9 Former WWE Divas Who Still Have Great Booties (6 Current You Wouldn’t Expect)

As we’ve seen in the past, the career of a female in the WWE has a shorter time-span than a male. Females peak early, and by the time they're into their 30s, it seems like they want to move onto different horizons. With the Women’s Revolution in full effect, it’ll be interesting to see if that mind-set changes. With wrestlers like Natalya still performing at a high level well into her 30s, maybe things are changing. However, that hasn’t been the case as some of the women featured on this list have left the WWE only to recently turn 30! One thing we can say for these former Divas is not only do they still look great but them’ booties are also looking fantastic and even better than they did in their WWE days. Some recent glute pictures will justify our claims.

We’ll also take a look at the current crop of women in the WWE and highlight some of the females that have lesser known, fantastic curves. Those featured include in-ring performers and even, lesser known backstage personnel. Again, some bootylicious shots will make you think again of these beautiful WWE employees!

Enjoy the article and like always, pass it on via Facebook. Here are nine former WWE Divas that still have great booties and six current you wouldn’t expect. Get the popcorn out, and let’s get started!


15 Still Great: Michelle McCool

We were hesitant to include McCool on the list for the simple fact that she’s The Undertaker’s wife. After some internal debate, we decided to go ahead and include her nonetheless; sorry Taker, we still love you and feel that your wife’s booty should get the proper recognition it still deserves!

Still in her 30s, McCool is currently enjoying life away from the ring as a happy mom. Age 37, McCool still keeps in shape nowadays posting various pictures of workout sessions and even hikes. Judging by the photos and some booty shots we found, we here at The Richest would like to start the chant “you still got it”, clap, clap, clap, clap.

In all seriousness, Michelle still looks great today and Taker is one lucky dude riding off into the sunset with his beautiful wife and family.

14 Wouldn’t Expect: Bayley


This one seems very unlikely given how PG Bayley’s gimmick is with the WWE. She caters to a younger audience with her persona and attire, however, some have noticed that Bayley has a not-so PG asset and that’s her bum. No sure if we should consider changing her name from Bayley to Booty... (the New Day is smiling somewhere). In all seriousness though, the beloved WWE star is putting in the work outside of the ring and it certainly shows with her glute gains. Just do a quick online Google search by typing in “Bayley booty” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Another surprise has been Bayley’s God awful booking since making the jump to the main roster. With a rumored love story alongside Corey Graves on the horizon, you can expect the cringeworthy Bayley storylines to continue, folks.

13 Still Great: Kelly Kelly

She goes by Barbie Blank nowadays via her social media, a name that sounds so awful you’d think the WWE’s creative team came up with it. But no, they had the better plan to call her Kelly Kelly, the name so nice they decided to write it twice... Okay back to what’s important and that’s Kelly’s booty, which looks even greater today than it did during her WWE days. Kelly’s Instagram page is filled with ten on ten shots, and we’d encourage you guys to see how great she still looks for yourselves. It’s also worth mentioning that the former WWE Diva left the company very young and is still only 30; that also helps a heck of a lot.

Outside of the WWE, Kelly continues to prosper working as a model and reality star. She’s attempted to return to her wrestling roots but it doesn’t seem like the WWE’s biting with their new emphasis on in-ring ability. It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll ever return but for now, we’ll still enjoy her fantastic glutes!

12 Still Great: Victoria


Former WWE Superstar Victoria is a major dark horse in the article as the talented wrestler is nearing her 50s at the age of 46. However, age is just a number for this beauty as not only does Victoria still look great but she’s also still wrestling from time to time on the indie circuit or greeting fans at various wrestling related conventions.

Judging by her Instagram, indie wrestling pictures and meet and greet shots, we can safely say Victoria still looks ravishing, and her booty, well, not to sound creepy, but is still top notch! We hope to see Victoria recognized for all her accomplishments by the WWE one day when she enters the Hall of Fame; her talent is certainly worthy of it and so is her beauty, just ask John Cena himself who not only hooked up with Victoria at one point, he even dated the Diva briefly.

11 Wouldn’t Expect: Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce is a major dark horse in this article especially for the casual WWE fan that never watches NXT. She’s pretty much an unknown if you’ve never watched the Wednesday show. However, the Australian beauty is certainly worth the mention as she has everything on her side from beauty, skill and even youth, still only 24 if you can believe. She’s got a great future, and is certainly warranted of a main roster call up at some point.

Trained by the great Lance Storm, Royce is very talented working in a tag team alongside her current partner Billie Kay. The two generate some great heat as arrogant heels that are very cocky when it comes to their looks. What makes the gimmicks work is the fact that they’re both smoking hot and as for Royce, her booty is also top of the line. Just do a quick search and you’ll be baffled by the amount of mouth watering candid shots of her booty. You’ll be hungry for some Booty O cereals after the search, that we guarantee.

10 Still Great: Gail Kim


Before the Women’s Revolution took place, many of the Diva releases had flown under the radar. There just wasn’t enough interest in the division back in the earlier portion of the 2000s. One wrestler that did however get some notoriety for her release was Gail Kim. Kim had tremendous talent, though; her skillset was overlooked because the boss man just didn’t like her look which was and still is truly baffling.

Kim would forge a legacy with TNA not only putting the Knockouts Division on the map but cementing an outstanding resume for herself away from the WWE. She also did so while looking jaw-dropping, supporting her slim figure. Today, Kim is working on the indie scene and is still looking nearly perfect at the age of 40. As you see in the pic, she’s also got some booty to back up that natural beauty!

9 Still Great: Melina

During her WWE days, you probably remember Melina for three things; one, her talent; two, her insane split on the ring apron and three, that darn booty which was absolutely sizzling. You’d be glad to realize that her booty is still quite fine today and that she remains in the business working the indie scene. Many hope the WWE will contact her as a veteran face to include in the division similar to Mickie.

Her release back in the day was mainly due to attitude problems. She had the skill and look going for her, it was just her ego backstage which turned many off, particularly her peers. However, she’s older and wiser now and had admitted to her mistakes in various shoots. Hopefully, all of this will give her one last WWE run.


8 Wouldn’t Expect: Cathy Kelley


Looking at such a picture above, you’d find it hard to believe that Kelley is regarded as someone that has a lesser known booty. Her beauty is certainly obvious but her stardom isn’t, to be quite frank. Kelley is still relatively green to the business working as a social media correspondent and working as a WWE Network host. She’s got a great future in the company as she seems extremely polished when speaking. It also helps that she has age on her side still only 28 and looking extremely beautiful. You’d be hard pressed to find a talent on any roster that looks better than this beauty.

The underrated WWE personality recently made headlines for her apparent relationship with Finn Balor. The two were spotted holding hands in the New York area. We can admit that Finn's chiseled abs and leather coats deserve a beauty like Kelley.

7 Wouldn’t Expect: Summer Rae

Again, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to realize than Danielle Moinet has a fantastic booty, especially if you’ve seen her Instagram account which is loaded with five star shots. Over 1.5 million around the globe have seen the photos as she has a credible following online.

However, what hasn’t been as popular has been the 33 year old's WWE career, especially as of late since returning from injury. Rae has shown up to several events as of late backstage, but still remains without a storyline. Rae was very underrated in terms of character work and is able to muster up some great heel heat, something not many can truly say. It’ll be interesting to see if the company opts to use her for one last run, or if her contract will just run out with nothing brewing.

6 Still Great: AJ Lee


Lee still having a great booty shouldn’t shock too many fans, especially when you consider the fact that she left the company at such a young age. To put things into perspective, Brooks just entered her 30s. So yeah, the fact that she still maintains that great booty shouldn’t be all that surprising. But, we still felt the need to showcase it cause man, did it ever make some waves during her WWE run! Who can forget that booty in those tight jean shorts? Damn you, Punk. Damn you.

As we wipe our chins with a Kleenex, we can’t help but to think that Lee will one day return to the company for another run. Still only 30 years old, some expect boredom to kick in at some point, especially now that her book launch is over and done with. We wouldn’t be too shocked to see her back in the ring at some point, whether that’s a WWE ring however remains to be seen.

5 Wouldn’t Expect: Charlotte Flair

The wrestling business is truly like none other. Who could have imagined the daughter of Ric Flair being a catalyst for a Women’s Revolution and turning into one of the greatest stars the company has to offer with a mesmerizing look, along with the God given talents that seem so natural and effortless, just like her father. Charlotte’s rise is truly something else.

Outside of the ring, Charlotte puts a big part of her focus on training. Beause of that, she even looks like a star and with a background in fitness as a former personal trainer, let’s just say she knows what she’s doing training-wise. Just take one look at her booty and you’ll be quite shocked. Maybe it’s because she’s Flair’s girl, but many fans don’t give her glutes the proper recognition they deserve. Just do a quick Charlotte Flair booty search and we can assure you, you’ll feel quite different!

4 Still Great: Kaitlyn


A large portion of WWE fans probably didn’t even know who Kaitlyn was in the WWE. Her run was truly impactful winning the Divas Championship, however, it was all short-lived and by 2014, she was gone from the company retiring at a young age.

Today, those fans who saw Kaitlyn in a WWE ring years ago wouldn’t even recognize her. Not only has she completely changed her look but she also goes by another name, Celeste Bonin. With a following of more than half a million fans, Celeste promotes everything fitness related and that includes her jaw-dropping figure. Just take a quick scroll down her Instagram and you’ll quickly find out that her glutes are without a doubt, her best asset (actually that’s debatable, she’s got it all going on). Still only 30, Kaitlyn will be in the "still great" category for quite some time.

3 Wouldn’t Expect: Stephanie McMahon

A 40 year old mother of three who’s hardly wrestled in the last two decades isn’t somebody you’d typically associate with great looks and a booty. However, Stephanie is not an average Joe with McMahon blood running through her veins. Despite the hectic schedule, Stephanie makes it a priority to stay in shape by all means necessary. Posted on her Instagram account, Steph is known for her brutal midnight workouts alongside her trainer Joe DeFranco and husband Triple H.

The workouts and dedication have certainly paid off as the 40 year old Steph still maintains a fantastic set of glutes. She was known for the puppies back in the day, but it seems like with the new PG culture (meaning she can’t show any skin for many reasons), she’s now more so known for her fantastic curves!

2 Still Great: Lilian Garcia


Another major dark horse on this list, Garcia still manages to sustain a fantastic booty at the age of.. wait for it.. 50! Seriously though, it seems like all the years of not taking any bumps and just calling the Superstars to the ring has paid off for Garcia, as she seriously hasn’t aged a day. She’s not gone from the WWE but looking at her Instagram shots and wrestling convention pics, the California beauty still looks insane. Oh, and her booty is also top notch, but she has her rigorous workouts to thank for that.

Nowadays, despite being gone from the company, Garcia left on good terms unlike most and is now the Podcast host of her own show. Unlike others, Garcia has access to current WWE stars and that’s all thanks to her great relationship with the company. She also recently appeared as a guest ring announcer at a live NXT event.

1 Still Great: Torrie Wilson

This is a recent shot if you can believe it. Looks like Torrie Wilson has been beach ready for the last 25 years; seriously though, has she aged? Good heavens! How in the hell is Wilson 41!? Truly makes no sense.

Take a look at her Instagram account and you’ll be blown away. Torrie looks like she’s still in her early 30s nowadays, putting her new passion to work in the world of fitness. Whatever the magic formula is, it seems to be working, especially when it comes to her glutes. As you see in the picture above, her booty looks perhaps even greater than it did back in the day. Sure diet and exercise are important, but when it comes to Wilson, it seems like she’s just a genetic freak still looking absolutely flawless.


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