9 (More) Hotties Who Rock Yoga Pants (And 6 Hilarious Fails)

Yoga pants have become the Hollywood go-to workout and leisure thing to wear. But the darn things are unforgiving. Now, a hot bod in yoga pants is a joy to behold. But if the babe's body is carrying a bit of extra weight or is out of shape, it can get truly ugly. Believe it or not, the latest thing in Hollywood seems to be transparent yoga pants. No, before you ask, we can't show you those shots. But we do have 9 hot babes who totally rock tight booty-hugging Lycra. And we've also got 6 babes who should have left the Lycra at home and gone for flowing robes. Sometimes, the fail babes are just out of shape. Sometimes, they are hot but the yoga pants are just way too tight or some such. We've got big booties, little booties, and everything in between. Here come 9 hot Hollywood babes you would love to walk behind down a street and 6 babes you would turn around and walk away from. Heck, you would probably run (not walk!) away from those backsides.


15 Scarlett Johansson - Booty-Eating Yoga Pants Hot


Ah, we love the sight of Black Widow in that tight black jumpsuit. Ah, we adore the sight of Scarlett Johansson's booty-eating tight leather yoga pants. Both are so totally hot, we don't know which to choose. It's a kind of win-win situation. Our Scar Jo started strutting the acting boards as a kid and worked her way up in the Hollywood world to become one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Of course, she's had the odd nude photo leaked. And, of course, she's been married and divorced twice. She has gone on record to say that monogamy is not natural. So don't expect wedding bells any time soon for the 31-year-old mom. She got a lot of grief when she defended Woody Allen after he was accused of child abuse. And then, there was the time she "did it" in a hotel. So? It was in the hotel elevator, actually.

14 Emma Watson - Classy Hot Babe


Another little girl we've watched grow up is Emma Watson. It was a magical moment when, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, frizzy-haired swot Hermione Granger first met Harry and Ron on the Hogwarts Express. A bit of a swot in real life, Emma has combined acting gigs with stints at college. These days, she's acting, modeling, and counting her millions. Her booty size is modest by Hollywood standards. But, she totally rocks yoga pants with her pert backside. Our Emma's a class act. When she experienced a photo leak scandal recently, she had her clothes on in the pictures! The point for her was that they were stolen. It shocked everyone a few years back when she went for a bit of rough, dating rugby player Matthew Janney. Here's some good news, guys. They've broken up, and Emma reportedly prefers "ordinary" guys to Hollywood types.

13 Kate Upton - Made In America Perfection


Kate Upton has become every guy's dream girl. She has that All-American girl-next-door vibe with just a hint of naughty vixen thrown in. She's lusty and busty and all loved up with baseball star Justin Verlander. In fact, when he lost out on a baseball pitcher's award, she pitched an "F" word fit on Twitter, saying that he had been screwed over. She then threw in that she was the only one allowed to f*ck Verlander! Some say that kind of behavior is typical of the diva that Kate has become. With the way she looks and moves, who cares? Unlike others in Hollywood, budding actress Upton is said to be all natural when it comes to her booty and her Double-Ds. It takes a brave babe to rock light blue yoga pants, but she does it in style. Lucky pooch, we'd say.

12 Kaley Cuoco - Big Bang In Yoga Pants


Kaley Cuoco plays Penny, the hot babe next door in TV's The Big Bang Theory. She's got those geeks panting and lusting after her. And it seems like she's doing it in real life as well. The sight of her booty in yoga pants is a joy to behold. Now, some nasty gossip types say that our Kaley is a bit of a diva. Seems like she wants to be a big movie star and just hasn't made the grade. And true, she's had her fair share of romance and bust-ups. Just take her very public and nasty divorce from tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Talk about mudslinging. Pictures of her out partying without her wedding ring caused a bit of a stir before the divorce hit the fan. And rumors persist that she is feuding with anybody and everybody connected with The Big Bang Theory. Do we care? No. We just like the sight of her in yoga pants.

11 Sofia Vergara - Hottest Booty In Town

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When Columbian actress Sofia Vergara hit Hollywood, she experienced a real revelation. She discovered Frederick's of Hollywood, the outfit that, in her own words, makes "bras for strippers". You know, skinny babes with big boobs. Seems finding F-cup size bras in her native Columbia was difficult. So, one problem solved. But there was another hurdle to jump over. She didn't really speak much English. She had memorized one or two phrases. Oh, she totally had "I want to work with Johnny Depp" down pat! These days, she's Gloria Delgado Pritchett in TV's Modern Family. She drives her TV hubby Jay, nuts, coming out with mangled English phrases like "I don't speak English goodly." But, she does do naked goodly. At 45 years old, she recently posed naked for the Naked Issue of Women's Health Magazine. Her cover bore the headline "Stong, Sexy, Naked." Whether in yoga pants or stripping down, she's still one hot babe.

10 Iggy Azalea - Stop It Now


We're sorry Iggy Azalea, your attempt at totally hot was totally not. It looks as if the top half of her has been grafted onto some big chick's bottom half. She's almost certainly had work done on her booty. But, like many other Hollywood types, she just didn't know when to stop. If you look at older pictures of her smaller butt, she was way hotter than after she called the butt doc in. A rear this big probably means that she's had silicone implants costing tens of thousands and are (literally) a pain to deal with. Apparently, after surgery, you can't sit down for two weeks! Australian rapper Iggy has had mixed success in the U.S. so maybe she thought an enhancement or two was in order. She's gone from hot to not big time. Bring back the old Iggy is what we say. And lose the implants yesterday.

9 Ariel Winter - Lumpy Bumpy Mess


Ariel Winter is a lot like Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, and Hilary Duff. How? It is the yo-yo weight thing. Those babes are way hot when they aren't inhaling pizza and ice cream. They tend to pack on the pounds, lose them, and then pack them on again. In fact, before Ariel more or less "divorced" a mother she said was abusive, her mom Crystal, reportedly tried to withhold Ariel's food on the set of Modern Family. Outraged cast and crew members were said to have sneaked food into the poor girl's dressing room when mama wasn't looking. Fans of the show have watched Ariel grow from an awkward adolescent into a hot, young woman, albeit one who struggles with her weight. Her hottest moment? We think it was back in 2016 when, dressed only in a tiny blue bikini, Ariel twerked her way through Cabo while on holiday with pals. Catch it on YouTube and judge for yourself.


8 Kendall Jenner - Strutting The Yoga Walk


Kendall Jenner seems to be the only one of the Kardashian/Jenner clan who has refused to go big booty via butt doctors. Well, after all, she is a runway model and big booty is, like cellulite, a big no-no in that world. Our Kendall knows two things—how to get attention and how to make money... or try to. She and sister Kylie, recently had to pull a line of $125 "vintage" tee-shirts that featured their faces superimposed over dead musicians and rappers such as Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. Talk about bad taste on steroids. They hadn't even asked permission to use the images. It's not the first time she's caused a scandal. There was her "free the nipple" Instagram post just after she turned 18 years old. Oh, don't forget the time she walked the catwalk in a see-through shirt. And then, there was her Pepsi ad that was pulled after only one day. Why? Well, she was shown joining in a protest march. So, the protesters reach a line of cops and Kendall decides to defuse any tension by offering a Pepsi to a cop. Talk about trivializing political movements!

7 Lady Gaga - Cone-Shaped Rear?


What do Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga have in common? Give up? Well, it is their tendency to do things which are supposed to outrage us, but that only irritate and bore us. Take gold stiletto booties and tight white pants, topped off by head gear that makes Gaga look like a cleaning lady on an outing. It's all so not hot. And what's with the cone-shaped backside? We just hope she didn't pay good money for it because it's so totally weird. And the other thing is that she is the oldest-looking 31-year-old we've ever seen. Remember her 2017 Super Bowl gig? Sure you do. Only thing was, according to Pop Music Scandal, she paid her way into the Super Bowl halftime show by handing over some $5 million to the NFL. Seems that Adele was the first choice, but she wasn't going to hand over a thin dime. So, cue the chick with the $5 million? Seems so. That's payola big time.

6 Beyonce - Queen Bey, Queen Booty

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In 2017, Lady Gaga paid or bribed her way into the Super Bowl halftime show. And what about Beyonce the year before? She totally did her diva fit thing. Queen Bey reportedly put in a long list of demands for stuff when she did Super Bowl 50 in 2016. Some say she demanded a nursery for daughter Blue Ivy and cigars and alcohol for hubby Jay-Z. Some stories report that the Super Bowl officials dubbed her the most demanding star ever. And what about the police escort for her limo that cleared the way so she wouldn't have to do what everybody else did and sit in Super Bowl traffic? But then, she is Queen Bey. But we do have to admit that she totally rocks yoga pants on and off the stage. Apparently, the Super Bowl list of demands was nothing compared to what Beyonce demands (and usually gets) when she goes on tour.

5 Kylie Jenner - Hot Enhanced Booty


We remember when Kylie Jenner was an awkward teenager who seemed to change her hair color and her look every five minutes. She's all grown up now! She's just turned 20 years old and is usually loved up with rapper Tyga. Plus, rumor on the streets has it that she's surpassed her older sister, Kim Kardashian, in the social media numbers game and has developed a bit of a diva attitude. There was this post of her getting made up by a makeup artist before she even got out of bed in the morning. Talk about a diva on steroids! Gossips say that Kylie's gone to a "butt guy" plastic surgeon and had that booty enhanced. Whatever she's done, she's totally rocking yoga pants. Pity about the hair, though.

4 Kim Kardashian - Kim KardAS*ian


There was a time when Kim Kardashian's butt was just right. Then, she went to a butt doc and it got a little bigger, but it was still okay. Then, she went back and it got to be a little bit too big. Then, there was the weight gain that gave her a double-sized booty that was just way bad. What do we advise? Well, other than stay at home, our Kim should try a longer sweatshirt, thicker pants, and (oh yeah) undies. Not a pretty sight. As the pundit said, there is a big difference between a big-a** woman and a woman who just has a big a**. We're sorry to say, once hot to trot, Kim K has become the latter.

3 Emily Blunt - Camel Toe Failure


What is a camel toe failure? It's a fairly hot star such as English actress Emily Blunt wearing yoga pants that are way too tight, leading to a bunching up around the lady bits. It's almost impossible not to stare! Plus, not even the hottest babes look all that hot in cropped yoga pants. So, this is a total yoga pants fail for The Girl on the Train star. So, why on earth would somebody go out like that? Well, if it were an in-your-face babe like Nicki Minaj, we'd say she had done it on purpose. Nicki wants you to focus on those lady bits. But, with a cool star such as Emily Blunt, we're guessing she didn't check herself out in a full-length mirror. You'd think her hunky actor hubby John Krasinski would have called a red alert. It's not so much naughty as it's just embarrassing!

2 Paris Hilton - Peek-A-Boo Fail


Apparently, see-through yoga pants and leggings are all the rage in Hollywood these days. If they are on Kim K, leave the room. But, on Paris Hilton, it's still a yoga pants fail, but it's a hot yoga pants fail. The 30-something socialite and reality-TV-star-turned-cougar seems to have developed a thing for young male models. All those handsome faces and hot bodies must be hard to resist. Now, quite a few stars, including Kim K, Sofia Vergara, and Paris Hilton have been spotted in what we might call "partially" transparent yoga pants or leggings. Lady Gaga took it one step further and was seen out and about in almost totally transparent leggings. Well, really, it looked as if she were wearing a pair of pantyhose. She may or may not have been wearing a thong underneath. In comparison, our Paris is very prim and proper.

1 Jennifer Lopez - Bubble Butt Hot


Did you know backsides are different? Kim K, in her prime, had the perfect heart-shaped backside. And Jennifer Lopez? She's a bubble butt. You know, it kind of looks like a bubble. It's true to say that, alongside Kim Kardashian, JLo was responsible for making big booty hot. But is it natural? Don't be silly. Of course, she's had it worked on. The one in the picture is just about right. But a while back, her bubble got bigger, thanks probably to a visit to the butt doc. Sad to say, our Latina cougar is beginning to look like Jessica Rabbit on a bad day. Maybe 40-something JLo was missing toy boy Casper Smart and was in the market for a replacement. Maybe she was thinking bigger would be better. Did it work? Well, apparently, she is all loved up with baseball great Alex Rodriguez. But wait, what about those reports of his cheating on her with a younger-than-JLo ex? According to the ex, he likes it rough.


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