9 WWE Divas That Got Work Done (And 6 That Had Work Removed)

When it comes to the world of the WWE, there are certain aspects of the business the company chooses not to discuss, one of them, is their female talents getting a little surgery during their careers. In fact, the WWE has even offered to pay for the surgery in the past; according to the gossip mill, Brie was actually offered the treatment, though she opted against the surgery while her sister did not hesitate - though we’ll discuss Nikki’s surgery and motives a little later in the article. We’ll include both past and present Divas in this article when it comes to those that got “work done”.

We’ll also take a unique look at former Divas that got their "work" removed. For the most part, these Divas opted for the removal following their WWE or pro wrestling departures. A couple of trailblazing Divas from the 90s and 2000s will be included on that side of the list.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to pass the article along to a friend. Without further ado, here are nine WWE Divas that got work done and six that had their work removed. We begin the article with a Diva that was recently released by the company. Get ready to talk puppies, folks!


15 Work Done – Lana

Taking a look at photos from Lana’s past, it’s quite evident that she got herself a little work done as well. The Ravishing Russian is said to have gotten a little surgery around the point of 2015. Even without the work, Lana still looked ravishing but without a doubt, Rusev wasn’t complaining one bit.

The work hasn’t really helped her in-ring career all that much, though she did have success as a manager. Inexplicably, the WWE opted to put Lana in the ring and it completely destroyed all her momentum. In an era that sees women’s wrestling at an all-time high, Lana competing in the squared circle was not best for business. Not to anyone’s surprise, she’s back in a managerial role alongside Tamina nowadays. Don’t expect Lana to stay with the company forever, as like Eva, she may walk in similar footsteps moving over to acting and modelling sooner rather than later.

14 Removed – Debra


When thinking of edgy cleavage predicaments from the Attitude Era, the mind instantly goes to Debra. Heck, the word “puppies” was coined in reference to Debra’s fine looking twins. Despite not wrestling, Debra became a popular face among the masses, mainly for her looks and yes, those puppies. In a time that pushed edgy content, Debra fit the mold perfectly.

Following her WWE departure, Debra’s days in the wrestling business were quite limited, opting to go back to school. However, she still sells her fame via wrestling conventions. You’d be surprised to know that Debra is still a sought-after figure due to her profound impact during the 90s. It seems as though at some point when leaving the WWE, Debra got them removed, looking to live life naturally and putting her wrestling days behind her.

13 Work Done – Sable

The term Diva is often associated with Sunny, however once Sable’s gimmick caught on, she blew Sunny out of the water, so much so that it caused the WWE to release Sunny due to her rivalry with Sable behind the curtains. Back in the 90s, s*x sold and Sable was the driving force for the mantra - regarded as the steamiest Diva of the decade back in the 90s. A big part of her success was, well, to be quite frank, her puppies, which of course were larger thanks to her surgery. Who can forget Sable taking her top off being covered in only painted finger prints? Man, was that ever something; a “Not So PG” WWE moment that’ll live forever.

Today, Sable remains out of the spotlight raising a family alongside Brock Lesnar. The 50 year old is now residing out of Maryfield, Saskatchewan.

12 Work Done – Nikki Bella


'Twin magic' no longer applied when Nikki decided to get herself a little surgery, nowadays you can distinguish the twins based off of their chest sizes with Nikki going larger, while Brie has remained natural despite the WWE offering to pay for the surgery. Nikki’s surgery took place right around the 2013 calendar year. Taking a look at pictures of Nikki during her amateur modelling days, the difference between then and now is extremely noticeable, as Nikki went a couple of notches higher in the chest area.

Nowadays, both are still gone from WWE television but have been linked to a return in the near future. Nikki is set to come back at some point, while even Brie has expressed a willingness to return as well. Even without the WWE, the twins are thriving as reality television giants.

11 Work Done – Mickie James

It was said that Mickie went through surgery with the reveal that she had a rupture. Making matters worse, the rupture happened to take place during a match, putting her on the shelf for a little bit of time. The incident is said to have taken place during her first run with the company.

Ending things on such bad terms, a James return seemed very unlikely. However, the WWE does have a tendency to forgive and forget, and that seems to have been the case with James who was welcomed back via NXT. Her one match return was so impressive that the company opted to keep her around - currently on the Raw brand. Inching closer and closer to her 40s, James still looks beautiful nowadays.

10 Work Done – Eva Marie


Not only did Eva Marie get work done, but it seems as though her surgery took place a while ago, when she was in her early 20s. The details of the surgery were unveiled during an episode of Total Divas. In a scary situation, Marie felt a rupture, leading to a leakage. Eva felt chest pains and the leak was a major part of the reason. According to the doctor, since she had done the surgery nine to ten years ago, that played a big part in the rupture.

Thankfully, Eva would end up being okay, although she was out for quite some time, being sidelined for two to three months at the time. She’s now looking smoking hot outside of the WWE, enjoying life as a model and actress.

9 Removed – Madusa

Going from Alundra Blayze with WWE to Madusa with WCW, it seemed pretty clear back then that the former Women’s Champion had a certain surgery done. However, today we’ve seen Madusa on various WWE programs and it seems as though she’s another one of the former WWE Divas that got rid of the enhancements, moving on with her life.

For what it’s worth, Madusa was never about the eye candy moments, in fact she was very uncomfortable in working such segments. Once WCW went under, knowing the WWE was not an option due to dumping their title in the trash, Madusa left the wrestling business for a full-time career in the world of Monster truck driving. Rightfully so, years after the trash can incident, both the WWE and Alundra made up and she earned her spot into the WWE Hall of Fame. When thinking about the Women’s Revolution in pro wrestling, Alundra’s name will always come up as one of the pioneers.


8 Work Done – Maryse


Man, oh man, did Maryse ever look different back in her younger days when still a teen. Back in the day, Maryse was not only different in the chest area (but seriously speaking, she wasn’t in need of any 'work') but she also rocked a black head of hair, which in truth, was also quite fine. How things would change, as Maryse would ultimately get a little surgery along with changing her hair color to blonde. The move propelled Maryse into a career as a model, appearing as a Playboy calendar girl along with winning the Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2003.

She would continue to thrive thanks to her look - being recruited for the WWE Diva Search. Although she didn’t win, her fanfare for the business got her signed by the company and like they say, the rest is history. At the age 34, Maryse looks better than ever. She’s currently off WWE television awaiting the arrival of her first child.

7 Removed – Nidia

Speaking of WWE reality show contestants, we now turn our attention to a past winner, we’re talking about Nidia Guenard, the winner of Tough Enough Season one. Like the other past winners, her career was nothing to write home about, however she did excel as a manager and a big part of that was her look. Like the others at the time, Nidia had the puppies to hypnotize fans of the WWE.

After leaving the WWE, Nidia spent a brief amount of time on the indies before calling it quits in order to start a family. In starting her new life, Nidia removed her work from the past. A decade ago in 2007, she gave birth to a little girl and would go on to have a boy soon after. Edging towards her 40s, the Houston, Texas native is still in fine shape nowadays – WWE cameras got a glimpse of her during the 2016 Hall of Fame sitting next to Lita.

6 Work Done – Torrie Wilson


During her teens, Wilson actually struggled with her weight, similar to another entry we’ll discuss a little later in the article. Wilson had an ongoing issue with anorexia and her modelling career was a big precursor as to why. Once Wilson discovered the world of fitness, that finally began to change as nutrition became a big part of her life. She would later take part in competitions, and her chest size somehow grew as well during that time....

Backstage at a WCW show, Wilson got into the wrestling business by pure fluke. Kevin Nash suggested she be used on-screen and although Nash has had a slew of terrible ideas in the past, that one was right on the money as Wilson instantly connected with the crowd. Her popularity would double when joining the WWE. Like many others on the list, Wilson remains beautiful as ever - the kicker, she’s in her 40s and might look better than she did in her early 30s.

5 Removed – Kimberly Page

Meeting DDP in a nightclub during her early 20s, the relationship would propel Kimberly into a career in the pro wrestling business. As opposed to now, where female wrestlers aspired to work in the industry from a young age, Kimberly was one of the many from the era to just wind up in sports and entertainment due to her connections.

She was mainly used as eye candy with WCW. She had a lengthy stay with the company that ended a little before WCW closed its doors. Following her run with the company, Kimberly would split with DDP, though the divorce was said to be on great terms as the two speak well about their time together. Last we checked, Kimberly was completely out of the business working in interior design and marketing. She attends a wrestling convention here and there.

4 Removed – Chyna


A common theme in this article is wrestlers having their "work" rupture during a match, and Chyna was one of the first examples. Her first rupture occurred during a bout; Chyna was none too pleased as not only did the rupture take place, but she also claimed the size was not suitable for her frame. The second time was a charm as Chyna redid the surgery getting everything custom-made. Following the surgery, she would pose for Playboy Magazine, and the spread became one of the most popular in the history of the publication.

Somewhere down the line, Chyna ended up getting the work removed. Chyna struggled with depression for quite a while and sadly, she passed away in April of 2016 due to an accidental overdose on prescription drugs. We hope to see the trailblazer rightfully in WWE's Hall of Fame one day.

3 Work Done – Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie took some time off randomly in 2001. It turns out, during her hiatus, Stephanie was busy getting a certain surgery taken care of. Returning to the company, it was rather obvious she got a little work done, even certain wrestlers poked fun at Stephanie for the change (Y2J during a memorable segment).

McMahon admitted to the surgery, and a reason for it was due to a hurtful sign claiming her puppies sagged. Stephanie had dropped a lot of weight at the time, which likely caused the sagging to begin with. McMahon stayed a D cup, however this time around, her breasts remained firm. Stephanie does not regret the surgery claiming it helped restore her confidence. As opposed to the others on the list, McMahon basically got a lift, but a surgery nonetheless.

2 Removed – Trish Stratus


Perhaps the biggest surprise entry in the article, back in 2008, Stratus admitted to a magazine in the UK that she did in fact get her "work" removed. Trish was known for her “puppies” entering the business as a manager, however, that would later become an afterthought as she blazed a path as an in-ring performer.

Following her WWE exit, the work was no longer a necessity for Stratus. Trish would go on to start a family, and she’s documented her journey via social media, even putting up various pictures of herself feeding her children, without the enhancements. Into her 40s, the former Women’s Champion is still linked to a return at some point. Stratus has encouraged the rumors claiming if the right offer came about, she’d consider a return inside of the squared circle.

1 Work Done – Alexa Bliss (Rumored)

It was never confirmed, so we’ll classify this one as a rumor for now, however it seems pretty apparent that Bliss got a surgery done at some point. Like Wilson earlier in the article, Bliss struggled with nutrition at a young age, suffering from a major eating disorder. Like Wilson, bodybuilding saved her life as she turned to nutrition in order to prosper in her goals.

Ultimately, she would end up having to eat even more, needing to fill out as a member of the WWE. Looking at photos of Bliss during her days as Fairy Princess with NXT compared to now, it’s evident she’s done a fantastic job at filling out her frame, chest included. Alexa continues to thrive nowadays as the Women’s Champion over on Raw. The scary part, she’s still in her mid 20s at 26, something that tends to get overlooked quite often.


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