9 Celebrities Who Hated 2016 As Much As You (And 9 Who Loved It)

There is no denying that 2016 has been a tough year for a lot of people, and celebrities are far from an exception to that. If they were lucky enough to survive the year, there are still 9 celebrities

There is no denying that 2016 has been a tough year for a lot of people, and celebrities are far from an exception to that. If they were lucky enough to survive the year, there are still 9 celebrities below that experienced some incredible hardships in 2016, ranging from Patton Oswalt who lost his wife tragically to Rose McGowan who had incredibly racy photos leaked of her and also admitted she was sexually assaulted by a studio head.

Then there is Carrie Fisher who spent Christmas battling for her life after suffering a heart attack and tragically passed away on December 27.

But while it can be easy to be all doom and gloom (after all, we did also just lose George Michael as well), there are also 9 celebrities on our list who loved 2016. This includes The Rock, who was the highest-paid actor in the world, Taylor Swift, who was the highest paid celebrity, and Margot Robbie who lit up the box office and photo shoots.

We can hope that 2017 will bring with it a lot more optimism, but until we know for sure, at least we can reflect on this past year and realize that celebrities are human too.

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18 Hated It - Carrie Fisher: Had a Heart Attack



It’s always going to be hard not to look back at 2016 with sadness when we consider how many amazing celebrities we have lost. While all of them would be deserving of their own list, we’re going to take this time to talk about the most recent and perhaps for many, the most heart-breaking loss of 2016.

Carrie Fisher, best known as Princess Leia, sadly passed away at the age of 60 on December 27th. Fisher had suffered a heart attack while on a flight earlier in the week and was reportedly unconscious for up to 10 minutes.

Several of her past co-stars have reached out on social media to share their thoughts on her passing. Perhaps the most touching being Harrison Ford who wrote, “Carrie was one-of-a-kind... brilliant, original. Funny and emotionally fearless. She lived her life bravely... My thoughts are with her daughter Billie, her Mother Debbie, her brother Todd, and her many friends. We will all miss her."

May the Force be with you.

17 Loved It - Brie Larson: Academy Award, Captain Marvel, and Engaged


When it comes to reasons for Brie Larson to be excited about 2016, let's start with the biggest one: She got engaged! Larson had been with Alex Greenwald for several years but officially agreed back in May to take that next step in life together.

Larson's good news doesn't stop there as she also spent February taking home award after award for her amazing performance in Room, including Best Actress at the Academy Awards. What would a great year be without getting excited about the future? Which thankfully Larson can keep doing as she also got to celebrate becoming a monumental addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when she was announced as Captain Marvel in May.

You can imagine 2018, which is when the world is going to get their first look at her character, is also going to be a great year for Larson.

16 Kanye and Kim - Hospitalized and Robbed


Even if you cannot stand him as a person, it is pretty hard to deny that Kanye West is a talented musician. Yet sadly as the year comes to a close, we definitely are not left talking about his music but instead his public meltdowns. Kanye earned his fair share of negative press when his new song "Famous" called Taylor Swift a bitch, something she alleges she did not give permission for.

But as the year went on, Kanye appeared in the news again after canceling some of his shows and ending one early. This was followed by Kanye getting involuntarily hospitalized for what was originally considered a mental breakdown, but was later classified as being due to sleep and water deprivation. Part of the distress that Kanye has experienced was coming off the heels of Kim getting robbed in Paris.

We can imagine they were happy to spoil each other on Christmas.

15 Loved It - Gigi Hadid: International Model Of The Year


To say that Gigi Hadid is a successful model is an understatement. She spent part of 2015 as a brand ambassador for Maybelline among other prominent brands, including Victoria's Secret. She carried that success into an even bigger 2016 that saw her get named as the "International Model of the Year" by the British Fashion Council.

Naturally, everyone wants to get their eyes on Hadid, which is why she was an easy choice to host the MTV Music Awards show earlier this year. The music may have been bumping, but her outfits were eye-popping!

Hadid also appeared in the music video "Pillowtalk" for the artist Zayn which went on to get over 650 million views on YouTube. We can only hope that means she'll be cast in plenty of music videos in the near future!

14 Hated It - Johnny Depp: Turns Out He Beat His Wife


It is hard to argue with Johnny Depp for what he is about to accomplish as an actor. After landing one of the main roles in the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, not to mention another upcoming Pirates of the Carribean film, it is clear Depp has big things on the horizon.

But there is more to life than just work, and the thing that you would argue matters the most to him, his relationship with actress Amber Heard, definitely came to a crashing halt this year. It was back in May when Heard filed for divorce, as well as a restraining order against Depp. Heard alleges that Depp was abusive, both physically and emotionally throughout their marriage.

Depp paid out a little over $7 million in divorce settlements that also included having the restraining order dropped against him. It was recently reported however that Depp has failed to pay his end of the bargain, leaving the divorce still open-ended in what could be a messy 2017.

13 Loved It - Winona Ryder: Career Revival and Depp News


The previous person on our list, Johnny Depp, was engaged to Winona Ryder but sadly for him he let her walk away. When you consider she's on the positive side of the list, and he definitely isn't, you can imagine it would make him all the sadder.

After disappearing from the public eye for several years, Ryder has re-emerged in a huge way for her outstanding role in Stranger Things. The Netflix original series has earned critical acclaim across the board and Ryder is nominated for several prestigious awards including a Golden Globe.

While Ryder does not have anything else on the horizon for 2017, beyond more Stranger Things, of course, we are sure there is still plenty for her to be excited about.

12 Hated It - Katt Williams: Spent The Year In Cuffs 


Katt Williams may not be as high up there as some of these celebrities in society, but perhaps that was because he was busy posing for his newest headshot at the local police station.

Williams was arrested several times this year, all of which we'll now outline.

He punched out a store employee on February 29th and was arrested on a battery charge.

The day before this, but reported on March 9th, he beat a former bodyguard with a baseball bat while choking him out and uttering death threats. The bodyguard had refused to help Williams engage in criminal activity. When he was arrested police also came across a large amount of marijuana and guns.

On March 28th he got into a fight with a 17-year-old male.

On April 28th he got into a fight and threw a salt shaker at a restaurant manager after his favorite booth was taken. He then tried to hide from police in a waffle house.

On July 25th he got arrested after fighting a female employee at a hotel in Los Angeles.

While the charges are still being laid out for the last offense, he was sentenced for the bodyguard incident to 5 years probation, 100 hours of community service, twice-monthly drug tests and to pay his bodyguard $7,500. He is also not allowed to joke about the incident in any of his comedy routines.

11 Loved It - Margot Robbie: Exploded at The Box Office


Suicide Squad didn't win over the critics, but the $700+ million that it made at the box office should be proof enough that people cannot get enough of Margot Robbie. She was easily the most entertaining part of the movie according to most fans and has left many fans hoping that she can work her way into future movies. While it may not have done as well at the box office, The Legend of Tarzan also brought in a respectable $356.7 million.

Along with being incredibly talented, her good looks were also recognized by Maxim Australia, who voted her as the most attractive Australian in the entire world.

Robbie may be dialing down the sex appeal, but upping the nostalgia factor in 2017 when she appears in Goodbye Christopher Robin, a movie based around the creation of Winnie the Pooh.

10 Hated It - Katie Price:  Got Too Drunk and "Lost Her Clothes"


Katie Price made a name for herself after getting a monumental boob job (32B -> 32FF) when she was 19 years old and began posing topless for The Sun, a British tabloid. Sadly for Price, a few years later the company adopted an "All Natural" policy, meaning that she got the boot! Price has taken her fame to several different publications, including Playboy on several occasions, and even has a spot on a talk show.

But as much as we know about Price's body, we know perhaps even more about her love of alcohol. Price has had countless drunken outbursts, but most recently may have topped them all. After being paid $13,000 to make a special guest appearance at a party, Price appeared sloshed out of her mind. She then proceeded to expose herself to the entire party, which included the host's 16-year-old daughter.

We can only hope this is the straw that broke the camel's back as Price recently appeared on the show Loose Women, explaining "I said before, when I drink I'm a nightmare, and that means there are stories in the press making me out I'm a rowdy drunk," and proceeded to say she will not drink in 2017.

Price's headlines from the night didn't end there, as she allegedly had up to $100,000 in jewelry stolen by the hotel staff on the night of her drinking.

Considering she is now 38 years old and has FIVE children, you can only hope she is done with the negative headlines.

9 Loved It - Donald Glover: Album Dropped, Atlanta is Amazing and Lando Role


Donald Glover might be the most talented person on our entire list. Not only is he a fantastic actor, as evidenced by his iconic role in Community, but he's also a brilliant mind behind the scenes and his new show Atlanta which he both created and stars in, is considered by many to be the best show of 2016.

Peel back the curtain even further and you'll see that in 2017 Glover will be appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming and the following year he appears in a massive role as the young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming solo Han Solo film.

Glover is also an accomplished musician and in December released his 3rd studio album Awaken, My Love!.

Featuring a largely funk-inspired beat, the album goes to further show the diversity and talent of Donald Glover (or as musician fans know him, Childish Gambino).

8 Hated It - Brad Pitt: Ugly Divorce


There is no doubt that Brad Pitt had himself a tough year. His recent movie Allied was a modest success with critics (60% on RottenTomatoes) and has failed to find an audience at the box office. But no matter how it did, it would always be the movie that is overshadowed by his divorce with Angelina Jolie. The two filed for divorce on September 19th and have since engaged in a nasty public relations battle. Recent court reports state that Pitt feels Jolie has "no self-regulating mechanism" in regards to her ability to care for the children and keep their privacy.

When you consider one Christmas Jolie bought Pitt a waterfall (seriously), you can imagine that Pitt is definitely missing her this holiday season!

7 Loved It - The Rock: Highest Paid Actor In The World ($64.5 Million) 


When you consider all the success that The Rock has found in the wrestling ring, not to mention in front of the camera, it is easy to understand that he must be living pretty comfortably. But did you know that in 2016 he earned more than any other actor in Hollywood? Forbes clocked him as raking in roughly $64.5 million over the last 12 months.

He definitely can expect the good times to keep on rolling in as Moana, which was one of his first big animated ventures, is exploding at the box office and with critics, not to mention other huge upcoming movies like Baywatch and a Fast and the Furious movie series.

6 Hated It - Patton Oswalt: Lost His Wife Unexpectedly.


Patton Oswalt suffered by his own admission, the two worst days of his life in 2016. The second worst was when his wife passed away unexpectedly. His last words were telling her to relax and sleep until she wakes up, but sadly that never happened. It has been reported that she may have accidentally overdosed from combining sleeping pills with alcohol.

The worst day was the next one when he had to tell his 7-year-old daughter that her mom had died. Oswalt married his wife Michelle McNamara on September 24th, 2005. Oswalt has channeled his grief into doing stand-up comedy. In 2017 he is expected to continue his role as the narrator on The Goldbergs and is also appearing in the drama/sci-fi movie The Circle that also stars Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, and Karan Gillan.

Oswalt took to Twiter on Christmas to talk about his daughter, saying "'Your handwriting looks like Santa's handwriting.' Michelle's gone but damn if she didn't leave a little detective."

5 Loved It - Taylor Swift: Highest Paid Celebrity ($170 Million)


Do you want to know what must rub salt in the wound just a little bit more for Kanye? How about the fact that the person he was feuding with for most of the year also happened to have a huge year. Now, you can consider her album 1989 as counting towards a "2015" success, but Taylor Swift definitely enjoyed the spoils of her hard work in 2016.

In fact, Forbes announced back in November that she was the highest paid musician of the year. Though it's hard to compete with her astonishing $170 million!

This made her the highest paid celebrity in the world this past year. Swift may have some haters like Kanye, but it is clear she can afford to "shake it off."

4 Hated It - Hillary Clinton: Lost The Election


Do we really need to explain why she's making this list? Just think how many people in the world, people from all OVER the world, are not only disappointed but terrified to think about what a Donald Trump led country is going to look like. While it is still going to be months, if not years until that really starts to take form, nobody is going to hold the blame for that vision more than Hillary Clinton.

You jump back 18 months ago and Trump becoming president sounds like something that even scripted television (like The Simpsons) could write. But as scared as Clinton must be, you can imagine she is also praying that Trump does a great job and at least can take solace that the better person one.

How the "better person" is Donald Trump is a whole other question...

3 Loved It - Donald Trump: Won The Election


You can groan all you want, but the fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is arguably the most powerful man in the world. This comes nearly 12 months from knowing that while it was a possibility that he might win, he was largely considered more of a "YEAH OKAY LOL" candidate by many.

But President Trump is a phrase you better get used to hearing and one that Time magazine typed out plenty when they named him their official "Person of the Year."

There is absolutely no telling how the future of Trump's America is going to look, but at the very least he is in the perfect position to try and see for himself.

I'm sure I am not alone in praying that Alec Baldwin will continue making hilarious appearances portraying him on Saturday Night Live. 

2 Rose McGowan - Had Bedroom Photos and Video Leaked


Celebrities are definitely used to having their life on public display, but that doesn't mean they deserve to have their privacy violated. Sadly, for Rose McGowan that is exactly how she got to spend part of 2016 after intimate photos of herself were leaked back in November.

The compromising content also included a two-minute video and showed a variety of bedroom activities. McGowan has experience playing a witch in the series Charmed, but sadly there is no spell to take that moment back!

McGowan also needed to weather this storm without the support of a partner. She and Davey Detail filed for divorce in February and it was finalized in November. To add to this, it was also reported back in October that McGowan had been raped on the set of a movie by a studio head. While the incident appears to have happened prior to 2016, you can imagine having to deal with the press must have been difficult.

1 Loved It - Disney: Where Do We Start?


Now, we know it seems like cheating to include a company at our number one spot, but it's also our list, so we get some freedom like that! It's hard to argue with the year that Disney has had. Looking at RottenTomatoes, they had 5 movies in the top 15: Zootopia (#1 movie of the year at 98%), Jungle Book (#5 at 94%), Finding Dory (#7 at 94%), Captain America: Civil War (#12 at 90%) and Moana (#15 at 95%).

Then, you know, that little thing called Star Wars: Rogue One. As you know, part of Dwayne Johnson's outstanding year was being involved with Moana. There are countless blockbusters coming out from Disney in the future (like another Star Wars film every year), but there is also no doubt that they are sitting back in amazement at how successful their 2016 has been.

If it also helps their case, my 5 nieces (all under the age of 10) all got Disney things this year and lost their mind with excitement!

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