8 Steamy Photos Of Cougar Jane Seymour And 8 When She Was Young

Jane Seymour is one of those classic acts. You might not know her from too much. But what you will know her from will definitely be something gorgeous. If you love classic films, then you might know her from East of Eden. If you like James Bond films, then you might know her as the Bond babe Solitaire in Live and Let Die. And if you don't know her from either of these, then you may just have seen her in The Wedding Crashers.

Either way, there is one thing for sure. I'm willing to bet none of you knows that her real name is Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg. It reads a little differently than Jane Seymour. And why the name change? Well, for some reason, she thought it would be more marketable to take Henry VIII's third wife's name. And she's not wrong. It sounds much better.

And now, decades and decades since the start of her career (over 50 years now), we get to celebrate just how hot she was and is. So let's stop talking, and let's start looking.

17 For The Younger Generation

"It's interesting because a lot of my 16-year-old kids' friends know me from 'Wedding Crashers,' and not so much Bond. My kids have a good laugh. I was 20 then. The look I had then was the look that a lot of their friends are assuming now. They think it's cool. What goes around comes around."It is pretty great that Seymour has managed to stay relevant to both young and old crowds. It's pretty amusing that they think of her from something like Wedding Crashers instead of a Bond film. But some people only know her because of her work as a Bond girl. "When I auditioned for 'Wedding Crashers,' the producers had never seen any of my other work except for Bond. I got 'Wedding Crashers' partly because I was a Bond girl."

16 Space Cadet!

Obviously, she's not really a space cadet of any sort. She's an actor after all. But she did feature in the very first Battlestar Galactica film in the late 70's. And she was also in the first few episodes of the show when it came out. "Every once in a while I go off to do a movie or a television series and I take my art with me. I can stay in character when I paint." What's interesting about this statement is that she just sort of passes off her work. It's crazy when shooting a film or a show that is so popular actually means little to her. And it's kind of nice to know that painting seems to mean more to her than the fact that she's a tv/film star. I think it gives her less of an ego trip. And that leads her to be more comfortable with who she looks and who she is.

15 She's Always Looking Pretty

It really doesn't matter what age she's at now. Jane Seymour is one of the prettiest women in Hollywood. And she's been that way for over 50 years now. That's a pretty big achievement, I think. "Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security and strong character." I guess it's pretty clear how she managed to stay so beautiful then. She must have a lot of inner security and a strong character. It might also help that she's got a nice ritual when she finishes a day of work. "At the end of the day, I let myself have a glass of wine." I would love to sit with Jane Seymour and have a bottle of wine. Oh, I guess she did say "glass". But that doesn't mean that once in a while she couldn't have a bit more.

14 Sugar And Spice

It's amazing how easily and effectively Jane Seymour can change her look. Throughout the years she's been the most innocent, and the most vile of characters. And she pulls it off every time. And she does it all while looking great! And it's all natural! "People always think that because of 'Dr. Quinn' that I just play nice family stuff. But the truth of the matter is that 'East of Eden' was a very successful thing for me in the past. I've played a lot of very evil people in my time." And when it comes to her Bond girl, it was the complete opposite. "My Bond character was meant to look like a virgin. I don't think they do that very often." It's pretty awesome that Seymour truly has the full package. She can dance, sing, and act. And she does all of these things beautifully.

13 Not Afraid To Show Some Skin

It doesn't seem to matter what age she hits, Seymour is really comfortable with her body, and her role in life. She may not have been given all the things she wished she had...but the body she has is nothing to complain about. And I'm glad she hasn't gone the way of cosmetic work. I think she has a bit of disgust toward that stuff. "A lot of actresses I've worked with recently have done so much Botox their faces don't look real anymore. If you freeze everything on your face, you can't emote." And it's true! Try and watch Courteney Cox or Pamela Anderson, or Carmen Electra emote. It's hilarious and depressing at the same time. Why would anyone choose to do that to themselves? Especially when they call themselves actors. Don't they need their faces to emote?

12 Sweet And Seductive

"Music has brought me some of the highest moments of my life. I don't even hear the music. I don't even hear the notes. I'm not aware that someone has turned on a tape machine - I'm in another world." It's pretty incredible that someone is touched by music. It is a universal language after all. And Seymour expands her musical knowledge through her children. She doesn't stay confined to what she's comfortable with. "I don't let the children watch TV on weeknights. They practice playing musical instruments instead. Both my sons play piano, drums and guitar, so my husband and I listen to them in the evening." Sure, some of you probably think it's bullsh*t to not be able to watch tv on weeknights. But it does sound pretty awesome to sit and play music for Jane Seymour.

11 Aging Beauty

"I'm proud of my wrinkles. They give my face character. As an actress, you mess with that at your peril." That's a pretty amazing attitude to have as a Hollywood worker. And her wrinkles aren't the only aspect of her face that helps with her character. Having two different coloured eyes makes her way more interesting to look at. "I think the good thing about my face is it has always been expressive. With Botox that goes - not what you want as an actress. When I was younger, I remember thinking, 'I have to pass this mark' or 'I have to get this role' or 'I have to do this or that' and then that will mean I have accomplished something. But life is actually all about the process and not about the goals." She's perhaps the most positive person in Hollywood.

10 No Work Done

"I find it interesting that 16-year-olds are having plastic surgery. People in their 40s used to think, 'I'm ageing, I have to do something about it.' Now children are deciding they don't like the way they look." That's pretty crazy to think about. And it's true. But with someone as confident and naturally beautiful as Seymour, I guess going under the knife doesn't cross her mind. How could it when she ages so damn well? And it's not like she doesn't recognize her flaws. "I had ordered long legs, but they never arrived. My eyes are weird too, one is grey and the other is green. I have a crooked smile and my nose looks like a ski slope. No, I would not win a Miss contest." It's true that she wouldn't. But that wouldn't change the fact that most people would still find her hotter.

9 She's A Little Crooked

Yeah, Jane Seymour isn't exactly the most straight person in the world. She's a little crooked. I don't mean in terms of relationship preference (though she did once say of that: "I've had two terrific relationships, but both ended in marriage"). And I don't mean that she's a crook. I mean that she is physically a little off. Her eyes are two different colours. Her smile is anything but straight. She's sort of an off-kilter person physically. But she's also kind of strange in general. She's so positive. It's weird. "When I was younger, I remember thinking, 'I have to pass this mark' or 'I have to get this role' or 'I have to do this or that' and then that will mean I have accomplished something. But life is actually all about the process and not about the goals."

8 Who Could Say No?

She's just so pretty and so positive. At any age, I think it would be hard to say no to her. "Being creative is my idea of heaven. I'm just incredibly fortunate that I can do it in artwork. Watercolor is what I started out with. What I love about watercolour is that a lot of happy accidents occur." It's like she knows everything in life will f*ck up at some point. And she just runs with it. "You have to count on living every single day in a way you believe will make you feel good about your life - so that if it were over tomorrow, you'd be content with yourself. My father always told me, you can only be your own best. In other words, if you feel you've done your best, you've done well enough." I have no idea how someone remains so positive and pretty through the years.

7 She's Pretty...Pretty Spiritual That Is

"I believe that there is some spiritual entity that's greater than us. I do not belong to any specific organized religion. I have always believed that, and I believe it even more so now. I believe that someone was listening to me, and someone is giving me an incredibly blessed life." Too bad she skips a thought for the people who are starving or suffering elsewhere in the world. But it's good that some spirit gave her a good life. I guess you can't fault her positivity with the life she's had though. "If somebody believes that a certain practice will get them to heaven, and then other people believe a different way of doing it, I think it's their choice." I guess that means people can believe suffering is good...and then can make it happen to go to Heaven. At least she sort of hints at it.

6 Age Doesn't Affect Her

"Now that I've experienced ageism, I don't regard it as a bad thing. It's been a transition to something more exciting and maybe edgier." I'd really love to know how she experienced ageism. I can't imagine anyone really poking fun at Seymour. But I guess being surprised about her age could be part of it. She doesn't look 66 in pretty well every photo I've seen. And she doesn't act like a regular 66-year-old either. Which is kind of fun. Especially when she rips on people about certain things. "People say women shouldn't have long hair over a certain age, but I've never done what everyone says." Now, I didn't even realize that that was an issue. I didn't know people thought women shouldn't have long hair after a certain age. And I'm glad that Seymour decided not to listen to them.

5 Sweet And Stunning

Some of Seymour's older photos are just stunning. She can look so sweet and innocent, and yet she is also extremely hot because of it. "I don't waste any time at all. I have no time at all for people who are being very negative or people who are very whiny or people who feel sorry for themselves. I tend to go to them and just say, you don't understand how incredible life is and how precious it is." Maybe that's how she's managed to stay so incredibly sweet and hot (a great chicken win combination). She doesn't waste her time, and she doesn't live negatively. Sometimes it's hard not to, but she has had a pretty lucky life. It makes sense that she pretty positive most of the time. And I guess it doesn't hurt that he was born with great genes.

4 "It's Because I Paint..."

"People ask me how I keep my figure, and I tell them it's because I paint. When you're covered in paint, it's quite hard to put food in your mouth!" Well, I guess that's one way to get on a diet. It's amazing how motivated Seymour is as a person. Though she does have her slips every once in a while. "When I'm in the U.K. I can't resist Maltesers and Twiglets - the evil combination. Luckily, I live in the U.S. so can't get them easily, which is probably a good thing." I'm sure if she really wanted them that she could get them though. She's Jane Seymour. And besides... Amazon exists. But either way, she sticks to the painter's diet, and it seems to really do well for her! At least I don't think I know of anyone who would complain.

3 An Amazing Model

It's interesting. Seymour was not originally a model, or an actor, or a painter. She was a dancer. And a dancer who could sing. "I just did a film in which I had to be a dancer and I was able to do all kinds of extraordinary things. A lot of people turn 50 and talk about what they're not going to do anymore. I embarked on something that I'd wanted to do when I was 5." And it's not like she waited until 50 to really get into dance. "I danced with the London Festival at Covent Garden. I'm a ballerina by trade; I'm a ballerina who sings by the way." She came up with her stage name when dancing. "I chose the name Jane Seymour because I was doing my first film, 'Ode to Lovely War,' and one of the top agents in England spotted me dancing in the chorus. I was a singer and dancer in that movie and he told me he couldn't sell me as Joyce Penelope Willomena Frankenburger."

2 Life Coach

"When I was growing up, my mother, who had been through a lot of terrible things in life, taught me that when life is tough your instinct is to close your heart. But if you can accept what happened and reach out to someone, there will always be someone less fortunate, or someone that can bring a solution and help your life." Seymour just rolls with the punches. She goes with the flow. And she even thinks you and I are a part of her life! "What I know now is that we're all interconnected and that's a really beautiful thing. We have links to everyone else in our lives and in the world. Different people have different journeys for different reasons. You can't judge, but you can celebrate that there are connections everywhere." So, she may not know you, but she knows you're important.

1 A Long Career

"It's interesting that whenever I meet some of the other Bond girls, I always have something in common, and it is an interesting sorority. We all share about our Bonds. 'Did your Bond do that?' 'Yes mine did!' So it is quite funny conversations. We may as well be in high school." She still acts like a young woman, even though she's on her way to 70. And she still looks fantastic for her age. And she doesn't just look really good. She also does a lot of good for a lot of people. "I spend as much time as I possibly can doing things for other people, if I can. If I see a need and I feel that I can help, I do it. I work a great deal in terms of charities and things." Jane Seymour is the complete package of positivity, beauty, smarts, spirituality...and hey...she's one hell of a GILF.

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