‘90s Kids’ Childhood Crushes: Where Are They Now?

Adolescence is a tough time in a person’s life. Fraught with changes in your body and emotions that take time to understand, there are a few things that make it a little bit more palatable to go through. First off, in a lot of the world, we have s*x education now that allows people to have an understanding of what is happening to us and assures that we aren’t alone in it. Another aspect of this time in one’s life is that it’s fun to develop crushes on people for the first time, especially when looking at it in retrospect. After all, becoming infatuated with someone at a young age is something none of us is likely to forget, and it is oftentimes amusing to look back at our ignorance of human relationships.

If you are anything like us, then you will likely remember many of your first crushes. While some of them would have been people you went to school with or found yourself around for one reason or another, there is still a whole other group that had an advantage all on their own. Developing a thing for someone you see on your television, in movies, or performing on a stage is a totally natural and inevitable thing in the modern world. Harmless, since there is little to no chance of embarrassing yourself in front of them, that alone makes it all the more likely that recalling these thoughts would be strictly pleasurable for you. However, that doesn’t mean that we think about these folks often which could easily lead to you losing track of the celebrities you were interested in back in the nineties. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the childhood crushes of nineties kids and what they’re up to now.

In order for someone to be up for consideration to be included on this list, they first need to have attained a certain level of fame in the nineties. Next, they need to be people that many younger people at the time had a crush on, which means that we gave a premium to stars below a certain age. Finally, it doesn’t matter what the people in question did to earn their fan following. So, those involved in the acting, music, or any other industry could have been in the running.


20 Jodie Sweetin

A former child star that seems like she will always be seen as Stephanie Tanner from Full House, Jodie Sweetin showed an ability to win people’s hearts onscreen early in life. Unfortunately, she would struggle with substance abuse for many years after she became an adult. For a time, it seemed entirely possible that she would be yet another Hollywood warning story. Thankfully, we are happy to report that things have turned around for her since, as she has competed on Dancing with the Stars and was cast in a 2017 show called Hollywood Darlings. Of course, her most important credit of late is her part in Fuller House, a Netflix sequel series to the sitcom that earned her fame, which is set to have a third season released.

19 Renee O’Connor


An actress that fans of television fantasy from the ‘90s will likely never forget, Renee O’Connor will always have a place in a lot of hearts for her portrayal of Gabrielle. Cast as the trusty sidekick on the show Xena: Warrior Princess, her performance was popular enough to cross over with Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and a pair of film spin-offs. Playing the part up until 2001, her career has been spotty since going several years without a notable performance. However, she is set to appear in two films that are yet to be released in 2017. As a result, fans of her work can look forward to seeing her do her thing again even if it doesn’t result in a breakthrough role for her.

18 Robin Tunney

An actress that was seen in a long list of movies that came out in the nineties, Robin Tunney was often seen as a beautiful and unique young woman. If you are looking for examples of her ability to bring interesting characters to life onscreen, then you need look no further than her work in movies like Encino Man, Empire Records, The Craft, and End of Days. Still receiving notable roles in the 2000’s between movies like Vertical Limit and Hollywoodland, it is undeniable that the decade began her transition to the world of television. Appearing in many episodes of Prison Break, in 2008, she got a lead role in the show The Mentalist which remains her biggest character of late, considering it only came to an end in 2015.

17 Kellie Shanygne Williams


One of the most popular sitcoms of the nineties, Family Matters started out as the tale of a lovable family, but over times transformed into being about their interactions with the local nerd. Steve Urkel was unquestionably the breakout character on the show, which is why the person tapped to play the love of his life needed to be someone that the audience would fall for too. In came Kellie Shanygne Williams, the young actress that brought Laura Winslow to life over the show’s long run. Going on to get a handful of roles in the years afterward, her last role on IMDb was in a short film from the year 2011. Now living a private life, she was praised by educators in her area for creating the Kellie Williams Program, which was designed to help kids create television programming of their own. A mother of two that seems to be happily married, it appears like life is good for her these days.

16 Marley Shelton

An actress that never became full-fledged famous over her years in the business, that hasn’t stopped Marley Shelton from giving a number of performances that are seared into the minds of millions. While she was in movies like Pleasantville and Never Been Kissed in the nineties, there is still no doubt that it is her small part in The Sandlot that made her the apple of millions of young people’s lives. Going on to be a part of other films like Sin City, Grindhouse, Scream 4, and Elektra Luxx, she is regularly tapped to play big parts in movies. Last seen onscreen in a made-for-TV film few noticed last year, she will soon co-star with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Rampage, a 2018 adaptation of the classic video game that could make her a star still.

15 Danielle Fishel


When Danielle Fishel first started playing Topanga on the sitcom Boy Meets World, the character was used as comic relief for being a hippie child. Going on to appear in every season and become one of the lead characters on the show, she would transform into a much more multifaceted character that audiences have grown to love. Continuing to act since that show came to an end, she appeared in movies like National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze and its sequel, on top of becoming the host of Style Network’s The Dish. Returning to the role that made her a star in 2014, she recently brought Topanga back to life as part of the sequel series, Girl Meets World, which unfortunately came to an end earlier this year.

14 Beverley Mitchell

An actress that is best remembered for her longstanding role on 7th Heaven, she may have spent some time in her co-star Jessica Biel’s shadow but was a pretty young woman people loved in her own right. As of now, Beverly Mitchell has yet to find a role nearly as longstanding or impactful, but that is not to say that she hasn’t received some notable parts. The biggest on that has to be her recurring role on the series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, where she had appeared in 26 episodes. Also most recently cast as one of the leads of Hollywood Darlings, alongside previous entry on this list, Beverly should never be counted out.


13 Rachel Stevens


An English singer who was a part of the pop group S Club 7, Rachel Stevens was arguably the most stunning of a crew that were all pretty damn attractive. Performing alongside her cohorts between the years 1999 and 2003, they were enough of a cultural phenomenon that they starred in a pair of fictional shows, as well as several “reality” ones. Going on to release a pair of solo albums, she would also appear in a handful of films, including Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. Most recently seen as a judge and mentor on The X Factor New Zealand and The Voice of Ireland, she also received headlines for her take on the relationship between former S Club 7 members Hannah and Paul.

12 Rachel Blanchard

A Canadian actress who started out on a series of smaller shows from that country, when Rachel Blanchard made the jump to America, her career hit another level. Most memorable for starring as Cher in the TV version of Clueless, she also starred in other ‘90s shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Chris Cross. Going on top appear in 2000’s series like 7th Heaven and Peep Show, she also had some bigger movie roles including Road Trip, Sugar & Spice, Without a Paddle, and Snakes on a Plane to name a few. Currently starring in the show You Me Her, which focuses on a three-way romantic relationship, the series began its second season in February of 2017.

11 Alicia Silverstone


From one Cher to another, Alicia Silverstone first brought the character to life in the 1995 film version of Clueless. Making her film debut in a thriller called The Crush, it was later when she appeared in Aerosmith’s music videos that the world really took notice of her. Going on to be cast in Batman & Robin as Batgirl, the movie has been derided for years, but it showed how much Hollywood wanted to work with her at the time. Later receiving a Golden Globe nomination for her performance on television as the lead in Miss Match, she also gained a lot of attention around the same time for starring in an ad for PETA. Still active in the acting world today, she has been cast as a lead character in a 2018 TV Land sitcom called American Woman and was in two 2017 movies.

10 Rachel True

The Craft is a film that hasn’t aged all that well as it is pretty over-the-top, but those of you who were around when it came out will remember that it was a huge deal for teens around the world. Appearing in that film as one of the girls gone awry, that isn’t her only memorable movie role from the nineties as she also appeared in Nowhere and Half Baked. The lead actress in a UPN sitcom that ran from 2002 until 2006 named Half & Half, she was a big part of the show’s success. Seen in the second Sharknado movie and a pair of 2016 movies, Rachel True actually received more attention that year for an Instagram photo of her where she looked gorgeous and happy in her life.

9 Tiffany Amber Thiessen


Cast as one of the six lead roles in the nineties teen show Saved by the Bell, Tiffany Amber Thiessen’s performance as Kelly Kapowski led to millions of people becoming very infatuated with her. Going on to join the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210 for several seasons, it is safe to say that she made a huge impact on the television world at the time. Also known for starring in some lesser-known series like Fastlane and White Collar, she also appeared in movies like Son in Law, Love Stinks, and The Ladies Man where she looked hot. Undergoing a career renaissance of late, she is the star of the Cooking Channel’s Dinner at Tiffani’s and is set to play a major role in a Netflix sitcom called Alexa & Katie in 2018.

8 Geri Halliwell

A part of one of the biggest pop groups of all time, no matter the gender of those involved, The Spice Girls were a total cultural phenomenon in the nineties. Releasing a series of albums and singles that were embraced in countries near and far, their merchandise and music were everywhere. Opting to leave the group in 1998, Geri Halliwell was seen as the sexiest Spice Girl by many, but it seemed like a colossal error for her. Thankfully, she was able to find success as a solo artist over the years that followed.

Named a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund in 1999, she has shown an extensive philanthropic streak in her private life. A mother of two that has taken part in some reunions of The Spice Girls, that has kept her in the world’s view, which is great since she will release a new single on June 23rd of 2017.

7 Tatyana Ali


Definitely best known for her time as Ashley Banks in the beloved nineties sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the world got to watch as Tatyana Ali grew into a stunning woman. Playing her part over the six-year run of the series, her time alongside Will Smith led him to encourage her in joining the music business including a pair of albums, one of which charted in 1998. Also a long-time performer on The Young and the Restless and Love That Girl, the latter of which she played the lead in, she has had an impressive career. She was last seen on screen in 2015. The following year, she got married to an English professor and announced that she was pregnant. She seems to be leading a more private life these days.

6 A.J. Langer

An actress whose post-acting life seems to be the most interesting on this list, you’ll probably never guess what has happened to A.J. Langer. Best known for her performance in the short-lived but highly esteemed show My So-Called Life, she also guested on other shows like Baywatch, The Wonder Years, Coach, Seinfeld, and many more. Also memorable to horror fans for playing one of the leads in The People Under the Stairs, her last credited onscreen performance to date came with 2013’s film Kristin’s Christmas Past. Now a member of the British Nobility, she is the Countess of Devon because of her marriage to Charles Courtenay, Lord Courtenay. The couple and their two kids now have a seat at Powderham Castle.

5 Jenna Von Oy


Cast as Six LeMeure, the best friend of the titular character in the nineties sitcom Blossom, Jenna Von Oy brought a great deal of personality to the role and show. Going on to make one-time appearances in a slew of series, she also spent the early 2000’s as a prolific voice actress between the shows Pepper Ann and The Parkers. Seen in 2006’s Dr. Dolittle 3, since then, she only made one appearance on screen in an underseen 2012 film. Instead, she left L.A. for Nashville and became a mother in 2012. That said, according to her IMDb, she would appear in a comedy film called Cecil which has yet to receive a release date.

4 Debbe Dunning

A former model that took part in advertising campaigns for companies like Foot Locker and Ford Motors, there is no doubt that Debbe Dunning is best remembered for her recurring Home Improvement role. Cast as the second “Tool Time Girl,” she had big shoes to fill as she was replacing Pamela Anderson. Appearing in more than one hundred thirty episodes of the popular show, she went on to appear in seven episodes of a show called Wicked Wicked Games, but hasn’t been seen on film since 2007. An avid golfer today, she is married to an American volleyball player with whom she has three kids. And much to our surprise, she filmed an appearance in an episode of a show called The Prophet that is yet to be released.

3 Amy Jo Johnson


Forever remembered as the Pink Ranger from the Power Rangers franchise, Amy Jo Johnson brought Kimberly Hart to life in several series and as part of the two movie spin-offs. Also previously seen as one of the stars of Felicity, she had guest spots on shows like Spin City and E.R., but chose to get away from Hollywood by moving to Montreal. Not making a lot of waves for her acting career in the past several years, it may surprise you to learn that this actress continues to make regular appearances onscreen. Still an actress to this day, in The Great White North, she has moved behind the camera and became an award-winning director for her films like Bent, Lines, The Space Between, and more.

2 Lacey Chabert

Fans of the nineties television drama Party of Five were a rabid group, which is why the ‘90s series and its stars, including Lacey Chabert, are still well-remembered to this day. Otherwise best known for playing Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, you may think she hasn’t done that much aside from these two characters, and you couldn’t be more wrong about that. One of the most prolific actresses around these days, in the year 2014 alone, she was seen in five films and a show. Incredibly busy professionally, her personal life doesn’t seem to have suffered, judging by her husband and child, on top of being set to appear in an upcoming 2017 film.

1 Danica McKellar


Cast as one of the stars of The Wonder Years, Danica McKellar’s performance as Winnie Cooper earned her millions of fans that were smitten with her around the world. After all, if you were like us and grew up alongside her, she seemed like the perfect girl on screen as she was clearly very pretty, on top of portraying a smart, kindhearted, and lovable character week after week. Although you may not have seen all that much of her since, if you look her up in IMDb, you’ll probably be shocked at just how many shows and movies she has been a part of in the years since. Aside from her long list of guest spots on shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, she is also an accomplished writer who has released math-based and children’s books that have been bestsellers.


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