9 Former WWE Divas You Wouldn’t Recognize Today (6 That Look The Same)

Keeping a respectable appearance is easier said than done and that works double for a WWE Superstar. Not only are you grinding on the road constantly, but you’re also forced to maintain an appearance by eating healthy and working out frequently. For many, once their time in the spotlight is up, they love to just let go and put those former practices aside. Heck even the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin just sat home for a while and drank beer once his WWE days were initially done with.

For these Divas, change wasn’t as extreme and for the most part, they still all look quite fabulous. For those that are unrecognizable, it mostly has to do with changing their looks. So for that, we give the Divas of the past some credit for still looking great and giving the fans that nostalgia feel. However, we do have a couple of rare cases in which age did catch up to certain Divas, we’ll let you guys decide which wrestlers on the list fall into that category.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share the link with a pal. Let’s take a look at some former WWE Divas, assessing which six look exactly the same and the nine that appear to be quite different. Let’s get started! Ring the bell!


15 Unrecognizable: Dawn Marie

Her time in the WWE was brief and more so spent as a personality than an actual wrestler, but that doesn’t mean we discredit Marie for her contributions, particularly with the WWE. She gave SmackDown some serious edge during her brief stint, providing the early 2000s with some of the steamier moments alongside another former WWE star we’ll have on this list a little later, Torrie Wilson. Dawn’s run lasted from 2002 till 2005, she eventually parted ways and hit the indie circuit for a brief amount of time.

Today, Dawn looks quite different and that’s mainly because she’s a happy mother of two beautiful children. She’s also out of the pro wrestling business nowadays, putting her lengthy career in the field behind her. Today, the former WWE star is set on becoming a nurse, a fitting career path given her love for motherhood.

14 Unrecognizable: Kharma


Joining the WWE in 2010, Kharma was made out to be a pretty big deal. Not only did she have an extensive indie resume but she also looked quite different compared to the others with an overpowering look, similar to Nia Jax of today, although Kharma brought in a wealth of experience making her name be known after a dominant run with TNA Wrestling.

Her WWE run was nothing short of a disaster due to injuries and an unplanned pregnancy. Eventually, the sides ended up parting ways. Up until 2016, Kharma was taking indie bookings, although most fans probably wouldn't have even recognized her. At the age of 39, the former TNA star is in the best shape of her life as you see in the picture above, losing an incredible amount of weight and looking slimmer than ever. Great to see the former WWE star enter her 40s on such a high note.

13 Unrecognizable: Serena

Looking at the picture above, many of you are probably thinking that Serena was surely some enhancement talent, but oh no, she was actually quite impactful and you might not recognize her because of her drastically changed look nowadays. During her WWE time, Serena joined forces with CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society shaving her head completely. Well, that was in 2010 and since her release, let’s just say she’s back to a full head of hair looking like quite the stunner. Deeb is still quite young nowadays at the age of 30.

Rocking her new look today, Serena has invested most of her time away from the wrestling ring practicing the art of yoga, similar to another former WWE star, Tori (not Torrie Wilson). According to her Twitter page, Serena is a yogi, writer, loves to travel the world and of course, a self-proclaimed world-traveled professional wrestler.

12 Same: Lilian Garcia


Aging is certainly a part of life and when you work as a pro wrestler, that aspect is doubled with a grueling schedule. Once you’re time is up in the spotlight, many like to leave that life in the past and seemingly, “let go”. Well, for the 50 year old former WWE ring announcer, she simply didn’t get that memo. It’s hard to believe how little Garcia has changed throughout the years. Since her 1999 WWE debut, Garcia has hardly changed and that’s still apparent while she’s in her 50s; quite surreal!

Garcia is of course, no longer a part of the WWE as she finally left the company after almost two decades of work. She’s still happily involved in the business working her Podcast which includes several former and current WWE stars. Along with that, she keeps in shape with her training routines which without a doubt, seem to be working!

11 Unrecognizable: Jazz

At the age of 43 today, Jazz does look pretty different. She’s still wrestling the indie scene today making it almost two decades of in-ring experience. Fun fact: the former WWE star is also married to Rodney Mack, another WWE alum who also looks really different nowadays.

Turning back the clock to 2002, we celebrate Jazz’s WWE run from back in the day. Her run with the company was very brief but man, was it ever impactful. To put things into perspective, Jazz was so dominant at one point in time that she actually retained her championship in a high profile Triple Threat WrestleMania X-8 bout against the hometown hero of the night Trish Stratus, and Lita. So yeah, they were invested in her skill set big time. She returned for one final run in 2006 only to leave the company for good shortly after.

10 Same: Tylene Buck


The name Tylene Buck might ring a bell for lots of people out there. For wrestling fans familiar with the name, Buck is actually known for her WCW run as Major Gunns. Although her run with the company was rather brief, she was still remembered for her time with the faction known as The Misfits In Action. Her run with the company took place during WCW’s darkest point; they closed their doors shortly after.

Other people might know the name for her work in the adult industry. Buck is bisexual and has a slew of adult related content online. She’s still working in the adult sector nowadays, as she promotes her cam sessions via Twitter. To Buck’s credit, the 45 year old still looks quite the same nowadays, “Gunns” and all. You can check out her Twitter account if you’re interested in finding out more...

9 Same: Katie Lea Burchill

Still only 36, Burchill looks quite similar to her WWE days which took place back in 2008 up until 2010. Her run with the company was very disappointing and many wished she’d been booked better given her skill set. Lea would enjoy a fine run with TNA after she left the WWE and she’s currently continuing her dream on the indie scene receiving lots of bookings.

Aside from still wrestling, according to her Twitter page, Katie is also an actress, writer and even, director. She appeared in a couple of lower level films believe it or not, such as Redcon-1 and 24 Hours in Vegas. On another note, Burchill still keeps in touch with many of her former alums including Melina and the not so popular, Jillian Hall, as many of the Divas from that time period still remain very close.


8 Unrecognizable: The Kat


Stacy Carter is arguably the “poster girl” for what the women in the WWE were known for in the late 90s. Unlike today, where females are stealing the show in the ring, the late 90s class was more known for the entertainment aspect of it all, pleasing the crowd while prancing around in minimal clothing. Nobody did that better than The Kat, who had no in-ring talent whatsoever, but who was very pleasing to look at. She even managed a Women’s Title run; yikes. Later on, Trish and Lita would take over the division supplying the company with good looks and in-ring talent.

Today, Carter is 46. She’s still quite active on social media particularly via Twitter expressing her love for animals. In addition, Carter is a mainstay at wrestling conventions selling her 90s fame to wrestling fans across the globe.

7 Same: Victoria

Victoria was an underrated gem during her time in the WWE. She served as a fantastic heel in the 2000s working the likes of Trish and Lita. Victoria was well respected not only for her character work but as a polished in ring performer. She was truly one of the best in the WWE during her run in the 2000s as a two-time Women’s Champion.

Her post WWE life has been somewhat controversial. For one, she was linked to dating John Cena, and she did confirm those rumors claiming the two briefly saw each other for a month. She was also unfortunately a victim of the leaked content spree as several graphic videos and photos of the adult nature made their way around the web. On the bright side, the pictures showed that Victoria is still smoking hot and looking insanely similar in comparison to her earlier days despite the fact that she’s 46 today.

6 Same: AJ Lee


Given that she retired while still in her 20s, it’s not that hard to realize the fact that Lee still looks exactly the same today at the age of 30. She recently posted numerous pictures of her book tour and it’s quite obvious, she hasn’t aged a day since leaving the WWE, still rocking that beautiful smile. Given how young she still is, we aren’t ruling out a WWE return. Lee fueled those speculations during her book tour making the claim that she does in fact miss the ring quite dearly.

Looking at the state of the division today, that factor might make AJ want to return that much more. The company is all about pushing talent for their skill and not their looks. Lee was a big advocate for a women’s revolution and seeing it all play out surely makes AJ want to step back into a WWE ring. However, the CM Punk hurdle might dampen that...

5 Unrecognizable: Ivory

Hard to believe that Ivory, a 90s WWE star is currently in her mid 50s today. Ivory made quite the impact during her time with the WWE serving as a great heel during her run. She was also great inside of the ring providing the company with a stellar veteran face for years and years. Ivory was a three-time Women’s Champion and one of the most respected female faces in the business for her body of work.

Nowadays, Ivory is out of the business owning her own company in the field of pet grooming. However, she’s still involved in her former pro wrestling life from time to time, sporadically appearing at conventions or even working shoot interviews. Ivory was also recently featured on the WWE Network appearing on Table for 3, alongside Alundra Blayze and the great Molly Holly.

4 Unrecognizable: Melina


Sadly, it seems like Melina will be more remembered for her backstage antics than her in-ring abilities. Melina was highly talented and the great Bret Hart himself referred to her as one of the best performers of the time. However, she constantly made the headlines for stories outside of the ring such as being an ego maniac with the other Divas and, hooking up with Batista while she was dating John Morrison, the current Lucha Underground wrestler.

Melina has stated she regrets being so cold and ego driven. She made the declaration via her podcast interview on the Ross Report. After briefly going back to school, Melina is now back on the wrestling indie scene at the age of 38. She looks completely different rocking a new look, but still, looks quite fine. It’ll be interesting to see if she has one last WWE run left in her.

3 Unrecognizable: Brandi Rhodes

Now this entry is a little bit different compared to the other unrecognizable former WWE stars. Known as Eden by WWE fans, Rhodes still looks the same visually, however, rocking her new wrestling attire can throw off the average WWE fan that used to know her as the well polished, dress wearing ring announcer.

Yup, that’s right, for those of you that don’t know, Brandi has made the jump as an in-ring talent nowadays. She requested to make the change for a long time while in the WWE but the company just wasn't willing. Once her husband Cody left, Rhodes followed her man and began in the new career. She’s currently earning her stripes on the indie circuit gaining experience. Brandi’s also frequently training with Impact Wrestling as a member of their roster. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be seeing Brandi back in the WWE, this time, as a WWE Superstar.

2 Same: Torrie Wilson


In the 2000s, it seemed like all WCW had in their women’s division were two smoking hot beauties in Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. The WWE pounced on the two following their WCW purchase and they blossomed even further as huge stars with the company.

Today, Wilson is in her 40s and many would assume that the aging process hit her at least a little bit. However, you’d be shocked to find out that it hasn’t, not even one bit. You can see for yourselves via her Instagram account as Wilson is still looking absolutely perfect. Wilson keeps busy nowadays in the world of fitness as an online trainer. She was even featured on the WWE Network working in her new field residing out of a beautiful home in Los Angeles, California. Wilson clearly proves that with hard work and dedication, age is just a number.

1 Unrecognizable: Kaitlyn

By far, one of the most unrecognizable former WWE stars today is Kaitlyn. What’s most shocking, is the fact that she’s only 30. So it’s not that she’s aged at all but more so how drastically she’s changed visually.

Today, Kaitlyn is celebrated as an Instagram smokeshow. She doesn’t even have the same name (going by her actual name, Celeste Bonin). The former WWE beauty has over half a million followers via Instagram and one can make the argument that she’s more popular today than she was when with the WWE as a vital part of the Divas Division. Nonetheless, the former Divas Champion is doing quite well promoting her Celestial Bodiez company. Looking at her current look and success, a WWE return seems very fetched despite the fact that she’s still only barely into her 30s.

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