8 WWE Stars Probably Not Getting Tested For The Wellness Policy (And 7 That Are)

The Wellness Policy Exam is without a doubt very credible, and the WWE does in fact test their performers randomly. However, a quiet topic that's rarely discussed is the following: is everyone taking part in such an examination? Well, we have reason to believe that isn't the case. With Brock failing his UFC medical exam for anti-estrogen usage, the failure just confirmed that Lesnar's WWE testing is likely not taking place, especially with Brock taking anti-estrogen, which means his testosterone levels were likely elevated during his WWE run.

Recently, another example was exposed by Triple H's Nutritionist, Dave Palumbo. Dave made the claim that not all wrestlers are being tested, particularly pointing fingers at part-timers (and that included Triple H). Dave recently backed up his stance, claiming that everyone who enters the ring full-time or part-time is to be tested but in truth, the damage was already done. Adding fuel to the fire, he also made the claim that HGH is likely not detected (though the WWE shut that claim down) by the examination. Yikes.

In this article, we speculate eight names that are likely exempt from such testing. We'll also look at the flip side and list some surprising names that are in fact being tested, or were tested during their time with the company. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let's begin!

15 Not – Triple H

Dave Palumbo, Triple H’s former Nutritionist, was the one that started this entire debacle making the claim that Hunter, along with other part-time Superstars, aren’t prone to random drug testing. Of course, that isn’t a huge shock, however hearing it come out of someone’s mouth still sent quite the shockwaves, especially when it involved Triple H’s name, one of the higher ups in the company.

Dave recently went back on his comments claiming that every wrestler on the roster gets tested, even the part-timers. If you’re competing in the ring, you’re getting tested according to Palumbo. He also praised the validity of the testing. However, although the WWE test is pretty top notch, we know for sure that not every wrestler is being tested, even those actively competing part-time. Take Brock for example, who we’ll discuss a little later; he failed the UFC medical exam which leads us to believe he isn’t tested in the WWE and that’s pretty clear. If Brock’s immune, so is Hunter.

14 Tested – Kurt Angle

Before he initially left the WWE, Kurt Angle was in a bad place. Not only had he failed a Wellness Policy Exam but he also refused to get help, turning down a rehab stint. The wrestling community was shocked when Kurt departed from the WWE; he wouldn't return till only recently, spending a decade away from Vince's company.

He struggled with drug problems when he left the company. Thankfully, he finally saw the light eventually, and got himself cleaned up for good. Kurt recently discussed with Fox News Australia that he is in fact getting tested by the WWE randomly despite the fact that he isn’t an in-ring talent yet. This is surprising, but you can't blame the WWE for their concerns given his past struggles. Kurt will also be obliged to pass a physical once he returns to the ring.

13 Not – Brock Lesnar

We've seen numerous alarm bells when it comes to Lesnar's physique over the years. When he finally returned to the WWE fresh off his UFC stint, Brock was a lot smaller. Fast-forward to his run with the company and it didn't take him long to achieve that monstrous look once again.

Some could have made the claim that he was shoving extra calories down his throat but the UFC recently revealed that was not the case. Brock failed his private medical exam, testing positive for an anti-estrogen drug, meaning his testosterone levels were likely unnaturally high due to a banned substance beforehand. Brock was fined a quarter of a million dollars by the company, along with a one-year ban. This pretty much put the stamp on the fact that not all WWE Superstars get tested. Given the flexibility of his contract, nobody should be shocked that he's immune to such testing. Such a situation likely hurt the WWE and UFC's relationship.

12 Tested – WWE Trainers

In November of 2015, the WWE made quite the statement as a trainer was actually suspended for failing the Wellness Policy Exam. In fact, he was also a WWE alum and a guy who's pretty close to Triple H: former DX member Billy Gunn.

Billy failing the exam was a clear message to the other trainers that the exam should not be taken lightly, and that even trainers need to hold their own despite the fact that they're not in-ring talents. Gunn failed the exam due to elevated testosterone levels; it wasn’t the first time he failed such an exam as he failed a similar test a little while back at a power lifting meet, causing a four-year ban. Without a doubt, the WWE had their hands tied with such news, leading to Gunn failing their own Wellness Policy.

11 Not – Shawn Michaels

Some of you might be asking yourselves, why in the world would Shawn Michaels have to get tested? Well, similar to Billy, HBK is currently serving as a Jack-of-all-trades type of figure down in NXT, not only is he helping the talent in the ring, but he's also working as a junior producer behind the scenes. With Triple H overseas, Shawn recently took part in setting up an NXT show behind the scenes alongside Road Dogg.

So, since Gunn got tested, you'd figure HBK would also get tested. Of course, that won't be the case given his close connections with the company, particularly with Triple H. Shawn is also looking extremely jacked, as you can see in the picture above that was taken just a few weeks ago, but yeah, the WWE won't question his physique that's for darn sure. Although he's not wrestling any longer, Shawn will forever be the WWE's golden boy.

10 Tested – WWE Referees

On November 1st, 2007, the WWE instituted a Wellness Policy into the company; it was a decision that was long overdue and one that has done a lot of good for the company in the decade-long run thus far. Nowadays, wrestler deaths are a lot less common compared to back in the day when everything was acceptable.

Since the policy was activated, even a referee was suspended at one point, and it was no ordinary referee, it was veteran and highly respected Mike Chioda who faced the 30-day suspension for failing the Wellness Policy. The announcement was quite bizarre as not only is it strange for a ref to be using a banned substance, but many weren't even aware that refs were getting tested in the first place. The news showed us that the company takes their testing very seriously, and as you can tell, almost everyone backstage is tested, even the refs.

9 Not – Shane McMahon

Can you imagine the headlines reading: "Shane McMahon fails WWE Wellness Policy Exam"? If you can, you're living in a dreamland my friend. Of course, Shane is exempt from such testing given his family name. To Shane's credit, he's in tremendous shape at the age of 47; arguably, his body looks better now than it ever did. However, banned substances likely have nothing to do with that as Shane puts in hours of work outside of SmackDown Live, taking up boxing, kickboxing, MMA style training and of course, weight lifting as well.

Though, he does sweat uncontrollably for no reason at times, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that the cause of the sweating are some good old fashion nerves. Also, wearing three layers of clothing out to the ring for a promo isn’t the best idea Shane-O!

8 Tested – WWE Divas

This one really isn’t too shocking, but yes, the women are also included when it comes to random drug testing. Recently, we saw two marquee suspensions coming out of the Divas locker room; one, was Eva Marie failing the policy exam and two, was Paige who also failed the examination leading to a lengthy suspension.

The timing of Eva's suspension couldn't have been any worse as she was finally receiving some air time over on SmackDown Live. Following her suspension, she would never be seen on WWE television again as she was recently let go by the company. The situation with Paige however was different, following the failed exam Paige took to social media blasting the examination process, claiming that meds given to her from the doctors caused the testing to come out positive. In any event, like Eva, we haven't see Paige since she failed the exam, but that's in large part due to injury.

7 Not – Goldberg

Yes, we know, he's not a part of the roster anymore but when he was, we believe Goldberg was among the Superstars not getting tested. Bill worked out like an animal outside of the ring during his return; the goal for Bill was to give the fans that nostalgia feel while looking the same as he did from back in the day.

Somehow, someway, at the age of 50, he succeeded in doing so and looked phenomenal. Stuffing countless calories down his throat intermixed with cardio and weight lifting numerous times a day, Bill might have been getting an extra boost. Living such a life for a 50 year old naturally is a little bit of a stretch, especially looking at Bill's physique during his return. With a part-time schedule and short-term deal, Goldberg was likely immune to random testing.

6 Tested – Ryback

Yes, like Goldberg, we know Ryback's no longer with the company, however it's still intriguing to reveal that the Big Guy was actually tested by the company, which seems like an impossibility given his physique. But it's true, it's damn true!

Ryback admitted to taking testosterone before his WWE days. However, with full-time talents getting tested, Ryback went cold turkey on the gear. He recalls his test levels being shot, but that's the price you pay when you infuse your body with such substances. Ryback has been very critical of the WWE since his time away, though he has praised the company for their random drug testing, making the claim that he took the test a lot of times during his run with the company. Ryback takes great pride in the fact that he was able to sustain such a physique.

5 Not – Chris Jericho

In the WWE system for almost two decades now and at the age of 46, it wouldn't be too shocking if we found out that Jericho was not taking the exams. Chris is a valued member of the company, so much so that he can take time off as he pleases nowadays, spending time with his band Fozzy during his stints away from the company. When you've been there for so long and continue to work as a top tier performer, there comes a lot of benefits and Chris is the perfect example of that.

He's still gone from the WWE but we can expect a return as WrestleMania looms closer. The scenarios for Chris are endless. From joining his Canadian buddies Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to taking on Bobby Roode, involvement for Y2J once he returns is certainly open for business.

4 Tested – Randy Orton

Seriously speaking, few wrestlers would survive the failure of multiple Wellness Exams, however Randy's the exception, as despite the fact that he's failed the test on a couple of occasions, he remains in the company and continues to be a crucial part of their programming. There aren’t many Superstars that could sustain such punishment and still get pushed heavily. Actually there is another guy, but we'll feature him in the number two slot...

Orton getting tested might be a bit of a surprise given the fact that he's a veteran, and someone that has a close relationship to both the McMahons and Triple H. However, working a full-time schedule, the WWE likely feels obligated to test The Viper. It's unknown whether or not Randy still gets tested, however. What does TR nation think? Is Randy still taking part in random wellness examinations?

3 Not – The Undertaker

At the age of 52, it's hard to believe that Taker still wrestled at such an age. The wrestling part is one thing, but the rigorous training and conditioning that goes into a match is an entire other animal. Particularly for a guy like Taker who's gone for so long, one can imagine the type of training he goes through in an attempt to get back into ring shape, which is an entirely different animal than just getting in shape. Running those ropes seems easy, but in truth, it can knock the wind out of you.

Without a doubt, Taker has been exempt from any type of testing for at least the last couple of years given his part-time status. Not only that, but he's also the most respected wrestler alive today, so you'd think the last thing the company would do is sit the guy down and have him get tested at this point in his career.

2 Tested – Roman Reigns

Like Randy, Reigns is one of the rare Superstars that managed to continue his push despite the fact that he failed the Wellness Exam. The WWE sent a huge message when it was unveiled that Roman failed the random drug test. The news made it clear that all full-time Superstars are in fact being tested, even the biggest face in the entire company that works a full-time schedule.

Roman's suspension was truly shocking, as he failed the Wellness Program before the MITB PPV. As a punishment, Roman lost his first ever main roster match cleanly, and was stripped of the title by Seth Rollins on the night. You have to respect Reigns however, he took the suspension like a real man owning up to what he did. His punishment wouldn't last too long as he's once again, "the guy" in the company.

1 Not – John Cena

At the age of 40, John Cena is still a major part of the WWE, albeit working a part-time schedule nowadays dipping his feet into various other forms of entertainment. However, despite his part-time status, he remains the most over Superstar in the entire WWE. Wherever Cena goes, revenues and ratings follow (whether you like the guy or not).

His physique has been in question for years, leading many to believe that he isn’t being tested by the WWE. Working his full-time schedule a couple of years ago, we believe John was likely still getting tested by the company. However, now, those days are likely over given his new schedule. Outside sources claim HGH is undetectable by the WWE, even Jonathan Coachmen made the claim that it was a thing back in the day behind the scenes. Regardless of what speculation indicates, as far as we know, tested or not, Cena is clean.

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