8 Stories Of Fans Who Regret Meeting Their Celeb Hero (And 7 Who Were Great)

There is an old saying that states, “never meet your heroes.” It’s a warning to all those that dream of the day they can meet their favorite musician, model, actor, or director. Oftentimes, those meetings never go as those fans built up in their minds. Some fans hope that they can become friends with the celeb, sell them a script, or at the very least, get a selfie. Historically, fans meeting celebs always ends badly or awkwardly. Sometimes, fans can’t handle the excitement, and they freak out. To be fair to celebs, it’s not easy to be attacked by fans in public. Additionally, fans can be very demanding and expect VIP treatment with pictures and autographs. Some fans can be out of control and cross boundaries. At the same time, some celebs are just downright rude to their fans. Most fans that have already met their heroes warn others not to.

In several cases, these celeb-fan encounters went horribly wrong. Sometimes, fans are too pushy while some celebs are just on the verge of freaking out. These encounters tarnished the celeb in the eyes of the fan. Some fans have been left feeling incredibly disappointed after meeting their hero. However, not all fan encounters end up with everyone feeling uncomfortable. In many instances, celebs and fans have had wonderful interactions. While some celebs may take their fans for granted, there are others that have gone above and beyond for them. Here is a look at 8 Stories Of Fans Who Regret Meeting Their Celeb Hero And 7 Who Were Great.

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15 Catherine Zeta-Jones (Regret)


It’s always risky when approaching one’s idol. It’s possible that they’re having a bad day or are stressed out. It’s hard to predict how they’ll react or what type of mood they’re in. One fan decided to tell Catherine Zeta-Jones about her dream to be an actress someday. However, it didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. When the fan was 8 years old, she attended a screening for the film The Mask of Zorro with her showbiz parents. She approached Catherine at a party and told her that she wanted to be an actress. Catherine looked her up and down and said, “You’re pretty enough, I suppose.” She then returned to her conversation ignoring the girl. The fan admits that, looking back, she takes it as a compliment coming from such a beautiful actress. However, at the time, she was devastated by the reaction, and it completely changed her positive outlook on life.

14 Zac Efron (Great)

Technically, this started out pretty bad for the fan, but it couldn’t have ended any better. Zac Efron first gained attention with his role in Disney’s High School Musical. A Zac Efron fan, Ahmed, saw Efron in public and chased him down to take a selfie. However, in the process, he ended up smashing his iPhone. Efron felt bad but was also impressed with the effort his fan made in trying to snap a selfie. To make it up to Ahmed, he bought him a brand new $949 iPhone, plus they took two selfies together. He also gave his fans some advice and told them to be careful with his phone. However, Efron wasn’t done making it up to his fan. He took Ahmed on to the set of the 2017 film Baywatch, which also starred Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario. Ahmed is one of the lucky ones to have such a positive encounter with a celeb.

13 Rachael Ray (Regret)

Celebrity cook Rachael Ray is best known as the host of the talk show Rachael Ray, which first premiered September 18, 2006. She also hosts $40 a Day, Rachael Rays Tasty Travels, and 30 Minute Meals. Despite her sweet and warm personality on air, she’s been accused of being a diva when the cameras aren’t rolling. Fans that have attended her tapings have often complained about how they’re treated. Several fans have noted that Ray is rude and unwelcoming to the studio audience. Reportedly, she’s been caught treating her crew members poorly as well. She also had several awkward encounters with fans outside of the studio. Wait staff have accused her of being a “bad customer.” Additionally, once during a tour of a hotel, she seemed to have a problem with the concierge. She reportedly said to the concierge, “I need stupid people not to talk to me.”

12 Jennifer Lopez (Regret)

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A maid in Germany, Pray Dodaj, claims that Jennifer Lopez had her fired after asking for an autograph. JLo has released numerous chart-topping singles and starred in several memorable films. In fact, she portrayed a maid in the film Maid in Manhattan. In 2012, JLo stayed at the same hotel Dodaj was working at. During her shift, she approached Lopez for an autograph. She said, “I cleaned on her floor. And I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph.” She was turned down by Lopez’s assistants and never even met JLo. The next day, the maid was fired and put the blame on Lopez. However, JLo denies she had any involvement in the firing. The hotel said it was their decision because Dodaj had disturbed a guest. Lopez said, “Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful.”

11 Britney Spears (Great)


It’s always amazing to have a positive interaction with a celebrity hero. The only thing that would be better is to learn from that hero. A dance class for girls of all ages had that very experience when their special guest teacher ended up being Britney Spears. “Princess of Pop” Britney Spears has released several critically-acclaimed albums and often sets the stage on fire with her dance moves. She also created a great deal of controversy with her erratic and out-of-control behavior. However, she is still very loyal to her fanbase (who idolize her). To show her appreciation, Britney randomly shows up to dance classes to lend a hand. She posted a series of videos to Instagram showing her in action. There truly is nobody better than Spears to learn how to dance from. Those girls will definitely be showing off their moves and will never forget where they learned them.

10 Justin Bieber (Regret)


Justin Bieber tours the world selling out stadiums that are jam-packed with his loyal fans, which are known as Beliebers. He has one of the most passionate and dedicated fanbases of any artist. He repays them by spitting on them and yelling at them during concerts. He’s also had several uncomfortable fan encounters. In one case, he refused to give a fan a hug and in another, told fans on the street that they “suck.” He’s even been rude to fans that could clearly kick his butt. In 2015, former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey tried to get her 17-year-old sister an autograph. Before she could even get in two words, he said to her, “I’ve already taken a billions pictures today. A billion.” He then rudely walked off crushing his fan's heart. He’s lucky Rousey didn’t tap him out with an armbar and that all he lost that day were two fans.

9 Taylor Swift (Great)


Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling female artists of all time. She is also known for being incredibly nice to her fans. In fact, Taylor has had a plethora of positive interactions with her fans. She once tracked down a fan that had waited 20 hours for her performance at the Britt Awards and took a selfie with her. She also took a selfie with a fan in Central Park and then gave the fan $90 to spend at Chipotle. In 2014, she sent her hardcore fans Christmas care packages. She went to each fans' social media accounts to find out what they wanted and sent them a personalized letter. However, nothing tops her one fan encounter that beats all other encounters. Taylor gave one of her super fans the ultimate gift when she crashed her bridal shower. Taylor and the bride ended up becoming good friends and remain friends to this day.

8 Ariana Grande (Regret)

Ariana Grande has millions of adoring fans all over the world. She has been accused of being a frosty diva and has had some uncomfortable encounters with fans. Two young girls, Jen and Kelly, learned at a very young age that it’s never a good idea to meet your heroes. Jen won an MTV contest for creating art inspired by Grande and got the chance to meet her. However, the experience was so bad that her father, Dan O’Connor, wrote a blog explaining their side of the story. According to Dan, when his daughters met Grande, she didn’t bother to ask the girls’ names or who the contest winner was. Jen took one selfie with Grande and Kelly took a pic of her sister giving Grande the artwork. Dan noted that all Grande said was “Delete those pictures, please.” When they asked to keep one, Grande ordered her security guards to ensure that the pics were deleted and she walked off.

7 Mila Kunis (Great)


Lately, the trend of fans asking out celebs on dates has increased. This is likely because several celebs have actually taken up the offer. Mila Kunis is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities alive. She’s also one of the nicer celebs based on her meeting fans. Mila Kunis is best known for her role as Jackie Burkhart in the hit sitcom That 70’s Show. She also appeared in the memorable films Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Black Swan. There is good chance that Mila gets several dating and marriage proposals a day. Back in 2011, a fan of Mila’s, Sgt. Scott Moore, asked her to accompany him to the Marina Corps Ball. At the time, he was stationed in Afghanistan and asked her out via YouTube. Mila agreed to the date and showed up looking hotter than ever. Sgt. Scott Moore will certainly never forget that celebrity encounter.

6 Harrison Ford (Regret)


Fans often build up celebs in their minds and they become larger-than-life personalities. In reality, most of them are just like regular people that get irritated and annoyed. It’s probably wise to not bother a celeb while they’re driving even if it’s just a simple glance. Harrison Ford is a world-famous actor that has appeared in several beloved films, including the Indiana Jones franchise, Blade Runner, and the Star Wars franchise. He’s one of those actors that everyone knows and wants to be best friends with. One fan had a very interesting encounter with the Hollywood star. In Pennsylvania, a fan was sitting at a red light and noticed a sports car in the next lane. To the driver’s surprise, it was Harrison Ford. But before he could react, Ford reportedly gave him the middle finger. It’s still pretty cool to get flipped off by Han Solo.

5 Beyoncé And Kelly Rowland (Great)


Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland first gained fame as members of the popular girl group Destiny’s Child. They released several popular singles, such as “Say My Name,” “Independent Women,” and “Bootylicious.” Both went on to have great careers but Beyoncé has become a worldwide phenomenon. Some fans can be intrusive and inappropriate when trying to meet a celeb. Not all are like that and many fans had some of the best celebrity encounters without even trying. Three girls were enjoying themselves in a private room at Sing Sing Karaoke in Miami one night. They were in the middle of their rendition of Beyoncé’s “Party” when the Queen B herself walked in. There is a very good chance that at least one of the girls passed out. Apparently, Beyoncé, Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Jay Z were in the other room and overheard the girls singing. Beyoncé and Rowland ended up joining the girls in singing their hearts out for a couple of songs.

4 Adam Levine (Regret)


Adam Levine is best known as the front man for the Grammy award-winning band Maroon 5. He also serves as a judge on the reality competition series The Voice. He is also known to be quite the ladies man and has dated a long list of beautiful celebrities, including Nina Agdal, Anne Vyalitsyna, and Maria Sharapova. Levine has been accused of being shallow and vain in the past. Apparently, he applies his high standards even to his fans. A Reddit user told a story where he claimed Levine was pretty mean to his girlfriend. His girlfriend asked Levine for an autograph and Levine supposedly responded with “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks.” That seems like a pretty harsh and mean rule. This story has never been confirmed but Levine has been accused of similar behavior in the past.

3 Bryan Cranston (Great)


Bryan Cranston is best known for his critically-acclaimed performance as Walter White in the beloved TV series Breaking Bad. The series had a very dedicated and loyal fanbase. So, when a fan saw Cranston out in public, he just couldn’t hide his excitement. The fan was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas when he saw Cranston and, without thinking, yelled out, “OMG it's Heisenberg!” Cranston’s facial expression turned angry immediately. He marched up to the fan and said, “How dare you call me out like that…next time you call me out like that be ready for a barrel.” The fan was obviously horrified until Cranston started to laugh. Cranston was just joking and having a little fun with the fan. They talked for a few minutes and Cranston gave the fan an autograph. It’s truly an honor to get pranked by Bryan Cranston. It’s safe to assume that that fan will never forget meeting Heisenberg.

2 Kevin Spacey (Regret)


Recently, Kevin Spacey has found himself at the center of controversy. Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of making unwanted advances towards him when he was 14. Several more male actors have come forward with the same allegations. Turns out that Spacey was acting inappropriately with fans too. In the late 90’s, a fan was relaxing alone in a sauna at a spa in Santa Monica when Kevin Spacey entered. At first, the fan thought it was the coolest thing in the world to be in the same sauna as his favorite actor. However, within seconds, Spacey began touching himself inappropriately and “accidentally” brushed his leg against the fans. Finally, Spacey just left his leg pressed up against the fan’s leg. According to the fan, Spacey then closed his eyes and began touching himself again. The fan immediately left the sauna at that point.

1 Chris Hemsworth (Great)


One fan had such a positive encounter with Chris Hemsworth that it resulted in him having his college tuition paid for. Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2016, Hemsworth realized he had forgotten his wallet at the airport. He was with his wife and daughter at the time and figured the wallet was lost forever. However, a 17-year-old teenager, Tristin Budzyn-Barker, found the wallet in a restaurant and said to his mother, “We found Thor’s wallet.” Tristin contacted Hemsworth’s manager and returned the wallet with all the money still inside. To show his gratitude, Hemsworth brought Tristin onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he gave him the wallet with all the cash, plus a little extra. Additionally, Ellen presented him with a $10,000 cheque to pay for college. This is one of those cases of good things happening to good people.

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