8 Steamiest Game Of Thrones Intimate Scenes (And 8 Most Uncomfortable)

Warning: The following contains several spoilers for one of the greatest TV shows. For those who haven’t seen the series, we have just one question: Why?

The critically acclaimed series Game of Thrones is currently the most beloved show on the air. Just about every person in the world watches Game of Thrones. It’s one of the most popular series and is already considered one of the best shows of all time. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss developed the series for HBO, which is an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. The series features a large and impressive ensemble cast. Game of Thrones stars Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage. GoT has become a cultural phenomenon and a highly influential series. It has been universally praised for its cinematography, complex plot, and incredible cast. However, Game of Thrones has received some backlash for its intense violence and explicit nudity.

Like many HBO series, Game of Thrones features a lot of "bare" people. The series has been criticized for the nudity and some of the very intense intimate scenes. In some cases, it features several steamy “lovemaking” scenes that put the Adult film industry to shame. The scenes are known for getting audiences in the mood after seeing these sensual and sweaty moments. However, some scenes have also created a great deal of controversy. GoT has featured numerous uncomfortable scenes involving nudity and even sometimes violence. Here is a look at 8 Steamiest Game of Thrones Intimate Scenes and 8 Most Uncomfortable.


16 Leeches (Uncomfortable)

This scene starts off hot and steamy but soon takes a painful turn. The Red Priestess Melisandre is known for her magical powers and love of fire. She’s involved in many uncomfortable moments in the series. The bastard son of King Robert Baratheon, Gendry, assumed that he was about to score in a big way but quickly found out that this wasn’t actually the case. Melisandre put Gendry in a lavish room and quickly started seducing him. Gendry did very little to push her off and to be fair, there isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t love to be dominated by an older woman with superpowers. However, soon, Melisandre revealed her true plan when she tied Gendry to the bed. She proceeded to cover him in leeches in order to use his blood in a ritual. It’s literally one of the most uncomfortable moments in the series.

15 Doreah Teaches Daenerys The Art of Seduction (Steamy)

One of the steamiest Game of Thrones scenes features no nudity or hanky panky at all. After her first intense encounter with husband Khal Drogo, Daenerys sought out some advice. Doreah was Daenerys' handmaiden and advisor in the art of seduction. When Doreah was 9, her mother sold her to a “pleasure house.” She eventually became a bed slave and was later given to Daenerys as a wedding gift. During her time as a bed slave, she learned a thing or two and was eager to teach Daenerys. In season 1, Doreah and Daenerys have an intimate conversation about seducing Drogo. She explains how to take control by using her eyes. She tells a story of a woman that could “finish” a man just by looking at him. She teaches Daenerys to use her beauty and body to dominate Drogo and earn his respect. She also shows her how to do all of this with her body. The scene is hotter than dragon’s fire.

14 Theon Unknowingly Flirts With His Sister (Uncomfortable)

When it comes to flirting, it’s always wise to confirm that you’re not related before proceeding. It can get really awkward very quickly, and Theon Greyjoy knows that firsthand. When Theon returned home to Pyke after 9 years, he expected to have a huge welcome-home party. Instead, he returned with no fanfare or welcome from his family. When trying to find a ride home, he meets a beautiful stranger. She offers him a ride to Pyke. He brags about being important and being the heir to his father. He instantly starts flirting with her and even promises her a night in the castle. While riding on horseback, he takes the opportunity to feel up the beautiful stranger. Initially, the scene seems like a typical Game of Thrones moment. That changes when it’s revealed that the beautiful stranger is in fact his sister, Yara. Theon is instantly grossed out upon learning the news, as were thousands of viewers.

13 Robb Stark And Talisa Spontaneous Action (Steamy)

There truly is nothing hotter than getting some spontaneous action on the floor. This is best shown when Robb Stark and Talisa can no longer resist each other. King of the North Robb Stark and healer Talisa, instantly had feelings for each other. However, Robb was forced to agree to marry the daughter of Walder Frey in order to gain his support and troops. Robb had few options and had to pick between his heart and duty. However, the intense feelings and desires soon take over them. In the season 2 episode “The Prince of Winterfell,” Robb and Talisa have a heart-to-heart talk that results in them getting freaky. The hot and steamy scene starts off very innocently with Talisa telling Robb a story of why she chose to become a healer. However, the scene ends with them tearing each other’s clothes off and dropping to the floor for some fun. Unfortunately, this resulted in the tragic events of the Red Wedding.

12 Theon’s “Threesome” (Uncomfortable)

Theon Greyjoy was once known for being a flirt and for his enjoyment of women. Theon got to fulfill one of his many fantasies but it likely didn’t end the way he had hoped. As a child, the Starks took the Iron-born Theon hostage but treated him good. After a short visit to his home on the Iron Island, Theon betrays the Starks and takes Winterfell. However, he is soon defeated and taken hostage by the ruthless Ramsay Bolton. Ramsay constantly tortures Theon and even poses as someone trying to help. The season 3 episode “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, features the ultimate torture scene. Two beautiful women free Theon from his restraints. He’s unsure if he’s being tricked but he just can’t pass up the chance for a hot and steamy threesome. The dream is shattered when Ramsay shows up to reveal that it was just another form of torture. He goes a step further and goes after his manhood by castrating Theon in a brutal moment.

11 Sansa Stark And Ramsay Bolton’s Wedding Night (Uncomfortable)

Sansa Stark’s controversial encounter with Ramsay Bolton is the most disturbing and uncomfortable moment in the series. At one point, it seemed like Sansa Stark just couldn’t catch a break. She was horribly mistreated by Joffrey and was later on the run. Cersei Lannister enjoyed seeing the Starks fall apart. Sansa often found herself alone and in some type of trouble. However, nothing has been worse than being forced to marry Ramsay Bolton. Sansa married Ramsay in the fifth season episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.” The wedding night scene received a significant backlash from fans. In the episode, he viciously tears off a fearful Sansa’s clothes. Ramsay had captured Theon Greyjoy and renamed him Reek. Theon had grown up with Sansa, so Ramsay forced him to stay to see her become a woman. Ramsay aggressively forces himself on Sansa and r*pes her. She doesn’t move but softly weeps, as does Theon. The controversial moment brought attention to the high levels of nudity and violence in the series.

10 Shadow Baby (Uncomfortable)

Stannis Baratheon was obsessed with becoming the one and only true King of the Seven Kingdoms. He even converted to the Lord of the Light at the urging of Melisandre. Stannis did whatever The Red Lady asked of him so he could finally be King. He was the younger brother of King Robert Baratheon and felt that he was the true heir. During season 2, Melisandre seduces Stannis, and they engage in some steamy action. At first, he tries to resist because he’s married. But he soon gives in. The intimate scene itself is actually pretty hot. It’s the result that’s a bit strange. Prior to jumping his bones, Melisandre promises Stannis a male heir. Later, in the same episode, she actually gives birth but to a creepy shadow baby. Davos is there to witness the bizarre event and his horrified reaction was the same as viewers at home. The shadow baby then assassinates Stannis’ younger brother, Renly, to ensure he can become king.


9 Tyrion & Shae (Steamy)

When it comes to Tyrion Lannister and Shae, there isn’t just one hot scene of them “making love.” There are a plethora of scenes of them knocking boots. Tyrion and Shae couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and had the same kind of dirty mind. Shae was a prostitute that Tyrion saw exclusively and secretly while Hand of the King. However, he soon realized that he was deeply in love with her. Early in the series, it seemed that Tyrion’s job was to get drunk and visit brothels. When Tyrion and Shae got together, it was always intense. In one particular scene, Shae secretly visits Tyrion, and they have a brief argument. All the danger and arguing resulted in a pretty hot scene. They didn’t get it on but there are other ways to have fun in Westeros. Tyrion and Shae were certainly one of the hottest couples in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Sadly, they didn’t have a happy ending.

8 Lysa Arryn Feeds Her Son (Uncomfortable)

Even after 7 seasons, an episode from season 1 still features one of the most disturbing moments. It wasn’t an intense intimate scene but still had people looking away. In season 1, Catelyn Stark captures Tyrion and takes him to The Vale. Her sister, Lysa Arryn, is Lady Regent of the Vale but has become mentally unstable especially following her husband’s death. She fled King’s Landing with her only son, Robin. When Tyrion is brought in front of her, she flies into a blind rage that her sister would bring a Lannister to her. The season 1 episode “The Wolf and the Lion” was Lysa and Robin’s debut, and they made an immediate impact. While addressing her sister, Tyrion, and the others, she begins to breastfeed her son. It’s not an uncomfortable scene because of the breastfeeding. What makes the scene so awkward is that Robin is 8 years old. Even Tyrion and Catelyn clearly felt uncomfortable and looked away.

7 Daenerys Is Hotter Than Fire (Steamy)

It’s no coincidence that many of the steamiest scenes just happen to feature Queen Daenerys. She’s clearly the hottest and bravest in all of Westeros and Essos. There are two particularly red hot scenes that feature a solo Daenerys. In the first season, she enters Drogo’s funeral pyre and is presumed dead. She emerges the next morning completely bare with her three newly born dragons. She repeats a similar scene later when she manages to kill her enemies by burning down their temple and emerging naked and unharmed. This convinces the Dothraki to both follow and fear her. Some very hot scenes are actually very sweet as well. It’s always hot when Daenerys becomes demanding so it was super hot to see her order Daario to strip naked. Later, they’re shown cuddling in bed and despite there being no “action,” it’s still a very intimate and sensual scene.

6 King Joffrey And His Ladies (Uncomfortable)

Joffrey Baratheon is known for being one of the most arrogant, ruthless, and brutal kings in the entire history of Westeros and Essos. In other words, he’s a huge jerk that nobody likes. He mistreats everyone in his life that doesn’t feed his massive ego. He treated Sansa Stark the worst and often mocked his Uncle Tyrion for being a dwarf. He was infuriated when his Hand of the King, Tyrion, defended Sansa Stark. Tyrion figured that Joffrey just needed to get some action to be in a better mood. So, Tyrion sends his nephew two prostitutes, Roz and Daisy, to relieve his frustration as a belated birthday present. However, things soon get out of control and very disturbing. Instead of making sweet love to both women, he forces one of the girls to viciously beat the other while he aims his crossbow at them. The intense moment is one of the most violent moments in the series.

5 Jon Snow & Ygritte In A Cave (Steamy)

Ygritte often said, “You know nothing Jon Snow.” While serving at The Wall, Jon Snow often encountered the out-of-control Wildings. One of those Wildings was actually able to capture his heart. Jon initially captured Ygritte at the north of the wall but she later turned it around on him. They had a love-hate relationship going on. They were attracted to each other but knew they were supposed to hate each other. However, as a member of The Night’s Watch, Jon made a vow to abstain. So, not only is it a hot scene in a cave but it’s also Jon’s deflowering. In the season 5 episode “Kissed by Fire,” Jon can no longer keep it in his pants and breaks his vow. Things get pretty hot and intense in the cave with Ygritte teaching Jon a few things. He sure knows some stuff now.

4 Jamie & Cersei (Uncomfortable)

Brother and sister Jamie and Cersei Lannister had an incestuous relationship that they tried to keep secret. The revelation of their relationship was one of the many shocking aspects of the series’ premiere. At the end of the pilot episode “Winter is Coming,” Bran Stark scales one of the towers only to catch Jamie and Cersei knocking boots. Jamie punctuates the awkward moment by shoving Bran out the window and proclaims, “The things I do for love.” However, the season 4 episode “Breaker of Chains” features one of the most uncomfortable scenes in the series. Following the shocking death of King Joffrey, Jamie goes to visits Cersei as she mourns their son. The scene soon turns very intense when she asks Jamie to kill their other brother, Tyrion. When Jamie refuses, things turn physical but Cersei pushes Jamie off. Cersei isn’t interested this time but Jamie aggressively forces himself on Cersei right in front of Joffrey’s dead body.

3 Grey Worm & Missandei (Steamy)

For several seasons, there has been an incredible amount of tension between interpreter and former slave Missandei and commander of the Unsullied Grey Worm. There is only one tiny problem that comes between them; Grey Worm was castrated during his training to become the Unsullied. Both are loyal and trusted advisors to the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen. It was obvious from their first meeting that Missandei and Grey Worm were attracted to each other. This was best exemplified when Grey Worm couldn’t help but watch Missandei bathe. After seasons of buildup, the highly anticipated scene finally came, and it didn’t disappoint. In the season 7 episode “Stormborn,” Missandei finds out that Grey Worm is going off to battle at Casterly Rock. They may never see each other again. After some brief hesitation from Grey Worm, they finally give into their feelings, and it got hot and heavy. Additionally, they found a very simple solution to their tiny problem.

2 Oberyn’s Wild Party (Steamy)

Oberyn Martell was a deadly viper in combat and a wild animal in the bedroom. He was known for his expertise in poisons and large appetite for “lovemaking.” He loved to sleep with both men and women. He could seduce any woman and charm the pants off of any man. Prince Oberyn of Dorne arrived at King’s Landing in season 4. His gorgeous paramour, Ellaria Sand, accompanied him. The first place they went to was one of Littlefinger’s infamous brothels. In fact, Tyrion quickly learns where to find Oberyn if he’s ever missing. Season 4 featured Oberyn’s wild and very intimate party. At the brothel, the lovers both get to pick their very own prostitutes with Ellaria picking Marei and Oberyn choosing Olyvar. They then get it on in a small but intense party. The good times are eventually broken up but it’s safe to assume that these parties happened on a pretty regular basis.

1 Daenerys Dominates Khal Drogo (Steamy)

Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo were involved in both an uncomfortable and an intensely hot scene. In the first season, Daenerys was under the thumb of her abusive older brother, Viserys. She was forced to marry Drogo so her brother could get the support of his troops. The season 1 episode “The Kingsroad” contains two very controversial scenes. On the wedding night, Drogo essentially r*pes Daenerys who greatly feared him. It’s a very uncomfortable and intense moment. However, after getting some advice, Daenerys decides to approach the situation differently. The second scene between them is one of the steamiest scenes in the series. Initially, Drogo expects to do it the same way but Daenerys has other plans. She instead takes control of Drogo and shows him how it feels to be dominated. This is the beginning of her journey to becoming the Queen she is now.

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