8 Worst Rumors Circulating In The WWE (And 7 Best Possible Storyline Leaks)

From the Paige and Del Rio debacle getting worse by the day to an unlikely WWE Superstar turning into a babyface, we have a bit of everything here!

With SummerSlam fast approaching, the rumor mill seems to be trending upwards (which is never a bad thing). However, when it comes to some of these rumors, we’d rather not hear of such news. On the worst-rumors-currently-circulating side of things, we feature a little bit of everything from drama unfolding outside of the squared circle to some horrendous future storylines.

Not to fear however, as we even discuss some good currently regarding the WWE. We’ll take a look at some positive storylines that might take shape in the near future. These feuds and character turns will definitely benefit the Superstars involved, and us the viewers watching at home. We can only hope at least a handful of these rumors are true.

From the Paige and Del Rio debacle getting worse and worse by the day to an unlikely WWE Superstar turning into a babyface, we have a bit of everything in the following article. Sit back, relax and enjoy these 15 points that discuss eight of the worst rumors circulating in the WWE and seven of the best possible storyline leaks for the future. Be sure to share the article with a buddy! Ring the bell and let’s get started with number 15!

15 Worst: More Disturbing Details On Wyatt and JoJo Affair

The Bray Wyatt and JoJo scandal was yet another case of a WWE Superstar marriage gone wrong. Looking at the past, it’s no secret that wrestlers have a hard time with staying committed to a partner. Given the road life they live away from their families, the possibility of infidelity increases.

In this case, it seems like the infidelity began a long time ago as reports have surfaced that the two began the affair way back in 2015... Adding to that, it looks like the two are somewhat of a couple as a fan recently snapped a photo of the two arriving at an arena together in a rental car. It truly isn’t what’s best for business, and the WWE can’t be too pleased with this situation. Both JoJo and Wyatt have remained tight-lipped throughout the ordeal.

14 Best: A Significant Faction Gets Unveiled

When we think of the word faction, two sentiments come to mind; one, excitement, or two, the word meh, as sometimes the WWE uses a group to place Superstars that have nothing going for them. We saw it with the Social Outcasts and we even saw it with the lackluster League of Nations stable. A faction is never a guarantee.

However, the recent faction news has caused some intrigue. Along with a possible reformation of The Shield, some speculate that The Club can also form with Balor leading Gallows and Anderson. Looking at what they're up to as of now, putting them together certainly wouldn’t hurt. Looking down the road, it can also create a scenario for an epic clash at Survivor Series between The Club and The Shield. Fans definitely wouldn’t mind if this storyline became a reality.

13 Worst: Paige Getting Abused By Del Rio

This situation just keeps taking turns for the worst. A recent leaked tape of Paige and Del Rio arguing revealed some terrible information; in the tapes leaked by TMZ, Paige tells Del Rio she’s sick of his abuse and that he’s been drugged up for days. The audio was truly disturbing and many are now concerned of Paige’s well-being.

Paige’s brother Zak, recently took to social media to express his concern. In the comments he made, Zak pleaded that his sister get help immediately or the consequences could be very bad (similar to the likes of Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston). As for Del Rio’s employer, Global Force Wrestling took swift action against the champion, suspending him indefinitely following the Orlando Airport incident. This truly is one of the worst Breaking News stories out there at the moment which goes a lot deeper than wrestling.

12 Best: Ambrose Finally Turning

Hard to believe Dean Ambrose was the face of the WWE a year ago. He was on top of the company as the only champion and he entered the inaugural draft as the first choice over to SmackDown Live. Since that summer, things have unravelled for the veteran.

Ambrose is currently an afterthought on Raw. His character has grown stale and some have made the claim that he’s lazy and passive inside of the squared circle. Well, it seems like creative has finally woken up as rumors are currently circulating of Dean finally turning heel and going against his former Shield buddy Seth Rollins. Not only would this feud give Ambrose something new to work with, but his character would also get the desperate re-set push he needs at the moment. This rumor is a big time win if it is to be true.

11 Worst: Bayley Becoming An Afterthought

As evidenced by recent history, NXT success guarantees absolutely nothing and in truth, more times than not, we’ve seen NXT performers get absolutely buried on the main roster. It seems like Bayley's the latest to feel the wrath as her character continues to grow stale. All the allure she had down in NXT seems to be lost. To make matters worse, a current rumor circulating indicates that the WWE has also given up on her as well.

In recent interviews, Bayley has stated that she plans on changing her look, which led to speculation that she might scrap her entire persona. Given all the success it generated down in NXT, such a decision is preposterous. Most fans can agree that Bayley has the “it” factor; it’ll just take better booking by the creative to get her out of the slump. If the rumor is to be believed, Bayley becoming an afterthought is a big time negative given her talent.

10 Best: Samoa Joe Sticking Around Universal Title Picture

A dream match we thought we’d never see recently took place between Joe and Lesnar. The buildup and match was very well received, even Lesnar himself was said to be quite content. Given the success, many hoped Joe would not fade into obscurity and it seems like the WWE got the memo. The initial plan was to have Roman take on Brock to main event SummerSlam. However, given Joe’s great work, it appears he’ll be taking part in the bout as well. The new rumored plan features a Fatal-Four-Way which includes the champion Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Joe.

Samoa once again proved his worth last week, verbally abusing both Brock and Roman in the middle of the ring. The guy seems to be a step ahead and given his experience, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Having him work the main event is a huge plus if this rumor turns out to be true.

9 Worst: 205 Live To Get The Boot?

Following the incredible CWC Tournament last year, fans salivated at the idea of seeing the Cruiserweights every week on Monday Night Raw. Fast forward a year later and that same concept has tanked horribly, something that seemed impossible given the talent pool.

Of course, the WWE had to put the “entertainment” spin on the weight class which ruined the plans for pure wrestling fans. Not only that, but the Cruiserweights also got their own show, which is even more lackluster given the fact that it airs after SmackDown, with most fans dead tired or opting to leave. Making matters worse, the current rumors going around indicate that the women of wrestling might take over that slot with the Mae Young Classic. Pulling the plug shouldn’t be the solution; instead, re-branding the entire division would be the preferred choice by most. We hope this rumor isn’t true and that the WWE completely re-launches the division’s identity instead.

8 Best: Broken Matt Returning Soon/Future Feud

Even without the Broken Matt gimmick, seeing the Hardy Boyz back on WWE TV has been a breath of fresh air, especially due to how lackluster the program has been as of late. The Hardys provide the fans with a familiar presence and it also helps that they're still fantastic inside of the squared circle.

We’ll enjoy the brothers together for now, but it seems like their alter egos might debut very shortly. Matt has posted some subliminal messages via Twitter indicating he might have gotten the rights to the persona. If this is true, you can expect a variety of new feuds to begin. One in particular the rumor mill has indicated includes Broken Matt going after the “Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt. The two are likely to feud for a very long time providing us with some memorable segments in the future. Whenever the time comes to launch Broken Matt, a Wyatt Matt feud seems to be written in the stars.

7 Worst: Sheamus Departing Soon

Inching closer to his 40s, hate him or love him, the Celtic Warrior can still go inside the squared circle. Looking at his body of work nowadays, it’s truly hard to believe that he’s barely missed a beat from his early days. Given his current form and Tag Team Title run with Cesaro, losing his services would be a big time loss for the company.

Set to take part in a film, Sheamus is to leave the company taking a hiatus in the near future. One has to wonder what that also means for Cesaro. The team has been rolling as of late becoming must-see performers on Raw. With Sheamus leaving, he creates a big hole on the Monday Night Raw program.

Best case scenario, Cesaro is finally given a push in his absence; although, don’t hold your breath on that one given Vince’s feelings about the Swiss Superman. In any event, Sheamus taking time off is not a good thing given his recent form. Can we have The Drifter take his place on set?

6 Best: Asuka To The Main Roster/Huge Feud

The booking of Asuka has been perfect, literally; she hasn’t lost a match yet. The Japanese star continues her undefeated streak. It now seems like she’s taking time off till a suitable opponent challenges her for the championship. From a booking standpoint, the rumors indicate that Asuka will eventually vacate the title and join the main roster. The move can happen as early as 2017, with the NXT Champion joining SmackDown Live.

An obvious feud would see a long-term story between Charlotte and Asuka. Had WWE not squandered Charlotte’s ‘Mania streak so cheaply last year, a match between Asuka and Charlotte could have been that much more appealing with both streaks on the line; good job, WWE... Nonetheless, look for this feud to dominate the SmackDown Live program in the near future and without a doubt, most fans aren’t complaining.

5 Worst: Ciampa Out Till 2018?

Ciampa’s turn on Gargano provided viewers with one of the most chilling moments of the year. Fans got ready to see an epic program between the two former best friends, however, the plot took a terrible twist with Ciampa undergoing an untimely injury he sustained during the Ladder Match before his heel turn.

It was revealed that Tommaso ruptured his anterior ligament in his knee, which is a terrible injury. Rumors that recently circulated provided us with the terrible news that the NXT star might be out of action until March of 2018! Yeah, the injury was no joke. Gargano is set to return to NXT as of July 12th, so it looks like he’ll begin a new chapter to his WWE career with his friend/foe Tommaso Ciampa for a very long time.

4 Best: Drew McIntyre The Next In Line

Drew’s story is certainly an inspirational one; he had a high ceiling as a promising star although those expectations fizzled out during his first WWE run. He decided to gamble on his talent and completely resurfaced his brand value on the indie scene. He’s now back with the WWE and set to be the next in line for Roode’s NXT Title.

According to the mill, Drew has a great chance of dethroning Bobby Roode. If so, it couldn’t happen to a better guy as Drew has the look and skills of a champion. It’s not everyday you see a guy perform a Fall Away Slam and Top Rope Clothesline during the same bout. The guy is a master of mixing in both athleticism and power. A championship run for Drew would be welcomed by most if this rumor is to be true.

3 Worst: Reason Why Aries Left

Austin Aries leaving the WWE was shocking information that leaked out last week. Aries was a favorite behind the scenes as the company loved his experience and leadership qualities. It seems like Austin didn’t share the same sentiment as he chose to opt out of his contract due to creative reasons.

Losing to Neville, it seemed like Aries was relegated to an afterthought in the division, working a second tier storyline. According to reports, Aries asked if he could join the main roster only to see his request get turned down. Many believe that was the final straw when Aries decided to part ways. He also took a jab at the WWE for excluding his WM match against Neville, which he proclaimed to be the top bout of the night. Regardless of how you feel, losing such a talent is a huge negative.

2 Best: Kevin Owens Turning Face Soon

This one is probably one of the most bizarre rumors on the list but yes, rumors are starting to circulate that Owens might actually turn face in the near future. Given how well his DVD sales did, the company is seriously taking a look at his current character. Turning him face can resonate into even more dollar signs given his excellent story of someone that should have never made it.

In terms of being booked as a babyface, it can open a new door which includes working a program alongside Sami Zayn (this time, as friends). It can resurrect Zayn and give SmackDown Live yet another formidable team in the Tag Division. It’ll also add a new dynamic to his character altogether and one we’ve yet to see thus far. Such a rumor seems pretty distant now, but it might be a viable option in the future and one many fans would welcome.

1 Worst: Backstage Heat Involving Vince and Hunter

Before we dive into this one, an honorable mention goes out to another Triple H rumor, this one involves Hunter returning to the ring, taking on Kurt Angle in Kurt’s comeback match. Seriously, with all the damn young talent Angle wants to take on, you give him an old foe in Hunter? That’s the WWE for you!

Now to this rumor; according to reports, Hunter and Vince have been clashing backstage as of late. This news is not best for business, especially with Hunter being groomed as the next in line. In truth, their styles keep on clashing as everything Hunter keeps building in NXT seems to be squandered on the main roster. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out, but it’s truthfully best for business that this backstage problem hashes out quickly.

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8 Worst Rumors Circulating In The WWE (And 7 Best Possible Storyline Leaks)