8 Times Britney Spears Was Hot (And 7 Times She Was So Not)

Britney Spears did it again. She is reliving the very lyrics that shot her to stardom, "Oops I did it again!" Though this time, her controversy was inadvertent and something that many starlets and stars have faced countless times – the dreaded nip slip that ends up delighting the audience. Her fresh wardrobe slip occurred during her Las Vegas show Britney: Piece Of Me while she was performing "I Love Rock n Roll" – wherein her top simply gave up mid beat. A backup dancer covered her with a shirt but Britney, like the true professional that she is, did not miss a beat or a move. Unfortunately neither did the audience and the accidental flashing is now on the web for all to see.

In her rather meteoric rise to stardom, Britney has been no stranger to controversies and has in fact starred in many. From a public meltdown to her 55-hour marriage, from losing custody of her kids to that red hot lip lock with Madonna, Britney has lived life on her own terms – the public be damned. Despite the many scandals surrounding her, Britney has achieved so much – and she is just 35!

She has a dedicated fan base, and has won plenty awards and accolades – though the recent years haven’t been very kind to her. Her stints in rehab, her partying, and alcohol abuse are telling a story on her face – Britney’s fresh faced appeal is gone. She’s no longer the goldilocks of the pop industry, but she is still very much a woman after her own heart. She seems to be cleaning up her act, much to the relief of her friends and fans alike. Her 2016 album Glory created no ripples, though her Las Vegas show is wildly popular. Let’s hope that 2017 proves to be a kinder year for her, as we look into Britney’s various looks – some hot, and some so not!

15 Hot: The Britney of Teen Fantasies

Britney’s debut is a memorable one, "...Baby One More Time." A bored girl dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl costume fuelled male fantasies of the ubiquitous naughty school girl and made her an overnight sensation. From beginnings on The Mickey Mouse Club (along with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera), Britney rose to sexy stardom with confidence. This photo of Britney is reminiscent of her golden heydays – when her honorific name (like Michael Jackson’s King of Pop moniker) was the Princess of Pop.

Despite her hiatus from releasing albums, in 2013 she started her own Las Vegas show in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. It was a well-received show, titled Britney: Piece of Me and will go well into 2017 too.

14 Not: The Public Meltdown Britney

2007 was a dark, dark year for Britney though the trouble began brewing in 2005 itself. The 55-hour marriage to her childhood friend Jason preceded her longer lasting nuptials to backup dancer Kevin Federline. Two children and other scandals later, Britney and Kevin divorced. Her spiral into drugs and darkness continued and sadly, Britney lost custody of both her kids after she was found intoxicated in the presence of her kid by the authorities.

Her erratic behaviour continued and then the infamous head shaving, umbrella attacking incident happened. All of Britney’s struggles were highlighted by the paparazzi in great detail and ultimately, it was Britney’s father Jamie Spears who took control of the fast-fading star and put together some of the pieces again.

13 Hot: The Goddess Britney

When teen stars date each other, the world is hooked. And so the same happened when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears started dating. She claimed she lost her virginity to him, he claimed otherwise. And now, so does Britney’s own mother who says that Brit Brit lost her virginity at 15…

Not that Timberlake has ever stopped using Britney for his personal benefit. When the break up happened, Justine went ahead and sang "Cry Me a River" and for some reason, had a Britney doppelganger in his video. When asked about that, a very cool Britney replied, “Boys will be boys.” And that’s Britney for you, clear and from the heart.

12 Not: The Make-Up Dependent Britney

Britney is just 35. But her alleged abuse of drugs and alcohol has not been kind to her. She looks old and is nowadays seen wearing artificial tans and pancake makeup to hide the ravages of time.

And yet, she has sold more than a 100 million singles and 100 million albums worldwide. That’s a lot at just 35. She will always be one of the best-selling music artists of all time and she ranks number fours amongst the best-selling female artists, according to Nielsen Sound Scan. In 2002 and in 2012, Forbes reported her to be the highest paid female musician of the year! So despite the struggles and the heartache, not all has been bad for Britney and in her 30s, she still has a bright future ahead of her.

11 Hot: The Sparklingly Resplendent Britney

Britney’s song 'Toxic" was a new revelation of her many looks. With her electric blue stewardess costume, her long-before-Rihanna red hair, and of course, the unforgettable crystals and strategic posing – Britney was hotter than fire in 2004.

And yet it was in 2004 that she married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in a Vegas ceremony – but this was no bride in white, this was Britney dressed in a baseball cap and torn jeans, getting married in the wee hours of the morning and claiming to be totally in love. A mere 55 hours later, love left the building and Britney and Jason’s marriage was annulled. Later Britney stated that she was being silly and rebellious and wasn’t taking responsibility for her actions. Stardom will do that to you…

10 Not: The Tipsy, Sullen Britney

Her drunk appearances in public coupled with her ex-husband’s sole custody appeal in court and her several breakdowns in which she was caught inebriated around her sons made Britney lose custody of her little boys – Jayden and Preston. Her public appearances with Paris Hilton didn't help either.

Several stints in rehabs for undisclosed substances, several more drunken appearances, and back to rehab cycles and finally, Britney now shares custody of both her sons with Kevin. Her sons seem to have her sense of humor even though sources say that she seems to have lost her old spark. In an Instagram video that Britney posted, her sons are shown to have pranked her and Britney ends up falling on the floor in a hilarious heap. Some of her old mischief sizzles through though, and we hope her light shines soon again…

9 Hot: The Lolita Britney

Britney’s fame came early with "...Baby One More Time" and her Lolita image further catapulted her to the glitzy lights of the music industry. This is an early shot of Britney at her best on a Rolling Stone cover – all skin and plenty of sass and with that impish gleam in her eyes.

Along with being a singer, Britney also launched a range of perfumes. The perfumes are popular, so much so that at one time, they accounted for 34% of all celebrity perfume sales. Oh and in case you spot the names, “Anita Dick, Alotta Warmheart, Chastity Montgomery or Mrs. Abra Cadabra” in the hotel you are staying at, still your thundering heart for these are aliases Brit Brit uses often.

8 Not: The Fake Tan Britney

At one time, Britney was majorly into psychics. And she didn't have just one psychic, she had her own little psychic entourage. One of them supposedly told Britney that she had been a princess in her last life and one of the antique beds that she had bought was also hers. This photo is far cry from the once bubbly girl that Britney was – she smiles for the camera here, but it looks as if she’s just going through the motions.

She was the girl who purchased face stamped toilet seats for Justin and herself – Justin’s face on her toilet seat and Britney’s face on Justin’s toilet seat. Each worth a whopping $21,000! That’s Britney, bitch.

7 Hot: That Red Hot Kiss Britney

The Internet exploded the day Madonna smooched Britney, who responded with vigor, at the 2003 MTV VMAs to an audience that went absolutely crazy – from a very flabbergasted Justin Timberlake to a really tickled Vanessa Williams. To have Madonna, Britney, Christina, and Missy Elliott on stage was cool enough, the kiss set the world on fire!

Even though her very public breakdowns were quite public and the paparazzi did manage to catch the brunt of her at her worst, Britney still claims that the public still knows just half of who she really is. Her mother Lynne Spears publicly stated that she felt responsible for Britney’s breakdown – though she was also banned from Britney’s life for seven months. Britney reached out to her once she lost custody of her kids.

6 Not: The Lip Filler Britney

She’s a shadow of her past self but that doesn’t stop her from trying to look her best, and since the past couple of years Britney has been getting lip fillers – the reason for her pouty appeal. The picture here doesn’t do her justice and it looks like Brit Brit is carrying all the troubles of the world on her shoulders.

A far cry from the 1999 Rolling Stone cover which shows a young Britney in a sexy position, wearing a skimpy outfit, and holding a rather provocative expression. The images rattled the American Family Association who then called for a boycott of Britney’s albums and songs. Obviously, it didn’t work…

5 Hot: Britney At Her Skimpiest

Music sells, but so do bodies. And Britney realized this early on, cultivating a sweet persona but dressing provocatively, an image that sold like hotcakes. But sometimes, she just went a little overboard, with disastrous results. The viewers and audience of the 2000 MTV VMA Awards were pleasantly shocked when Britney stripped on stage to reveal a nude, sequined body suit. She gyrated to her hit song "I’m a Slave 4 U" at the 2004 MTV VMA holding a python which put off PETA and they cancelled her upcoming anti-fur campaign. During her breakdown years, the topless stills of her video "Gimme More" further dented her reputation.

And rather hilariously, Britney's Femme Fatale Tour involved a rather risqué segment where an audience member got a private lap dance. All that went horribly wrong when a "rabid" fan in Rio De Janeiro bit her on the leg. Gross.

4 Not: The Gum Chewing Britney

Someone needs to tell Britney that it is impolite for her to be chewing gum. Like. All. The. Freaking. Time. It’s nice that she flashes those trademark grins but do we have to see that wad of chewed gum in her mouth? It’s a total turn off, even if she manages to look good in a nice dress and flowing auburn tresses.

Oh and a wad of Brit Brit's spat out gum found itself being auctioned on eBay. Unlike Christina Aguilera's Maxim thong that was sold for about $1,400, bidding on one of Britney’s spat out gum reached a whopping $14,000! The things people sell... the things people buy ... or is it just the sticky price of fame? We are gob smacked.

3 Hot: Happy Momma Britney

Despite all the highs and lows of motherhood, by which we mean her uphill custody battles, Britney truly shines when she is around her kids and then you get these rare happy shots of hers – looking like an All-American soccer mom, but with an unmistakably glamorous aura. And we love the glasses and that hint of white tube dress.

The August 2006 Harper's Bazaar had a pregnant and naked Britney Spears on it. People called it a Demi Moore rip off but no, this was Britney being Britney, during her second pregnancy. Though admittedly, there was plenty photoshopping – back fat was poofed away, things were slimmed, and arms were shaded and if you looked closely, Britney seemed to be missing a belly button.

2 Not: The Britney Who Almost Didn’t Make It

During her darkest hours, during her custody battles, and after her worst MTV VMA Awards performance ever in 2007 – friends and family feared for Britney’s sanity and her very life. But Britney is a brave heart and even during her darkest hours, reportedly told her mom that she loved life too much to ever think about ending it. Here too, she may not look her best in the picture, but hey – think of her as wearing her battle scars proudly.

Too many stars lost their battles and went into a deep dark place from which rarely do people return. We’ve had musicians like Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and so many more who never ever recovered from their life’s battles, and ending up dying tragically young.

1 Hot: The Glory of Britney

So yes, Britney’s 2016 album Glory did not win any rave reviews. But it was a comeback of sorts with Britney back in her femme fatale mood. Her Vegas show has been an amazing success and Britney is now thinking of her next album. Of course her recent nip slip has also catapulted her back into the trending news but perhaps this time, Britney will take her stardom with salt but minus the tequila.

This is not the first time a wardrobe malfunction has happened to her and probably may not be the last either – to put things into perspective, she’s already survived so much that may not even be a blip on her radar. Her friends and family feel that she has finally made it to a place that’s peaceful and full of love and right now, Brit Brit is simply enjoying being a mother – and being what she truly is, a star!

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