8 Times Asian Girls Looked Hot With Blonde Hair (And 8 Times They Looked Fugly)

Most people tend to look their best with their natural hair color, but this has not stopped anyone from experimenting with other shades throughout their lives. People -- women, in particular -- dye their hair every color imaginable, from pink to blue and everything in between. Generally, however, it is blonde, brunette, black, and red that are the natural colors of hair people are born with and that they look best with.

But as always, there is an exception to every rule. In this case, one familiar exception is actress Laura Prepon, who has featured in roles where she donned all four natural hair colors and looked stunning in all of them. In fact, I cannot even tell you what her natural shade is. But she is one of the few women who can pull this off successfully, while for most of us, changing our hair color does us no favors. More likely, doing so will even make us look worse.

Asian women have predominantly black hair. But they, like all women, like to change that up a bit. In fact, many have made the surprising choice to go blonde -- platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, yellow blonde, all kinds of blonde. The results seem to be only one of either two outcomes: the ladies either look shockingly beautiful or, less-surprisingly, they look fugly AF -- but never in between. Here are 16 photos to illustrate what I'm talking about. There are eight examples of Asian women who look gorgeous as blondes, and eight who would do better to stay far, far away from the bleach.

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16 Hot

via pinterest.com, gnliveshere.blogspot.com

This woman looks stunning as a blonde, and the truth is that I have a hard time picturing her with her natural color of hair, black. Few women on earth, including Caucasians, can pull off wearing a platinum, white blonde like this, but she does so flawlessly. She's a model for an Australian business called Black Milk Clothing, a company that sells brightly colored leggings, the signature little black dress, and apparently, one-piece bathing suits with foxes on them. But even wearing something like that, this model manages to look oh-so-sexy and even classy. She has clearly mastered the very difficult art of lightening one's hair color, which unless done very precisely, will fry your hair. But hers is very silky, soft, and long. It looks amazing on her.

15 Fugly

I have never been a fan of the yellow-orange blonde color on Asians, and this photo is a good example of why. While the girl in the photo is super cute and looks like fun, her hair color washes her out. It's not a good match for her skin tone or features, and her light-colored shirt only adds to the problem. It ends up that upon first glance (or really, even after you have stared for a while), the hairstyle and color are what you focus on -- and since it's a bad choice of both style and color, that's not a good thing. It would be different if she had gorgeous, flowing hair to detract from an ugly face or something, but that is not the case here. This flyaway peach bob just detracts from what could potentially be a pretty face in other (more natural) hair circumstances.

14 Hot

via pinterest.com

This girl is clearly hot, and she kind of looks like she knows it, too! I think one reason the light hair color works on her while it may not work on others is that it is not overwhelming. The length is more practical than hair flowing down to one's behind, and the roots are dark, making it appear more natural than some of the over-the-top blonde Asian girls who look more like cartoon characters with their waist-length ringlets and other crazy styles. Adding to this girl's sex appeal is the "I dare you" look on her face and the fact that she is biting her finger, drawing attention to her lips, which are just as beautiful as her hair. Then, of course, there is the tiny detail of her midriff-baring, white crop-top. All in all, she is one fine lady, and she likely would be with any hair color.

13 Fugly

via everlastingpure.com

Obviously, this photo is not of a model, or even of someone used to being in front of a camera, at all (I surmise). It is a photo taken by some average Joe of his girlfriend or sister or whoever she is, and by the looks of it, she is not too happy to forever document her long blonde hair and massive black bow on film. With no makeup, brows that could use a wax, a possible overbite, and an unreadable but obviously annoyed (or high) expression, this girl must sadly be placed with the fuglies of this list. Her black ensemble only makes her skin look paler than it already is. And what is going on with that bow? It appears to just be sitting on top of her head, going along for the ride, highlighting the dry and frizzy nature of her mane. At the very least, the ribbon does match her shirt. But matching black with black is just about all this chick has going for her in the looks department.

12 Hot

via pandawhale.com

Another impressive example of Asians pulling off (and excelling at) blonde hair is this gorgeous woman. Her name is Pearl Liang (a model, not to be confused with the Chinese restaurant of the same name in London). Her beautiful photos can be found on Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, Instagram, and the internet in general. And let me tell you, she is one smoking hot Asian blonde. Instagram seems to be the model's main platform, and she has plenty of posts in skin-tight workout gear, walking in skimpy bikinis on the beach or by the pool, or just chilling on her couch, still managing to look worlds hotter than most average girls when they put a ton of effort into it. Pearl is a firecracker, and these are only two of her many mouth-watering shots.

11 Fugly

via youtube.com

Would you believe that this girl is doling out hair advice? HelloSharla is her YouTube username, and that's the only name we know her by. She actually gives tutorials on how women can dye their hair blonde. Now, to be fair, her 'do is not the absolute worst I have ever seen, but that's not saying much. Because of her frizzy, dry-looking mane -- not to mention the fact that people going from dark to light hair without the help of a professional will surely mess it up and damage their hair -- she should not be qualified to be teaching anyone how to attempt this surprisingly difficult task. Her video on YouTube, should you foolishly decide to dye your own hair or if you just want to watch it to get a good laugh, is called "How I Dyed My Asian Hair Blonde at Home."

10 Hot

via pinterest.com

She looks like the girl-next-door type, don't you think? Posing almost timidly, she has a sweetness about her and looks very pretty, even with a very unnatural hair color. Hers is darker than the ones we have seen so far on this list. It's definitely not bleach blonde, and it's even darker than the God-awful yellowish-orangish color that so many people favor for some reason. Somewhere between golden blonde and light brown, her dark roots do not even take away from the gorgeousness of her totally Disney-princess hair. That is the best way to describe it in my opinion because the long, loose curls flow just like those of the fictional princesses we all grew up watching (and envying, if you are a girl). The long length compliments her angled jawline, and the color compliments her skin tone and features. The only thing left to do is address the one other feature I have not mentioned, which would be her equally gorgeous body.

9 Fugly

via pinterest.com

This chick is just plain scary-looking. I get that she is modeling in some sort of photo shoot for this shot, but still. She almost looks like a supernatural creature from a horror film I can't place. It must be the tattered clothing, which more closely resembles rags that have been wound around her midriff and arms, giving the illusion that she has been through a hell of a night. Furthermore, the rags are disturbingly the same color as her skin, which is the same color (or has the same lack thereof) as her hair: white. In this case, the light hair doesn't work, perhaps because every aspect of the photo is whiteness overload. But it could also be that she just looks fugly with blonde hair, as most Asians do. But if she looks this bad while modeling, that is saying something. A little color -- anywhere -- and a facial expression that does not say "I am going to kill you in your sleep" would probably do wonders, but as it stands now, the white-blonde hair is not hot in the slightest.

8 Hot

via howtobeacrazybitch.com

I have always said that "hot" and "pretty" are two entirely different things; "hot" describes one's body, whereas "pretty" describes one's face. A woman could be a butterface, in which case she would be hot AF while being ugly AF, and similarly, a woman could have a face like Angelina Jolie's, but have a decidedly un-hot body (read: fat). This photo is of a very pretty blonde Asian girl, and although we cannot see her body to determine her exact level of hotness, it is clear to me that she is probably as hot as she is pretty. (Her thin arms are clues). She is yet another woman of Asian descent that somehow turns heads with her blonde beauty. The relatively heavy makeup along with her simple-but-cute outfit only serves to highlight her attractiveness. This is one chick that looks fun and flirty, like she would surely be great to hang out with.

7 Fugly

via nymag.com

Yikes. Blonde hair does not suit this young woman for so many reasons. In fact, it makes her look worse! Yes, she's too skinny and a bit plain, but if she had a head of her natural hair color, she would probably look okay -- even good if her outfit and makeup were up to par. But in this photo, that's far from the case. Her hair is stringy and messy. The roots show and not in a good way. To be fair, her face has potential, except that she has dyed her eyebrows to match her wacky hair. That's not always a bad idea, but in her case, she just looks like she's a person with no eyebrows at all, unless you look really, really closely. And who wants to have to search for a person's eyebrows? The lack of makeup and the baggy, gaudy, embroidered gold dress must also be called out, but at the end of the day, it's the hair that's bringing this girl down.

6 Hot

via longluntan.net

This woman has the complexion to pull off light hair despite her being Asian. Her honey-colored mane appears healthy, not fried like that of many women who go from dark to light hair color. And there is no arguing that she is beautiful regardless of hair color. With the right amount of natural-looking makeup, a simple gold necklace, and a plain white tank top, she most certainly belongs in the hottie group of this list. It is very difficult to go from having black hair to blonde, and to do it successfully like this girl has, it takes forever. First, you must bleach out the pigment. Then, you must tone and color. Each of these steps can take a few hours, depending on your natural color and its condition. Chemical burns are also a possibility, or just a burning sensation from the bleach, especially the first time one uses it. And then there's the maintenance to consider. Pain is beauty, right? Obviously, this chick has sacrificed, but in our eyes, at least it was worth it.

5 Fugly

via popsugar.com

Oh, wow. This lady really went as blonde as blonde could possibly be, didn't she? With hair bordering on white (just compare it to the background!), her mane resembles that of Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) -- but it doesn't even come close to looking as good. The bright red lipstick makes it worse because when everything else about your appearance is bland and light-colored, the shock of color only stands out in a bad way. This woman might actually be cute with her natural black hair color, but we will never know it because this photo has frozen in time her terrible beauty choices, and we will forever remember her white-hair-framed face and her overwhelming, blood red lips. On the plus side, she has no roots to speak of as if this picture was literally taken the day she got the dye job. And additionally, her smile is nice (minus the lipstick, of course). But these pluses are still not enough to put her in the same group as the hotties of this list -- not by a long shot.

4 Hot

I am sure this galaxy-printed purple bodysuit and the accompanying cutoff denim shorts are fashionable, but even to those who do not "get" high fashion, these peculiar clothes cannot distract from the beauty of this blonde Asian model. Perched on a picnic table in the suburbs, neither her surroundings nor her outfit can put a damper on how pretty she is. The unnatural blonde shade suits her somehow, even though by all accounts, it should not. Her name is Sara L., and she is, quite obviously, a model. If you can believe it, Sara is 30 years old, although she looks to be in her early 20s, at the oldest. She is an Industrial Design student with tons of hot photos online, enough to keep you ogling for hours. Sara has an effortlessly cool vibe and a beauty that seems to, if anything, be exacerbated by the platinum blonde hair, which she has to get touched up every three to four weeks, according to her.

3 Fugly

via pinterest.com

Is this girl cold? She's wrapped in what looks to be a down blanket, and we don't know why. Nor do we care. The blanket makes it impossible to discern her hotness (but my guess is she's too skinny) and it makes her appear to be a victim of sorts. You know, like when an accident victim is wrapped up by responding officers in the movies? That is what comes to mind when I see this picture, and that image should not come to mind when looking at a hot girl. Therefore, she is not hot. She is also not much of a looker face-wise, mostly because of that awful hair. Her unkempt roots are so obvious and make her hair look greasier than it probably is. Her hair could also use a brushing, and she could use some makeup because honestly, without any, she looks even more like she just went through some kind of trauma or something. Between the weird background and the ridiculous blonde, fuzzy eyebrows, I don't even know what else there could possibly be to say about this decidedly not hot Asian blonde chick.

2 Hot

via pinterest.com

This blonde beauty looks ravishing with light-colored hair even though she's Asian. It just works for some people, I suppose. Most people are not so lucky, however, and should stick to what the good Lord gave them. (Really, if only they would). Anyway, this casual and pretty 20-something decided one day to snap a fish-faced selfie while parked in her car, and somehow, it turned out like this, highlighting everything that is right about her. More often than not, the "fish-faced selfie" has negative connotations, and for good reason. But in this instance, all I see is a naturally beautiful young woman who took a leap of faith with her hair color and looks damn good because of it. Not even the hated fish-face or the narcissistic selfie can ruin her look. Job well done, whoever you are.

1 Fugly

via twitter.com

I will leave you with this final image, our last fugly of the day. And boy, is it a good (not really good) one! This photo must have been snapped just seconds or minutes after she had her bleach job done since she's standing in a hair salon -- and besides, she's an Asian girl with blonde hair and no roots to be found. It's hard to tell if she's happy or wants to wring the neck of her stylist. I would go with the latter, personally. This is not a girl with the features for bleach blonde hair, and someone should have told her so. Furthermore, her lack of makeup shows off her pale skin and zits, and her black eyebrows stand out against her newly blonde hair, which is at least a decent length. I will give the poor girl the benefit of the doubt here since she likely just spent nine hours in the salon and is worn out. Thus, her fatigue may be the real reason for her fugliness. Nevertheless, since she is still fugly, it's only fair that she's placed in that category.

Source: teenvogue.com

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