9 Stunt Doubles Who Look Better Than The Actors (And 8 Who Deserve To Be BTS)

Stunt doubles are some of the unsung heroes of the film industry. When our favourite actors can’t perform the stunts that are required of their characters, the doubles step in to take all of the risks for them. They are the ones that end up with the injuries, the scars, and even sometimes lose their lives, all in pursuit of entertainment. They make superheroes, action men, and all kinds of fantasies come to life on the screen without a thought for their own safety.

When matching up a stunt double with an actor, there are a few things to take into consideration. Height and body type are usually important – it’s easy to put a matching costume and a wig on someone, but it’s not as easy to make them look half a foot shorter or force them to lose 20 pounds. After that, it all depends on what the shot will look like. If you need to almost glimpse their face, then you probably want to make sure that they look at least a little bit like the actor they are partnered with.

Of course, you can’t always find someone who is willing to do stunts and looks like your actor. That’s when things start to go a bit wrong. Sometimes, the stunt double will be as attractive or even more attractive than the star. You might get to wondering why this double isn’t a star in their own right. Other times, you’ll see exactly why they should have been kept behind the scenes.

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17 Shailene Woodley and Her Double - Hot

If you’re looking at a photograph from behind the scenes and you can’t tell who would be the actress and who would be the stunt double without specifically knowing the actress, then you’re on to a super-hot stunt double. This is the double who stood in for Shailene Woodley for her scenes in Divergent, which included a lot of stunts, mostly involving jumping. The pair of them look great together, and while you can tell that one of them is a lot older than the other, they could easily be playing sisters or simply friends wearing the same uniform. This stunt double definitely deserves to get more time in front of the camera. Dare we say it, some people might suggest that she’s got more classical beauty than Shailene herself. Being a stuntwoman means she also has a great body hidden underneath that awkward and flowing long dress.

16 Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell – BTS

In total fairness, it’s very hard to measure up to someone who was as much of an icon as Xena. Playing the title role in Xena: Warrior Princess made Lucy Lawless the poster girl for many a teenage boy, and it was her face that they were staring up at every night with their bedroom door locked. Thankfully so, because stuntwoman Zoe Bell isn’t exactly as much of a looker. Having said all of that, there’s a big reason why we would want to keep Zoe behind the scenes anyway: her talent. She has been a stuntwoman on a wide range of roles, including taking on Uma Thurman’s stunts for Kill Bill. She is obviously very good at what she does, and we wouldn’t want to mess with that by changing her role to put her in front of the camera more. She’s one of Hollywood’s hidden heroes.

15 Mark Ruffalo and His Double – Hot

We can’t actually believe that this guy is not an actor starring as Mark Ruffalo’s brother. The two of them look so alike, but we feel like the stunt double has an edge in terms of looks. He has a more open face compared to Mark’s, with straight teeth and a little twinkle in his eye. He looks more like the kind of actor who might be cast as Christian Grey, and meanwhile, Mark is the last person you’d expect in that role. This was for the film Now You See Me 2, and the double’s name is Anthony Molinari. While he does have a few acting credits to his name, you will be disappointed to learn that they are so small that most of his characters didn’t even get names. Why are we hiding this guy away, Hollywood? You know that he also has to have a much better body than Mark because of his job.

14 Angelina Jolie and Her Double – BTS

Angelina Jolie is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but even she can’t make a double-breasted wool coat, beanie hat, tired old rucksack, and ill-matched blonde wig look good. By that respect, there was no way that her stunt double was ever going to pull it off. The two of them look fairly awful in this shot, and it wasn’t the most flattering movie all the way through. This, by the way, was Salt. Angelina’s stunt double is quite a bit older than the actress, it seems, and has had a fair amount more weathering as well. She doesn’t really resemble her counterpart at all. She doesn’t quite have the same polished look that long-term stars like Angelina, who have had the money to look good for their whole lives, can pull off. This one we’re voting as a “stay behind the scenes” double.

13 Shia LaBeouf and His Double – Hot

Given what we know about Shia LaBeouf these days, it’s hard not to find most guys more attractive than him. He doesn’t give us any kind of good vibes – he’s just an opinionated douche who is fast finding his welcome in Hollywood to be worn out. This is the stunt double who accompanied him for one of the Transformers scenes. Even though he looks a little older than Shia, we have to say that he pulls it off a lot better. He also manages to avoid those slumped, rounded shoulders, instead carrying himself with a straighter posture. Probably something to do with using his body as a tool to perform strenuous feats – and you can see the results of that even through the blue shirt that he is wearing. It looks like the double is talking Shia through one of the stunts, while Shia never misses an opportunity to look straight at the camera.

12 Cameron Diaz and Her Stunt Double - BTS

Here’s a behind the scenes image from The Mask which really should have stayed hidden forever, because it’s a bit scary if we’re honest. You have Jim Carrey with his double, who was obviously given the not-so-expensive form of the mask face. Then you have Cameron Diaz and her stunt double, who is frankly terrifying. Why did they hire someone so short to fill in for someone so tall? Why does she appear to be completely covered in white powder from head to toe? Is she secretly a member of the living dead? Could they not have found a wig which would fit her better? It’s all a bit odd, and we’re struggling to believe that they could make the footage work with this woman as a double. She just seems so clearly not Cameron Diaz that we’re surprised they cast her at all. What an odd couple they make.

11 Lynda Carter and Jeannie Epper– Hot

If it wasn’t for the fact that one of them is obviously doing all the heavy lifting, we would have to take a moment’s pause to wonder which one of these ladies was actually cast as Wonder Woman. It looks like Jeannie is wearing a black wig that doesn’t quite fit her head properly, but you can see that she has fantastic bone structure and obviously a great body. The costume isn’t a great fit because she actually works out, unlike Lynda Carter! While the look of the day was a little different, these days we think it would be Jeannie that would be more sought after. She has those muscular thighs and arms, but not to such an extreme that she seems bulked up. Essentially, she looks great! Plus, what a feat – being able to bodily lift your co-star like that. Most starlets who aspire to be as thin as possible rather than getting fit and healthy wouldn’t be able to achieve it.

10 Rupert Grint and Anthony Knight – BTS

Maybe it’s not fair to pick on someone who works on stunts for Rupert Grint – after all, he’s not well known for his looks as it is. That’s probably part of the reason why he has seemed to pick up a lot less acting work after his stint as Ron Weasley compared to his co-stars. But still, this stunt double really does deserve to stay behind the scenes. We’re sure that he is great at his job and brings a lot to the table, and he surely has a great personality too. Let’s not discount all of his fantastic attributes – after all, he works in Hollywood at one of the highest possible levels. But, still. He doesn’t have the kind of face that would take easily to leading man roles, or probably even supporting actor roles. It’s a shallow industry, so we have to accept it as it is!

9 Emilia Clarke and Rosie Mac - Hot

Emilia Clarke’s double doesn’t even look like a double. She simply looks like Emilia Clarke. We’re actually having a hard time believing that these are two different people. Surely Emilia just does her own stunts or something? Well, apparently not, as her double is actually a model in her own right. Her name is Rosie Mac, and she’s been causing a bit of a stir with her images appearing online. You can tell why, too. Just for clarification, the one in the screenshot from the show is Emilia. The one showing off her make-up in the backstage area is Rosie. In case you were wondering about those infamous scenes where Daenerys appears, shall we say, in full – those were all Emilia, actually. So there you have it. Apparently, she isn’t so much a stunt double as a body double, though since Emilia was the one to bare all, we can’t imagine what else they needed her for.

8 True Blood Stars and Their Doubles – BTS

Anna Paquin and Brit Morgan are a hard act to follow, so to be fair, these stunt doubles never really had much of a chance. Even covered in fake blood and dust, you wouldn’t resist Brit if you had a choice between her and her double. It doesn’t help that that might be the worst red wig we’ve ever seen in terms of fit and believability. Then you have Anna, whose stunt double appears to be ten years older than her and nowhere near as slim or fit. We actually have to wonder what kind of stunt work she was going to be doing, since Anna’s body seems much more toned and defined. Still, at least she had her own natural hair colour to work with in this case. This is such a specific look for the show that you could probably track down the exact episode it happened in and watch these doubles at work.

7 Alyson Hannigan and Her Double – Hot

Let’s ignore the two vampire ladies in the middle for a second. Because, well, gross. Also we can’t see their true faces underneath all of those prosthetics, so we’ll have to give them the benefit of the doubt as to their appearance. But cast your eye right to the end of the line, where you will see the actress who is filling in for Willow while she wears her doppelganger outfit. Isn’t she just the cutest? She has a much better bone structure than Alyson Hannigan, who was cast more for her loveable nerd look than her exotic beauty. We also like the way that she’s filling out those leather trousers. We’re not quite sure who this stunt double is, but none of the doubles featured in the credits went on to become starring actresses themselves, which seems like a bit of a shame. This hair colour and cut suit her to perfection, even better than they do with Alyson.

6 Robert Pattinson and His Double – BTS

We hate to say it, but Robert Pattinson and his double here just don’t match up so well. On the one hand we have Edward, sparkling vampire from the Twilight series. On the other hand, we have someone who is probably a long-lost brother of the Weasleys. This stunt double genuinely looks more like he fits in to the rival franchise which was getting released in cinemas around the same time. Maybe he doubled up and appeared in both – a double double, if you will. Looking at the two of them together you can certainly see why Robert keeps getting cast in various leading man roles. We all know that it isn’t because of his superior acting style or delivery. Anyway, sadly, this is one stunt double who will rest behind the scenes for his whole career. Even the way that he wears the costume doesn’t look as good as the way that Robert is doing it – there’s some kind of knack.

5 Kirsten Stewart and Roberta Murgo – Hot

This cutie is the stunt double who played Kirsten Stewart’s character in the Twilight franchise for a few scenes during the honeymoon storyline. Evidently they went through a few different doubles during the course of filming, as this is not the same double that we have seen with Robert Pattinson, but he is clearly the double of that character. Roberta is smoking hot and we can’t see any reason why she shouldn’t be a star in her own right. She has a beautiful face, lovely long hair, and a hot body honed by training and performance. It looks like she also enjoys showing it off a little, which comes along with the territory as she is actually a model by trade. It seems like she gave up modelling and acting after this and went back to school to study architecture, which is a loss to both industries by all accounts.

4 Sarah Michelle Gellar and Her Double – BTS

Here’s a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar and her mother. Wait, that’s not right? It’s actually her stunt double? Wow. This lady honestly must be around 20 years older than Sarah if not more. Their matching outfits actually look pretty creepy in this shot, as if it’s a joke about a mother who can’t let go of her youth and still dresses up like a teenager. It probably makes sense to have someone older doing the stunts because they have more experience, but this is still super-weird. We hope this extra was always an extra, because she doesn’t have the looks to make it in front of the camera. Her hair is also a real mess compared to Sarah’s, which you would think would be a detail they wanted to get right. Unless she’s just come literally from doing a stunt in which she got all messed up, there’s no excuse for that sloppiness.

3 Regina King and Her Double – Hot

We’re not saying anything against Regina King in this case, but we are definitely all for bigging up her stunt double. Which one is which? If you aren’t a fan of Regina or haven’t seen her work, we bet you’re having a hard time working it out right now. Both ladies have fantastic smiles, great faces, and fierce haircuts that suit them well. Alright, if you look closely you might start to have suspicions that one of them is a wig. But how great do they look together? If you ask us, they should do away with this stunt double thing and instead bring in a storyline where Regina’s identical twin starts working in the same precinct. We wouldn’t argue with it – they look that similar that you would believe every word and start searching on IMDB to see if they are really related. That’s good casting.

2 Johnny Depp and His Double – BTS

While Johnny Depp looks like a very handsome man hidden underneath layers of pirate, his stunt double looks like pirate all the way down. He doesn’t have the same swagger that Johnny carries with him, and certainly not the same twinkling charm in his smile. He’s not as good at pulling off dark eyeliner either, for that matter. Just as a pirate ship needs a large crew in order to keep it sailing in the right direction, so a film needs lots of people working behind the scenes to get the finished product into cinemas. This stunt double is one of those who performs invaluable work but is destined never to be properly recognised for his efforts. We doubt that anyone would ever mistakenly recognise this guy as the real Jack Sparrow, so it’s perhaps best that he stays behind the scenes and puts in that hard work that makes it all come together.

1 Carrie Fisher and Her Double – Hot

At the mere suggestion that any woman from all of time might be more attractive than slave Leia, a thousand nerds around the world suddenly felt the mysterious urge to cry out “no!” in unison. However, this photograph of Carrie Fisher lounging around with her stunt double in-between takes might give you cause to doubt that thought. Thanks to the fact that she is a stunt double, this woman has a seriously toned and tight body. Take a look at her abs, her shoulders and arms, and her legs and compare them to Carrie’s. Carrie ends up looking like a pale, willowy girl who has never broken a sweat in her life! These days with the emphasis on fitness and gym bunnies, we know which of their bodies would be garnering the most attention – and it isn’t Carries’s. How times have changed! Sadly for this double, it’s just a little too late.

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