8 Things Scarlett Johansson Wants Hidden (And 7 She's Bragging About)

Scarlett Johansson is every guy's fantasy bombshell. And she's hotter than hot in Hollywood. But what's she really, really like? Well, she's the kind of babe who almost certainly suffers from the "I am the center of the universe" syndrome. It's me, me, and more me. Or rather, it's my career and nothing else. Tales of selling out for big endorsements, shouting matches with then-husband Ryan Reynolds, doing the deed in a 5-star hotel elevator, and hot leaked pictures just won't go away. But, hey, it's not all bad news on the ScarJo front. She's living the single life these days. And her new catchphrase could well be "so many men, so little time." That's good news. And (no surprises here) she has been declared the s*xiest woman alive. Plus ScarJo is queen of the box office. That means she gets paid lots and lots of money to make films. So, she's got plenty of reasons to brag. Let's run through the bad stuff first and then finish up on a high note with all the good stuff in her life. Here are 8 things Scarlett Johansson wants hidden and 7 things she is totally bragging about to anyone who will listen. And some of them will surprise (and maybe even shock) you.


15 Doing It In A 5-Star Hotel Elevator

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Back in 2005, Johansson was all of 20 years old and just beginning to see her star rise in Hollywood. She had a thing for older men and, at one point, was dating 30-something hunk actor Benicio del Toro. Nobody seemed to notice that he was just about old enough to be her father. Anyway, they were seen out and about in Hollywood and on the red carpet. Then came that elevator ride at 5-star hotel Chateau Marmont. Rumor had it that they did the deed in the elevator. ScarJo made some off-hand (she later said sarcastic) remarks about the fact that they had "done it." Benicio was diplomatic but seemed to hint that maybe it had happened. After the fact, Scarlett denied it. But still, we wonder.

14 Those Leaked Pictures

Back in 2011, there were a whole bunch of leaked naughty pics around—nudies hacked from cellphones. You know, those kinds of things. The world saw Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera in all their glory and learned that Justin Timberlake liked to wear somebody's pink panties over his head. Hopefully, it was a joke. Scarlett Johansson was caught up in the scandal, with pictures she had taken for then-husband Ryan Reynolds plastered all over the Internet. ScarJo didn't take it quietly. The FBI was called in and quickly instigated Operation Hackerazzi. They caught a guy called Christopher Chaney, who admitted he was "addicted." Whether his addiction was to hacking or p*rn is not clear. The so-called "Hollywood hacker" got a ten-year sentence. Serves him right.

13 Screaming And Yelling In The Trailer

Scarlett Johansson and Canadian hunk and actor Ryan Reynolds, started dating in 2007 and were married in 2008. Now, it was an unusual marriage to say the least, with friends saying that there was no apparent warmth between them. WTF? Some said they seemed more like competitors than husband and wife. It gets worse. Apparently, Scarlett just seemed angry all the time. And, when Reynolds was filming 2009's The Proposal with Sandra Bullock, the Daily Mail reported that one source said, "It sounded like she was yelling every time she talked to him." She was "going nuts" and screaming at him in his trailer. Oh dear, wedded bliss it was not. Then came 2011's Green Lantern and Blake Lively. And guess what happens next?

12 The One About The Cheating Husband?

Now, Green Lantern was not a big hit. But it did bring Ryan Reynolds and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively together. All that action, all those love scenes, and all that jealousy seething in Scarlett's head. The onscreen chemistry between Reynolds and Lively was way hot. But what about in so-called real life? The story goes something like this: Blake and Ryan didn't get together until after his split from Scarlett. But the Daily Mail questioned that when it ran a story that included the tale told by a waitress in a New York restaurant where the "couple" dined prior to Reynolds' breakup with Scarlett. She said, "It was just the two of them, and they were laughing and flirting. It looked like a date. If you didn't know who they were, you would definitely assume they were a couple." Interesting. When ScarJo and Reynolds split, the announcement claimed it was done "in love and kindness." Believe that? Neither do we.

11 Diva Demands

Scarlett has always claimed that her momager kept her grounded and a diva-free zone. Stories of angry screaming matches with Ryan Reynolds maybe bring that into question. She herself has admitted to having a big ego. Can she be a demanding diva? Read on. A while back, Scarlett worked with Woody Allen on his film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The film got a ten-minute standing ovation when it aired at the Cannes Film Festival. Stars Penelope Cruz and Rebecca Hall were there to enjoy the moment, but not our Scarlett. Why? Diva demands. She refused to share a makeup artist with Cruz and Hall and demanded her own at a cost of some 5,000 Euros (around $6,000) a day. Then, she refused to stay at the same hotel as the rest of the cast. Allen was not pleased. So, Scarlett missed all the fun. As we will see, the ScarJo universe is focused on one thing—her.

10 Me, Me, And More Me

Scarlett's record: Two marriages that lasted a total of around four years. We know about the Ryan Reynolds thing. Scarlett has hinted that it was competitive. Many read that as her wanting to get her way about everything. So, divorce number one came in 2011. Scarlett ran through a fair number of guys before marrying Frenchman Romain Dauriac in 2014. Along came a daughter named Rose. They separated in 2016. Then, wham bam! Scarlett filed for divorce in March of 2017. According to Dauriac, she blindsided him with that little maneuver. He begged her to reconsider. He also said some interesting things about their life together. Like? Like he had totally been the primary parent. Seems like Scarlett was too busy to bother with motherhood. He also said that his and Rose's life revolved around her shooting schedule. He wants Rose to live with him. She wants Rose to live with her. Watch this space.

9 Screw Oxfam. Show Me The Money

Actresses act, do endorsements, and play at working for charities. Ten or twelve years ago, Johansson signed on as a Global Ambassador for the aid and development agency Oxfam. She did a bit of fundraising and was pictured looking concerned in third world countries. Then, she signs a lucrative sponsorship deal with Israeli drinks company SodaStream. Now, the fact that their main factory is in an illegal Israeli settlement on the occupied West Bank, did not go unnoticed by the media. Total outrage ensued. So, faced with a choice between Oxfam (who opposed the illegal settlements) and SodaStream, guess what ScarJo does? It's so long Oxfam and hello SodaStream. Did Scarlett care? Apparently, not much. Pass the bubbles, please. See? Me, me, and more me.


8 The Woody Allen Thing


Woody Allen and ScarJo have this mutual admiration society going on. The director seems to be besotted with Johansson. After all, he did call her "s*xually overwhelming." Having made several films with him, Johansson was, at one point, a kind of muse to the ageing director. Now, way back when, Allen and actress Mia Farrow had a "thing" and she and Allen co-adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. (Believe it or not, Allen is married to another of Farrow's adopted daughters, one Soon-Yi.) A few years back, Dylan penned an open letter to Allen, accusing him of s*xually abusing her when she was a child. Johansson called all the criticism of Allen that came in the wake of the letter "irresponsible." Well, some said that, in addition to being "unprincipled," our Scarlett was bloody-minded and defending the indefensible. Did she care? In a word, no.

7 So Many Men: Totally And Blissfully Single

Now, for the good news. ScarJo is separated from hubbie Romain Dauriac and telling everybody that monogamy is unnatural. No, she's not on Ryan and Blake's Christmas card list, and reportedly, she and Romain were squaring off for the mother of all custody battles. But she's not letting that cramp her style. No sir. She did Saturday Night Live and then started dating its host, Colin Jost. At about the same time, she was seen on the streets of New York hand in hand with an A-list New York attorney. Now, all of this from a woman who has run through a fair number of guys since her split with Ryan Reynolds. The most bizarre was her blink-and-you'll-miss-it hookup with 50-something actor Sean Penn. That's taking a love of older men way too far.

6 Katy Perry Wants To Make Out With ScarJo

Great news! Singer/songwriter Katy Perry wants to make out with ScarJo. Well, kind of. Her 2008 hit song "I Kissed a Girl" is a fantasy piece about...well...a girl kissing a girl. The music video is full of babes dressed in not much, with Perry singing "I kissed a girl and I liked it" over and over and over again. Where did that one come from anyway? Perry has said she was inspired by ScarJo. Well, specifically by her lips. There, Katy was flicking through a magazine when she came across a picture of Scarlett. Whoa! She told her boyfriend there and then that she would totally make out with the hottie. Scarlett, then kind of with Ryan Reynolds, was very flattered by it all. But she did throw in "my lips are kind of taken." Not for long, ScarJo. Not for long.

5 Her Bottom Was Stenciled Onto Cookies

Hooray! Well-endowed Scarlett Johansson, much less well-endowed Keira Knghtley, and totally-clothed fashion designer Tom Ford did a Vanity Fair cover together. Scarlett and Keira left the clothes at home for that one. It got a lot of attention for the lack of clothing. It also got a lot of criticism for the obviously heavily Photoshopped bodies of the women. It was so bad it was almost a joke. Did Vanity Fair care? Not really. When the magazine had its Oscar party, it had Johansson's and Knightley's bums stenciled onto cookies. Were they the real ones or the Photoshopped ones? And were their bums sharing each cookie or did Scarlett demand that she have her cookies to herself? You guess. Between Keira's slight frame and Johansson's curvy one, it would not be hard to spot which bum was which, would it?

4 Sexiest Woman Alive Turns Bot

In 2006 and again in 2013, Esquire declared Scarlett the Sexiest Woman Alive. Nobody on the planet would disagree with that call. What the world needs is more Scarlett. So, are we going to have Scarlett Johansson clones in the future? Maybe not. But did you hear the one about the guy in Hong Kong who reportedly built a robot modeled on ScarJo? It kind of looks like her even. It cost him some $51,000 and took a year and a half to build. The verdict? Creepy, big time. But then, remember that Scarlett played an android in Ghost in the Shell. Never mind all those bots and androids. We'll take the real thing any day. Even if the robot can wink.

3 Reigning Queen Of The Box Office

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It's official. Box Office Mojo has named Scarlett Johansson as Hollywood's highest-grossing actress of all time. Like forever and ever. And she's number ten on the list of top-grossing film stars in Hollywood. Numbers one through nine are, it goes without saying, men like Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, and Tom Hanks. And, without putting their noses out of joint, most of the guys on the list have been around, like forever. As in, they are way old. A really big proportion of 32-year-old Johansson's box office has come from her outings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if the movies were not totally good, guys would pay to see her in the tight jumpsuit she wears as Black Widow. Okay. She's hot. She's a great little actress. She makes movie bosses (and herself) a lot of money. What's not to celebrate in all of that?

2 The Funny Tale Of The Birthday Lap Dance

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The photos you see above are stills from ScarJo's movie Rough Night. It's a party-hard kind of a chick flick, complete with a male stripper. And what about Scarlett in real life? She is a babe who is not afraid to do the weird and the unexpected. She went to Disneyland on her 20th birthday. Cute. A year later, she was out with her twin brother, Hunter, to celebrate their 21st birthdays. So, red-blooded American guy that he is, Hunter talked her into going to a strip club. It gets even better. Somebody ordered Scarlett a lap dance. And there she was with some Amazonian babe gyrating on her lap. No, the birthday girl didn't enjoy it that much. But hey, she got a story out of it that she tells over and over again. It goes down well on late night talk shows. "Let me tell you about my 21st birthday..."

1 Dissing Ivanka Trump On Saturday Night Live

Scarlett Johansson is a big supporter of the Democrats. That said, she's not totally crazy about the Trumps. Well, that's a complete understatement. So, Scarlett goes on Saturday Night Live and does a faux perfume ad decked out as the First Daughter. The name of the perfume? Complicit. Ivanka Trump, played by Johansson, walks into a posh party in a glittering evening dress. Cue the voice over and a dignified announcer saying she deserves a fragrance all her own. "Because she's beautiful. She's powerful. She's complicit." Cue the laughs. And when "Ivanka" looks into a mirror? Her face is Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump. More laughs. The skit ends with the announcer intoning, "Complicit: The fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this but won't."


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