90-Day Fiance: 15 Pics Of The Foreign Brides

Get ready to see 15 stunning photos of the 90-Day Fiancé brides from all around the world!

The TLC show 90-Day Fiancé and its spinoff shows (90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and 90-Day Fiancé, Happily Ever After?) are pretty entertaining, and there are many gorgeous foreign brides on it. These women and their male counterparts all came to America on K-1 visas, meaning that once in the States, they would have 90 days to marry their partners or they would have to be deported. Some of the couples on the show seemed like they were genuinely in love, like Alexei and Loren. Others, like Mohamed and Danielle, did not. In fact, some of the foreign love interests were quite obviously just in it for their green card (looking at you, Mohamed). Some fell in love by accident while traveling the world, and some purposely sought out love online. Some relationships have lasted, and many have not.

But no matter the situation, they all shared the unique experience of finding love from another part of the world: culture shock, language barriers, different cultural expectations from marriage and family, etc. To ease the stress of the transition from single to married and with all those extra stresses, at least, some of the guys had some very beautiful ladies to feast their eyes on. For some of them, just having a hot girl by their side and knowing that they would forever (or planned on it, anyway) even seemed to make all the hassles worth it.

For Jorge, Alan, Russ, Justin, Jason, Mike, and Josh, they did indeed meet and marry some gorgeous women, although not without other challenges. Now, we honor their foreign brides in this article. Get ready to see 15 stunning photos of the 90-Day Fiancé brides from all around the world!

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15 Don't Be Fooled By the Pretty Face

Russian beauty Anfisa Arkhipenko met her husband, Jorge Nava, on Facebook in season four. If anyone's been an outright "villain" in this series, it would have to be Anfisa. She may look pretty, but she's been accused of using Jorge for his money and his access to the United States, and having seen the show myself, I can't say I disagree. She's pretty psycho as well. When Jorge refused to buy her an expensive purse she wanted before her flight to the States, she somehow managed to wipe Jorge's cell phone clean and cancel their flights. She's demanding, selfish, narcissistic, and ungrateful, and her husband lets her walk all over him. She's even gotten physical with him! But it sure does make for some enthralling television.

14 Colombian Cutie

Evelin met her husband, Justin, in Colombia while they were both attending a rugby match at the 2013 World Games, and they appeared on 90-Day Fiancé's second season. They didn't strike viewers as being head-over-heels in love with each other, but they were nowhere near the level of Jorge and Anfisa. Justin is a gym teacher in an elementary school in California, and Evelin (who changed the spelling to Evelyn when she moved to the United States) is a dance teacher. You can tell by the photo that she's fit and would probably make a pretty good dance teacher. But for some reason, she doesn't post many photos on social media, so this is about as good as it gets. But that's pretty darn good because, besides the physical aspect of her, this photo highlights the cute, fun, flirty side of this foreign bride. Evelin and Justin decided to not participate in the update show, so their status is unknown.

13 #slumber

Paola Mayfield is a model and actress from Bucaramanga, Colombia. She and her husband, Russ Mayfield, are one of the couples that really seemed to be deeply in love with each other. He wasn't desperate to find a bride, and she wasn't just looking for a green card. He had been down in Colombia on a work assignment when he met "Pao," and the two fell for each other instantly. They got married in 2014, and as of 2017 are still together. The major hurdle they faced recently is deciding where to live because Paola wants to live and work in Miami, which makes sense for what she does. But Russ, who's from Oklahoma, got a job offer in Seattle and wanted to go where he could work because his job, benefits, and whatnot are steadier than her career of modeling. This Instagram photo of Pao was posted this summer and hashtagged, simply, #slumber. It's one of her tamer social-media photos, but she still looks just as hot as when she's all dolled up with fewer clothes on.

12 Russian Bride

Another foreign bride from the 90-Day Fiancé series is Aziza from the very first season. Her husband, Mike, is from Indiana, and she's from Volgograd, Russia. The two met on a language-learning website, and, at first, they were just friends. Things turned romantic sometime after Aziza's work permit was denied, and she had to find another way to come to the States (or at least, that's how it was portrayed). So, in 2014, she moved across the ocean to live with Mike, and although they're 10 years apart in age and they disagree about having children, the two wed. Aziza was upset that her family wasn't able to be there for her wedding, but they later visited Russia so he could meet her parents. Currently, Mike and Aziza are still together, and she's working at an optics lab.

11 The Mormon Girl

Alan and Kirlyam met in her native Brazil while he was there doing mission work, and they're one success story from the very first season of 90-Day Fiancé. Both were virgins at the time of their wedding, and now, she's pregnant with her first child, a little boy they plan to call "Liam." At first, when Kirlyam moved to the United States to be with Alan, she wanted to be a model, and she even did some photo shoots. Clearly, the girl has the face for close-ups, but her husband wasn't comfortable with it, and so she halted that plan. But now, the plan is motherhood, and Kirlyam couldn't be more excited about that. She wrote on her blog, "These last five months have been the most incredible of my life! The first ultrasound, the first kick, the first outfit, my body and my mind changing... Everything is different, and I could not be happier. Lovingly named Parasitazinho (lol), Liam is the miracle that made our happiness even greater. I'm learning so much, and there's still more to learn, I know. And I'm grateful for each of those details that have been going on."

10 Jungle Girl

Yet another Brazilian babe and part of the 90-Day Fiancé family is Karine. She wasn't actually a part of 90-Day Fiancé, but 90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, in which the American citizens travel to wherever their love interests are in hopes of deciding to proceed with the K-1 visa and, thus, marriage. In Karine's case, that American was a 34-year-old man named "Paul." Slightly neurotic about his trek into the heart of the Brazilian jungle to meet his potential bride, Paul packed three large trunks full of everything from food, to first aid, to nets, to a pregnancy test for Karine (he also insisted she take an STD test; she passed both with flying colors). Although 90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is still airing its first season, so far, Paul and Karine seem like they could be the real deal.

9 Anfisa Again

Arguably, out of any of the foreign brides from 90-Day Fiancé, Anfisa and Paola are the ones who have the most photos out there, and the majority of them are risqué and sexy. Here's another example of the beautiful-outside-but-ugly-inside Anfisa from Moscow, Russia. Since moving to America to be with Jorge, she's not been shy about the fact that she's had some plastic surgery done on herself. She's admitted that her husband paid for her to have a boob job, a nose job, and Botox injections. She said, "I've had multiple injections back in Russia, but it's more expensive in the U.S... When people start saying, 'Oh, she did this, she did that, she's full of plastic.' And who isn't nowadays? Beauty is pain."

8 Trouble in Paradise

Cassia Tavares met her future husband, Jason Hitch, after having dated his friend first! She'd been in an online relationship with him and started dating Jason, who is 15 years her senior, when that ended. Hailing from Curitiba, Brazil, Cassia first took issue with Jason's hoarding ways and the fact that he shared his Florida home with his father. Nevertheless, she moved there to be with him, and, as of now, they're still married. But there have been rumors circulating this year of trouble in paradise, and Jason admitted they were in marriage counseling. Cassia even called the police on him this year, and he was charged with domestic battery (the charges were later dropped). They may not be divorced yet, but it sounds like they could be heading that way -- especially since they're living apart.

7 Spicy Latina

Here's the ever-sexy Paola Mayfield once again, with one more of her million hot photos. She has just as many selfies as she does professional modeling photos posted on Instagram, and although different, they're all smoking hot. For a while, since they couldn't decide where to live, Paola was living in Miami alone to do her modeling and acting, and she also has lots of friends there. One of the reasons she feels so at home in Miami is the large Latin population and the beaches. Her husband, Russ, was back in Oklahoma looking for work since he got laid off. Eventually, however, he moved to Miami to be with his wife but has huge issues with her revealing outfits and the fact that she chose to take topless photos during a shoot.

6 Fitness Model and Trainer

Here is Pao yet again. She has so many hot photos that it's hard to choose only a few, although most are too racy for our site to publish. But from these photos, I'm sure you get the idea. This summer, Paola got a new job -- and her husband even approves of it! It seems as though the lovebirds have finally found a way to both be happy when it comes to her career, and that's because her new job doesn't involve lingerie or topless photo shoots. She's a personal trainer! Obviously, she has a body to die for, which should be advertisement enough for her services. Pao attended the Body Design University Program in Atlanta and will officially be a certified personal trainer. She said, "Little by little, we are collecting goals and working toward what [makes] us happy... The idea is to never give up, work hard, dream big, and never let others make you think you can't do it."

5 She Married a Guy 39 Years Her Senior

Nikki, from season three of 90-Day Fiancé, has that innocent schoolgirl look down pat. From The Philippines, Nikki married 58-year-old Mark while she was just 19 years old. Mark's one daughter and three sons are even older than she is! But the piano-rental business owner brought Nikki home to Baltimore to be with him anyway. They met through an online dating site, and once Mark was in Cebu, Philippines, he quickly proposed with a makeshift zip-tie ring. When she got to Baltimore, his gifts got a little better, and he bought her a car. He had to teach her to drive it, but he also tried to give her some of his daughter's old clothes. This made both Nikki and his daughter feel uncomfortable, and rightfully so. Their current relationship status is unknown, although 90-Day Fiancé's Jason says they're still together. Either way, that guy is a total cradle-robber.

4 Atheist Turned Mormon

Also, in season three, viewers met Josh and his Russian bride, Aleksandra. One of the youngest couples on the show, they've also been one of the most successful. Josh and Aleksandra met in Prague, Czech Republic while he was on a Mormon mission trip and she was studying at Metropolitan University Prague. He turned her from an atheist into a Mormon, which is no easy feat, especially since she used to work as a dancer. They began dating after the mission trip, and then, Josh visited her in Russia and proposed in 2015. Not long after the proposal, the two were married, and now, they've grown their family. Little Kaya was born in March of 2016, and as of right now, they're still happily married. However, Aleksandra "quit" social media after people started spreading rumors that their daughter wasn't her husband's based on the fact that in photos, she appeared to be biracial (Josh and Aleksandra are both white). Ooh, scandal!

3 The Softer Side of Aziza

Aziza wasn't the easiest person for viewers to like right away, as she seemed cold and uninterested in her future husband, Mike Eloshway. But gradually, we got used to her and realized that she was there to stay (well, probably). And now, in photos like these, it's easier to see the softer side of Aziza. But things were pretty darn awkward for the couple at first, and there were many critics of them both. One source even wrote in a recap of one of the episodes, "They finally DID IT. Probably because Aziza knew she was about to lose his trust in her. Of all the couples, this is the one that screams 'GREEN CARD' the most. Aziza doesn't seem into Mike at all. (AT ALL.) And Mike is such a scummy person. He even looks like a horny creep, salivating, every time he's on screen. He also has no respect for Aziza, as he explains that if his friends get him a stripper, there's nothing she can do about it."

2 Jorge's Princess

And yet again, we have Anfisa, who provides us with so many hot photos -- and so much juicy drama. In early August of this year, Anfisa took to Instagram to let all her haters know that despite a rough first year of marriage, she and Jorge were celebrating their one-year anniversary together. I don't know if this is good news or bad news (for him), but hopefully, future 90-Day Fiancé update shows will make that clear. On their anniversary, she posted a photo on Instagram of a bouquet of red roses and baby's breath, which was likely a gift from her husband. It seems as though he's still spoiling his Russian princess, although it remains to be seen if all the effort ever gets him anywhere. I, for one, will be tuned in to see. Jorge and Anfisa are also on season two of 90-Day Fiancé: Happy Ever After?

1 Anfisa Should Be a Kardashian

Well, at least based on her insane number of vain selfies... In that sense, she fits right in with the Kardashian clan. In reality, she came to America to become rich and famous, two other Kardashian traits. The accused "gold digger" demanded, in addition to anything else she wanted, a $10,000 monthly allowance from her husband. When she found out he was actually in debt, we all prayed for his soul (she slapped him around a bit). She wrote on Facebook to all her accusers and haters, "Why do so many people, especially women, try to put me down? I didn't do anything bad to any of you. In fact, I would love it if women could learn to know their worth and that they deserve the best. So many women could do so much better (in terms of their relationship, career, etc.); they just don't realize it."


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90-Day Fiance: 15 Pics Of The Foreign Brides