8 WWE Rumors For 2018 We Hope Are COMPLETELY Untrue (7 We Hope Are)

It’s inevitable, every single time a year is coming to an end the WWE rumor mill is absolutely a buzz. This is due to several factors; for one, fans love to speculate what is to take place in 2018. Also, the Royal Rumble takes place in January which adds to the gossip and speculation. Fans love to think of possible returns for the event along with possible matches for the marquee event a little later on: WrestleMania.

Once again, the mill is all over the place when it comes to rumors, both good and bad; we’ll touch base on both sides in this article. When it comes to the bad, future matches and possible returns will be discussed. We’ll also look at the good which includes welcomed rumored returns along with future bookings that fans will be pleased with. From Rey Mysterio entering the Rumble to Cena taking on Mahal at WrestleMania, we’ll examine both the good and the bad.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eight 2018 rumors we hope are completely untrue and seven we hope are true. We begin with a rumored name expected to miss lots of time in 2018.

15 Untrue – Orton To Miss Bulk Of 2018

It’s pretty hard to believe that Orton has been a part of the WWE family since 2001. At the age of 37 he’s still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down despite the fact that he’s creeping in on his 40s. Orton himself has commented on his durability making the claim that he’d like to wrestle into his 40s. According to recent rumors however, it appears that he’ll miss some significant time in February and March. As of now, Randy’s booked for the Royal Rumble and for the shows leading up to the event.

However, his involvement after seems to be limited as of now.

Perhaps the WWE will reduce his live event schedule while keeping him on television – hopefully this is the case as Orton being taken away from TV altogether for the bulk of 2018 would be a huge loss for both SmackDown and the WWE. Don’t forget, just a year ago this guy was the Royal Rumble winner.

14 True – A.J. Styles Back To Raw

The rumor mill is buzzing over a possible Superstar Shakeup following next year’s WrestleMania. The company loves to use the event after-math as a fresh new start and a Shakeup might do exactly that. During this year’s Shakeup, many debated Styles' status as he was linked to a return to Raw given his talent and draw value, which many argued needed to be displayed on the flagship show. He ended up staying on SmackDown and it was for the better. However, with a future blockbuster WrestleMania match against a dream opponent, a return back to Raw might be what the doctor ordered.

For now it’s speculation but the rumor can intensify once a Shakeup announcement is made. Again, Vince is also quite high on Styles, so putting him back on Raw would also add that element as well. However, in exchange for Styles (if such a move is to take place), a credible talent must go the other way. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins would be heavy candidates to jump ship.

13 Untrue – No Chris Jericho In 2018

Following the blockbuster announcement of Jericho taking on Omega at Wrestle Kingdom, many fans speculated about his WWE return. Early rumors indicated that he would be back as early as the Raw Anniversary Show; some even speculated WrestleMania as a huge possibility. However,

Jericho recently shut shown all the rumors, claiming he has no plans to return to the WWE anytime soon.

Given his fantastic work from his latest run, that’s a major blow. Other plans for Chris can include an extended run with New Japan. He’s got a huge crop of talent to work with which might extend his stay with the overseas promotion. Outside of the ring he’s also got a plethora of other projects such as his band, his wrestling cruise and hell, even his weekly Podcast. All these factors play into the fact that Jericho in a WWE ring during 2018 seems rather unlikely.

12 True – Braun Strowman Wins WWE Championship

For years and years, Vince McMahon and the WWE have desperately tried to push a big man in the WWE Title picture. In an era built on athleticism, we’ve seen numerous big men fail time and time again. Finally, the WWE has scored big time with Braun Strowman as he’s become one of the most over acts in the entire company. With all of his popularity, a WWE Title run seems very likely for 2018;

the rumor mill is already buzzing projecting Strowman as a future champion.

Now a lot of fans hope this is true, however it might happen a little later during the year. With Strowman not entering the Rumble and with Brock more than likely to retain the championship in his match, Braun’s title aspirations might be prolonged to SummerSlam 2018 or the Survivor Series PPV. Nonetheless, the chances of him being the champ are extremely high.

11 Untrue – Cena Returns to Mania To Take On... Jinder Mahal

With WWE appearances becoming few and far between for John Cena, he’s now turning into somewhat of an attraction. With that being said, the WWE utilizing Cena needs to be significant, and a match on Raw against The Drifter Elias certainly won’t cut it. Making matters worse,

his rumored WrestleMania opponent might be even less significant than Elias.

A few months ago, Mahal himself began the speculation, stating he wanted to take on John Cena at WrestleMania. Now the big implication for such a match was the fact that Cena could have made history by becoming a 17-time WWE Champion. Mahal’s no longer champion, however he's a heavy favorite to win the US Title. With few possible matches for Cena at the moment, a match with Mahal might be what the WWE is leaning towards  for the big event.

10 True – Rey Mysterio Enters The Royal Rumble

WWE.com recently stirred the pot announcing Rey as a possible surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble.

Mysterio sat down with ESPN addressing the issue, making the statement, “never say never” –

Mysterio certainly added fuel to fire, however he did admit that talk between both sides did not take place - he also factored in that such return talk can take place during the very last days before the event.

Rey is one of the few wrestlers to remain on good terms with the company despite his departure. Mysterio has had nothing but good things to say about the WWE and for that reason a door has always been left open for a possible return. Like the Hardy Boyz, we expect a Mysterio return to be inevitable, it just remains to be seen when. The probability of it being in 2018 seems pretty likely.

9 Untrue – Batista Returns

Despite his hectic Hollywood schedule, Batista has recently expressed his desire to return, even making the claim that he was talking to Vince about coming back on a full-time schedule which would include live events as well. Recently the rumor was kicked up a notch as he was spotted with a pair of WWE Superstars, Cesaro and good buddy Titus O’Neil.

We hate to be critical but let’s look at the facts: Batista's latest WWE run was a complete fail as fans turned on him for Daniel Bryan and lost complete interest. Another factor that cannot be overlooked is Batista’s age; the dude’s nearing his 50s as he’s set to turn 49 in just a couple of weeks. Given the speed of the current Superstars, can the Animal really hang with the likes of A.J. Styles and Finn Balor? For those reasons, a return might not be welcomed by all, however like Mysterio, it’s likely to take place.

8 True – A.J. Styles To Take On Nakamura At WrestleMania

No disrespect to Shane, but many fans were a little frustrated when it was deemed that Vince’s son would be taking on the marquee act in the WWE at this year’s event that past. To be fair, the match was well received and Shane did a hell of a job, however judging by the various dream opponents, there were lots of others fans would have rather seen in Shane’s spot.

It looks like the WWE won’t be making the same mistake again this year. According to the rumor mill, A.J. Styles is set to have a dream match against Nakamura at the WWE’s biggest event. Since Nakamura joined the main roster, fans have been begging for the match; the WWE has done a great job in separating the two which will lead to this magical match. We all remember the buzz that surrounded the two at the MITB event... just imagine when the two face off one-on-one in 2018?

7 Untrue – Roman Reigns Hangs Onto IC Championship

It seems like the WWE has stuck to their guns; the probable main event for the WrestleMania 34 event will feature a rematch clash between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. The company wants to create the ultimate big fight feel for such a main event, thus the rumor has indicated that Reigns will walk into the event as the IC Champion. In truth, that’s a major blow that the championship will not be defended in a separate match.

There’s a huge crop of talent that can benefit from holding the title. The Miz, Jason Jordan, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Cesaro and Finn Balor are just a couple of names that help to elevate the title and give it more importance heading into Mania. Wasting it away with Roman as champion won’t do any good, however it seems to be the way WWE wants to book the marquee match.

6 True – Ronda Rousey Competes At WrestleMania As A Single Act

The early rumor and speculation was fueled by a possible WrestleMania battle featuring the Four Horsewomen of both the WWE and UFC. Although that is a significant match, it takes the spotlight away from Rousey a little too much. Perhaps the WWE has taken notice of this as the two other UFC Horsewomen have reportedly stopped their WWE training. However,

Rousey is said to be training intensely nowadays for the gig.

It looks like the WWE did the right thing here by booking Rousey as a solo act. Her debut will mean that much more if this is the case, unlike an eight women tag match. Rousey is expected to compete in a marquee match, and the rumor mill indicates Charlotte as Rousey’s likely opponent. However, nothing is set in stone yet.

5 Untrue – Finn Serving As A Mid-Card Act

Finn Balor winning the Universal Championship back in the summer of 2016 was a huge moment for the WWE. On route to his title victory, Balor even defeated Roman Reigns in what seemed to be a passing of the torch type of moment. However, things would change on a dime as Balor lost the title due to a terrible injury. Booking-wise, he hasn’t been the same since.

Unthinkable that he’s now taking on the likes of Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Curt Hawkins; no disrespect to the three of them, but Balor should be taking on others given his talent and popularity with the crowd.

The rumor mill has given a reason for his lackluster push, claiming that Vince doesn’t see Balor as a main event star due to his size and apparent popularity with the crowd.

According to other rumors, McMahon has compared Balor to Ziggler, which isn’t the best comparison for The Demon.

4 True – Daniel Bryan Finally Returns To The Ring

As of now, Bryan still hasn’t been medically cleared by the WWE to return, however that can easily change with Bryan’s contract set to expire in the not-so-distant future. Bryan has expressed interest in returning to the ring and if it’s not in a WWE ring, he’ll do so elsewhere. With such pressure, the WWE might be forced into granting Daniel’s wish.

The company is currently teasing a return as he’s been working a long-term program with Shane, one that seems to be heating up every week. Speculation is now beginning to increase with a possible WrestleMania return for Bryan in the same venue that he main evented the prior Mania event. If the match against Shane doesn’t take place at WM 34, SummerSlam is also another rumored event for the match to take place between the two.

3 Untrue – Reigns & Lesnar To Close Out WrestleMania

WWE fans hate predictability and it seems like that’s exactly what’s slated to take place at WM 34 with a main event that’s been rumored to take place since last year. A rematch has been brewing for years between Reigns and Lesnar, and it’s now set to take place in just a couple of months but lots of fans are hoping this is subject to change.

Sadly, logic suggests the main event will stay put as is. Reigns is now being pushed as a dominant babyface with better fan reaction since his reuniting with The Shield while the same can be said for Lesnar who remains untouchable since his WrestleMania victory over Goldberg. With Brock as the dominant Universal Champion for a year and Roman as the top tier babyface, all of this seems to be the perfect WWE formula in booking the rematch.

2 True – Vince McMahon Sells The WWE

It might be harsh to hope this one’s true, but it might be time for Vince to finally step aside and give the reigns to someone else.

McMahon now has interest elsewhere, with rumors claiming that he’s set to buy his own football league once again.

Former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman added to the rumors claiming McMahon is also interested in purchasing an NFL franchise, the Carolina Panthers.

Selling the company would give a chance to someone more in touch to take over. Fans have criticized McMahon for simply being out of touch pertaining to what the fans want nowadays. According to Jim Cornette, Vince became the Walt Disney of wrestling killing the true pro wrestling feel of the business. WWE is in need of a big shift and perhaps we can finally get it in 2018, as Vince moves on to football leaving his WWE days behind.

1 Untrue – Undertaker Returns Again

Surprisingly enough it was actually Jerry Lawler out of all people that started the buzz pertaining to this return. According to Lawler, he was shocked at how great Taker looked, even making the claim that he looked ring ready. Well, the rumor mill seems to agree as his return to the Raw Anniversary show now seems to be with the intention of setting up another WrestleMania match as opposed to calling it quits. By all accounts, it seemed like his match against Roman was the end but that doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

With a possible retirement announcement being put on hold, let the speculation begin with regards to Taker’s next opponent. Big time favorites for such a match include John Cena, Braun Strowman and Kane.

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