,appeared in the May cover story of Vogue Spain. Pink was the magazine’s color of choice for the month. Usually known for her more girlish style, Adriana was all woman in this photo session, and stunned in spring blush tones. The beaches in Mexico served as a backdrop to the cover story. The fashion editor who picked the outfits for her was Belén Antolín, and the photographer - Miguel Reveriego.

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