9 Reasons Dating Katy Perry Would Suck (And 8 Reasons It Wouldn't)

From an ex's opinion of her in bed to financial security to intelligence, we look at the good and the bad that comes with dating Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is one of the hottest musicians of all-time, something we prove throughout this list. But she is also a fantastic person who has done plenty of amazing things for the world.

There are at least 8 reasons as to why the idea of getting to come home to Katy Perry may seem like an incredibly appealing idea. Including the fact that she may have a bit of money stored away, she has some awesome friends and just happens to love going to the beach; something you'll see throughout the list.

But it wouldn't all be sunshine and rainbows if you were knocking boots with Perry. Especially because one of her past lovers has put her on blast for being dull in the bedroom! Not to mention the fact that paparazzi would hound you everywhere you go and all the controversy and stress that goes into being a celebrity.

These are the 9 reasons why you'd hate to date Perry and the 8 why you may consider yourself the luckiest guy in the world.

17 Would Suck - She's Terrible In Bed

Katy Perry may be a bombshell to look at, but when it comes to her moves in the bedroom apparently she is a huge dud! Just take it from her former husband, Russell Brand who once described their sex life as,

"When you’re a monk, you’re not allowed to have sex with anyone. When you’re married, it’s one person. That’s one more than a monk. It’s not that different. I’d be having sex thinking, ‘think of anyone, anyone else.'”

Call us crazy, but the last thing you may want to hear your partner say about making love with you is that they would literally prefer to imagine anyone in the world but you.

16 Wouldn't Suck - All The Revealing Outfits

While there are definitely people out there who don't find Katy Perry attractive, we're guessing if you would think about cuddling up to her on a regular basis, that you're probably in the majority in considering her one of the sexiest women in Hollywood; let alone in the music industry.

Perry would have no shortage of outfits at home that leaves little to the imagination, something that you may get private showings off if the relationship is going well.

Now granted there are some ramifications of this, such as the fact that you may start to feel insecure about your own looks, but something tells us Katy would find ways to make sure you feel sexy and appreciated.

15 Would Suck - So Much Stress And So Many Haters

Celebrities are notoriously always under a great deal of pressure. Every decision they make is under intense scrutiny and even if you're an incredibly talented singer, issues away from the mic can derail even the best of careers.

Katy Perry has no shortage of haters, with topics ranging from who she dates, what she looks like and of course, her musical ability.

She seems to have a tough skin about it, but it may be incredibly hard to date someone who is also constantly getting verbally abused online. There are elements of her life that will remove some stress (such as financial), but her career is going to fall off one day, and when that happens the haters probably still won't leave her alone.

14 Wouldn't Suck - She Isn't Afraid To Embrace Her Funny Side

No matter who you end up dating, you need to hope that your partner is someone who doesn't mind being a little silly and can ideally make you laugh. While Perry has shown off her singing ability, there has also been no shortage of opportunities for Perry to embrace her funny side.

Most prominently Perry hosted Saturday Night Live, though her "assets" may have been what garnered the most attention that night. Perry has also guest-starred on the television series How I Met Your Mother and nearly hooked up with Neil Patrick Harris' character!

We're sure that also means she has no shortage of great moments from the various projects she has done alongside fellow celebrities.

13 Would Suck - She Doesn't Seem To Be That Smart

Katy Perry started her music career at the age of 17, so perhaps understandably, education was not always at the forefront of her mind.

"Education was not the first priority. My education started in my 20s, and there is so much to learn still," said Perry in an interview.

And while she may be all over social media, that doesn't mean she feels like she has a grasp of the written word

“I have horrible typos. I use there or your wrong grammatically. But I feel like I’ve learned how to tame that social media dragon.”

12 Wouldn't Suck - You Can See Her In Swimsuits

Let's be honest, there is no shortage of outfits that Katy Perry has worn that is going to get your heart racing. But if we're going to take bets on which style of outfit that she looks the best in, seeing her parade in a swimsuit is just about as hot as it gets.

You can imagine that you and Katy would spend plenty of fun days frolicking in the sand and getting your tan on. And even if you didn't, who do you think she is going to send the photos of when she is trying on various swimsuits trying to decide on the hottest one?

After all, the paparazzi are going to follow your every move, so you may as well hope you're looking good!

11 Would Suck - Drunk Partying Photos Will Never Go Away

When you are looking at the above photos of Katy Perry looking under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it becomes clear that Katy Perry is no stranger to having herself a good time.

But photos like the above are also impossible to remove off the internet and Perry has become a lot more careful over the past few years of at least keeping her partying ways hidden from the camera.

Which also means though that if you just happened to be the man on her side, you can say goodbye to going to the club and getting your drink on with your girlfriend. At least unless you want paparazzi to surround you and take photos of your every move.

10 Wouldn't Suck - You Probably Wouldn't Have Financial Concerns

One of the biggest stressors that people may experience on a regular basis is how their finances are looking. At the very least if you are able to get close to a celebrity, especially a current one like Katy Perry, you can hope that your financial situation is about to get a lot easier.

That's not to say that you'd be a gold digger, or that people with money should be expected to pay for those who don't but let's be honest. There's no way you two would go out for an elaborate date and then at the end of the date, she pokes a $10,000+ bill from the restaurant your way!

Speaking of which, we're sure you and Perry would get into no shortage of dates that would consist of experiences that countless people can only dream about.

9 Would Suck - She Is Always Changing Her Look

You never have the right to tell someone how they should dress or what they should do with their appearance. That absolutely includes who you are choosing to date. But you may understand that it may be a little frustrating to date someone who would constantly be changing up her appearance as Perry does.

You fell in love with her long hair? Nope, now it's chopped down and blonde. And to top it off, now she gets compared to Justin Bieber!

While Perry can still turn heads anywhere she goes, it'd be awkward to be dating her and wishing she went back to her old hair or style.

8 Wouldn't Suck - You Get To Meet Other Celebrities

Now, this isn't without its faults. After all, Katy Perry has been seen partying with Bieber on multiple occasions and do you really want to get to know the Biebs? I'm guessing probably not!

But Katy Perry does have some awesome friends and connections in the music business that we're sure you would love to get to meet.

Plus the fact that she's still active in the music industry means she probably isn't done collaborating with other talented musicians anytime soon. And when they're done recording at the studio, where do you think they're going to party? Your house! Which is also Katy's house because let's be honest, you're definitely moving in with her and not the other way around.

7 Would Suck - Her Past Dating History

When you are deciding on if you want to start dating someone, one of the factors that you may consider is their past relationships. Katy Perry has no shortage of prominent relationships, which means trying to live up to their shoes may be a task that ends up draining the fun from the relationship.

Plus, no matter how good you may think you are in bed, her former husband Russell Brand had literally slept with thousands of women and probably has skills in the bedroom that you can only imagine!

If that's not enough, she also got hot and heavy with Orlando Bloom who is no stranger to awesome (and envious) roles such as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

6 Wouldn't Suck - You Get To Go To The Coolest Events

You wouldn't be alone if you sit at home watching various award shows and have at least a twinge of jealousy for the life that celebrities live. You just know all those events are open bar, the women and men are always looking drop dead gorgeous and in some cases like the Academy Awards, there are also "gift bags" that would be the equivalent of your last 10 birthday gifts.

Perry is no stranger to appearing at all the hot red carpet events, and normally does so looking red hot.

Even if that may not be your style, Perry's had no shortage of awesome and prominent concerts in the past including performing at the Super Bowl which we're sure if you were dating her, you would have gotten a pretty awesome seat for!

5 Would Suck - She Is No Stranger To Controversy

You need to hope that your relationship is going to be one of the least stressful areas of your life. That might be a lot harder if you're dating Katy Perry and it seems like every week you're defending or learning about a new feud or controversy that she is at the center of.

"Yes baby, Taylor Swift is totally a b*tch...No I don't want to listen to Bad Blood again" is a conversation that we're sure you don't want to have over and over again.

Perry is also no stranger to earning plenty of backlash for various outfits that she has worn, including a Geisha costume that she wore for a performance back in 2013 which alongside her bowing and shuffling on stage, caused plenty of heat to be thrown her way.

4 Wouldn't Suck - She's Talented

Now there is no denying that there are plenty of people out there who get a few seconds into a Katy Perry song and can't reach for the switch button quick enough. But if you're going to be getting up close and personal on a regular basis, there's probably a pretty good chance that you appreciate her for her musical talents.

While you may not love hearing her sing about other men, perhaps if you two create a strong enough bond you'd get her to write a song about you and how cool would that be?

Not to mention potential everyday activities like driving in the car and singing along or singing in the shower become a heck of a lot cooler when you have one of the most talented singers in the world accompanying you.

3 Would Suck - She'll Take You To The Beach

Wait, what? Didn't we read above about how one of the best reasons to date Katy is how amazing she looks in the bikini? But there is more to consider when deciding on if you and Perry taking to the beach is a good idea.

Such as the fact that the last time she went with a (now former) lover, Orlando Bloom, his penis ended up all over the internet! Now granted it was his decision to strip off his swimming trunks, but if Katy asked you to take your shorts off are you really going to argue with her?

Bloom has since said he definitely wouldn't have stripped off had he known that cameras were going to capture their romp in the sun.

2 Wouldn't Suck - She's Helped Make The World A Better Place

You can love and hate Katy Perry's music or how she looks, but there is no point in getting into an argument that she hasn't made a huge impact on the world.

While there is no shortage of causes where Perry has helped, her most prominent may be the work she does alongside UNICEF who named her a Goodwill Ambassador back in 2013.

Perry has also frequently donated proceeds from album sales or other ventures to various causes, such as the charity Little Kids Rock which works with underprivileged elementary schools.

You always want to feel like you're dating someone who makes not only your world better, but the world around you a better place, and you would definitely feel that way with Perry.

1 Would Suck - She's Never Home

One of the realities of dating a celebrity is that they have an incredibly hectic schedule. While actors may be shooting on location for months at a time, musicians may spend a large portion of their year traveling to different cities on a regular basis.

Which means that even if you had the hottest girlfriend in the entire world, as you may feel you would if you were dating Perry, the chances of you getting to spend some quality time with them may be slim to none.

Sure, you might be able to join along for the tour, but that also may mean you sacrifice your own career goals or aspirations and that's definitely not healthy.

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