15Will Do Anything: Blake Lively - Home Wrecker Marries Into The A-List

Blake Lively has one reference point: Herself and what is good for her and her career. The former Gossip Girl star was strictly a small screen kind of actress when she was cast opposite Ryan Reynolds in 2011's dud film Green Lantern.

By that time, she was focused on one thing: And that would be making it big in Hollywood. It seems she saw herself as a star long before she was one. So, did she set her cap to snag the Canadian actor? Reports of the two being very cozy in a New York restaurant before his split with wife Scarlett Johansson seem to support the theory that Lively was determined to make it to the A-List, even if she had to wreck a home or two to do it. So she married into the A-List. And her career? It has gone from strength to strength. Mission accomplished Ms. Lively.

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