8 Straight Celebs Everyone Thinks Are Lesbians (And 8 Who Actually Are)

It is almost 2018 and let's be real, most of the world really does not care what your personal preference is anymore. However, when you live a life in the public eye, people are more likely to pay close attention to everything you do, especially who you decide to share your bed with.

In the world of show business, fans believe they know everything about celebrities, but sometimes that is not the case. A lot of the time, we as humans believe what we see on television or what we read on the internet, however, this often leads us to be mistaken.

When it comes to sexual preferences, there are some celebrities we know are straight while others we are convinced are not. The reality is, that regardless of a celebrities sexual preference, it does not change who they are.

However, we are all guilty of indulging in celebrity gossip, which is why we created this list. It is filled with celebrities that everyone thinks are lesbians, but actually are not and other celebrities that actually are. From C-list celebrities to show business royalty, we have all your favorite female celebrities covered!

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16 Oprah Winfrey: Straight

Oprah Winfrey is without a doubt one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry. Worth over three billion dollars, this media proprietor and household name is one of the most influential people of this generation. Her intelligence, wisdom, and determination have been an inspiration to her fans for so many years.

There has been a rumor going around for years that Oprah is in a relationship with her best friend Gayle King, however, that is far from the truth- they are simply best friends. She has been with her partner, Stedman Graham since 1987 and although they never married, they are very much a married couple.

Oprah prides herself on being an authentic person and has gone on record stating, "I'm not even kind of a lesbian.” She has always been an advocate for the LGBT community which is why we believe that if she were a lesbian she would never hide that from the world. She is a proud person and would be proud regardless of her sexual orientation.

15 Ellen Page: Gay

Ellen Page is a super talented Canadian actress who is best known for her roles in films like Juno, Inception and Hard Candy. Her undeniable charm in combination with her amount of talent is exactly what we love about this actress.

Page has gone on record saying “Being in the closet hurt my career way more than coming out,” which is a very powerful statement. We believe that everyone should have the chance to live a life that is true to them. We admire Page for coming out and having the courage to be an inspiration to others who are afraid to come out.

We are big fans of Page and we are looking forward to seeing her career continue to flourish.

14 Naya Rivera: Straight

Naya Rivera is best known for her role on the iconic television show Glee.

Glee was one of those shows that our generation needed. It touched on every topic teenagers of this era could go through and made a lot of fans feel less lonely knowing that they were not alone in certain feelings. Rivera's character, Santana, went through coming out of the closet. The beautiful, popular cheerleader came out as gay and that character became an inspiration to many.

Although many people believe her to be a lesbian in real life, the reality is that she is straight. When asked about her character coming out on the show and her approached to her characters new identity she answered with the following “It was really hard because it had to have a subtlety to it; she still had to dish out insults to all the guys but I didn't want there to be a layer of hurt under it anymore. It had to be, "That's who she is," and she had to keep her softness with Brittany had to continue throughout the rest of the season.”

13 Ruby Rose: Gay

Ruby Rose is one of the sexiest women in show business. Her raw and real look has stolen the hearts of people around the globe.

Rose became a household name after appearing on the popular Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. From the first episode she appeared in, the internet began to go crazy.

Rose, who plays a lesbian on the show is, in fact, a lesbian in real life. The 31-year-old superstar is a great inspiration for girls around the globe. She is open and real about her life and it is something that is incredibly refreshing. She has gone on record stating “Whether straight, gay, bi, trans... body image and identity can be a struggle for us all”, something we believe everyone can agree with.

12 Lindsay Lohan: Straight

Lindsay Lohan is one of the biggest disappointments of our generation. Lohan had it all and sadly let her career slowly die. Lohan who is best known for her roles in The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls has gone through a lot of phases in her life.

Lohan who has said “Never say never. The things that you don't plan are the best. I'm a very spontaneous person” has lived many lives. Although she had a brief relationship with a woman at one point, the reality is that Lohan is straight. Her experiment was a fail and we believe she realized that she was simply more into men than she was women.

Knowing Lohan, she may date another woman, the world will never know what goes on in her mind.

11 Sarah Paulson: Gay

Sarah Paulson is a phenomenal actress, who is also smart, beautiful and gay.

Paulson, who is married to fellow actress Holland Taylor, is known for her parts in American Horror Story, American Crime Story, What Women Want and 12 Year Slave.

Paulson has been open about her sexuality and is proud to be part of the LGBT community. When asked before she was married who her great love is she responded with the following “My great love is the stage because I do feel like it's the place where, if you're lucky and everything is firing in the right way, you have the greatest shot at being successful. I don't mean by getting great reviews, but I mean by finding the core of the person that you're playing.”

10 Shay Mitchell: Straight

Mitchell, who plays a swim star lesbian on the show received a lot of praise for her role. The shows market was mainly young girls, which is why it was good to have a character on the show that was open about her sexuality. In an interview, she spoke about playing Emily Fields and said “ I am often asked about what it was like to kiss a girl for the show. And I was like, 'Not much different than a guy'.”

Although she played a lesbian on a television show, that does not mean she is one in real life. In reality, Mitchell is just a straight actress, who is best known for playing a gay teenager.

9 Jane Lynch: Gay

Jane Lynch is an awesome actress who has always been blessed with memorable roles in projects such as Glee, Best in Show, 40-Year-Old Virgin and Angel From Hell. Lynch is an amazing woman who so happens to be a lesbian.

Jane Lynch has always been someone who speaks what is on their mind and the LGBT community is lucky to have her as an advocate.

Lynch was never a feminine girl she said in an interview "I wanted to - any chance I had to dress up as a boy, like Halloween, I would be a pirate or a ghost that wore a tie. A hobo." She is true to who she is and in the end that is what counts most.

8 Jada Pinkett Smith: Straight

Jada Pinkett Smith is an actress who is married to another famous actor: Will Smith. This power couple has been married since 1997 and they seem to be more in love than ever.

However, when you live in a world that is celebrity obsessed, it is normal that a few rumors are spread about you. For years, people have said that the Smith's are “swingers” or that both of them are gay and we have to say that we truly believe those are just rumors.

In an interview, Smith even addressed the countless rumors stating “I've heard all the things- their marriage is not real. He's gay, she's gay, they swing. But at the end of the day, people have to believe what they have to believe. I'll tell you what, it's too hard to pretend marriage. Life's too short for that one.”

7 Kate McKinnon: Gay

via: reddit.com

Kate McKinnon is without a doubt one of the funniest people in the world. For those of you who are fans of hers, you can catch her every Saturday on SNL where she always brings it to another level.

McKinnon is openly gay and has never tried to hide it. She said “I tried for a short time to be something I wasn't and had no success with it. It's a practical solution to just be yourself.” Which is something we totally agree with.

McKinnon has an impressive success story and as she said, she had to be herself in order to get there. We know that she has inspired many and we know she has made everyone who has watched anything she is in laugh.

6 Kendall Jenner: Straight

Kendall Jenner is one of the members of the Kardashian clan, however, for anyone who watches the show, it is evident that she is the black sheep of the girls.

Jenner is a very talented model who has been crushing runways and cover shoots all over the globe. Seeing how she is super famous, it is normal that stories that are not true surface in the media. Jenner, who has been rumored to be a lesbian denies all of these allegations.

We believe these rumors started because she never really had a boyfriend, until ASAP Rocky and she began dating.

Some people think it was a publicity stunt, while others believe they were actually dating, what the truth is we do not know. We do however know that Jenner has said the following “Sometimes I just want to be left alone and be a normal kid for, like, five minutes. That's tough when the paparazzi are chasing you” which is maybe why she is not in a rush to find a boyfriend.

5 Cynthia Nixon: Gay

Cynthia Nixon was one of the four ladies on the iconic HBO series Sex and the City. Nixon, who plays the independent and intelligent lawyer Miranda made a fortune playing a straight woman on television. However, what many people now know is that Nixon is a lesbian.

Nixon got married in 2012 to Christine Marinoni, whom she has described as a “short man with boobs”. Nixon has always been a private person and has said “My private life is private. But at the same time, I have nothing to hide. So what I will say is that I am very happy,” which is something that she has always lived by.

Although Sex and the City will not be coming out with a third movie, we know that her character and her real-life persona will always be someone that women can admire.

4 Idina Menzel: Straight

This is something that happens a lot. When an actor is known for playing a gay character, the world always assumes that they are gay. Come on people, it is called acting, which means playing someone that is not yourself.

Idina Menzel has been victim to this rumor. After playing a lesbian in the movie Rent, the world began to think Menzel was a lesbian. This is actually a compliment because it just means she did an incredible job playing a gay character.

Menzel is totally gaga over her husband Aaron Lohr and has even said “I knew it was real true love because I felt like I could be myself around that person. Your true, true innermost authentic self, the stuff you don't let anyone else see, if you can be that way with that person, I think that that's real love,” which is as gaga as you can get!

3 Jodie Foster: Gay

At the 2013 Golden Globes, Jodie Foster came out of the closet, which was an iconic moment in her career.

Foster who is an incredibly well-respected actress has quite an impressive resume which includes Taxi, The Silence of The Lambs, Panic Room, Flightplan, Inside Man and so much more. This explains why the entire world knows who she is.

Foster who has said “Normal is not something to aspire to, it's something to get away from” waited a long time to go public with her sexuality and we are so happy she finally did.

Jodie Foster is a great actress and has given us so many amazing films that have moved so many, however, as previously stated, her best performance was when she accepted that Golden Globe in 2013.

2 Roseanne Barr: Straight

Roseanne Barr is a writer, comedian, and actress who has had one of the longest-lasting careers in show business.

Barr has always been rumored to be gay, however, after many years of the rumor mill running, it is pretty evident that it is simply just a rumor. She has been with the same man since 2003 and we believe if she was a lesbian she would have no issue saying it.

Barr has always said what is on her mind and it has gotten her in trouble in the past, which is probably why she has said “I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of people... that's why I don't like any of them.”

So for any of you still thinking she is a lesbian trust us, she is not the kind of woman that would be afraid of what anyone thinks.

1 Ellen Degeneres: Gay

Ellen Degeneres is probably the most popular lesbian in the world. A true advocate for the LGBT community, Degeneres is a force to be reckoned with.

The talk show host is one of the kindest people on television and her good nature and big heart are contagious. Degeneres has been married to the stunning Portia de Rossi since 2008 and the couple seems to be happier than ever.

Degeneres is one of the most caring and compassionate people in the industry and has said “I learned compassion from being discriminated against. Everything bad that's ever happened to me has taught me compassion.”

Ellen Degeneres is making the world a better place and we love her for that. She is truly one of a kind.

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